You're going to love the Randomizer.


The **Space Jump Boots** can be found EXACTLY 3 rooms away from **Sanctuary Fortress: Watch Station.**


Sooner or later Aerie seeds come for us all.


Alright I'll say it. I always loved these end of game item hunts. I liked the triforce shard hunt. Reducing them to "fetch quests" is not giving them credit they deserve. Just because they reuse old areas doesn't make them automatically bad.


normally I agree, in most Metroid games it's fun cuz you get to see how connected the whole map is and you see old areas in new light. in Echoes, however: • the hints are annoyingly vague, for example I spent a lot of time looking around the sanctuary reactor only to realize "ah, it means the PIRATES' reactor" • all Sky Temple keys are unobtainable before you get Dark Visor and then you have to scan every suspected area, while in Prime 1 you can get your first artifact as early as you get Space Jump Boots. many require Light Suit too which is literally the last upgrade you get • all Sky Temple keys are in Dark Aether, which ISN'T interconnected at all. first you walk around Light Aether looking about for dimensional shadows, then you have to reach a portal (not always immediately near) and then go back to where you saw the shadow • in general, even Light Aether isn't as smooth to travel through late game like most Metroid titles. it ain't got nothing on Zero Mission Zebes which you can breeze through once you got Screw Attack, Speed Booster and Power Bombs. it doesn't help that rooms in MP2 aren't as memorable as in MP1, at least in my opinion • some Space Pirate encounters lock doors until you beat them, something that Chozo Ghosts only do like twice (and that's only the first encounters per room) • why can't I at least open the Mining Plaza grate from the other side goddammit aaaaaaaaa


Yeah, this kind of echoes (heh heh) my feelings about it. People really like prime 2 for some reason but I found a lot of the back tracking in the endgame pretty annoying, especially because the environments really aren't that interesting. I've played each prime game once, and I can remember every area from 1 and 3, but the only one I remember from 2 is Torvus bog because it had good music.


As someone who enjoys prime 2, I agree that the endgame is annoying. I have spent a lot of time trying to memorize where most of the keys are so it doesn't take as long, but it still takes longer than I'd like. I think the main draw for it is how fun the combat, especially the bosses, is. I can see how others don't like it due to the not very memorable areas and how repetitive it is though.


Run through 3 gray/brown areas, grab 3 identical macguffins per area, so that once you get all 3 in each area you can get a FOURTH macguffin that's even more macguffiny, and then after your done all that you get to collect 9 MORE identical macguffins to unlock the pathway to the ULTIMATE macguffin. And throughout this entire time, to get each macguffin you need a bunch of other SMALLER macguffins that give you special abilities. that's prime 2 for ya.


Why does everyone call them macguffins?


Term usually used for the all powerful item that everyone wants in a story. Technically Also applies to any smaller items like keys you need to obtain to get to that point.


It's a term referring to any item needed in a story. It started out as a literary term for thr cliche of a highly desired item that doesn't itself affect the plot much.


Ah gotcha. Thanks


I call them McMuffins


[MacGuffin ](https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MacGuffin)


But when I say Prime 2 is weakest of the trilogy I get “But the Boss Fights” and “3 is way worse” and “Why are you fucking the potato salad *again*?” /s I do love the whole trilogy though, I just think 2 is the weakest.


Hard agree


at least powerups affect gameplay and tanks make things easier. meanwhile, SCAN INDICATES PSYCHIC BARRIER COMPATIBLE WITH LUMINOTH BRAINWAVES


I love Prime 2 but man that last fetch quest for the keys is annoying as hell. It’s like the triforce shard hunt in wind waker.


Metroid Prime 2 in my opinion does this the worst out of the 3 Prime games. The Sky Temple keys were so obnoxious to find. 1 was a little ridiculous but you could at least get most of the chozo artifacts along the way, so that by the end you didn't have to do too much backtracking to get the final ones. 3 does it the best though. The item hunt for Prime 3 was almost nonexistent since most of the batteries to power the station were along the way and you only needed at least half of them. If Prime 4 has to have an item collection endgame, they better take cues from Prime 3.




Clever meme.