Hi! This is amazing. So glad you found something that works and shared! Are there any side effects to the lidocaine? It’s the only thing that’ll stop my miserable itching sometimes and it scares me how much sun burn relief spray I can go through. Checking out those patches now.


I personally don’t have any side effects. It’s a 4% patch with no menthol, which probably helps. If you buy patches with menthol, they can cause burns. I personally wouldn’t apply them to active psoriasis patches— and they do have a pretty short range—if I put it on my lower back right above my butt, I can still feel my but cheeks lol.




Thanks for the suggestion. My lower back is my big PA trouble spot, so this sounds like something I'd better try. How long does it take to reach full effect? Wondering what time I'd want to put one on to be a little more comfortable upon waking up.