Spaghet and I would probably ask for physical copy of either Skyrim or Doom, possibly Pokken tournament because its the only first party game I don't own.I could play the waiting game for doom and Skyrim since they will inevitably fall down in price at some point while pokken tournament will be full price for a longer time.But I hear Doom was very good so I am eager to play it


Slop is one of my favorite as well as all the variations. Sloppy, slopped, etc. I would get Skyrim. I’ve never played a game like that before and would love to get it! Thanks!


Ajar Game: Pokken Tournament


Word: fjord Game: mario + rabbids kingdom battle. I’ve never played a rabbids game before, so the switch version along with mario characters has made it pretty tempting. I’ve been going back and forth on whether to pick it up for a few weeks now haha


For the word I'll go with cocoon (sounds like "poop" in my native language). The game would probably be Skyrim, I'd love to have it on my Switch but I'm a bit short on money to double dip games right now.


Contraption, why not Xenoblade


Elated. Which is how I would feel to have a digital copy of Dragon Quest Builders on the Switch.


Word: Duplicitous Game: Skyrim Thanks :)


Falafel is always my favorite word to say. I would get Zelda: BOTW. I somehow haven't bought it yet but now I'm ready to jump in


Scrimshaw Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I haven't played any of the Xenoblade games yet but this one looks great and I keep putting off buying it for myself.


Word: behemoth Game: Zelda BotW Zelda game fan here, but I have kids so all game savings go to coop games.


Maybe I can help you with a personal treat of a game. Good luck!


I'm a big fan of the word Bollocks. As a brit I use it at least twice a day and think that it's real fun to say.


Oberman. Technically not a word, but it sounds really nice in Ocean Man. My choice would probably go to Odyssey, namely because of the costume options and because it's a lot like my favorite 3D Mario, 64. Sunshine and Galaxy 1+2 are great, but take the concept in a slightly different direction.


Buildingkinder I would like Zelda BOTW


Pain in the Butt! Ok so more then one word :) does it still qualify? I would want Fire Emblem Warriors special edition off Amazon, physical, under $60 right now! Fire Emblem has been just an amazing series and this one did something different for sure but it still looks like a ton of FUN.


Word: Damn. I work retail, so that’s about the limit for cursing in the sales floor lol. “What damn idiot ordered all the damn pallets of dog food?” Game: Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I tried out Amazon Prime back in December for Christmas shopping, and decided to keep it just for the discount on so many upcoming games this year. But that’s the one title from 2017 I never got around to getting.


Freckle. Zelda because i'm a broke student.


Word: Trollop Game: Doom


Joy, because I think it's a funny word. Human fall flat to play local Coop with the guy I'm dating right now :)


Word: Inconceivable Game: I'd really love Cave Story (Physical or digital.) Its prob one of my favorite games that I've grown up with- the main character was the first character I ever cosplayed. Even though its a small game, I'd love to have a physical copy- though having it digital wouldn't be bad, either, since thats a quick launch.


Zarah. I will prob get xenoblade because ive heard so much good reviews but just not sure if i would like it or not.


My favorite word is Callipygian. I would love physical copy of FEW.


Had to look that one up, but it's such an elegant word for nice booty. Good stuff.


ExpectoPatronum, id personally pick elder scrolls skyrim since i have never played it way back but love bethesda games i played the hell out of Fallout 4


Snickerdoodle. Enough said. I'd probably grab MK8, so I can finally have a multi-player game to play on the couch


Favorite word is electron. I would love Hyrule Warriors, digital format. If that's not possible (due to pre-order issues) then I'd be fine with Mario Odyssey.


My favourite word? Kumquat, because it rolls so nicely off the tongue. Just say it a few times, it feels so good. The game I'd pick would be Night In The Woods, because its themes and chill nature appeal to me. It seems like a solid piece of interactive fiction.


Spoon - cause it's fun to say and as a pastry chef I use them a whole lot! I would love try out Xenoblade Chronicles 2, a physical copy!




Oh boy. My word is: obrigado...that means thank you in portuguese! I would like Pokken!


Word: Bouffant (look up the Youtube video Bulbous Bouffant, it's incredible). Game: Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Why? It looks amazing but I don't have the funds for it right now. Story: I teach grades 6-8 in elementary. Every day is a story. If you pick me, I'll be happy to share many, many stories. One that sticks out? I had a student come to my office for help and they just let out the loudest fart imaginable. No reaction on their part. It took every ounce of my strength to not react and keep helping him.


Word: Wingnut Game: Splatoon 2 Story: Just got the Switch for Christmas for my 6 year old and she is a natural at gaming. Recently we have played much Snipperclips while laughing and talking. She has not played a 1st person shooter yet and would like to get the trash talking with her. This would be a very welcome gift for her.


My favorite word is ["wat"](http://i0.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/mobile/000/001/007/WAT.jpg). Makes me chuckle every time. As for the game I would get - I don't really know. Honestly, if it's a viable choice, I would just get a bunch of indie games. Thanks, OP.


Referring to unimportant fuck ups as a goof. Like if I break the yolk trying to cook sunny side up eggs, I would say I, “goofed” them. I would want Breath of the Wild for the switch. I currently only have Mario Odyssey for the system and after putting so many hours into it, I’m looking for something new. I chose this game because I’ve never played another Zelda entry, but I’m very interested after hearing so many glowing reviews.


"Nova" Mario Kart. Mario Kart on DS was so much fun and I'd love to try it on switch!


Word: Pahoehoe Game: Doom Reason: U really want to try a third party game on switch (I haven't really played anything like it on any platform for that matter)


Marbles. Game: Mario Tennis Aces If you wouldn’t want to preorder that, then Pokken Tournament DX(Physical)


word: chocolate game:Kirby Star Allies, physical. I mean its Kirby how could i not choose him!


Rutabaga Breath of the wild Had to sell it to get odyssey and never finished it completely :/


Word: dope Game: Splatoon 2 Format: digital Story: I'm broke and want a new multiplayer game


Crustacean Splatoon2 Because I would really like a multiplayer shooter game! Thanks OP!


Splendificent is a word that should exist. I would likely play xenoblade 2!


Yolo. And super mario oddyssey


Game:xenoblade chronicles 2 Digital I brought my nephew a switch and he was very very happy


Panorama :) Breath of the Wild - Digital Good luck everyone!


Favorite new word is "peradventure", it's a synonym for "maybe". I think it's a cool word but it sounds super pretentious so I'd probably never use it in conversation. I'd like a digital version of Minecraft, played it ages ago on PC, and I have fond memories of it being a relaxing and creative experience.


Wanderlust Super Mario Odyssey No prizes for guessing.


Word: anesthetist, because I can never pronounce it correctly lol Game: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (physical) Thank you for doing this!


Squirrel. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 please! :) I got my Switch last week but haven't been playing in the public because I HATE random people watching what I do on my phone etc. Today was the day I waited for the train to be emptier and whipped out my Switch to play some Mario Kart - it was so awesome! I definitely need to do it more often :) Also: lunch breaks at work are like the official commercial of the Switch - everyone smiling and just being happy watching and playing something on my Switch. It is ridiculous how much joy it can bring to people who never experienced the Switch before!


I just bought a switch last week and have been loving playing it so far. Only have zelda but am looking to expand it after I have finished it. #word: Basil #game: Mario vs rabbids


I love the word campylobacter. I would love a physical copy of Doom


**Word**: Odious **Game I'd Get**: Celeste **Why**: Because Super Meat Boy is the best game of all time and I need another hit of that beautiful pain


Taint. I would want Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It's a game I've been very interested in since the announcement but just can't bring myself to buy it because there's already so many other great games out that I already have. I really liked Xenoblade Chronicles X on Wii U but there was a lot of missing QoL features that I've heard have pretty much all been addressed in XC2.


Labyrinth? Lol. Definitely Mario Odyssey!


I love games, games don’t get me bored. I’d love a Skyrim, digital or physical any is fine. I’ve played that game on PS3, I wasn’t able to finish it because my ps3 died, so now wants to play it again on switch, thanks for doing this.


Ragamuffin- it’s just fun to say thanks HIMYM :) I would want Dark Souls I heard it is a great game. I wasn’t able to play it when it first came out due to school and I haven’t had a chance to play anything really until my wife bought me the switch. Thanks to it’s portability im able to play games like a kid again :)


Jabroni, idk why I heard it from Mac and now and it’s just stuck in my head. I’d love to get Odessey, everyone says how fun it is and I’d love to try.


Necrotizing I'd get Skyrim on the switch because I can't think of a better on the go game! Thanks in advance and congrats to whoever wins!


Zane. I'll probably go for Dark souls. Because it's a must have and i'm too poor to get it before 2020 probably.


Flan. I would get Zelda! Because I have been dying to play it


Bazinga Game: Donkey Kong because i love the ape :)


pumpernickel edit forgot game... I would probably get Doom, because I really want it but I just can't spend the money on it.


It is fun to say, isn't it?


So, so fun :)


Cheers I'd love stardew valley


I've heard great stuff about Stardew Valley, I might have to look into it.


Yes indeed! And i heard it's great for the switch because you can easily suspend your game if needed


Batholith (cause no matter how you say it, you sound like you have a lisp) Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Loved XCX on the Wii U and really wanna get back on it.


I've heard nothing but praise for XC2. Sounds like a great choice!


If it's anything like XCX then it'll be a masterpiece


Please let this guy win


Sounds like Dustin from Stranger Things saying Basilisk.


Stuffy. I want to get Mario Kart 8 because the last one I played was on the Wii. I want to get my girlfriend into gaming and I think Mario Kart might do that


MK8 is certainly great for getting other people interested. One of my faves!


Cunt? Would by new Zelda game. Digital.


I'm loving the uncertainty here. Go for it, own the word. Also Zelda! Yay.


bingus also could i just get a 60$ amazon card or gamestop?


Solid choice. Edit: would need to be a game, sorry.


Moist. I would probably get Skyrim, never got to finish it after my 360 broke and have a long flight in a month that it would be perfect for!


I got Skyrim recently, and it's my first time playing. Really great port.


Allocate! Xenoblade Chronicles II


I'll be sure to allocate my time to reply to your comment. Aaaaand...... done.




Uh oh, hope you're alright?




Coronation Thank you so much for your generosity! I’ve been intrigued with ARMS recently, especially with the new characters, so I hope to play it, so a physical copy of ARMS would be great!


Coronation always sounds fancy. I love it.


scrumdidlyumptious, and id probably get Skyrim as have played it on any platform because I haven't had the time, but with Switch, I can play anywhere!


Portable Skyrim! What will they think of next?




Noice. A classic.


Flibbertigibbet best word ever If I would win I would buy skyrim for switch since I have never played it before, but I have heard that this game is amazing, so I really would like to play it on my switch. Problem atm is money so i wouldn't be able to afford it till march, which is the same time kirby comes out, so skyrim will have to wait then.


Recent first-time Skyrim player, would recommend. It's great!


What a kind soul we have here. Here's my favorite word. *defenestration* - the act of throwing something out of a window I'd really appreciate a copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in digital form!


Defenestration is always fun to do. I mean say.


Hey! We had the same word!


Godwottery - it basically means nonsense. My late Grandad used to use it all the time and it’s always made me laugh! Anyway I’d pick Splatoon 2...a game my daughter and I really want to play together but I just haven’t been able to warrant the cost on a game we haven’t played.


I've never heard that before, but I'm liking the sound of it. Good word.


Skyrim, because skyrim


That's a valid response in my book.


My favorite word is luminous because it brightens my day. Anyways, I'd get Splatoon 2 because everyone says its great and I cannot afford it. Thank you for the chance to win!


Flabbergasted. I’d prob say a copy of Celeste on Switch if I had to pick anything at the moment


Waffle is a fun word. I would get arms because the game looks super fun.


Waffle is a good food, too. Yumm.


Awesome! (favorite word as well ;)) Thank you so much for this. Skyrim would be amazing! My girlfriend and I got it for the PSVR and loved it. Can't believe it took us this long to get into Skyrim. But having it on the go would be even better, since we don't always have time to play it at home.




exquisite I’ll go for XC2. I want that game so much but with the current exchange rates I can’t afford it. I’m really excited about the long an emotional ride it offers.


Here's hoping I can afford it for you, good luck!


Affable Bayonetta 2 because I would like to figure out what’s going on before the third comes out.


Great idea, me too.


Chortles SuperBeat: Xonic, I love rhythm games and having played the PS4 demo a while back, I would love to have a portable version on the Switch!


Chortle is such a rich word. Great choice! Edit: happy cakeday from me as well! Thanks to u/R_O_BTheRobot for pointing that out.


Happy Cakeday!


Succulent Andd baynonetta 1+2! Most of everyone says its good, so why not try it?


Pineapple. I would get Doom, because it looks fun, but I don't have the money for it.


DOOM, fun and affordable, if it's free in a giveaway. Good luck!


Dexter... id love to play XC2


XC2 keeps getting mentioned, I should definitely pick it up myself.


Brouhaha I'd get Doom. There was a rental store that had a one day only deal on a 5 day rental. Tried Doom and loved it. Want it permanently, now. I grew up on id Software, so Doom (along with Wolfenstein) is a very important franchise to me. I even got into Doom multi-player as well as custom levels and sprites using DEU (Doom Editor Utility) with my cousin. Still waiting on that Commander Keen remaster collection for Switch. ;)


Wow, sounds like you know your DOOM. It's one of the most popular replies here, so odds are I might be getting a copy of DOOM for a lucky someone!


XD keeping my fingers crossed!


Boop I'd get Skyrim, because I had it for pc and never got too far. I just picked the lizard guy and looked for places to breath underwater.




Let's say "Crumbum" I'd go with Skyrim (physical). Good luck to all and thanks for the giveaway!


Skyrim is so good. Nice choice.


Favorite word: Bombastic. Game I would get: Pokken Tournament because I love pokemon and i like the idea of a pokemon fighting game.


Never got into Pokemon myself, but I respect the choice.


Favorite word: unforgettable Game: Mario v Rabbids (I’d prefer physical so my roommate could borrow it after I play it) Thanks for the giveaway!


Sharing is great! I prefer physical as well.


Superfluous I’d get XC2. I’ve never played a XC game so I’d like to see what all the hubbub is about


Superfluous was always hard for me to say as a kid. Now, I love the word.


Gazebo - it’s just so much fun to say! Super Mario odyssey, cause I love Mario.


KERFUFFLE. I would like Darkest Dungeon or Golf Story :D EDIT: Digital Beyonetta 2 alone would be nice too.


Shoddy, mostly because I just like the word, and it isn't used enough. I would likely get Skyrim physical. I never got around to playing it in the past. With my love for gaming being re-ignited, I feel like this would be a great opportunity for it!


Rat farts! Sorry -Aside from Caddyshack, my dad would repeat that when he died playing the original Zelda. Since he could t cuss around my young ears, that was his escape. Game I would get: Doom. Played it on DOS, SNES, and N64. Would love to continue the streak.


Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Whoa a lot of giveaways now! Very kind of you to do this. I’m not sure what to get, maybe Axiom Verge or do you have any recomendations?


My cat's name Ceylon! I wish skyrim because I already own it on Xbox but did not get into it much. Hope I can play it on Switch! The problem here is my wife would not allow me to buy any game twice...


My favorite word is passion. Cause it represents A LOT of hard work and love. If you dont love something, you dont feel passionate about it. And the reason we humans exist is to create and experience passion. Everything good around us had to be filled with passion and love in order to exist. Id love Celeste btw. Thanks for doing this.


I really love that sentiment, thanks for sharing. Good luck!


Crepuscular Xenoblade Chronicles 2!


Damn, that is a great word. You learn something new every day!


Lurid: very vivid in color, especially so as to create an unpleasantly harsh or unnatural effect it's also fun to say with a posh accent :p Edit: forgot game :( a physical copy of Cave Story+ needs to be in my life


ogdoad. (yes it's an actual word) I'd get Xenoblade 2 cos I've been meaning to get it but haven't had the money. also it's my birthday on 2/2 so winning this would be a nice little surprise:)


Saudade : A portuguese word that does not wxist in many many languages. It's a feeling you feel when you miss someone. I would wish Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. It's a game that I was interested in, but didn't have the time to invest in.


Aww, that's sweet. I like that word.


Fools. Id want to get zelda because I’ve never played through or beaten a zelda game and ive been wanting to see if its worth the hype (most likely is lol)


I'm 215 hours in and still enjoying BOTW. Even if you don't win, go for it!


Mahogany. Just a pretty word. And I’d have to go with Mario + Rabbids, physical. This is pretty awesome. Thank you for doing this. Just creates such a nice sense of community.


Wow, a favorite word is actually harder than it sounds. Let's go with "pizza" because, obviously, when you hear pizza you're pretty much conditioned to salivate and get hungry, lol. As for the game I'd get: I'd have to say Troll and I just to troll everyone . . . . . . JK. A pre-order of Kirby if possible. Mario + Rabbids if it was still on sale. Otherwise I'd just get an indie since I've got most of the $60 games I want and I'd rather avoid hurting your wallet. Axion Verge, Rocket League, Wonderboy or something like one of those.


Pizza is an acceptable answer. It always is.


Can it be a foreign word? Du Ma! In Viet. Would love a physical fire emblem warriors!


Fire Emblem!


Free. Giveaway. Anything of the like. Great words, man. If I had to pick a Switch game right now? Yooka Laylee. Waited forever and still want it but playing some other things because I have like no more money for new games.


Those are indeed great words.


Dopplelganger! Me and my brother would be so happy if we could get a digital copy of Mario+Rabbids.






Ferromagnetism. Whatever and thank you!


crèèes (i hope french words are okay, i just love how it's spelled with so many letters and it's just pronounced like pray but with a k sound, yes the s is silent, as are most of the es) Lost Sphere, because it's a squenix game and i desperately need an rpg to scratch my dragon quest itch


wow this really made me think ethereal - just seems majestic haha DOOM! - never played one so nervous if I’d like it myself but would take this chance to try it!


My favourite word is Warrior. So I ask for Fire Emblem Warriors. Thank you for the chance!


Smeckledorfed I would wait for Kirby to be released as that’s the game I’m hyped for currently. I want it cause it just looks like it’ll be a fun go happy platformer. Physical of course


Serendipitous. If I won I'd want Arms because I really enjoyed my time playing the demos but haven't been able to get it yet.


The demos in stores are so much fun! I don't have anyone that would play with me, but it seems pretty awesome.


I have ARMS for trade if you have any switch games you've played through and want to trade for it


I really like the word presumptuous. Not the meaning itself, but it's just a very nice sounding word for me. I'd probably get Skyrim as well! I've never played it but I do love me some open-world RPGs, as well as character customization. :)


Moist I would probably get Doom because I've heard such great things about the single player but also really want to try out the multiplayer aspect of it. Physical so I can avoid using up too much space on my MicroSD card.


Tabernacle I would have to choose MK8 because I havent played a mario kart since the Wii. I would want physical because I love the taste of the cartridges.


Cartridge licker, huh? Well, MK8 is a great choice. Superb racing game.


If we get physical, do we also get a cheesy biscuit to go along with it? Either way, that'd be preferred. Favorite word? Don't know. "**Zoom**" sounds nice. Really rolls off the tongue and it's one of the more expressive words in the English language. Breath of the Wild, easily. Super Mario Odyssey is a close second on my wishlist, but when I get my Switch, the one I want more is definitely BotW. I just love open-world games that give you plenty of choices for gear and customization. It worked for MGSV:TPP, after all.


Winner will receive a recipe for cheesy biscuits, tested and approved by Thecheesybiscuit himself.


Mmm, the taste of victory. ...I'm actually hungry, now.




Lad, especially when paired with mad.