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Hoping for Breath of the wild 2 content


Praying for Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters on Switch and other consoles. They were way better than I could've ever expected when I played them on PC, especially VI.


I really just want ww/tp remakes. Persona is coming out soon which will tide me over for a long time. I can wait on botw 2 news but would love a name/small tease.


Predictions: Super Mario Speedrunners: A new game in the sports lineup! Put on your best pair of runing shoes and compete in the 100 meter dash, relay races, or a full marathon! The full mushroom kingdom is here! But soon they'll be over there! Cause... they are running... FAST! Splatoon 3 DLC update: You're a kid now! But you ain't no squid! The inklings have lost their ability to transform into squids! You must figure out the mystery of what is preventing the transformation and get it back! Dozens of levels with platforming challenges, without any of the squid mechanics to help you out! Run, walk, shoot ink that doesn't really do much for you anymore, and save the squids! ARMS 2: No, it's not called legs, that's just lame. We have no further information on the game, except to tell you to stop suggesting the name "LEGS". We hate it, and you should feel bad for suggesting it. Metroid Prime Pinball 2: The next game in the Metroid franchise you've all been waiting for, Samus is back, trapped in morph ball form, and being shot around in massive environments with bumpers, springs, and enemies! Collect various items like missiles, screw attack, grapple beam, and the Gravity suit, none of which will be of use to you because you are stuck as a morph ball! BOTW 2: The game has not been living up to Eiji Aonuma's standards and they have decided that the best course of action is to start the game again, from scratch. Please understand, they want to ensure the game is as good as possible. Super Duper Punchout!!!1!: Little Mac is back, and this time, he's even SMALLER! He's been shrunk to the size of a flea! You must run around a platforming area looking for various ways to attack your opponent. Jump off massive springs, look for doors you can slam open, or bowling balls you can drop on your opponent's foot by making crazy contraptions that will end in your enemies knockout! Pikmin 4: It's nearly done! Expect announcements for it soon!


wow, double dash 2


Um…. 02.09.2021?


I have meeting right when the event starts. Tysm job 👍🏻


Wow, who could have predicted. The newest addition to NSO would not be Gameboy or even GameCube games, but Satellaview games would be the newest addition. What a curveball!


Aw man, my N-Gage dreams have been dashed yet again.


And somehow they revived the servers for the Ouya only on Nintendo Switch Online


What I find likely: A surprise peripheral or controller variant that crashes the website and gets scalped up right after direct. Advance Wars surprise drop or release date confirmation. Info about a new fire emblem being in development. Prime trilogy remasters or ports. BOTW 2 trailer as a stinger ending. Bayonetta 3 info Persona 5 hyped for release NSO more games/new system added. Demo for Nier Automata Wants: Star Fox game in development FZero GX, GameCube port, available today. 2D Mario info or revealing a 3D Mario in vein of bowers fury Wild swing for the fence guesses: Halo MCC or Mass Effect Announced for switch. A full HD remaster of an N64 or gamecube game we already got a remaking of. Nintendo follows TLOU 2022 pattern. A new Mario RPG


I’m predicting Skyrim anniversary edition seeing as there’s been a few rating(or was it retailer?) leaks


Breath of the Wild 2 title drop? If they wanna keep the wild theme, Outer Wilds (just kidding but everyone play that game) 'Echoes of the Wild' is my choice If its triforce releated im going with 'Gauntlet of Power' Favorite one that ive seen suggested and have stolen : Tomb of the Warlock King


Outer wilds is the best. Gives me zelda vibes in a way. I feel like botw 2 could be gauntlet of ruin or malice.


F Zero Battle Royale


Anyone at the NY store? How early should I get there?




Now with Knuckles.


He Chuckles.


* GBA on Switch online * Metroid Prime Collection + news to Prime 4 * Botw2 footage and release date * Windwaker + Twilight princess remakes (collection?!) * new 3D Mario game ​ At least 2 of them otherwise, it would be a little bit disappointing.


You'll be lucky if we get one of those. There are plenty of other things that could happen other than those though.


Was just about to make one didn't know had ta be NintendoSwitchMod Exclusive. Ta chime in what I've been squeeing about since yesterday hope ta see:Donkey Kong, Wii Fit Universe, more Brain Age, Diddy Kong Racing 2, oooo Mario Kartz 8: Deluxe Booster Wave 3+4 surprise release, new Mario Kart game, SquareEnix finally localizing what I want, some Kirby DLC and another surprise game. Know they'll also touch upon Titles already known so I hope those are too a minimum. Also a surprise Pokémon Scruvy Trailer just giving more new Pokémons! AND FIRE EMBLEM CANNOT FORGET THAT LOVE! AND Nintendo Switch Online love, I'ma hop my silly over and want Nintendo GameBoy Advance games and hopefully some smaller yet just as loved Nintendo DS games. Also Legend of Zelda love yet I want the classic Capcom co-developed ones especially Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap. (Oracles are just as hype too) Will add-on comment ta include those I missed. Ah and hope Kid Icarus and Metroid fans get stuffs. Oh and F-Zero fans too. I've have a mighty need for Golden Sun!


Last min predictions? I'm gonna go with a bold one and say TPHD and WWHD will NOT be there. Rather we'll get one or the other, it will be the GameCube versions, or they won't be there at all.


You know, I would be completely happy with a TP&WW bundle with just the GameCube versions. But I'm skeptical of Switch versions of these existing at all. Since year one, we have been hearing that these games were finished for Switch, along with Metroid Prime Trilogy and Nintendo was just waiting on a good release window. In that period we saw releases dry up during COVID and on the Zelda side we saw Skyward Sword release, which wasn't heavily rumoured. And now Metroid Prime Trilogy is just the first game.


Announce Bomberman 66 seriously why did they stop making 3D bomberman? That shit was tight. Id say F-Zero but Metal Warriors 2 is more likely than that.


Knack IV or I riot


I want to be surprised


Hoping for windwaker and f zero Never played either as I didn't have a gamecube but heard great things


Wind waker HD and silksong released today, proper folder systems and themes... Is it really too much to ask for? Ohh and BOTW2 release date.




Cool, then I have to quit my job


Botw2 botw2 botw2!


Going into this one blind folks


Hoping for some new ports of classic games, been awhile since we've had some


That’s the Nintendo business model.


Avatar setting the Mood for the Day, tired excitements!!