Countries with ongoing territorial disputes with China

Countries with ongoing territorial disputes with China


What's the dispute with Russia?


There were a few islands on border rivers. USSR and China even had an armed conflict for them https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sino-Soviet_border_conflict But AFAIK it's settled now.


**[Sino-Soviet_border_conflict](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sino-Soviet_border_conflict)** >The Sino-Soviet border conflict was a seven-month undeclared military conflict between the Soviet Union and China in 1969, following the Sino-Soviet split. The most serious border clash, which brought the world's two largest communist states to the brink of war, occurred in March 1969 near Zhenbao (Damansky) Island on the Ussuri (Wusuli) River, near Manchuria. The conflict resulted in a ceasefire, which led to a return to the status quo. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/MapPorn/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


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River and river island borders between countries are notoriously difficult to manage. Rivers (and the islands within them) change with time. Not to mention that a river's size can change simply depending on where the river is running and the rainfall during a particular period. So particularly when the "border" is the midpoint of a river or something of that nature, the border itself is fluid and subject to disputes and misunderstandings over the course of years and decades as the river changes. A good example of this are the border disputes between Mongolia (really the USSR) and Manchukuo (really the Empire of Japan) in the 1930's, who shared a common border along the Khalkin Gol river that eventually blew up into a small undeclared war referred to (in Japan) as the Nomonhan Incident. Spoiler Alert: The USSR kicked Japan's ass.


> On 21 March 1969, Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin tried to phone Mao with the aim of discussing a ceasefire.[27] The Chinese operator who took Kosygin's call rather rudely called him a "revisionist element" and hung up. Spilled my coffee laughing.


There is none since 2005, the map is bullshit. The only China that Russia has a border dispute with is the ROC.


With the Russian Olympic Committee?




The Republic of China(Taiwan) I Think


T'was joke


Dude no india nepal Bhutan are the few that I know off....also there encroachment in south China sea can also be considered as one I think


Everyone on the South China Sea, including Indonesia, has a dispute with them because China is pushing the “9 dash line” as hard as they can without shooting anyone


Yeah usa and recently uk have done a good job by passing there navies through that zone refusing china any legitimacy in there claim


He said Russia doesn't have a territorial dispute with the People's Republic of China, only with the Republic of China. He didn't say that China doesn't have territorial disputes.


Interestingly, because the ROC won't acknowledge the legitimacy of China, they also can't acknowledge the resolution of any of these disputes, so while the PRC has resolved most of these, they are all still contested (on paper) by the ROC.


And realistically if the Taiwanese government ever became the proper government of China, it would acknowledge the territorial agreements the PRC made.


Yeah, as it stands they are at a bit of an impasse.


As expected. Don't get me wrong, China can suck a fucking dick, but posting false maps is not the way to do it.


What border dispute does Russia have with Taiwan?


The same as with China but it hasn’t been resolved


Ownership of Tuva as well


Yes, but when you combine China's one China policy with the fact that Russia doesn't recognize Taiwan (ROC) then Russia's beef is in fact with China.


They are talking about Russia and China. They aren't saying China doesn't have a single border dispute lmao




Been on flights for the past 24 hours and was wondering why so many non African countries had disputes with Ghana. Turns out I just can’t read


Love the idea of Ghana just deciding to become an Imperialist nation but specifically in Asia.




Bhahhha, this happends to me too sometimes. Im dyslextic


Should I tell him??


Look at Pakistan, so special. Too good to have a border dispute with China. E: I was being sarcastic


Pakistan wants China as an ally to fight its territorial dispute against India.


The universal theory of fuck that guy


Willing to ignore that little Muslim holocaust thingy China is doing to stick it to India. Pakistan wholesome.


Pakistan really fucking hates India


It's incredibly sad. Pakistan and India are brother countries with thousands of years of shared history. Divided, the Chinese will simply conquer both of them economically.


I agree, but would point out that the Asian subcontinent is also a place with hundreds of years of enmity and warfare between Muslim and Hindu peoples. A much older tradition than India/Pakistan, or even the British Raj. Hopefully they can work through things peacefully moving forward.


It was the British raj and its divide and rule that really cashed into the the religious differences which has led us to where we are today. Animosity existed between all peoples just like any other region. If you look at the history of Indian subcontinent for the past 1000 years or so, a lot higher number of major battles were fought between competing Muslim invaders rather than communal violence between Muslims and Hindus based on religion only. Not saying it didn’t exist but not on a major scale.


This is lie. Muslims and Hindus have been in war for centuries. The British did not create a divide ,it already was there. They just used it to thier advantage. The Muslim Mughals and Persian Muslims were more brutal towards Hinduism than the British ever were with Muslims ripping down and burning Hindu temples, universities and monuments.


The religious differences, and the conflict between Muslims and Hindus, predate the Raj. I think it's a bit of a copout to blame today's tensions between Muslims and Hindus today on the Raj. They certainly didn't solve the problem, and they sometimes did use it to divide and rule, but I am skeptical that they made it any worse than it would have been.


The way the British divided the border very hastily most certainly has something to do with the tension in the region now.


Pakistani here. No we dont hate India. We do dislike their government and its facist agenda.


Sorry but how can a Pakistani talk about the Indian government Being fascist. Pakistan is an Islamic supremacist theocracy that kills people for being gay and athiest. Not too mention the rampant discrimination towards Hindus and Christian and pagans


Feeling is mutual!


Yes brother Pakistan's govt is peace loving and cause no harm to other religions on a daily basis in the country, and the other country's govt is facist because it allows a secular state to prosper peacefully.


Downvoted for not hating lmaoo reddit moment


Thats just how these things work these days. I came here fully knowing the Indian downvote legion will strike. So far the blow has been minor :)


Now Pakistan is giving certificates on who is facist and who is not. India facist, but Chinese govt actually putting Muslims in their country in concentration camps are saints. Lmaof.. No wonder all morons of the world are found in Pakistan.


I'm not sure what part of my post gave you the idea that I think Chinese are saints. I personally hate whats happening with the Uighers specially since I know one and have witnessed the effects of it. You may also want to look at the widely and internationally documented anti muslim movements within India and the rss governments attitude towards muslims inside India. No need to look at any pakistani media for it, just look at countries you respect and their media platforms.


And Pakistan isn't anti-Hindu? When Bangladesh was getting independence, Pakistani brutally murdered 500k Bangladeshis in a genocide (of which 3/4 were Hindus). The Hindu percentage is only 2% in Pakistan, while the Muslim population is 15% in India. Pakistan is also so radical that it has a blasphemy law. If you insult their "prophet", you may face the death penalty in Pakistan. Pakistan is a vicious country that has killed over 10 times as many people as ISIS has, and has no right to speak about "fascism".


So first off there is no RSS government. You might also want to read up on how ahmadiyas, Hindus, balochs, in Pakistan are discriminated almost treated like untouchables. Compared to that, we have a lot of Muslims in Parliament and part of the governing process. How many Hindus are there in Pakistan parliament? In fact a non Muslim pakistani cricketer openly said he was discriminated because of his religion. In India we have Muslim players, we also had a Muslim captain for a long time. We also had a fuckin Muslim president in India, now compare that with Pakistan and tell me who is getting discriminated.


Also there's a law that PM has to be a muslim there... minority can't hold that position


By Pakistan I meant the political establishment not all of the people. I'm sorry about that.


How come Non-muslims can't be Prime Ministers in your country mr anti-fascist.


Funniest thing I've read today. Your Pakistan was created on the sole premise that muslims of the region can not and will not live in a place where non-muslims will be in majority. You started atleast 3 (+1) wars and have been arranging islamic terrorist attacks in India (and Afghanistan) for decades. Your army gets more money than all other organisations of the country combined due to your islamic supremacist attitude. To top it all, Pakistan has been ruled either by army dictators or their puppets like the current one for almost all years since 1947. Current Indian govt for all it's faults has not passed one single law or persecuted any minority by bending any rules. You should be the last one to call India fascist.


And your government isn't? Do you even know the history of minorities in Pakistan? Fucking clown.


> We do dislike their government and its facist agenda. Indians have same opinion , but they dislike Pakistan , infact they don't even talk about Pakistan except the media. In reality Indian really don't give a shitt about Pakistan.


You really are making zero sense here...


Indian here...the people don't hate each other it's because of the politics between the governments


Yeah both sides are at fault. One side keeps invading the other, violates ceasefire agreements, started 5 wars, sponsors terrorist attacks on civilians and security personnel, shelters terrorists, etc... And the other side is not cool with that. It's just politics between governments.




that's how you know its propaganda. you have to be massively naive to think the governments of the west give a flying fuck about the plight of the uighurs.


They care as much about the Uighurs as the Russian or Chinese governments care about racial discrimination in the US.


It's hardly propaganda when there are thousands of witnesses, the birth rate has halved in 3 years in Xinjiang, and won't allow unfettered access to the camp, only super controlled, scripted and monitored visits. They have even admitted the camps are for "re-education" after initially denying they existed combined with China's definition of extremism under the Xinjiang Uygher Autonomous Regulation on De-radicalization(which includes things like irregular beards and suspicous names), shows how bad it is.


Funny to assume that someone is a "neo con" just because they object to genocide


Pakistan wants China's dong so bad


Dong is Vietnamese currency. You probably meant to say Yuan, right?


They Yuan that Dong!


Why would they ally with any country except China? The US would sell Pakistan out in a minute to India if they thought they could geopolitically benefit from their demise. At least since India and China are on very bad terms you can rely on them not giving in to Indian demands.


This isn’t really a good assessment imho, superpowers have a long history of screwing their smaller allies when bargaining with each other even when not on good terms - actually, more often when they aren’t. Think of some of the deals made by the USSR and US, or Britain and France, bitter rivals that didn’t think twice to part their previously useful associates up or essentially abandon them when the pressure was on from the other power. Weaker nations have a better chance banding together into a larger whole where their relative power dynamics are not so asymmetrical…


Financially the US, while reliant on Chinese manufacturing, is using India for an expansion base for tech products. China won’t allow US tech in and steals products left snd right. While India has its fair share of corruption I see it as the “path of least resistance” for US corporate interests outside manufacturing (which is rapidly moving to Vietnam anyways).


https://youtu.be/whcB_YH9Q2k Because that is why The link has info about Albania in the context of Sino Soviet split but can be applied to Pakistan also.


Too busy disputing with India.


The reason why Pakistan doesn't have a territorial dispute with China is because they simply handed over the disputed territory to China in the 1960s as tribute.


Pakistan, India, and China all claimed Kashmir. China secceeded part of another territory in exchange for the claim which Pakistan accepts. India doesn't recognise either claim and administers the region anyway.


Pakistan knows that if China and India hate each other then Pakistan can have an ally against India. So best to keep on good terms with China.


Pakistan-China relationship can be summarised in a short line, "ENEMY OF MY ENEMY IS MY FRIEND"..


Pakistan just gave away the disputed territory like a loyal lapdog


That moment when Pakistan gained territory from the deal and only traded claims on what it didn't have. Seriously, this was back when China was dirt poor, why would Pakistan suck up to them then?


Don’t they though? I thought Pakistan and China both claimed Jammu and Kashmir?


Pakistan relinquished any and all claims they shared with China a while ago. They want Chinese support much more than some land so anything to keep on Winnie's good side


When did that change?


just after the 62 war


Oh, I didn’t realize. Alright then nvm


Technically they do but would rather china have it than India and since India is a us Ally and has tense relationship with china they're perfectly willing not to press it so Pakistan can remain their lapdog in case china ever ends up in a war with India


They can't even if they want


Lol so literally every adjacent country except Pakistan.


Pakistan is basically a Chinese province at this point


Vassal/tributary/puppet is the word you're looking for.


...it's an *obvious* alliance of convenience and mutual interest. I can't think of any reason why you (and the guy who called it a province) would describe it so pejoratively other than Sinophobia. By that same measure every NATO member, Israel, Japan, Australia, Canada, etc. are all basically US puppets?


Nah I just want to make fun of Pakistan.


>By that same measure every NATO member, Israel, Japan, Australia, Canada, etc. are all basically US puppets? Yes. Correct.


No but it’s an alliance that any country in Pakistan’s place would be forced to take . Afghanistan is a failed state in civil war that still doesn’t recognize the Durand line . India is India . Iran is ruled by a different Islamic sect and relations between the two countries are average . China is the only possible , reliable economic partner in the region for Pakistan.


Plus Afghanistan for some reason?


Afghanistan does share a border, on its pan-handle




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I don’t think there’s any kind of border dispute there though. That’s just where their border is.


True, was just noting that afghan is in fact adjacent to China


>Lol so literally every adjacent country except Pakistan. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_territorial_disputes#Asia The list of territorial disputes with China is pretty long but Russia, Mongolia, Laos, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan aren't on it. Not sure what the point is of this map when half of it is wrong. I guess it's easy karma. edit: forgot North Korea


If I had 17 disputes people would tell me maybe the problem was me.


damn how does Indonesia have a territorial dispute with China when they are so far apart


Maritime disputes. Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines claim their nearby part of the South China Sea but China wants the whole sea beacause of their nine-dash line claim.


that nine dash line that conveniently covers over 90% of the territory


Remember when we just suddenly started seeing all kinds of maps on this site with the 9 dash line? When they had nothing to do with that dispute even? Luckily it seems to have petered out


China has been building “islands” (really not much more than sand bars that peek out of the ocean) as a way to artificially boost their maritime territorial border claims in the South China Sea for years. They’ve been stepping on a lot of toes with that move.




Wait, so the origin of the 9 dash line was actually the ROC?


The PRC inherited all its borders from the ROC and in fact now claims far less than the rump ROC (Taiwan) still formally claims.


Yes, and it's ROC that still has (formal) land border disputes with all these countries.


Don’t think those are “land” borders.


Of course they are. ROC formally claims all of China (and big chunks of neighboring countries). Hence the name "republic of China". Taiwan doesn't claim to be independent of China, it claims to be the legitimate government of China.


The nine-dash line isn’t a “land border”


CCP is an increasingly unreasonable actor on the international stage. It's revisionist historical claims around the artificial 9-dash line are a prime example of this recalcitrant behavior.


Shhh you'll make the tankies and CCP simps mad with your very accurate take


It's a great power, of course it'll act unreasonably. same thing with the US, Russia, and UK.


They should really start an organization like NATO to help counter China: Pacific Orient Trade Alliance Treaty Organization


P. O. T. A. T. O I like it already.


And the US can host biannual NATO-POTATO summits


There is QUAD which includes Australia,India,Japan and USA but I think more countries like Indonesia,South Korea and Philippines should be there. Wiki page reference of QUAD - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quadrilateral_Security_Dialogue


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China has a territorial dispute with China. The entire Hong Kong and Taiwan sagas.


Happy cake day


The asshole neighbor that no one likes


The guy who grows his lawn out a few inches extra every year and might move the picket fences when no one is looking.


In short everybody fucking hates china


Except pakistan


Nah, they probably do, but they hate India more


Pakistan is a bitch, they just don’t want to get fucked over


A prostitute may hate her pimp but still stays for the money


Pain in my assholes


The Countries are wrong, actual official ongoing disputes are Territorial dispute -India(arunachal pradesh) -Bhutan(doklam) -Taiwan(civil war) Maritime disputes -Japan(senkaku/diaoyu islands) -Vietnam, brunei, malaysia, Philippines(South China Sea)


We Indonesia also shares the nine-dash line dispute with China.


' Since early in the South China Sea dispute, Indonesia has repeatedly asserted its position as a non-claimant state in the South China Sea dispute, and often positioned itself as an "honest broker". However, parts of China's unilaterally claimed nine-dash line overlap Indonesia's exclusive economic zone near the Natuna islands. Although China has acknowledged Indonesia's sovereignty over the Natuna islands, the PRC has argued that the waters around the Natuna islands are Chinese "traditional fishing grounds" ' - from Wikipedia I think it's more of a fishing dispute, not a territorial one


Also from Wikipedia and Google, on the map that shows the Nine-Dash Line and the EEZ of each SEA countries, the 9-Dash line overlaps a bit with our EEZ.


>India(arunachal pradesh) What about Aksai Chin?


Don't the bottom 4 also have disputes with each other over the SCS?


And with the favourite Taiwan


Hasn't stopped redditors from making grand racist gestures based on faulty info But what else is new lmao


There's a difference between hating a regime and hating a country you know... Edit: thanks for giving me the courage to delete my fucking account.


Yea but this level of demonization is already starting to border on dehumanizing, it's like people are just waiting for an excuse on here, and bad propaganda like this just stokes the flames.


it's all just fake, system approved anger. it's just the iraq war 2.0 but this time it'll be a cold war against china


How Afghanistan?


The wakhan corridor is closed and the afghans are mad about it. China says they are only using it to smuggle drugs and terrorists into China so they've shut the border.


That’s not what a territorial dispute is though.


It’s a bullshit map. Mistakes everywhere.


Because there isn't any dispute


Is China the Karen of countries?


No all that is shown here is the republic of china (Tawan) claims. The PRC has dealt with the claims with Russia and central Asia.


Only issue I see here is that Singapore is coloured here - afaik Singapore doesn’t have any disputes with China


Man this map and the source listed are hilarious. A lot of the disputes listed are either non-existent (Singapore), already resolved (Laos, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Tajikstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, North Korea), or over EEZ (South Korea, Indonesia). That still leaves Taiwan, Japan(Senkaku/Diaoyu), Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei (all for South China Sea), Nepal (some border villages), Bhutan (Mira Sakden), and India (AP, Aksai Chin and a bunch of other small areas). It’s still a lot, but way less than the map claims. If anything I think the source and the map was describing the [ROC’s official claims](https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:ROC_Administrative_and_Claims.svg)


Reddit loves to hate China


Can't wait for all the red countries to get a little bigger.


Why is this BS misinformation heavily upvoted? What is the ongoing border disputes with Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, Laos, Myanmar and Nepal? Besides, China’s claim in the South China Sea and disputed island with Japan is basically the same as ROC (Taiwan)’s. Not to mention Japan is really the country that has border disputes with almost all its neighbors: Russia, both Koreas, China and Taiwan.


Welcome to the reddit propaganda war, facts don't matter as long as you can make long emotional pleas to hurt an maim a country


It's much easier to have a scapegoat. If you can constantly talk about Chinese imperialism you never have to contend with American imperialism.


China is asshoe


Simple and true


its so funny how taiwans official claims are even larger


I think Pakistan could reasonably be included. Kashmir.


Explanation of the disputes for anyone curious: https://youtu.be/FR7WgKnBTIE


Isn't there a three way border dispute for Kashmir which includes Pakistan and China?


Nope, back in the 60s Pakistan and China traded territories to come to solve the dispute.


Correction: China with ongoing territorial dispute with Countries.


doesn't pakistan dispute kashmir too ?


I'm pretty sure they claim different parts so they each recognise the others claim


Correct. That's a resolved border dispute. China still has overlapping claims with India, but not Pakistan.


Yes which is why this map is wrong


I thought Russia and China were friends


Where's Tibet? ​ Oh, yeah.


Great neighbor, that CCP….


As Chinese this is the time I should clarify things, since this is a quite popular misinformation map. The ongoing disputes are: Taiwan problem. A island with Japan. territory disputes with India. South China Sea problem with SEA countries. And no more. Other problems have been settled all before 21th century, mostly during 1960s\~1990s. And the map shouldn't include Singapore since they never claimed South China Sea. This is actually a map for ROC(Taiwan).


"So , Pakistan, Don't you have any dispute with China?" " No, We just gave whatever they asked"


You might aswell make a map where Pakistan is the only country not having a dispute with China


Jesus, all of them?


China today is like 1940's germany/japan, the world needs to unite and stand against it now before it's too late.




People always talking about how modern America, UK are just like the nazis then completely ignore or defend these backwards countries


Reddit moment


It seriously has its similarities. But the Chinese isn't interested in any actual war, the only war they are actually interested are economical wars and strong arming weaker nations.


Probably already is......look up “China Missle Silos”




True, large scale wars between global powers are relatively bygone, its all about proxies now


It is very unlikely that China will drop nuclear bombs in other countries.


Not without provocation, like most nuclear powers I imagine they fear mutually assured destruction as much as all the others


[Together, the two sites signify "the most significant expansion of the Chinese nuclear arsenal ever," the FAS report said.](https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/28/china/china-second-missile-silo-field-intl-hnk-ml/index.html)


Almost every single country in the world has border disputes with all of its neighbors. Even the US and Canada have active border disputes... Most countries just go about their business peacefully regardless.


That rectangular landlocked country better watch out seeing as they’re completely surrounded


I'm as anti ccp as a person can get but damn, this sub hates the Chinese.


No no no, they only hate the CCP. Now here's a few paragraphs about why all Chinese are brainwashed robots who have no culture and steal everything from the civilised world, and must be destroyed.


There's still time, Pakistan. Join the club!


the map is wrong


#fuck the CCP


Would've been funny as fuck if China was also included among countries with territorial disputes with China.


Lmao reddit is so full of shit


If you run into assholes all day, you're the asshole.


Fuck China


I think the only white country bordering China gave it a piece of land too.