Jordan 1 Mids

Jordan 1 Mids


Who cares what other people think? Wear what you like! Personally I don't get down with mid Jordan 1's. For me it usually comes down to the quality of the materials. To me they just seem not as premium as the High Versions. While hype is awesome and all that...I kinda built my sneaker collection with the idea of retail or below....If I get blessed and hit for retail or can find it later below then I get it...if not just wait for the next one...Only ever bought one shoe for resale...Jordan 3 A Ma Maniere....


This is me too! I’m not paying over retail, especially the “hype” shoes. I did get suckered into paying resell prices for some AJ1 pollens from END. I won a raffle on END and they charged me $240 plus shipping and taxes twice. WTF END. And they are overseas so returning them will cost me extra money… Reddit won’t let me create posts (karma stuffs) but when I can, I’ll post about it.


how much did pay for those 3’s? i’m just wondering


I was watching them like a hawk on stock x...got a bid accepted at 395


That’s pretty good. I’m gonna buy a pair of the 4’s fire red for resale on stock x and that’s probably gonna be the only pair i buy for resale.


I was lucky enough to get them from SNKRs...my first pair of 4's and they are great. Hope you can get a good deal!!


The only shoe I payed resale for are the Sean Cliver SBs, only because they are my grails.


I was so sad to miss out on those....I felt the same about my J3 AMA


I was sad too but was determined to have them so I saved and worked hard for seven months. So I got em and couldn’t be happier!


I agree with you! I also don’t pay resale Espec with EU prices being crazy. I’ve never had mids to look at the quality but I’ll check them out




True I used to wonder why everyone hated on mids until I saw someone wearing mids


Yeah I’m relatively short and find the highs unflattering on my legs if I’m not wearing long jeans. So whatever works for you tbh


This explains a lot about the materials mids & highs use https://youtu.be/VgoV7_kvOdQ but I rock mids I own a couple pairs like the igloo mids & the banned mids


Thanks! Will check it out


I've been wearing mids since 2001. People used to hate jordan 1s period, then when og highs came out, they hated mids and lows. And now that dunk lows are hype again, people like the jordan 1 low and og low. People just follow trends is my point. Do u, you might start the new trend.


Who gives a fuck about what people think. The majority of people who wear Jordan’s probably have mids because of the reasons you’ve stated anyway.


I have a pair of mids and I love them!! They're a soft teal and black, absolutely beautiful!!


Who gives a fuck what others think. Majority of the haters couldn't tell the difference anyway. A really sneakerhead definitely has them in their collection.


Miss with pants on are just Jordan’s to me to each it’s own


It’s the poor quality


https://dribblemedia.com/sneaker-reviews/explaining-the-hate-towards-the-air-jordan-1-mid/ interesting article on it


Who cares what others think! If you like them, wear them. 😎 I don’t like the way mids look on me. I feel like mids look better on shorter ppl. My wife wears mids, for the reasons you already stated, it’s easy to cop whatever colorway she wants. Which makes mids the hidden gem, so let’s delete this post. 😅


😂😂😂 sorry to be blowing up your wife’s hidden gem!


Don’t care about what others think, just wear what you like! :)


What do I think? I think mids are trash but people will wear what they want to wear. I’m also just sick of this question and argument.


I have a pair I wear that I wouldn’t care get chewed up from regular use. That’s kind of what they’re best for


Yes people do, people also think the earth is flat 🤷‍♂️


They just really look a lot better on girls or shorter guys. If you are under 5”7-8 I would recommend them


Mids are my least favorite of the 3 and it’s just because they seem to use lower quality materials for them. They also feel a little tight on the back of my ankle. That said the AJ1 is my favorite Silhouette and I’ll rock any of them. Mids are often the easiest of the bunch to land, they’ve rolled out some fun CWs, and I generally don’t feel bad beating them up a little.


I don’t care what people say, I love mine. They look amazing, so what if they’re slightly lower? Anyone who hates on what shoes you own, especially for stupid reasons like height, should be ignored. Respect their opinion but at the end of the day, wear what you like! They’re yours after all. Hype is temporary.




Everyone hates mids. But i love em. And I dont,think,it matters what other people think.. I hope this os you fishing for karma and not making a decision based on other people's thought..


mids are fire


Mids are dope, before the hype back in 2009-2013 jordan 1 mids were the standard and no one complained. Dont follow the media wear what you like my friend!


I’m all for mids as long as you understand the quality of materials is not good at all and will not hold up or look good as long as highs. I just hope people don’t think they are getting the same product in a slightly smaller package. There are very very few exceptions to this. Again, I have bought mids and have no problem with them as far as thinking any less of someone’s fashion/sneaker sense for wearing them. I just don’t hear that mentioned often and I think it’s the biggest difference between the two.


I fuck with Mids alot. Not the best quality but they been releasing some nice colorways this year.


Mids are dope and imo look better on feet than highs


Mids are for broke/no 🔌 👨


Me personally I will never wear mids. I don’t like them I don’t like the color ways, the materials are really stiff, the cut feel weird and the tongue just looks awkward l. Now I know they make royals and breds into mids but it doesn’t look right to me. But you like them go ahead. Wear what you like not what others like