This is the exact same as the last game, but they took away some options, characters, stadiums and character specific power ups. Glad I played it at a friends so I don’t have to waste $60 on this. Gunna go plug in the Wii and play the better version


For real, it's a borderline desecration. Charged had such a gritty nuance to it and separated itself pretty well from the mainline games and even the other sports games. It seems they scrubbed all of the detail and content away just so they could pump it out as quick as they can.


10 characters, 1 stage (disguised as 5), no extra game modes. This is basically an arcade game. For full price.


People might not understand that is more than 10 characters. It might be just Nintendo's laziness but if you think about it, we got 10 characters multiplied by all the gear combination that we unlock by playing the game ( earning Coins ). This is a great in my opinion, just trying every combination with your favorite character is fun. Of course, by now we might know the best build for some character but as the games evolves and patches come, the "meta" will evolve too. Of course we still got BAD AI Goalie and Teammates sometimes. Still waiting for new characters and game modes. So far, i have learned the flaws of the game. Have been playing without lag on 95% of my matches. The online on this game is pretty good on my personal experience. Love this game, 8 / 10


It’s not about stats, it’s about playing your favorite character & being able to build diversified teams. This game is lazy as hell and the wii version is still better than this one, even 10 years later.


Battle League has 11 characters, 5 stadiums and 6 items with more (most likely very few) characters and stadiums scheduled to be released for the next year. Charged had 21 characters, 17 stadiums and 14 items *from launch.* That's DOUBLE what BL has, so it's hard not to be frustrated. Nintendo has moved to a model where they can pump out watered down content and string it out for months just to keep its heartbeat sustained. Yes, gear has made team building more nuanced (although with the right configurations each character can be built the exact same), but at the cost of unique team builds. On any given game right now in BL, there is a good chance that you will be playing against a team that has the same main character that you have on your team, or you're playing against a near clone of your team. The beauty of having sidekicks (outside of having 8 more characters to play as), is that captains made your teams more individualistic and you could have 2 or 3 of the same sidekicks on your team. A Mario team consisting of 3 toads vs. a Bowser team of mixed sidekicks just felt more authentic than having 2 Donkey Kongs and Warios on each team. Is this subjective? Yeah. They could have improved this by keeping sidekicks and giving the opportunity to have another captain on your team, but they chose the lazier route.


I found the game is too hard. will sell it as used. have zero interest to ply further.




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This game should be $20.


$20 is honestly too much lmao


My club: 11RN865


I'm very mixed on this game, it seems like a really subpar effort from Nintendo and Next Level in terms of the amount of content in the game. However, I have a legitimate use case for 8 player multiplayer. It would be a boon for game night that I host occasionally.


If this game gets 4v4 it could be amazing. This is seriously beyond disappointing. There are so many QoL online features that could make this game seriously one of the best online competitive games out there but it’s Nintendo so nothing makes sense for no reason…


how should 4v4 be possible if u lag af in 2v2 already..


Better than original, but way more disappointing than Charged. Especially with gear letting you rebalance stats it just feels like every character is the same with only different skins and effects. No unique captain skills, sidekick shots, or dekes just took out all the gameplay variety Strikers ever offered. Playing competitively online in Charged had a higher skillcurve just because you also had to know all of the cheap shots to look out for and be as aggressive as possible to prevent them and keep possession. It didnt make it bad that you could quick charge and drybones roll through the goalie it just made it something to expect and you have to play better to counter it. Also imo the charge mechanics changed to timing feels a bit worse, could have kept the pass charging but make the charge fall off much quicker and let timing max it immediately. Just doesnt carry the same momentum as it used to. Just feels like a more shallow mario-themed FIFA and not Strikers. Probably will just hold off on going back to it until the game feels more finished


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Bought this game off the e store the other day, edit : it’s ok to good at times I like it other times its like wtf , it would be better if there was a zoom in camera option oh yeah I miss the Koopa Troopas it needs more character selection.


I’m a little late to the party, but I feel like if this game was $20 it may have been worth it. The whole copy and paste galaxy league thing is so uninspired and I’m not trying to deal with Nintendo online for this game. I guess it was a good try nintendo


Stats: in the gear section, you need to have a full 5 point bar filled in before it adds onto the stat for that character?


You may already know this but you can aim your shots for (somewhat) better results. I find that sending it to the side further from the goalie will make certain shots that otherwise wouldn’t have gone in go in easily at times. I definitely still get super frustrated and how much of a brick wall the keeper can be when my opponent seems just to loft shots in with ease.


Oh yeah it’s explained in the tutorial. If you aim (up, sides or down) the ball will be more difficult to save for the goalie (of course it also depends on the character’s shooting skills).


I feel like my Goalie consistently sucks. I just played a game where my online opponent quick shot from mid field 0:02 in to the game, from mid field, and scored. I proceeded to do charge shots millimeters outside the Goalie box all match, following up with quick shots on the bounces, and never scored once.


Are you aiming your shots?


I notice that the AI do this as-well, it seems the weak quick shots are more accurate and confusing than the charged ones for some reason


Single player- 3/10 The main issue is the lack of content and the second being the sheer stupidity of the AI on your team in galactic mode. The gear unlocking model is stupid too given you get a little over 8k coins for completing the game but need like 32000 coin to unlock all the pieces for every character currently in the game (3200 * 10 characters at this time) and you'lre getting what 30-40 coins per match online? RIP completionists... Multiplayer would 8/10 and to me would be 10/10 if they simply added a proper esports type tournament mode with everything unlocked from the start like they did with Pokken (probably because of Harada) and eventually with Pokemon Unite (probably because of TenCent). Nintendo is missing out on quite a bit as the games esports potential is actually pretty good with just a few tweaks. Conclusion: this is a potentially great game being hamstrung by Nintendo themselves and its a damn shame.


The game runs well but that's about all. It's very underwhelming for the price. I'm incredibly disappointed in it. It feels like I'm playing a demo rather than a full priced $60 game. There's like at most $30 worth of game in it. I hope they add more content in the future but I would recommend against buying this game unless it goes on sale. Single player is virtually nonexistent and the online multiplayer suffers from the same issues as many other Nintendo games. The AI of characters on your team that you aren't controlling is also really bad. There are so many instances where they just stand around next to your opponent who is charging up for a strike. As of now it's easily the most disappointing $60 I have ever spent on a game.


can they add like character/team presets so you don’t have to select every character and map every time


this would be amazing


Does anyone feel like the Galactic Cup is near impossible to beat. Like they use super cheap AI for the computer.


You just gotta master the left trigger pass and have at least one strong defender and one shooter


Left trigger pass?


yes If you hold left trigger you can pass it to open space instead of where your team mate is currently standing. This will lead to open goals and if they tackle you before you get the ball you will get an item as well.


Idk the couch co-op is worth the price of admission imo.


Agreed I didn’t buy it on release day but played it at my house with three friends that night on one of their cartridges and it was so fucking exhilarating that I just went and grabbed it immediately afterward. I’m actually having a lot of fun trying to master the mechanics on the way-too-hard Galactic mode but it’s nothing like the couch co-op as of rn


Okay I really hope Nintendo stops a few seconds to read this because I'm really flat disappointed by the game and it could be easyly tweaked to make it a decent game because the gameplay is there and it works. 1) More maps, more characters, more equipment and more neat unlockables that are actually worth it 2) We need the posibility to use the Gamecube controls we all got used to, at least add the option to pick your poisen in the control menu. Cannot be that hard to finish something that basic. 3) In single player people are forced to play as red, green, yellow, orange and pink... WHAT THE ACTUAL FCK?! I like Rosalina and I cannot play her in blue because someone thought nah lets hardcode teamcolors based on the side they are playing on? And what if I want to pick black? Does black not matter enough? (Yes I know that blow was low but cmon the game disappointed me in so many ways, at least I want to get something for those 45-60 bugs, not some unfinished poorly planned out sandbox mode without options around it) 4) Maybe add some special thing we can grind with coins... Artbook, Soundtrack, different Hipershots animations, skins... etc be creative, give us something to actually grind for... 5) Please stop releasing unfinished games, with a tremendously bad demo taste that put people's hope up that you actually have more to deliver than that. These things said, loved playing the GC version vs a friend and we could spend hours and hours, the gameplay of this one gives me hope that we can relive that even online. Gameplaywise the game has potential, creds to at least that, the game itself plays smooth and has nice animations and movements. (See? Not all is rant)


I agree on all of these things. I adored Super Mario Strikers 1 and 2. What I have found is a common trend with new Nintendo games is although the gameplay is sound, the game itself lacks features in comparison to the older games. Strikers 2, Mario Tennis, Mario Party.. The older games had much more unlockables, solo modes and features. Almost all of these new games feel like a huge step backwards. Mario Kart and Odyssey got it right.


Gotta expect some DLC I guess. Or updates at the very least. The frame rate at certain moments is embarrassing. It's also super frustrating that the game gets harder the better you're playing... I'm not looking for a challenge Nintendo. I wouldn't look to you if I was... Just give me something fun that isn't (as you mentioned) unfinished trash


I think the framerate part might be a faulty switch, mine had no issues so far.


Okay, after spending more time with this game, I unfortunately have to say that it kinda sucks right now. * Who's genius idea was it to let teams of 2 people be able to play against solo players? Solo players are at a complete disadvantage because that means that twice to number of tackles coming your way and twice the number of shots. * The AI teammates drank the stupid juice because they really don't do anything. They don't prioritize getting items or picking up the hyper orb. However, the cardinal sin is that they don't tackle. This means that you are entirely alone in defending the goal, and you can’t rely on teammates to cover for you while you take a shot. * The player switching makes no sense. In literally every other sports game, it's common sense that the game would switch to the player that's closest to the ball. Instead, Battle League switches players on a rotation, meaning it goes through every player on the team like it was on a wheel. This is especially problematic because there's only one button to switch teammates (ie: the rotation only goes one way) so if you miss the character you wanted to switch to, too bad! Keep clicking until you're back on the character you want. It becomes ridiculously easy to lose track of who you're controlling. Now, you can try not switching at all, but remember, your teammates have the AI of a Furbie and don't do anything, so that's a completely unviable strategy. * The lag. Oh my God the lag. Sometimes there's like a full 5 seconds between when I press the button and when the characters do the thing. It's literally game breaking in some instances. * The small roster is pretty inexcusable. It's literally smaller than it's previous entries! Where's Daisy for God's sake?!? * This game costs $60 (plus tax). Frankly, I don't even think it's worth $40. It's like a $30 game in my opinion. * The arena's have absolutely no point to them. Like, yeah I get that in NFL or whatever, playing in Paul Brown Stadium shouldn't be a different experience from playing in SoFi Stadium, but Jesus Christ this is a MARIO game. Some field hazards might have made the arenas a bit more memorable. As is, the game could all take place in the same arena and there would literally be no difference. It would actually make getting into games faster since that's one less screen you'd have to mash A to get through. * The criteria for defeating a Hyper Strike makes no sense to me. I've seen the goalie's meter make it all the way and the ball still gets through, and I've seen it only reach half way yet the goalie fucking God Hands the ball. It don't make no snense. Overall, I wouldn't even say this game is 'just flawed'. It's downright bad, and completely unjustifiable for a $60 price tag. The gameplay has the depth of a puddle, and frequently more frustrating than it is fun. If you *really* wanted this game, wait for a sale. This is incredibly disappointing for me because this actually was one of the games I was most excited for this year.


This!!! This is the most honest and accurate review!!!!


Would it even be worth it to attempt to get a refund for this game? Bought it digitally thru the switch store. I've only played like 1.5 hours and am very disappointed. If so where do I go for a refund?


estore has a no refund policy under any circumstance.


Ahh gotcha thanks


Fkn goalie sucks




loved the wii version of this game. i had a voucher so used it all on this game, so i’m not too mad. if i spent £50 on this game it would have been returned the day after i bought it though. geniunely no offline modes besides exhibition matches and the tournaments. it would have been good to have mini games/challenges or something like that very small character selection (with no one to unlock), and generally who you pick doesn’t matter as in most cases you can learn how the CPU plays and counter that speaking of CPU, your team CPU have such basic movement/reactions. the foe CPU move around efficiently but mine never seem to get in position to block shots or catch rebounds the pitch is very small, it’s like futsal and it would be fine if it wasn’t for the power ups and so on. sometimes it feels cramped and restricted. ideally it’d be a little bigger- but i’d prefer a lot bigger and the signature moves from strikers charged (like waluigis purple tentacle hedge thing) the game could be finished in a day easily, the first run of tournaments could be done in 2-3 hours max. very disappointed with the game really and i won’t be buying another mario game, unless MK8DX appears cheap on the used market


The last soccer/football game I played was Super Soccer for the SNES. I really liked that game back then A LOT. When I saw the new Mario Stikers I felt somewhat reminded of that game with all the tackling so I gave it a shot. Mario Strikers is a better game than the classic from 1991. But I think it is a bit weak for 2022 standards. Gameplay feels really great, but I have a feeling you play it for a few hours, sometimes half an hour with your friends and that's it. During that time you probably have a good time, but it IS expensive! I think it would have been cool if stages had hazards, if item frequency and what items appear were treated like in Smash and of course if there were more characters, stages and also animations. Gameplay and music are great, but it probably is very short lifed. 8-9/10 for that short period, but overall because of the high price and the short lifespan it's rather a 4 or 5/10.


I bought this out of pure nostalgia and regretted it almost immediately. The roster is extremely limited as mentioned so many times and there's little to no variation in stat lineups. Gear can remedy the limited skill pools a bit but that's not saying much when there's essentially only two or 3 stat pools to start off with. The AI in this game is near braindead as even on the hardest difficulty they'll just watch me charge up from half the field away and snipe at Boom Boom with a maxed shooting stat thanks to the aforementioned gear. Boom Boom feels like an 80/20 split of the times he's a potato versus he's actually competent. Shooting just feels wrong with the button swap and the character swaps just feel like it was put together with minimal care for how it felt. Every character asides from Waluigi just seems so generic and bland compared to the OG and Wii version. Rosalina's cele's are literally just her floating around and doing a princess wave. There's no spice to the characters anymore and everything just feels so washed down just to make sure it's "accessible for all ages". I wanted to enjoy this game, I really did, but Strikers lost its soul with this installment.


> Pauletina ayo?


LOL Can't for the life of me think of how I mixed up Pauletina and Roselina!


This game is not worth the price tag in any way!! And I usually don’t make this argument either so I’ll explain why… I’ll start off by saying I loved the old strikers and was very excited about this game. I wish I could take it back. Things in the game: 10 playable characters. They all have their own stats but there are basically 2 characters for each position and 2 well rounded ones. This is terrible and very disappointing. I was at least hoping to unlock characters as I won cups or something? A match has 8 characters but the roster is only 10 deep. Gear: there is gear you can buy with the coins you get from playing. Basically, each item improves a stat by 2 points and drops another stat by 2 points. You can kind of customize a character outside of their pre-set position by doing this and it does add a smidge of depth to the gameplay. There are 4 gear options per character- hat, gloves, armor, boots. But each piece only has like 4 options. You unlock one additional set when you beat the 6 cups on basic. There should be way more. Modes: Quick match: single game vs couch buddy or npc. Online: you and a buddy can play against one or two other people as a quick match. Can only rematch or exit after a game. You cannot find a new match without going back to menu. The worst part about the online aspect is that if you play solo you do not necessarily play against another solo player. You could get matched against a team of two or more. It isn’t balanced at all and the team tackles get broken fast. Tournament: you get a tournament mode with 6 cups to play. Woo. Once you beat all 6 you unlock a new tournament which are the same cups but just harder. And it is A LOT harder. To the point that it isn’t enjoyable and I don’t see myself being able to beat it even if I practice and play a lot. Clubs: you make a team for online play but it is also like a guild. People in the club can play matches to build the rank of the club. The color options are very limited and it kind of sucks too. The controls are really bad and they switched the shoot and pass buttons, but who knows why? The OG Strikers felt intuitive and simple but this game is none of that. The character swapping is janky on auto and on manual so that’s not fun to get used to on top of the backwards controls. If you play manual switching you even have to manually switch to the character you passed it to. Idk if that’s how it was before but it should switch to the player with the ball, even on manual. The backwards controls are especially frustrating if you’ve been playing an Xbox or PS recently too. You can sprint and dodge but it consumes stamina. There is no stamina bar or display whatsoever. You cannot swap between your two items. The items are also not fun but you cannot turn them off in tournament play. You can tackle you own teammates now as well. An additional disadvantage against tackling on top of how badly you fall on charged tackles. The goalie is either REALLY good or really BAD. The special shot is an item pickup now and can be used by anyone on your team. Sounds good at first but it gets old fast. To make things worse, you cannot skip or disable the 15 second animation of the super shot. They are really cool when you see to em for the first time but once you see them all and start having 5+ a game between both teams it slows it down soo much. All around an unenjoyable game. My cousin came over to play it the day I got it and he hated it even more than I do. He played thru the training and played one real game at the end and was done with it. I’m stubborn so I kept up with it a bit longer but man does this game really let me down. The music is actually really great though. Probably the best part tbh.


If you think you hate it now, wait til you play it!


These are all good thoughts and points. It's kinda mind-blowing how bad Nintendo screwed this one up


4/10. Just doesn't feel finished. And the way your team is so worthless makes it feel like you are playing 1 vs 4 the whole time. You hardly get any items, because your idiot teammates are doing nothing. They are never in position for follow up shots. And the ai just seems cheap to me. One game you make every shot, then suddenly in the final game you miss everything and the computer makes everything. It feels like NBA jam when you'd go up 20 points and suddenly miss everything while the computer makes full court shots. It doesn't feel even subtle about how it swings. Just not fun, I already don't want to play it, anymore.


6/10. this is not worth 60 dollars, and not a 9/10 game (lol @ nintendolife) but review-bombing metacritic with 0/10s and 1/10s is just pathetic. as are the people bombing with 10/10s. a lot of those reviews are people complaining about stuff that's not true, or being upset because they didn't figure out whats in the game before purchasing it. it's a good game at its core and I'm going to keep playing it. severely lacking in content. laughable player roster. very silly online limitations. no real single-player campaign. but, there are some genuinely good things in this game. 8 player local mode is great to see. I like the Strikers Club features. I have a lot of fun playing this and it's clear to me they spent a lot of time testing the multiplayer. I don't regret my purchase, but I do regret spending a full 60 USD on it, especially when the "season" hasn't even started.


When the hell did Nintendo get the idea they could get away with barebones offline modes when their online ecosystem is laughably bad.


So you don't regret it but you do I'm a little confused it sounds like you're trying to convince yourself that what we've all figured out about this game isn't true....


I hope next level games can see it and see what can be improved on it Also I don't want daisy to be left out after many updates it gets this game needs more content could they do that or no? I mean like new maps new characters and a new feature


This game is just bad. As much as I want it to be good, it's just not. Huge flop. Give me strikers charged back


Is there a sub for talking about this game?




I'm having an awesome time - aside from the training, which was absolutely brutal.


Tbh, this game feels like they're trying to make a sequel to the first strikers game on the Gamecube. It definitely is a step up from that in pretty much all regards. But since Charged exists, it's just no contest. I like battle league, but it's missing so many things that were introduced in Charged, this just feels half-assed. Combining the best of both Charged and Battle league would've been a better move. I wish Charged still had an active online community like MKWii does... technically it's possible via Wiimmfi..


Well this sucked. Way too much going at once, the stadium needs to be bigger or they need to make it a 3v3. The character switching is jarring. It has a laughably small roster and a mediocre multiplayer at best. There is very little progression. It's best for playing with friends but there are much better games on the switch for that. Save your money and go download Rocket League instead. That's free to play.


Very weird to even bring up Rocket League in this conversation. Strikers is for eleventeen year olds in it's simplicity/competency. RL is one of the more intelligently crafted games potentially ever. I'm not being a dick in purpose it comes naturally but I'm just sayin


This is precisely my opinion. I was just overwhelmed by the choices / controls and overall, it’s just not a very playable and enjoyable game.


Glad that I didn’t buy this digital so I can resell it only losing $10 at most. What a piece of garbage seriously.


After a few hours in cup play and online, gotta say this is a massive disappointment. I don’t think I’ve LOLed once, which was such a staple of the chaotic gameplay. The game feels like nerfed FIFA with legal fouls. The dodge mechanics are a pathetic counter to spam tackling. Guess it’s back to Hades!




If someone disagrees with me, they are welcome to chime in, but I think a 7 year old could enjoy this game. If they are just playing quick matches against the CPU, then they should be fine. There is a “normal” difficulty that I think is very easy, so I imagine the “easy” difficultly would be totally appropriate for your children. As for violence, just cartoonish sports violence like hitting/tackling the other player to get possession of the ball.


After the basic difficulty the game starts to get frustrating. The way they make it harder is by making the AI much “smarter” than your own team, lemme explain… My teammates are always standing around and running away from the ball UNTIL I gain control of them. The other team though… all other teams’ AI make their own choices INDIVIDUALLY. Meaning, while I have the ball and am trying to dodge whoever’s coming at me, my teammates are getting tackled and destroyed with items being thrown at them! And what do they do? Nothing. Also, it seems like the time it takes for the other team to activate their hyper shot is SHORTER than when I do it, allowing them to cancel my charger by tackling me. It’s one thing to make the game more difficult by up scaling the AI, it’s another when the AI are given an advantage by having privileges that mine don’t. I hope I explained it well, I also HOPE that Nintendo nerfs the difficulty to make it much more fair for the player. It just feels like 1v4 instead of 4v4 right now.


It gets to the point where you can't even get to the other side of the field. You can't pass, because your teammates are getting tackled or just have enemy cpus between you. Then you have to, by yourself, run across the field getting items spammed at you, because the other team gets every item. Then you shoot, and your teammates are never in position for followup shots. World Cup soccer for the nes had better ai. Your teammates would tackle and depending on settings shoot or pass on their own. In this game your teammates are just on the damn ground all match.


I'm so disappointed in the game. Solo is a bit of a joke, with no unlockeable content. I miss the sidekicks but I suppose that was to support co-op play with 2 main characters. As for online play, co-op is a good addition but so poorly executed. Only having the option of 2 players at a time online is devastating for a group of 3+ friends. When you do play with 2 players, the character switching is laughable and so poorly executed. It's a shame. I was so hyped for this.


>As for online play, co-op is a good addition but so poorly executed. Only having the option of 2 players at a time online is devastating for a group of 3+ friends. Yep, much like smash, the inability to play online with multiple friends on one or more switches basically chucks this game on the pile with the others I've wasted $60 on with bad online features


Right at the top of the pile, yes. Smh.


Nintendos biggest scam yet. Genuinely astonished they released a video game is this state and are charging 60 dollars for it. Was a bit skeptical when I bought it on the eshop and it took 8 minutes to download (most first party big releases take 40-1 hour) but jesus christ. There is nothing IN this game and nothing TO this game. Theres not a story mode, just a few "cups" where you play 3 matches and get 400 gold. Ranked isn't even fucking out yet and as far as I can tell a lot of things are just copy paste. The hyper shots are just 2 free points with really not much else to them, the gear is the same for every character, theres only 5 stages but the playing field looks so similar on all of them you wont be able to tell which one you're even on. Online is lack luster and unlike their previous lazy cashgrabs there isn't even a lot of characters. No diddy, no Koopa, no Bowser Jr, and no DAISY. Its absurd how little effort they actually put in this. Hope the next shitty sports game isnt basketball so I dont feel enticed to by it. Also Rosalinas leggings and underwear doesnt change based on jersey so she looks really out of place and its driving me crazy.


Yeah. I hate to say it but I’m sitting here after 3 online matches and I feel like I’ve seen/done it all. Game is pretty fun but I feel like I got scammed or robbed for spending $60 on something I’m done with after literally two hours of playing.


Ended up here because I felt the same way after finally getting free time to play it today. After 45 minutes or so I felt like I had seen it all and definitely felt robbed of my money.


Nintendo's sports games are so lazy.


is anyone else getting constant frame drops when playing online


It's not frame drops it's internet connection, but it's probably not your fault. Playing Nintendo games online always has issues


I've found it fine in handheld but in docked it's bloody awful which is a shame I'm liking the game . Never got to play the one on GameCube


The game is quite fun and I'm really enjoying my time, but for God's sake please add 4v4 online. I hate the fact that you can only play 2 Switches per team. What idiot at Nintendo thought that would be a good idea?


The actual gameplay is pretty fun but the difficulty ranges from I can play this with my eyes closed to near impossible to win with no in between. There’s a disappointing amount of characters and every game seemingly has at least 2 duplicates playing. I really expected more from this game at launch as it seems unfinished leaving much more to be desired. Charging $60 for this game is criminal, I wish I could return it.


You can request a refund! I chatted customer service and got one


Been playing it for a while and yep, about what I expected. Good for people with friends and competitive play but if you’re solely relying on single-player content you won’t have as much fun. This seems to have greater focus on skill and has a bunch of tech to play with, but it also feels more sluggish overall. It’s harder to maintain control of the ball with the more complicated dodging and tackling system, and for some reason passing the ball around feels a lot less smooth; timing perfect passes is tough when you need to keep track of exactly where your players are. Maybe just need to adjust to the controls. Co-op campaign was fun with friends but super short and easy. There was definitely a lot more personality and edge to Charged in the music and art too.


I bought the game, but I'm returning it with it still sealed for a full refund as the lack of unlockable content (at least from what I read) kinda makes the game pointless to me. I'll grab it again when it goes on sale in the future as the game's free updates should be done by then, but I'm disappointed with the lack of content at launch in general (had the same problem with the Camelot sports games on Switch). It's a total shame too as I adored the first game and liked the second game a lot. I really dislike how Nintendo is releasing incomplete Mario Sports games as those titles used to have prestige to them. I really hope that this lack of content doesn't bite Next Level Games in the butt as they probably had to meet a specific deadline for the title, but I expected more single player content for the title (i.e., unlockable characters, cheats, unique arenas that have different functions, etc.).


> I really dislike how Nintendo is releasing incomplete Mario Sports games as those titles used to have prestige to them. yeah, Ultra Smash wasn't a thing, neither the titles on Wii U and 3DS with the same problems lol


Wii U and 3DS era had problems as well (besides *Mario Golf: World Tour* as that game has a lot of content at launch). N64 thru Wii was the peak for Mario Sports titles IMO as they had tons of side modes and extras (this isn't from a rose-tinted glasses perspective as I played the older titles with friends recently as a means to compare them with the Switch games). I'd argue 2012 was when the Mario Sports games started to lose their reputation (barring *World Tour* like I mentioned before).


Surprised so far at majority negative reviews here! Me and my fiancé are huge strikers fans on the GC and we’ve been having a blast playing the new one. Played it all day and even did a little online play and had a great time. So far really like it! I do understand the lack of unlockables, achievements, etc but we just love to play matches and have really been enjoying it.


Playing galactic mode and it's fucking bullshit playing against a team up 3-0 and they keep getting bombs and stars wtf is that shit? But if I go for a tackle they avoid every single one not to mention if I go for a hyper shot I'm being tackled by the whole team but when they do every one of there players tackle my defenders I hate games where the cpu reacts to player inputs so fucking stupid


This game is dog shit it’s all luck based. You can make a half court goal by just tapping the shoot button but can’t make any full charged shots? And lob passes are nerfed to the ground it’s useless




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can you join more than 1 club?


Really? Again? Another Mario game with no reason to play other than the challenge of the match? No unlockables nor progression? Sorry, that killed the game for me. Played for 30min and got bored. The same mistake as Mario Golf. Let me unlock a playable character at the very least, goddamnit! Some kind of offline content, campaign, cup or whatever, with a boss at the end which could be unlocked. Or skins. Or different balls. You know? Like the original game. That's not asking much, it's the very basic. Now we only have Mario Baseball (Super Sluggers, which was great) to complain next.


> Now we only have Mario Baseball (Super Sluggers, which was great) to complain next. This series isn't coming back at all.


and why is that?


🙌 I too should have learned from the new golf game by that horrible letdown.


Is there anybody other than me that despite the dodging on controller shake ? Everytime I try to score I bend myself forward and my character suddenly dodge at the apex of the shot


That shit is so annoying. Finally make it to a good place to shoot, and Waluigi starts hopping around like a dance instructor. Is there a way to turn that garbage off?


I don't think so, control menu is only for viewing the control, you can change controls in the console settings but you can't touch the gyro


Both the Wii and GameCube Versions were not only more challenging, but have more to offer. I really wish they kept the side characters from the previous versions to put on your team, Dry Bones and Koopas had great individual powers. I say this without nostalgic bias, my GameCube is still running and I played Strikers last week in anticipation.




I'm glad to know I'm not the only one feeling similar about the muscle memory issues. Honestly the entire control scheme makes no sense and is a huge step backwards. I had zero desire to finish the tutorial and ended up trading the game.


Most important thing I want to know, can you turn off items/stage hazards/super strikes? It's what we did for the GC Strikers and we played that way for hours. But doesn't seem worth $60 either way...


Did you end up figuring this out? Superstrikes are such a boring concept at this point and I feel like they ruin the pace of the game.


Was asking this more as a "before I buy" question but it does appear that you can turn them off. "Players can turn off items and Hyper Strikes in quick matches" according to Gamerant.


How is single player? Gonna go pick this up today. I don't ever have enough friends for multiplayer so it'll be 1 player game for me!


Cup still give something to do, but once you've unlocked hard mode the IA goes nut and some cups really seems unfair (instant tackle the character you do a pass to, sometimes goes mad and destroy all your characters when nearing your goal so that you have no control over it)


Honestly playing with a friend online is nice but I like playing by myself on mine too cuz I have more control. Would recommend




You can intercept aerial passes




Which definitely isn't every pass!


That hasn't been my experience but you do you


Game was a huge waste of money unless they add 4v4 online and double the content


Just imagine the lag tho, even with 3 players as of now it's unplayable x.x God I wish Nintendo would hire someone competent to restructure their online features.


I agree they def need to figure something out.


Online is absolutely fucking unplayable to the surprise of no one.


Anyone else having some pretty severe frame drops?


Gameplay and buttery smooth is what I want.


How bad is the lack of content/gameplay for someone who's never played a Strikers game? I love soccer and used to play a lot of FIFA, a Mario styled game seems up my alley (but both Golf and Tennis felt like demos more than anything).


For local offline multiplayer can you use a single joycon?




Ok cool and 4 people can play like that?


Actually up to 8 if you have enough controllers!


decided to snag it today on lunch break, sounds like gameplay is good, and the things lacking (4v4 issues, sp modes) are ones that while are frustrating, are not game breakers for me...hopefully they add more and the club mode is nice and fleshed out, bc online mostly play needs incentive and rankings..see you out there!


I think the game is an absolute blast to play, i love the gameplay, it has the right amount of hectic moments to keep it interesting and the depth to keep it fresh, its not too simple as I feared before playing, and i think thats nice However there is a SEVERE lack of content, 10 characters, 5 stadiums and only one playable mode (4v4) is an absolute joke, we need atleast double the stadiums and characters and a lot of game modes like the old striker games had and titles like Mario Kart have too, a battle mode would work really well here if implemented correctly, though im not sure how that would work, we also need 3v3 and/or 5v5 imo, perhaps on different sized maps, online tournaments, offline challenges, just....more of everything basically The best way i can describe it is it is a gem of a game with very little of it, which might get repetitive i think over time, especially if you arent in love with the gameplay, this definitely feels like Nintendo did the bare minimum in order to release the game, which sucks because i think it has huge potential, hopefully the DLC is substantial because i cannot see this game becoming amazing without major content updates imo


I loved strykers for the wii except the controllers for the wii were way better than the horrible controllers the switch has. How is the gameplay? That’s all I care about. I want the gameplay to be buttery smooth


Imo it is pretty damn smooth.


The games menu gives such a dragon ball z vibe.


After playing the game for two days, I more and more like the gameplay. Strikers Charged is one of my favorite games ever, so I was disappointed when I realized how much of the gameplay they changed. However, I dont consider it as a continuation of Stikers, but a new game with new gameplay. And my feeling is that, especially when I play online, the gameplay has a lot of potential and is deeper than it felt in the beginning, especially when I use my customized team. I just really don´t get why they only put 10 characters and only 6 items in the game. It just doesn´t feel complete at all, especially only with those super ordinary items. I will wait for the first strikers league season before I make a final verdict since it seems to be a big part of the game.


Obviously it's so that we can all spend extra money on the expansion download a month later for more characters etc.


They already confirmed that there will be free updates, including new characters, so I don´t think there will be paid DLC.


What’s everyone’s preferred play style? Manual or auto?


Auto when playing with solo or with 1 other player, manual when playing with 3 or 4 on a team (usually in a 3 player game, 2 people take manual and 1 takes auto).


auto makes it easier to hit perfect one timers off of passes


I’m very conflicted, it looks extremely fun and hectic which is exactly what I want from a Mario Sports game, but man I really dislike the drip feed style of games that Nintendo has been doing lately. Maybe if I had more friends who would get this I’d probably pick it up. I’m happy for those who are enjoying it though!


I’m looking way more fondly towards Mario golf super rush now


Golf's "battle" gameplay seemed very tacked on, is Strikers better or worst?


I’m talking about just standard golf mode not speed though it’s fun every once in a while


And yet that was a huge let down too, I wanted golf to be so much better then it was :( I have this weird feeling intending is testing the Ayer’s bringing these games back from the older eras, if they sell well they’ll develop a sequel with some of the things people want (looking at Mario party) but then if it flips they didn’t but that much into them so they shrug it off and except that the series is dormant


Some quality of life adjustments that would make this game much better: - More postgame stats like player breakdowns and whatnot - Team presets. It’s really dumb that I have to select each player and toggle on gear every single game - Faster UI. Is it me or does the UI feel super slow?


Does it keep track or any stats like goals / shots / wins / etc across all online games ?


They should add a button 'Find new match', instead of just 'rematch', going through the whole menu everytime is annoying


How is there no 4v4 club mode


I know...I hope it gets added


I like it but I'm also really struggling with it because I never play soccer games so everything is super new to me. I wish there was a proper practice mode so I could get good at dodging because the training is a bit shit


Really loving the gameplay so far, it’s great fun. There’s plenty of areas for improvement though - the single player content is awful for a £50 title. If you’re not playing online then the game will feel like a glorified demo. It definitely needs more characters too. 10 isn’t enough for a game like this, where you’ve got 8 of them on the pitch at one time. I’ve put in 3/4 hours and already have a handle on how they play, I’ve seen all of their mega strikes multiple times etc. Like I said, the core gameplay is fantastic. Other than that the game feels half-baked. There just isn’t enough to do.


Sounds just like Golf.. Half baked.


And Mario Tennis…..and Super Mario Party.


Maybe someone knows the answer. Can I play online with 1 friend that's in my club against 2 other random people from a different club via matchmaking? 🤔


Yep! In the club menu there is a match making option for clubs


Yes you can.


i do believe so


Hopefully they give this game the mario kart 8 treatment. Adding more maps, and ESPECIALLY more characters.


I see, and glad, I'm not the only one having issues with the goalie. Still a fun game, but God, those goalies.


Same. As soon as I got past the basic difficulty for the single player cup tournaments it seems like any time the opposition shoot it goes into the net, from anywhere inside my half whether it's a charged shot or not. So annoying....


Yeah, as much fun as I’m having the goalies on your team can’t block shit sometimes. I found myself never being able to get anything into the other team but they never could stop a good shot from whoever I’m against.


yeah its frustrating as hell when you have 30 shots to your opponents 3 and still lose 2-1 lol, it does seem a bit too inconsistent but maybe i just suck at scoring rn too


Gameplay wise I absolutely love it but as a solo player time will tell if the online multiplayer will keep me hooked in the long term once the strikers club opens in 8 days Nintendo have a rocket league on their hands and if they treat this game correctly I can see myself coming back to this alot If your someone who has no interest in multiplayer I would not recommend this game at all though especially at full price The lack of content is laughable , only 6 cups for solo play, only 5 stadiums which are all pretty much the same apart from visual changes and 10 characters is nowhere near enough ( I know free dlc is coming but it shouldn't have launched like this)


Do you unlock content when you win a cup at least?


When you complete the first set of cups you get a new set of gear to buy


A harder set of 6 cups, yes


Rip the good ol' days where you would've unlocked a character or something on top of that.


Ahhh the robot bois


For solo players, I’ve been having fun with the cups on the harder mode. Good coin farming for gear too. Hoping to play with friends this weekend, but I think the single player content is really good for practicing. Again, on the harder mode.


10 characters? Very disappointing.


A solid, albeit unspectacular release so far. Online games for me on BL have been pretty smooth for me and I've had some good contests. There's certainly potential if Nintendo decides to back up the upcoming additional content with updates, new modes,etc but I'm not holding my breath. Reducing the super strike from 7 goals to 2 is a good move, compared to Charged the gameplay is less chaotic and more focused on the fundamentals, skill ,of the game of football with the world of Mario thrown in. Which is fine. Also seems a little easier to score and it feels like the fields are slightly smaller compared to Charged. However would've liked to have seen them keep the charge passing game play aspect in Charged in some shape or form, rather than just solely timing based. That way you have to pick your passes a little more carefully and working towards building up of play. Not a big deal. I think by making the game less gimmicky they've taken away some of the individuality, edge and charm of certain aspects. Like the characters generic rock themes, which are disappointing and the way the characters shoot the ball, it just floats. There's no oomph. Overall Charged is the better game at this stage but I'm enjoying BL for what it is.


I’m sorry but this game is just awful. In their attempts to make more detailed mechanics, they ended up just gutting what made Charged so fun. The game feels suuuper slow and unimpactful. Characters walk at what feels like a brisk walking speed and shooting the ball has such a dull monotonous tone behind it compared to Charged. There’s also just a ton of gameplay elements they cut from Charged that aren’t really made up for. There’s no chip shots, no unique self-defense moves, no special charged shots, and no slide tackle. Instead we have a charging mechanic for tackles and the ability to curve your shots a little :/ There’s also waaaay too much focus on items this time around. Putting the hype shots on a randomly spawned item is such an extreme turn off in a competitive setting DESPITE the supposedly more competitive mechanics. The gameplay just feels awful. Of course there’s also the lacking content, but there’s also the extreme lack of personality. This game feels like the faceless corporate version of Charged when it comes to characters. There’s no more theme music for unique characters which just makes everything feel awkward. The over-the-top personalities of Charged are completely gone and some characters like Rosalina feel like their personality is comparable to a brick wall. I would easily have taken a Charged or even GameCube port over this inclusion in the series. It’s uninspired and not worth the $60 in the slightest.


Had to scroll way to much for this comment. Those were exactly my thoughts: I'd rather saw Charged being ported.. Maybe I am comparing the game to much against Charged, but I feel Battle League is missing the unique character shorts ans dodges. Also the captain power ups i miss. They gave you a reason for certain team combo's. Okay, some characters were a bit broken in Charged like Boo, but that could be tweaked. But at least you had a lot of different unique ways to score. I feel like in battle league its mostly just timing a shot good will make you score, while in Charged I could jump over the goalie with toad, charge with monty mole, use the waluigi power up to build a wall, charge the ball by passing around to power the ball and shoot etc etc.


Exactly, I was absolutely disgusted that after a few matches online I found out the best strategy was to just spam pass until you can combo shot with an offensive character. There’s no variety to how you score goals here, just pass and shoot. Nothing will ever compare to 15 years ago when young me found out you could jump over the goalie as Toad lmao after I found that out it was like I had to test every self defense move to see if they could trick the goalie (super sad Hammer Bro doesn’t have some crazy jump tech).


There is some very cool and unique tech to be found. Give it time


I *sincerely* doubt it. The mechanics of this game are extremely streamlined compared to Charged. The only thing remotely worth looking at is the free pass and team tackle, other than that what really is there that opens up creative techniques? The mechanics for doing crazy stuff like chip shotting the wall to rebound it into goal, teleporting to the other end of the goalie to get a nice angle, purposely getting kicked so the ball rolls in, etc are all things rendered entirely unavailable to this game. There’s also just a lack of uniqueness *in general* for me to confidently say that nothing will make any one tech stand out. What’s gonna make a potential Bowser tech different than just gearing out a character with the same stats?


You can free pass into the wall and still do the mechanic, I've gotten it down.


Cracking review, I love charged, tried the demo and you've put my feelings into words succinctly


This game has such little content. The content there is good, but my friends and I just played through the entirety of the offline content in about 5-6 hours. All we want to do now is go back and play the Wii version or the GC. Those have actual season/story modes with some life in them. All in all this game is not an improvement over the Wii game they released 10+years ago. But it’s still fun I guess....


You cant play online with 3 other friends in the same team. Refunding tomorrow. What a ripoff


Wait what? Isn’t that the whole point of the game


Thanks for saving me $60


How do you get a refund?


Looking at the scores, some of them are... Too high. Between 6,5 and 7 seems about fair, considering what the game offers atm. Solid gameplay, reasonable online, but for €65... To expand on that, quick battle and cup battle are the only modes you can play as a single player without NSO. The price I mentioned is the price including the lowest tier of NSO. Unless you truly like what Mario strikers offers gameplay wise, you should pass up on this. Other elements I haven't touched on: multiplayer. Tbh, I don't expect seeing myself play with more than 2 players... So I don't have any criticism about the 'false' advertising. Graphics: this just runs well and adds to the smooth gameplay. It also oozes charm and style, but due to the nature of a competitive game, wil grow old quick. To conclude, I doubt this game will see much more traction outside of its first month. I'll be very surprised if it does, regardless of whether it's a Mario sports title or not, with the most famous sport, at least in Europe.


The gameplay despite not being as hectic as Charged is still a blast and more technical, spamming tackles will leave you out of it defensively. Unfortunately, it still feels like the game is lacking. The Gamecube Strikers rewarded offense by perfect passes into dangerous areas and Charged makes the ball glow the more passes occurs between teammates. The tactics just feel like hoof the ball to offensive player and spam combo shots or perfect shots. The music all sounds the same compared to Charged diverse soundtrack, and I wish there was a way to remap A and B given that I've stunned Boom Boom and proceed to pull a Ben Simmons by accident and pass out of an open shot. Items being relegated to item boxes crowds the field and makes it risky to go for item boxes unlike the old games where items were automatically rewarded. Boom Boom is cosplaying as a sieve in net, I've scored and conceded headers from non-offensive shooters from midfield. I really miss Kritter drop kicking me in the crease.


Can you do a club season by yourself offline single player? Whether I buy the game hinges on this and I can’t seem to find an answer.


You can't. That's online only.