That Monopoly battery life tho.


Seriously, why is it so bad? I was going to get it but all I've heard was it takes too long to load and now the battery life looks like trash. Doesn't seem worth the price atm but if it gets optimized I wouldn't mind $20 for it


I rented it. It is *very* 3D and very animated. On the plus side, they implemented optional motion controls for rolling the dice. A few times, I rolled the dice by pretending to roll the dice.


Please tell me it uses HD rumble to simulate dice in your hand?


> Please tell me it uses us rumble to simulate dice in your hand? Not just *US* rumble — pretty sure it works internationally!


>... all I've heard was it takes too long to load... They already released an update more than a week ago. The patch resolved the problem.


What problem? Waiting forever is part of playing Monopoly.


Vaccine is the one that is most impressive(?) to me ... Seriously....


For me, Rocket League has the worst battery life of all my games. (I have around 30 games)


There's a lot going on in rocket league and it's happening in real time, on a network. There's also a lot of animations, flashiness and movement going on around you.


Yes, I thought so too, but for example Splatoon 2 doesn't seem as hungry for battery life (IMHO). So probably it's more engine specific. It's a port of a game based on UE 3 after all. Edit: or maybe I haven't played Splatoon for that long sessions handheld.


I can get about 2 - 2 1/2 hours out of Splatoon. I also feel that Splatoon is far more optimized.


Is it maximum? Cause I feel like I've played RL for at least 2 hours online this weekend.


Yeah, that's at mid to 3/4 brightness on. I haven't timed my sessions but it's an estimate. also, I have a launch day Switch with over 2000 hours on it so maybe my battery is wearing out a bit


I would bet that since Panic Button had to basically port UE3 to the Switch themselves, it is far from well optimised. Splatoon 2 does more than we give it credit for. Models are quite detailed, animations are complex, textures are big, lighting uses advanced techniques, all of those far better than RL on the Switch, and yet its resolution is always close to 900p docked/ 720p undocked.


Splatoon 2 can actually go up to 1080p docked.


It uses a dynamic resolution to keep it at a steady 60 fps. According to Digital foundry the resolution is much closer to 900p than 1080p


Wow. I'm not alone


Yeah, I was expecting Rocket League to be the worst on the list... Then it wasn't on the list at all.


A game normally lasts between 6 and 7 minutes (5 min + goals + replays + results). That give us ~195 minutes. Then you add the queueing time between matches, (if you play competitive or waiting for next match in casual) let's says 1 minute of searching for a game. Add another 30 minutes. The total time for your 30 games will be ~225 minutes, or almost 4 hours. It is not bad consideringiñ it is a demanding game and you need constant internet connection.


I think they meant they owned 30 Switch games, not that they get 30 matches of Rocket League on one charge.


Yes, that's what I meant, I have 30 switch games


This graph is just plain horrendous for my eyes.


Yeah i'm not the best graph maker around, but I thought that it was interesting enough to make in spite of that. If anyone wants a go making something nicer then you can use the [Excel File](https://drive.google.com/file/d/12T5QeKT8dFuyxLL6-ExAcAD0rWarrmyP/view) I used. I got the available data that u/Reviews2Go collected and put on his [site](http://www.reviews2go.com/nintendo-switch-battery-life-chart/).


I think it'll be better to make two graphs, one with wifi and max brightness and one with airplane and lowest brightness. Right now its kinda hard to compare. Edit: I think it's fine actually. The idea isn't to compare anyway.


When every entry (bar one) has A < B < C < D the type of graph you wanted to use is Stacked Bar Graph. Also when doing time graphs use 15 minutes (or 30) per division so people can easily count in hours.


Ugh I'm on mobile




Speak totes about NIS, doesnt it.


Nippon Ichi seems to make tributes to some god of optimization, because of how much they managed to put, better than intact, on PSP and Nintendo DS. FFS, Someone checked Rhapsody, and the music files are barely modified, but it still fits on the game card for the Nintendo DS! Still, Disgaea 5 is a PS4-optimized game, and they further optimized it, including a 5-hour baseline battery life, for Switch without any visible signs you moved system. Well, except that a Nether Noble handles the trophies now.


I still find it impressive that they added trophies on switch.


Hell, They added most of the trophy API for the PS4 on Switch. Same slide-in notification, same rankings, the lot. The Nether Noble is only since, currently, the Switch itself doesn't do a trophy cabinet.


Rhapsody did come on a 128MB cart and lossy audio compression has been good enough for quite some time. The songs take up like 100MB so the rest of the game is rather small.


Here's something to scare you. Rhapsody needed compressing down to half it's size, at least, due to the lack of audio compression (The PS1 version is around 250 MB, not allowing for how the audio was encoded) but Disgaea 5? Both the Switch and PS4 versions are practically *identical* in size. [Disclaimer: The European version is larger, by 4 GB, on PS4, for reasons I don't want to figure out. But the US PS4 version and global Switch version are around 6.5 GB]


I'm not sure why that should scare me. The PS4 and Switch versions probably just the exact same assets. It isn't like this is a game with huge texture files or anything. Is there something I'm missing here?


'to scare you' is not like 'Boo, are you scared'. It's a way of saying that, when Disgaea DS and Rhapsody were done, they were downsampled, even if it was a small amount, to fit the game onto the game card, and Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories and 358/2 Days used heavily downgraded visuals. But the Switch is using, for Disgaea 5, the original PS4 asset library, maybe even *literally*, without a problem. The game is that well optimised, they didn't need to compress it or cut anything, it just needed optimisation under the hood.


The battery life does indicate the game is pretty well optimised, but SRPGs are hardly demanding by nature, as long as your engine is halfway decent I can't imagine why this game would need to be downscaled from PS4 at all. There are loads of games on PlayStation platforms, especially JRPGs that don't really use anywhere near close to what the system is capable of.


I need more NIS games on switch NOW!


Wth is up with Vaccine


[It's total crap](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVHIJ7bjyBk)


Is it really that bad? I got it on sale because I saw some people describe it as an almost complete rip off of the original RE games in some aspects which might be very fun. I still have to play it.


If ps1 era aesthetics, controls, game design, and programing jankeyness do it for you this game is fine. I think id much rather find my PSP and play resident evil 1 on it. Don't get me wrong, the idea is kinda neat! I dig the idea of a rouge-like survival horror something-something, but from a design perspective this is just a mess.


I think the jankiness is part of the appeal in this case lol. They basically recreated that super clunky RE feel from the first games.


Lmao purposely making a game shit to appeal to a very specific niche, ya that'll work


Not the first time.


Only if they were trying to replicate only the jank parts as a nostalgia seller and ignore making a good game it is


Um... yeah it will. Tons of people remember the original RE games and love them. It won't be a huge game, but it will have a niche. That's what a niche is.


Yes but that's different, that's the original one. Sure there's a great deal of charm that comes with the campiness of the original games, but a great deal of nostalgia also delivers this enjoyment as well (not that there's anything wrong with that). The jankiness doesn't make it a good game, you can't focus on that and make a good game, you actually have to make it good, just like the originals RE games were.


how the hell does fast RMX have the worst battery life ?


And Monopoly is worse than BotW.


Simple BoTW - rendering an open world full of monsters, loot, villages, mountains, enemies, etc. Monopoly - rolling a dice


Random numbers are hard, ok?


Those RNG calculations are complex af


No they are saying Monopoly drains the battery faster than BotW


I think he was using sarcasm, but I'm not sure


Wow, that one flew right over my head. Carry on


My wayward son


Dock the Switch when you are done


Slide the joycons in to rest


Don't you Skyrim more!


There'll be peace when you are done...


Indeed they are. But didn’t you see? You roll the dice!


Lol, people spend ages here hyping it up as one of the best looking games on the system and now people are wondering why its battery life is bad. It's quite self explanatory.


I thought you were talking about Monopoly for a second there.


Well to be fair its one of the best looking games on the switch running at 1080p and 60fps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDAkVPTn8cc


I thought you were talking about monopoly before I clicked the video lol


Damn, this video almost sold it to me


It's a very good game! One of my favorite Switch purchases.


I just wish it didn't have that color switching mechanic. I just wanted something like F-Zero. Fast but simple racer. If there is a speedboost to get, you'll get it. You don't have to first prepare for it.


Follow Redout, that's due for release on Switch sometime soon.


It's been "soon" since system launch, sadly.


Redout is coming to the switch? Holy shit, I loved it on PC


While on the topic of Fast RMX, does anybody know if it will get a physical release? I bought the game digitally on Wii U, I enjoyed it a bit and then put it away, but seeing how much content there has been added since then + the improvements of the Switch version, I'm pretty interested in getting it again. I don't want to get it again digitally though, so I hope it will get a post-launch physical release just like it did on Wii U.


Digitally it's 1 gig just FYI. Crazy how small it is with 36 courses.


Wow that's crazy small, but it isn't about size. It's just a game I want physical, especially because I already had it digitally once :p


Its pretty graphically intense and 60fps uses dynamic resolution and has lots of effects going on. Sure its a racing game but looks as good as anything on Switch in the pretty department.


IIRC the same reason it doesnt weight much. The game actually generates several resources on execution, instead of having them pre-rendered and stored to just load up. The game is a little piece of engineering.


Poor optimization of code.


Or good optimization of code, squeezing the most out of the hardware. If there was any sort of bottleneck in the code, like the GPU goes idle while waiting on the CPU, then power usage would decrease.


Kind of a weird assumption considering Shin'en Multimedia's demoscene days, as I'd expect them to be absolute masters of optimization.


Beats me, doesn't that game run at a slightly lower resolution too? Or is that imagination.


Game runs at 1080p, 60 fps. To my knowledge the resolution only drops in handheld (obviously) and 4 player mode to ensure the frame rate never drops, and even then it’s dynamic.


I got the available data that u/Reviews2Go collected and put on his [site](http://www.reviews2go.com/nintendo-switch-battery-life-chart/). Here is the [Excel File](https://drive.google.com/file/d/12T5QeKT8dFuyxLL6-ExAcAD0rWarrmyP/view) I used if anyone is able to make this prettier or display better. I only gave it a quick throw together.


Where is ARMS?


and LA Noire


No game ever runs the battery down before at least 2 hours of play, that's pretty neat. Maybe part of the process of getting a game published on the Switch requires that, who knows.


the switch's is simply not capable of using the battery fast enough, the gpu doesn't need that much power even at max.


I thought it does on docked mode but incapable in handheld mode.


docked mode increases the boost clock and increases the total power draw it is allowed to take. So in theory there is a physical limit on the shortest time the battery can last in a game if the game was at 100% power draw.


BUT, and I'll add this for you, When it's docked, it's not drawing on the battery in the first place. Something like Fast RMX might exceed the draw from the battery beyond what it's getting from mains power, but most games... It can charge without issue.


but it would still hit a theoretical maximum for how much processing the actual cpu and gpu can do, which comes with a maximum power draw which is probably fulfilled by the usb type c cable


If you've used a phone, you will know of when they get hot and start to drain battery heavily, usually when the application you are running uses a lot of power. The Switch isn't much different. In both cases, You run a game optimized as well as Disgaea 5, you'll have more battery than you started with while the system is still on. If you run a game like Fast RMX, you might find that the console dies abruptly, despite being plugged in, since the battery isn't being charged.


well in some cases the output outways the input


The Switch is downclocked to prevent that, mostly because it couldn't deal with the heat it would produce if they didn't.


i mean for the case of fast rmx in docked mode


As a graphics engineer, this is not really true. In normal cases both the CPU and GPU are never used "100%". With that I mean, a GPU will have small pockets of time where it waits for memory, or the other way around, the memory bus is idle as the GPU is crunching on stuff. The same goes for CPU. In games it's impossible to use the hardware to a 100% effectively. If you ever run a CPU benchmark tool on your PC like Super-PI you can see that yourself. While playing games you might see your CPU hit 100%, but running this tool your CPU will hit record heat temperature and hear your cooler make new terrible noises as it desperately tries to cool down your machine. Because that tool manage to trigger every single feature on the CPU (instructions, lanes, cache hits, SIMD, multithreading,...). It is rare that games can even come close, but an extreme enough game might do this. It would be fun to see how the switch handles that :P


well of course, but it still hits a theoretical maximum for how much power it can draw and the max speed the battery can be drained.


This is actually really great because there is no US state where the average commute time is greater than 33 minutes. So if all you do is play on the way to and from work you'll use half the battery at worst. I play every day on the PATH and as it is I seldom come home with the battery bellow 70%.


Awesome, thanks for your work! The r/dataisbeautiful crowd might like this.


Cool, I got Disgaea 5 for a long car ride. Glad to see I chose correctly.


It's interesting that the games I usually play for long unwind sessions are the games closer to the top of the list (Disgaea 5, Stardew Valley, Puyo Puyo Tetris). When you think about it though, these games don't really have that much going on that's taxing the hardware. On the other hand, that Breath of the Wild battery life tho


Where is NBA 2K18?


I feel like it runs my battery down so quick. I was curious to see the stats as well.


Disgaea long battery life for long gaming sessions. Smart move.


I wonder what the battery will be like for heavily used launch units in another year or so, sounds like it could be rough


I'm sure it will be fine being Li-Ion. My Vita, 3DS, PS3 controllers, DS Lite, GBA SP, PSP all hold great charges to this day. The only batteries that have failed on me are the garbage Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries for 360 controllers.


Always a problem but batteries so much better these days and Switch's is replaceable so hopefully by time it needs replaced we get better capacity option to replace it with.


Oh I didn't know switch battery was replaceable, that's great


General thing with all Li-Ion batteries: Always try to keep your battery charge above 15% and make sure the battery itself never gets too hot. If you decide not to use the battery for a long while, consider making sure the charge is around 60-70%-ish (ever noticed new devices usually have this as well?) and you'll be able to squeeze out any LI-Ion's lifetime with a serious amount. Or more technical, Li-Ion batteries are usually 3.7 volt (0%) 4.2v (100%), the sweetspot for them are ~4.0v. A too low voltage causes much more wear than a high one. Heat also significantly accelerates the wear.


Interesting, thanks for the tips!


Lol @ Oceanhorn being a battery killer.


Skyrim drains battery faster than BOTW for sure. I play undocked most of the time and it lasted a little short of 2.5 hours, slightly more if I play it with brightness turned all the way down and auto brightness set to off (my version of "night mode").   Tried playing it while charging with my phone's USB charger, it drained more battery than it charged lol.   Positive note: 1st time Skyrim player here. It is one of those games that makes me lost track of time, so the relatively short playing time forces me to go to sleep early. =)


In seeing reviews on YouTube that people are getting 5 hours of play time. That's a pretty big variance.


[Your chart made it to Nintendo Everything. Congrats.](http://nintendoeverything.com/switch-battery-life-ranked-by-tons-of-games-based-on-brightness-and-wi-fi-usage/) Also, /r/dataisbeautiful


yeah, i'm not even sure if i can make 2 hours, espescially if i play online lol.


Octopath traveler is surprising


To be honest I have zero problem with my battery life on my Switch. When playing Doom online I can get a tad over 4 hours of non stop gameplay. A gaming laptop nor your phone could do much better with out some battery accessories. Idk why people are having such trouble with it. Heck I don't even own any accessories that didn't come with it yet.


So, basically expect 3-4 hours on most major titles. That’s perfect enough. Most of my game sessions never last close to that long, and if they do, I can just use a USB-C charger, or put it on the dock and take a break for a short while.




At 60-75% I find it to be a good compromise, at least in my opinion. Unless it’s pitch black, lowest ~30% brightness is too low for me.


Eh. I understand why they can’t provide more in the form factor they chose, but it’s definitely not good enough for me. I had to get a battery case to use with it.


just get an Anker portable charger and you're all set




What's the power output on the charger? Phone chargers aren't enough for example, you want at least 10 watt just to keep the thing powered. And a really beefy charger to keep it powered and charging the battery at a decent rate.


7.5W or 1.5A is supposed to be break even in handheld but most phone chargers are only 1A. There is a max USBA can push which is 2.4A but most only deliver 2A for some reason but the 2.4A Apple charger coming with all full size iPads delivers the full 12W which I have tried and it will slowly charge while playing or charge at about same speed as docked when sleeping.




did you buy it 2nd hand?


A 1W 5V charger will just extend play time a bit. You need at least a 10W charger to *slowly* charge it while also playing. Check out this good chart that always floats around: http://i.imgur.com/5oXEONa.png


It's surprisingly there is such a continuous spectrum of power usage rates, I would have expected games to fall into distinct buckets, like 2D vs 3D games or something like that. Also Wifi seems really costly for something that is idle almost all the time. I wonder if the OS is doing something dumb and not letting the radio power down or something like that.


Sometimes it’s the developers fault too. Doom keeps an active connection even if playing the singleplayer campaign for whatever reason, so even if technically idle there’s nothing the OS can do as the game requests the radios. The way around that is enabling airplane mode before opening the game.


I'm not really surprised. Nobody codes to the metal anymore. Many 2D games are using frameworks that have enormous overhead.


Can barely read anything on those


Vaccine is fun but geez it drains a ton of battery, way more than it should.


I have noticed Skyrim drains the battery pretty quickly. I have to keep the brightness high in those dark dungeons.


Bring a torch.


I needed this so much. Thank you!


Is there anywhere I can get the raw data? I’d like to find the average difference between WiFi on and off.


I got the available data that u/Reviews2Go collected and put on his [site](http://www.reviews2go.com/nintendo-switch-battery-life-chart/). Here is the [Excel File](https://drive.google.com/file/d/12T5QeKT8dFuyxLL6-ExAcAD0rWarrmyP/view) I used if anyone is able to make this prettier or display better. I only gave it a quick throw together.


Thank you!


Damn now I want disgaea more


Skyrim, BotW and Odyssey are the same blue bar? Wow.


How did you find this post after so long?


Was linked in a switch thread asking about battery life


cool, thanks for letting me know!


I've had 220mins out of BotW.


Sorry but does a more readable version of this chart exist? It's so blurry I can barely read it. I might need some glasses I guess.


How the hell I could get 4h and about 30 minutes of Zelda with lowest brightness (lowest before last "brightness update") and, probably, WI-FI? How? I checked it three times, and it was always around 4:30.


I can play Skyrim for almost 4 hours on max brightness + Wifi. Something does not add up here...


I can't see 1 2 Switch


The graph is making my eyes bleed. What is the consensus?


I have a pocket size 12000mah battery bank which can charge Switch while playing, don't care about battery life i never run out of battery


I wonder how the overall lifespan of the Switch life is and the JoyCons but I think replacing batteries on the console or the Joy-cons will be easy by looking at all those disassembly guides out there


The battery sucks they need a hardware revision just to fix this IMO. Maybe reduce the bezel too while you're at it.


'Give me a bigger screen and more battery life! And better graphics!'


How is 2 and a half hours acceptable for battery life now?


Most of the games i like to play in handheld give me around 4hrs use. Mainly indie games like Stardew. The more graphic intense games like Zelda and Mario that give 2hrs 30mins use i prefer to play on a TV anyway. If the 2hr 30min limit for the more power intense games is that much of an issue to you, you might want to alter which games you play in handheld also. Or buy one of those little powerpacks for some extra juice.


I just want to play my jrpgs for like 6 hours in a row in my bed without getting tangled in cables.


Because the console is outputting fantastic visuals that are unseen before on a handheld?


Its acceptable for a mini ps4 in your hand with a fan and dedicated gpu u entitled piece of shit! Make your own switch if you are so mad


wew lad calm down


Unfortunately, for all that's changing, batteries are the one thing that... Really haven't. Lithium-ion batteries have been around forever, and they really haven't improved much since the dawn of the cell phone. Where you'd have to change things, then, is how much power is *drawn* by each component - and that means that the next hardware revision, if they focused on pure battery life, would need to have a *smaller* screen. Bigger screens draw more power after all. So, pick one - better battery or smaller bezel. It's unlikely you'll get both. PS. The average battery life on the Switch isn't actually that bad. It's on par with the 3DS and Vita - yes, some games last about 2.5 hours, which is less than those two handhelds. Those, however, are games that require *way* more processing power than any game on 3DS or Vita to run. Case-in-point, portable Skyrim.


Basically WiiU gamepad tier battery capacity. "It is portable! You can take it to the park!" Just lol