Asking for tips to make money as a 16 year old from a low income family

Asking for tips to make money as a 16 year old from a low income family


Firstly, props to you for having awareness as early as 16. My advice is just study really hard to bag that scholarship whilst touching up your skillsets on graphic designs and music. As for stocks, I strongly advice not to actually use real money yet. Just learn and learn. Digest everything and anything in the fundamentals of trading to get to know the terms,lingo and technicalities. Investopedia might be a good start. If you’re keen on Bursa, a local youtube called pr trader is what i would recommend, it’s super newbie friendly although most stuff was taught in Malay if you dont mind. Then you can start paper trading to put your knowledge to the test before starting the real thing. But please make sure you’re at least have a strong saving standing before starting the real trading journey. If you’re seriously want to make money from trading or investing don’t start with anything less than rm10k (whenever you’re ready). You’re so young, i wish you the best.


Thank you so much for the advice, will definitely check out the resources that you have given.


Since you have mentioned that you’re interested in computer science maybe you can try learning how to code and get digital certifications for it. I’m pretty sure there are companies who will want to hire someone with a coding background and will be willing to pay you well for it. You should try checking out codeacademy website. They have a lot of free courses there that will help you understand how to code. I also came from a poor family background but I was lucky enough to realise my passion for engineering early before I graduated secondary school. I studied hard and managed to get a scholarship to now study overseas. You can do it too. I wish you the best in life.


Thank you so much!


Also you can try learning game programming. Once you’re comfortable enough with programming, you should try and do a couple projects. Start small though, make a simple game or a simple application. Maybe an application that counts calories or a simple game where you shoot simple moving objects. Never bite off more than you could chew. Also for your graphic design thing, i highly suggest promoting it on twitter and instagram and even tiktok. It wont be easy to promote a business but you can learn along the way. Malaysians can be really supportive to local businesses. Best of luck to you little dude. You’ll turn out alright. Trust me


Build up your skills. You like computer science? Great, we are lacking talents. You can improve your financial with this industry. Like you can go from B40 to T20 if you are good enough. People will pay you. I've seen it. No you are not late. You are 16!! and you know what is your passion. So here is what you gonna do: 1) Become a self learner. You don't have to wait for university. That is another 2 years right. Use this time to learn coding, ui/ux etc. There are a tons of good online courses. Check out Udemy, Coursera etc.. YouTube!! (There are paid ones and it is good, PM me if you're interested in any of the paid ones) 2) Do side projects. Build anything that you have learned. Practice practice practice. This will improve you and you have a portfolio of projects to show to employers. in the future. 3) I'm not saying you dont have to go to university, Just go and enjoy the campus life (hopefully we return in normal life haha) and meet people because by then you are already a good programmer and way ahead of your peers. Forget about investing. How to invest if you have no money la. Generate the high income skills and you gonna thank yourself. All the best!


Thank you for the advice!


Learn to code, i join teknik school when i was form 4, learn about computer around form 3. If comp sc is really your passion, dont let that fire die in you. There a shitton of free material. Learn how to code in solidity, its the future of fintech. Best of luck on your journey and i wish you the best for your future.


Woa, teknik. Which teknik are u? Glad to meet other teknik here.lol


Miri here. Batch 2009


Fiverr is way too competitive imo, try using other platforms like Rtist (local) or Malaysian facebook groups for graphic designers and freelancers. As for your passion in Computer Science, you're not late! Really! I wish I started learning CS at your age. And I dont think it matters a lot whether you're taking chemistry or physics. CS is more about logical thinking and problem solving. You can learn CS free on Codecademy, or Coursera. You can try applying for Coursera financial aid to get the certifications (you can pm me if you need help on this), so that they might help you enroll in CS related programmes despite your business background in highschool. All the best!


From what I've seen, most unis need us to have taken Chemistry and Physics though 😅. The ones that don't require them are mostly private unis. Thank you for the resources and I will definitely get back to you on that financial aid application.


Hi there. I would definitely encourage you to focus on your education for that scholarship you are aiming at this stage. Nonetheless, if you are interested to learn about investing, I would direct you to the "Bursamarketplace" platform as it allows you to participate in stock investing based on live market conditions of our Malaysian Stock Exchange using simulated money for you to learn what is it like to manage an investment portfolio. Its meant to be used as a learning platform hence there are plenty of educational videos and materials on the platform to help you get started.


Thank you for giving resources. Greatly appreciated!


Since you're still young and passionate in IT (and investing), I would recommend you to maybe study and look into blockchain technology, decentralized apps and decentralized finance.


1. At this age, it's vital to focus on your studies and gain skills. And you're right, best bet is to study hard and get scholarship. 2. How do you define your passion for Computer Science? You love logical thinking and problem solving? 3. Where are you at now in your journey of Computer Science? Have you created any simple project yet? If you haven't, you could learn from your dad as he has the experience and could save you from going into unnecessary tutorial hell. 4. Instead of waiting on Fiverr, you could do 'cold calls'. Find instagram profile/facebook pages/twtters and see if they need new visuals. Just dm them and link them to your portfolio of designs.


Just wanted to say that you will go far in your life with this mindset, update us when you become a millionaire, I am proud of u OP !


Hahaha, thank you!!


Very young and you're having the awareness even some 25 year old don't have. Don't think you'll be poor all your life. That's the first mindset. Finish your SPM with flying colours. No matter what people say or ridicule. That paper will make it easier for u to get scholarships. Part time make do and get something in computer line or fast food. Hungry people don't choose. But you'll learn what you love no matter what. Believe in yourself. Google etc have free courses for you to take. Money will come. So spend another 5-8 years to perfect your working habit. That's where you will truly shine. I came from a time I went to college at 21. Saved my money from 18-20 after failing form 6 and got ptptn to cover my rest of studies It didn't help and I don't have allowance as there is no leftover from ptptn. I worked in tgv at 2013, japanese restaurant as waiter and kitchen helper throughout my college in 2013-2016 and final year 2017 I have to get another part time in Italian restaurant to cover my failed subject which took me back 1500 to resit the semester. It was the best time of my life. I'm learning real business while study the theories. I enjoyed the college life after working in Italian restaurant to drink wine to taste product and sake to learn the difference. Went to pubs and whatnot when I thought I won't have that college life I wanted. I learned to be grateful with all the good things I got and focus on myself. It is really hard. Really really hard. But in a good way. Sanding all my weakness and shining my strengths. Graduated on 27 with double degree in psychology and management. Currently working as account manager in BPO company selling Cisco products earning 5k during pandemic. Sharing my achievement not to make myself proud because One day you will shine greater than me because you're young and wise. You will earn more than me when you're 25. Because you can. You will shine brighter than me if you believe in yourself. But take each challenge you have as a stepping stone. When it's heavy, put down and win it. Believe in yourself and your goals. Set the big, and slowly make Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time bound goals. SMART goals. See you on the brighter side mate


I feel you bro. In this age and time, although I'm 40yrs old now but I would like to advice my younger self to these points. 1. Watch a youtube on Gary Vee, I like him, he gives practical and good advice. Please follow him, get some gems from his channel and it doesn't mean you can take all his advice, follow which suits your gut feeling. 2. Do NOT rush. I repeat. Do NOT rush, be patient. Our lives in this world is a marathon, not a sprint. Be happy at where you are now and work from there, trust me, there is no happiness in chasing wealth but there is happiness in building lives organically. 3. You have a gig? Good that shows you can hustle. Do not be discouraged, as I've said be patient, it'll come. Hustle more, patient more, it'll come. You can check udemy for contents on graphic design. 4. Yes, I do have a degree in Civil Engineering and No, it doesn't really help me to find my passion. But it works, so no worries. You have a passion in Computer Science, good. I do love it to. I don't like saying this but, NO, no degree will help you but education will. So educate yourself in computer science. You don't need to go to a uni nowadays, there's a lot of free and quality content with free and helpful teachers out there and online certifiable tests and certs. Try GITHUB for your coding galore and CS related, download apps for coding in your phone, but try to go to a learning website, I'll try to find it later, I can't remember from the top of my head for the life of me. Find the niche in the vast world of computer science which fits your passion. Yeah, there's a ton o material to choose from, JS to stacks to white hack to AI to Machine learning to app codings. 5. Yes, I've been actively trading since my university days. Forex and stocks. And yes, there's a myriad of content out there that can really be overwhelming. For stocks, please read out on investopedia and udemy, for forex please learn from Babypips.com. Go from there. Yes and yes, just setup a paper trade account first and get a feel for trading if it suits you, paper trade for months please. Force yourself to paper trade first and make it count. Trust me, different trader, different tastes and styles. Why paper trade? It helps you get a feel in trading. Trading is just like any other business, you must learn to handle your risks and money. YOU WILL LOSE MONEY IF YOU'RE NOT CAREFUL. Trading is NOT a get rich quick scheme, I repeat, Trading is NOT a get rich quick scheme. You need to build it, just like any other business. Do NOT rush, learn and be patient. 6. Now if you're into investing, that's a totally different subject yet a fine line with trading. Read up morning star and investopedia. Investing is one of the strategies I use for longer term periods, monthly to yearly. 7. But all in all, if I can put it in a nutshell is this, be a better person today than the day before, love and cherish what you have now and plan fo the future and be patient, DO NOT RUSH. Ok kiddo, you have a good mindset already just like my youngest brother, I'm sure your mom and pop is proud of you and be proud of them too. Take care, stay safe and May Allah protects us thru this trying times. God Bless. Thanks


Oh wow, thank you so much for this advice. You take care and stay safe too!


A lot of people already gave you great advices. Just learn web/app development on youtube, be fucking GREAT at it and people will never give a shit if you have a cs degree or not. 42 Kuala Lumpur - take a look


Read a bit about 42KL, it looks very interesting but requirements is 18 and above 😭


> I realised my passion for Computer Science quite late which will result in me having a difficult time when I apply for universities as I am not taking Chemistry or Physics. My best bet is to study hard and get a scholarship to a university such as MMU. OP!! There is no need for a degree or certification for tech jobs in Malaysia! You can try learning coding coding for free, tembak some internships without a degree, then get full time offer after finishing internships in KL. We have built this site for MMU students last time: https://ijeresume.herokuapp.com/ The footer contains career tips for those who are serious. But in your case, I suggest NOT TO wait until degree. Hell, if you do 1 year gap year, save some monies first, then start your degree is also not too late. Gap year for some industrial experience can be very beneficial.


Hey, I'd also wanna bring this to your for your consideration and the probability of getting it much higher than you'd thought, given than u r start to build your profile at 16: eye on US scholarship. American universities can be very very generous with their undergraduate courses, some giving full scholarships with stipends. And, CS grad in US earns a lot and probably no other part of the world could compare with their salary for tech sector. US people love people who make their own way out and think out of the box - if you are good, they'd take you regardless of your age or whether you have a degree or not (just to portray how much possibility you'd have there). To open opportunities on this path, do cool programming projects, quality > quantity (extracurricular), get good results for your high school and standardised exams (go without saying), good life story (you still have time to make that "I work hard and shine despite my family background" kinda story). If you are interested to know more, you can pm me. Disclaimer: I didnt get such scholarship but I got to know about them when I was in A levels and applied for American universities before. I really wish I knew about it early and picked that path over the corporate scholarship I got lol (even if it means going to less prestigious uni, but I'd get so much more freedom and so much more possibility)


Ah, I've never actually thought about that. Thanks for bringing that to my attention! Will PM you for further information.


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????????? I don't even work in the education industry???? Man, I'm just tryna help and I volunteer as mentor for high school and uni kids, just because I always hope I had this sort of support when I was in their shoes.


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Can try r/slavelabour for music artwork and other gigs too. Good luck!


Hello! I think I would agree with the people here to learn computer science online for free. It's the surefire way to know whether you're really passionate about it. I thought I was passionate about motion graphics/animation until I tried making videos on after effects... And now I'm something else hahaha. As for investing.. Seeing the amount of household income and your parents' job, I'd say save up the money instead. If it was me, I'd try to save up 30k (for 5kx6 months).. If you really wanna invest, go for low-risk investments that will allow you to take out the money immediately without big losses. Focus on your skills most of all. Imagine yourself as a tree! At 16, you're a tree trunk, if you hone your skills, your branches will grow the best fruits :) the younger you are, the bigger impact you can make in your life. Good luck OP! I wish you all the best and I cheer you on hehe.


Hey OP, I'll speak from my point of view on the Computer Science thing. Not sure about most uni's , but requirement into let's say Foundation in IT course only requires a credit score in English and Mathematics. Also CS just needs you to have really great passion or it won't be that interesting. Always have to be ready to learn new things. But good luck! You got this.


Get your priority right. Try your best to get scholarship on college tuition fee. That way you actually saved a lot of money. A 30-40k school fee sponsored is like saving your future 30-40k into an investment pond. imagine needing to pay off study loan(maybe 10-20% of your nettpay gone, which can be invested into stocks) when you start working + need a car+ need a house/have partner. Others like investment thing, you can learn slowly. Focus on your study at your stage of life. Dont bother rushing thing at your age. Just get things done right at every life stages is more important than rushing.


Hello there. I'm glad you had such mature mindset. I feel like I can relate with you because I came from a B40 family as well. I now have upgraded to M40. Not a T20 but bolehlah. Supporting my single mom fully with my salary. At your age now, I really want to advise you to focus only in studying. Are u feeling pressured to make money due to your family situation? If you can afford to focus in studying, I would greatly advise you to: 1. Study well to earn a good scholarship 2. Invest time and effort in creating a skill. 3. Read self-help books These activities do not make money now but they will earn you good money in the future. At this stage without any skills, your job will be based on the labour and time you are able to provide in non-skilled jobs. I used to do this in high school only during school holidays because i did not want to jeopardise my studying time. At this stage as a school student, you cannot afford to lose money so please do not do high risk stuffs like cryptocurrency or any get rich programme or any shady gig. It is difficult now, hang in there buddy. These are just moments in your life. Slowly but surely, you will be successful. Those people advising you, you do not need to go to College/Uni. Please, ignore them.


Kukubam, would u like to gain exp in UI/UX design of web & mobile App per project basis? I couldn't pay in hefty, but if the project is big, more will come to you.


Just by your post itself, you’re clearly lightyears ahead in mental age, amazing! You seem like someone who is very forward focused and intuitive. This kind of mindset will definitely take you a long way, and paired with the diverse range of interests you have, you can make the world your canvas. —— My advice to you is simple, compartmentalise your time. —— I know its not as elaborate or focused as many of the other replies here, but nonetheless just as important. There are millions of things you can do, but it’ll be hard starting with any and thoroughly building a competency for it if your mind is overwhelmed by the vast amount of info out there. Also on the contrary to what I just said, converging your goals to a single focal point isn’t exactly ideal either. I’m sure you know that there is no bedrock in passion. The rabbithole that forms when you learn or research something you’re passionate about will always go deeper, as there always going to be more to know/learn. I’ve fallen into this trap on too many times and ended up missing out on many other things. At your age, you want to widen the breadth of knowledge rather than depth first (unless you’re really really certain on wanting to do something). Maybe set aside a certain time of the day where you just focus on studies, set aside another purely for just computer science, one for learning about investing, and another for exploring passions (which you can extract and create new time blocks for if you find something you want to go deeper into) etc etc. It sounds really basic but trust me, building this habit and staying disciplined to this will give you a macro view of how you envision your journey to play out, and of course make you a very well-versed and competent individual in whatever you decide to pursue Don’t be afraid to venture, hope this helps and all the best!


Hey OP, Do check out: 1. https://innovationlabs.sunway.edu.my/42kl/ - tuition free bootcamp 2. Once upon a time in Bursa (book on stocks) 3. Free leadership camp for B40 happening soon (application deadline has passed but will try to get you in if interested ) 4. https://signup.elatih.com/ - free training by gov 5. Fiverr is already quite good, something you could consider is selling food to neighbours as extra income. Best way is to get a scholarship though as you will get an allowance and can focus on your studies. Do PM for further details as I am more than happy to share my experiences in the US and mentor 😊


Google Axie Infinity and if you like to know more, let me know :)


My advice probably would contrary with any advice here. If you want to make money, dont go to school. I mean, finish your spm but you dont have to pursue your study further. You can always do that later. Work at any place. Save a little bit money, it will come in handy. Now make money part. If you good in art and designing, you can try make an nft on blockchain and sell it for cryptocurrency. You need to build up your audience. Make a twitter account and discord account. Follow nft creator on twitter, they will gladly follow you back and in the future you possibly could collaborate with some of them. I never saw art nft with malaysian vibe yet. Maybe you can start with that idea.