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oh hell yes , dude all of his videos are therapeutic


True.. I follow his drawings when I'm feeling low


Looks sweet to me! Only thing I would say is on the main tree, some of the snow is going straight up - in real life this would fall off yano? And some of the back trees you can see one straight line - try using a smaller brush and more disdjunct lines. Looks so good tho - actually watched his tutorial to go to bed last night haha ​ HAPPY HOLIDAYS <3


Thanks! I agree on those straight lines - I realized it too late in and would’ve had to go back and start whole sections over so I rolled with it. The slow intricate work is my hurdle. I get so lazy Lolol


holy cow thats great! I STILL CANT GET THE STICKS OF THE TREES RIGHT GRR my winter trees lool awfull


The original layer for my tree looked like a Pollock before I I added the dark density and snow cover. 😂


Very nice!


Wow, this looks great ❤️ keep going