I have anxiety just looking at it. Great work btw !


Gives me claustrophobia


Gives me a boner


How bout you tap the brakes there, Squirrely Dan, I don’t see any anime-style tentacles here!


To be fayuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ✋✊ It's got lots of hentai bits [underground](https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/villains/images/2/21/Sarlacc_full_shot.png/revision/latest/top-crop/width/360/height/450?cb=20180423215012) where you can't see.


A proper source and citation. That’s what I appreciates about you.




Oh hey, look at you, ground...




Huh. Idk why but until now I had never thought of the sarlacc as anything but a hole with teeth (I always preferred the pre remaster version) but this is cool.


There are many tentacle styles in hentai 👀


I don’t know enough about this to say anything other than that your assertion sounds cromulent enough to me.




Vore is a thing, you know?


[Vore, you say?](https://i.imgur.com/bdfSjp5.gif)


Risky click of the day




Donnybrook time!


Take her down about 20% there, Squirrely Dan.


Me too


That is going up your ass




Me too




I think claustrophobia is anxiety just triggered by tight spaces


I think anxiety is just claustrophobia triggered by things other than tight spaces.


You're a madman


Gives me diarrhea.


Hey I see you in the BF1 subreddit all the time. Small internet, I guess.


First time I've ever seen you outside of the BF1 subreddit!


Don't worry, Dengar is on his way to help him out.


EU Fett best Fett. Jaster Mereel forever.


my man!


I don’t know who you are or anything about you other than a shared love of EU Fett, but know that I love you


This guy gets it.


THIS guy gets it. Love the name


Given that the Sarlacc is defined as a slow death this seems somewhat urgent.


Don’t think this is OC. He even has the author’s name in the title


Hijacking to link to his instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BdY6Z3CA9JG/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=pn9n4qd3ib3y


All my life I thought "no way Boba didn't power out of there" ...but if those tentacles are what's inside I'm not sure.


Nah, in the new Aftermath book, they find a set of Mandolorian armor on a sand crawler on Tatooine that looked like it had been “picked and pocked with acid; like it’d been through hell and back.” Very obviously Boba’s.


The human bounty hunter, Dengar I believe, pulled him from the pit and took care of him until he could walk again. It was already a story.


That's Legends now though. Whether Boba survives in the new canon is unknown. The armor in the new story seems to imply it though.


I think there's a common misconecption that he should be dead since the Sarlacc ate him. But it was stated in Episode VI "In its belly, you will find a new definition of pain and suffering as you are slowly digested over a thousand years." So it definitely is possible to stay alive inside the Sarlacc for a long period of time. Although Pablo Hidalgo said it was a Schrodinger's Cat scenario, George Lucas himself confirmed Boba's survival according to Jonathan Rinzler from Lucasfilm. For those reasons, I don't think the question that should be asked is whether he survived or not. The real question should be whether he ever managed to escape the Sarlacc. The scene of the damaged armour from Aftermath implies he did, but there isn't really a whole lot of evidence.


Didn't Lucas say that they originally planed to include a scene were Boba climbs out of the Pit again, but decided against it because then people would expect him to show up later again and they didn't want him too ?


I don't know to be honest with you. I remember Craig Miller who was the Director of fan relations at Lucasfilm saying that Lucas intended for Boba to play a much bigger role, but then he decided to stop with Episode VI instead of making more movies so he had Boba fall into the Sarlacc to get rid of him. If that's true, then it would be kinda weird for Lucas to have planned a scene where Boba climbs out. Edit: Here's the quote > When George decided not to make the third trilogy, he completely jettisoned that story line, which is why in the first ten minutes, Boba Fett gets bumped into and falls into the mouth of a giant monster.


When I was a kid I saw a "making of" show about RotJ and they had models for the speeder bike chase and one had Boba Fett on it. So that change sounds like it was made somewhat late in production. Too bad, I'd have loved to have seen a Han Solo/Boba Fett final fight amidst the battle on Endor. Han never really did get to have a personal enemy he could have it out with. I suppose Beckett kida could qualify...


I agree that would've been cool. Han felt out of place in ROTJ. Like he didn't really have anything to do with what was going on. He wasn't even the one piloting the Falcon in the final space battle. Having him battle Boba would've made it feel like he was actually necessary.


Well he had been frozen in carbonite for several months leading up to the movie.


IIRC, that speeder bike test footage had a Boba Fett Kenner action figure on it. While it makes one wonder why they chose that figure, note that the figure wasn't a newly built model. So it seemed like they just grabbed something that was on hand. And of course, the Biker Scout figure hadn't been created yet.


Quote’s slightly different. Lucas killed the boba fett story off, not necessarily boba fett himself


He should have shown up again, for such a cool character design he sure does a whole lot of nothing in the movies...


I think he was originally ment to play a bigger role in V.


I want to agree. When was the novelization of Empire written? I just finished reading it yesterday, and Fett really didn’t play much different of a role. The lines and scenes were mostly the same.


Lucas originally planned for the sequel trilogy to be the downfall of Vader and the Emperor, so Boba Fett was originally going to be the Big Bad of Episode VI. At one point he even had plans for a fourth trilogy about the rebuilding of the Republic and Jedi Order. When he scrapped those plans he shifted the defeat of the Empire to Ep. VI and scrapped whatever he had for Boba Fett. In a way the new sequels are sort of carrying out that original theme...from a certain point of view...


He got the drop on Luke. Anybody who detects a Jedi sneaking up on you is good in my book.


> as you are slowly digested over a thousand years How exactly was that supposed to work, did it also extend your life for over a thousand years?


In EU it did, sort of. You slowly became a part of the Sarlacc, not really living, but not entirely dead either. Slowly becoming one of its thrills as it ate you.


That's some 40k level shit.


No? That's just how long it takes to digest you.


Ironically if your corpse was just left out in the open you could be gone in just a couple years, depending on the environment.


Which would seem to indicate, unless mandalorians have natural life spans of thousands of years without sustenance, that the sarlacc must somehow keep it's victims alive and actually prolong their lives. Unless that was meant to be metaphorical like 1000 years of pain finger bridge to the butt in naruto.


I would love a scene somewhere where an old man with a gray beard is chillin at Mos Eisley Cantina or some shit and then some lowlife recognizes him and picks a fight and then Boba just ends him. That would be really fun


I mean...they kept Maul.


Goddammit I just want Boba to end up as Mandalor. Easily one of my favorite parts of the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion was seeing him act as a leader.


It implies someone found the armor, not that he made it out. More likely he died and the sarlacc spit out the armor


Sarlaac is conspicuously mentioned as dead.


my uncle choked on steak but the cow still died.


Look we all have uncles we don’t like but I think comparing him to a millennia’s old sand demon is a bit overboard.


That’s non-canon now. I haven’t read either book, but am just familiar with what’s considered canon and not.


And Boba was best man at his wedding.


in the expanded universe Tales of the bounty Hunters there is a definite escape from the pit


I wanted to downvote you, but it's not your fault that the new Canon sucks, so you get an upvote instead. Why did Disney have to ruin mandalorians?


How did they ruin Mandalorians?


Old school legends mandalorians were all about adaptability and getting the job done, but Disney mandalorians, when faced with the prospect that their armor kills them, are just like "I guess I'll die, we're nothing without our armor". Source, Star Wars Rebels season 4 episode 2. Edit: a word.


To be fair, they set that up in Clone Wars, under Lucas's control before Disney bought it.


Old school Mandalorians were a planet full of Mary Sue because Boba Fett was way more popular than he ever deserved to be.


What are you talking about? This makes Boba more badass


Yeah, Boba is badass, he's the one of the most badass in all of Star Wars, in my humble opinion. And I'm salty, because in Disney Canon he's probably dead, but he got to live a long time after episode 6 in legends. I would love to be proven wrong about this though.


> in Disney Canon he's probably dead IIRC, one of the tops (I want to say Dave Filoni) said they're currently leaving it intentionally ambiguous. Frankly, confirming he's dead would tick a _lot_ of people off. I'm thinking they're leaving it ambiguous until the right story comes along to redefine Boba Fett.


He might be dead from age, but the discarded armor in the sand pretty much tells us that Boba made it out of the Sarlaac Pit alive.


Ohhh, I suppose that makes sense. I take it back then.


it's a soap opera. no one stays dead.


It wasn't Disney, it was established in the Clone Wars show, which Lucas executive produced before he sold out.


But all his tech. That flamethrower would get him out.


And believe me I am still alive I'm bounty huntin and I'm still alive I feel fantastic and I'm still alive While you're dying I'll be still alive And when you're dead I will be still alive Still alive, still alive


This was a triumph.


I'm making a note here: huge Mandalorian


Now there's no sense crying over every lost hand. We'll just keep on dancing to the Max Rebo Band.


In awe at the size of this Mandalore


The absolute rocket pack-ety knifey unit!


Everyone here deserves an upvote.


And you; sir, madam, or other inclusive honorific; may your karma rise like a Mandalorian wrist-mounted grapnel line fired at an ideal 45-degree AoA.


The wrist-rocket is a lie.


He has a knife? I was hoping for a laser-knife or something I guess...


Beskar my man! It's a Mando metal that is insanely strong and used in knife, sword making and lots of Mando armour is made of it and it's passed down from generation to generation and forged countless times into different armour designs.


I know more about Star Wars than 99.9% of the population but I continue to learn more about things like this from people like you. Right on!


Yeah man I feel the same! I read and watch everything that comes out and know more than 99% of people but some days someone just tells me something from a legends book written in 1998 about a small piece of lore about an object or something and it blows my mind how detailed star wars is! I don't believe there is anyone that knows everything about star wars.


Including George Lucas.


Especially George Lucas


George Lucas definitely doesn't.


Funny I know almost jack shit about star wars but remember this shit because it's resistant to lightsabers lol


Dave Filoni and Sam Witwer come really close though.


Pablo Hidalgo probably knows more than Sam Witwer. It’s funny that I say probably, because Sam Witwer just knows that much.




Kind of reminds me how the Spartan IIs from Halo greet each other, they make like a "V" shape or swiping motion with their fingers on their teammates faceplate to smile at each other.


Also, its generally described as being pretty lightsaber-resistant. Which is why Mandalorians in full armor are often portrayed to be beheaded by Jedi, they need to aim at the gaps between armorplates to kill them.


Its almost completely immune to lightsabers.


Not completely immune, but quite resistant. If you get hit by. lightsaber in combat you won't get cut through, but it'll definitely leave a mark.


At least in legends, it is said that a lightsaber can barely scratch beskar, and that jedi are advised to go for weak points and use the force to keep them off balance.


Like the guards in episode 8 or better?


Far better. Those guards (iirc) could take glaring hits, but a solid blow or stab still got them. It's likely their armor had some alloy that included a lightsaber resistant material.


Vibroblades are a pretty well established part of the lore too.


*KOTOR flashbacks*


I probably know 0.1% but always thought it was a crappy way to see a badass like Boba go down. Almost jokey in a way. I would love to see this get resolved. I’m not a huge Boba Fett fan but he deserves a better death than what he was given.


He doesn't die in the pit. In the legends book "STAR WARS Tales of the Bounty Hunters" it explains how he gets out.


Ok, but as far as anyone who doesn’t go deep knows, he’s as good as dead.


Well whadya know


Isn't Beskar one of the few metals aside from electrum, cortosis and armor weave that can stand up to glancing lightsaber hits?


Yep! It's why Sabine was able to take a **headshot*** from an e11 and survive with no injuries.


Beskar, Cortosis, and Phrik alloy. The big 3. I used to do a bit of star wars roleplaying shit so lore research was part of that. All of them were either highly resistant or completely immune to sabers, and all had their pros and cons. This is all legends lore. Beskar: Only resistant, and depending on what era you were in, out of the price range of most people. Also conducts heat fairly well, so burns are still a danger. Also, if a Mandalorian saw an outsider wearing mando armor, they'd likely kill them for it. Cortosis: Can destabilize the plasma reaction occurring in sabers, causing them to shut down as a safety feature. Again, expensive, as well as being unusually hazardous to mine (the ore is toxic or something, I can't remember off the top of my head). Phrik: Damn near indestructible (a container made from phrik survived the destruction of alderaan). The only downside was that it was prohibitively expensive, even for rich folks.


Funny, I know of a Bexar county xd


You live in San Antonio?


Except beskar was insanely rare until well after the New Republic was going strong and they discovered a whole lode under their capital city. Boba Fett's armor is durasteel, save with Jango's IIRC.


He's lodging them to pull himself out, can't do that with a lightsaber.


Yeah with a lightsaber you could just slice the sarlacc in half


Sarlaccs are humongous, it'd be like trying to cut a blue whale in half with a super sharp toothpick


You'd just drown in its blood


It's possibly a vibroblade, when switched off they're just knives.




That would be like trying to use a flamethrower instead of an ice pick to climb a mountain






Vore is one of those fetishes that make no sense to me at all. Being eaten seems like something that should be primally ingrained in us as “bad thing, avoid at all costs”.


That's true of most fetishes.


Idk, feet and piss or whatever are gross, but they aren’t literally detrimental to the purpose of the evolutionary process like being eaten is. Even incest, which is selected against an avoided generally by animals can still be useful for the survival of your species if there is no other option.


Being into being eaten is probably some perversion of enjoying oral sexual activities. In regards to how many fetishes there are and how they work, is it really a stretch for someone to go from enjoying putting things in people's mouths to *being* in someone's mouth?


Think of it as warm, slimy bondage


Except you die


Different kinds of vore. In some of them, the prey is absorbed and becomes one with the predator (still conscious and enjoying everything the predator enjoys). Other times they are crapped out the other side still alive (Scat fetish mixes with this one). Some people like the idea of being digested and their body becoming nourishment for the alpha predator.


This is not the kind of lore I need in my life.


Too late now!


I think the victim surviving is one of the more common permutations of vore




Good way to put it


One of my favorite parts of now non cannon was the force unleashed game that had a base or something in a Sarlac.


Force pushing my brother into the Sarlac pit was awesome. I love that game, definitely still in my headcanon.


I love how gritty and menacing they made the empire in that game. They really looked like they were colonizing everything they could, no matter the cost


I want my movie already >:| Even if its a general oversight of "Bounty Hunters" and not just a "Boba Fett" movie, i'd be happy.


Nah we’re getting the clone wars reboot, we’ll get to see boba kill cad bane that’s pretty dope


> I want my movie already >:| I don't. Everyone will just boycott it again and send death threats to all the stars and production leads.


Which is absurd, those people should honestly be ashamed. If you don't like the movie, so what grow up and just move on. I can say I think Disney is milking the series I wish the skywalker saga would end, but I def want to see a Boba/Bounty hunter movie, an Obi, and maybe a Maul movie. Hell we could even go to a new Saga and I'd be okay with that. Love Star wars, but somethings just need to end.


> Which is absurd, those people should honestly be ashamed. If you don't like the movie, so what grow up and just move on. They won't. They never do. People don't change, at least not in less than a few decades. I've given up wishing for sequels or remakes of anything, and I have no faith in anything, because even if it is good people will threaten to murder the people who made it. I can't enjoy half my favorite TV shows or sci-fi or fantasy franchises because people take things way too seriously. It's really, really disappointing. > I wish the skywalker saga would end AFAIK, Episode IX was confirmed to be the end of the Skywalker story, unless that's changed recently. >I def want to see a Boba/Bounty hunter movie, an Obi, and maybe a Maul movie. Unless it has changed, they _are_ still planning to make the Obi-Wan movie, but it won't be in theaters. The collective temper tantrums of every grown adult Star Wars fan on social media made sure of that. >Hell we could even go to a new Saga and I'd be okay with that. They _Were_ planning that, but there hasn't been a word on it since Solo. >Love Star wars, but somethings just need to end. Yes, and that was always the plan. Episode IX ends the Skywalker saga, spin-off movies fill the gaps, and a new trilogy starts in a whole different era. Star Wars fans ruined it for all of us. I don't even call myself a Star Wars fan anymore. I adore Star Wars, it's my life, but _real_ Star Wars fanatics threaten to kill people because they don't like a movie. I can't possibly approach that level of fanaticism. I worry about these radicalized Star Wars fanatics. They could do something terrible. They're willing to throw their lives away over something as petty as a kids' movie, so there's no telling what they might do.


It really puzzles how people can hate the ST so vehemently while simultaneously defending the PT. Both theologies have their good and bad parts and neither is inherently good or bad and both are enjoyable if you allow them to be. Personally, I'm really looking forward to Episode 9. I also hope that everyone who is calling for a boycott actually follows thru with it and **doesn't watch the movie on any platform or streaming service**. Then the people that can still enjoy star wars can enjoy it and the people who cant enjoy star wars anymore can move on with their lives. And as you pointed out, these are kids' movies. People expect way too much from them. They let their expectations ruin what could have been a totally enjoyable movie trilogy.




Eh, even prequel memes usually shits on Jar Jar.


Don't pretend that people think that Jar Jar is a good and interesting character. He's mildly less annoying in TCW, but he's still the worst thing ever.


Yeah but the movies have been shit. That’s the complaint.




I don't because the last few have sucked. Rogue was the only decent one but it was also missing something I'm not sure what. Stars didn't deserve what they got but people that hate the movies are fine. I really don't like the last Jedi.


You’re probably wandering my how I got here. *record scratch*














When did the record scratch start being a thing? The other night I noticed in a film from 1987 (I think it was Roxanne).


I'm puzzled at you remembering the year of the movie, but not the title.


Tis merely a flesh wound!


I came back just to upvote this


Ohno, Starwars Vore!


Star Vores


Is this an artist’s rendering of the movie “Teeth”?


[ *Wilhelm scream* ]


This better not awaken anything in me....


You don't eat a barve like that all at once.


You got that right


Apparently he didn't actually die according to Disney


Jesus, that is sweet. You always hear about this moment, but not from the inside.


I still think the new trilogy should have had Mandalore as the main antagonist. Do a flashback of a scene like this, with Boba Fett fighting his way out of the sarlaax pit, and then time-skip to the present, where he has slowly amassed an army of Mandalorians, finally proclaiming himself as Mandalore, waging war on the Republic. But eh, I guess "Empire -- again!" is what they went with.


I’d never even thought of that as a possibility, but it sounds awesome. I’m now retroactively raising my expectations for the sequels and becoming even more disappointed.


Well, that's simultaneously both impressive and rather disturbing.


He's not dead, but his pride was murdered before he entered the maw of the beast. Joking aside, that is an awesome piece of art.


I think boba didn't die and he got out of there, He prob shot the tentacles then jet packed out of there


This is great. Reminds me of the artwork at the end of the Captain Scarlet TV series back in the '60s https://www.spectrum-headquarters.com/embleton/waterygrave.jpg


Damn that’s quality. Also I don’t care what anyone wrote or said. HE GOT OUT.


What always bothered me about that creature was the "1000 years digesting " part. How could it stay alive if it takes 1000 years to digest something? Is its stomach acid doing fission a few molecules at a time ? Why haven't they dissected it to create life extension drugs?


So the sarlacc kind of sticks you to it's insides and connects you too itself and it kind of actually feeds off of your mind and not your body. I read about it in tales from jabbas palace. Also he ends up escaping and killing it later.


I just want a little nod, or something to really seal in the fan canon that he lived. Just having the Slave 1fly by in the background would be enough for me


There's an interlude in the first Aftermath book that heavily implies that he escaped the pit.


"I'm feeling better..."


There are so many amazing stories to be told by starwars it truly makes me sad what Disney has made of it. Tragic honestly.




Say one thing for Boba Fett, say he's a survivor.


Now that's a reference. The First Law trilogy is great.


pull the trigger piglet


This iz fucking aweeesomeee


The Bounty Hunter Wars is the name of the trilogy from the old Star Wars Legends. I remember it being really good, although that was 20 years ago or so. I also think he got cancer from the Sarlacc. There was also a book, Bounty Hunter Tales I think, where Old Boba tracks down a retired Han Solo and ends in a stand off.