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Everyone was good in the match, but god, babyface Johnny hits different


Yall seem to have forgotten that Johnny Gargano was the best babyface in North America a couple years ago.


Nah I’ll never forget. I’ve just missed it dearly. Does though seem some have forgotten Johnny was the best big match performer in NA in 2018 though.


Couldn't tell with this place. I feel like more people complained about how "all his matches" were kickout/ false finish fests, and that he only had one facial mannerism. Which to me was just people finding ways to hate on a guy who was currently beloved by many.


I'll still die on the hill that turning Gargano Heel was one of the silliest decisions NXT ever made. They also did his NXT title reign dirty. Not a single successful defense.


Good triple threat main event. Babyface Gargano is on another level. Old vs New gen for the Men's War Games match, i am excited for it.


NXT vs NXT 2.0 at War Games. This is gonna be interesting.


im not following that closely. is that what it leads up to? i followed the nxt takeovers before 2.0 but completely lost interest now. what you meantioned seems to be a good booking decision at least.


Don’t let it fool you. The stories have been utterly awful since the rebrand. Turn back here


Idk its been pretty enjoyable so far for me. Nothing mind blowing but nothing terrible.






Pete Dunne excels in triple threat matches


> Pete Dunne excels in matches Fixed


>Pete Dunne excels Double fixed




Amazing match and great fall out. That war games match is guaranteed to be amazing.


Didn't they want to ban thigh slapping? I swear I never see it when it's done, but these two slaps in the beginning were so glaringly obvious.


Carmello's finisher is the John Cena Diving Leg Drop Bulldog ? Neat !


Gargano pinned? I think he’s last match will be the war games match


Honestly, he´s 34 years old, in his prime, it´s time for him to leave. They won´t push him on the main roster and he has done everything in NxT. AEW or NJPW would be perfect for him. But if Johnny is happy in NxT or wants to go to the main roster, I hope the best for him. Such an awesome dude all around.


For a guy who I thought might be going stale in 2019, holy shit did he maintain himself in a position to continue to evolve and succeed all the way to 2021.


He´s better now that he ever was. He´s still a fabulous wrestler but now he showed that he could be a great character whether he´s heel or face. He´s a total package just like Adam Cole is.


I don't know where he is going but wherever he is going I hope he get a good run, and if is WWE Main roster we don't see him a the list of future endeavors.


I think so too. At least he’s going out with a bang.


This War Games match is literally going to be one of the great carry jobs of all time.


The last ride of Johnny Gargano and his immortals.


Hayes, Trick, Waller and D'Angelo vs Dunne, Gargano, Lumis and LA Knight war games? EDIT: Ah yup just saw the addition of Bron and Ciampa. Good match. Still weirded out by Waller being heel then face a month ago and suddenly heel again. Along with Bron being aligned with heels the last 2 weeks after what seemed like a big face buildup. And LA Knight and Dunne suddenly being aligned with Gargano and Ciampa on the face team. Though this obviously done as a new school v old school type of buzz (again weird too since LA Knight only debuted this year too). Weird but intrigued nonetheless.


>Lumis They said tonight that Lumis would be out at least a month with his hand injury.


>Lumis Nope, it'll be Ciampa.


They refused to give us Alumni vs Current NXT at the anniversary show but they give us this?? I mean Melo is great but Grayson is kinda boring with a weird gimmick and are Tony and Trick ready for something like this?? Team old guys is good tho