The Ancient One

The Ancient One


Quite likely. I haven't watched it for a while, but she does give a whole speech to Banner about the dangers of splitting the timelines and creating multiverses. That could mean she is aware of the TVA and their response. Or she could just know that multiple timelines = bad.


In her specific case, she knew that Kaecilius would eventually attack the sanctums & the Time Stone was the best weapon they had against Dormammu once that happened.


Curious to know how Dormammu's presence affects the concept of the sacred timeline and TVA. He's from another dimension and is trying to conquer other dimensions. Is that part of the TVA plan?


I’ve looked at the Ancient One as basically a disciple of the religion known as the sacred timeline. If the TVA genuinely believes in one, and only one, timeline and the Ancient One is doing her part to prevent variation to it as much as possible, she’d likely be a useful tool for the TVA to use to advance some of their causes but she’s super small scale compared to what they’re doing.