What is the point of the satchel of snacks artifact?

What is the point of the satchel of snacks artifact?


The point is, well to make food. Food is actually better than totem because it lets you regen on the move, compared to the totem which makes you stand in a specific area. Like if you're playing at the right difficulties you really don't need to stay in one area all that long, you should be moving through the stage at a good pace. Outside of bosses/ambushes you really shouldn't be stuck in a place long enough for totem to do it's full job. Thus you get situations where you're slowing yourself down waiting till the totem is done healing you instead of moving on with the stage. It's also worth noting that food recovers a % of your health per second, meaning the more health you have the more health you'd gain. Compare to the totem which is a set amount of totem health regardless of your HP. In the lower levels they'd both feel very similar in this regard but it'd matter more as you get better armor and thus more HP to fill up.


The totem of healing - or regeneration - is a better choice. Yes. I haven’t got the snacks artifact yet. My 8yo son has though. I’m very picky with console games but I seem to like Dungeons a lot. I think it’s the clear goals and just fun in the game.