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Apex parenting right here.


What struck me most is how she patiently listens. So few parents really listen to their kids, and wait for them to slowly get all the words out, yes it can be frusterating but this interaction was so calm and accepting, no rushing.


It's so fun to watch your child try to formulate complex thoughts. They can't figure out the words for it so they repeat a lot until they see the lightbulb go off in your head, that you understand what they're saying. Honestly it's the opposite of frustrating!


not trying, successfully doing so. this lil genius has more emotional intelligence than some adults smh


I would say more than MOST adults…including/especially me. I’m sitting here writing notes


Same! I saved the video. I wasn’t ever taught how to manage my emotions and learning how to as an adult has been… frustrating. Especially when I’m trying to figure it out alongside my kids.


Yeah I feel that. Good for you to recognize that and work through it! My parents were great on paper, but when it came to managing and expressing emotions, it was kinda an afterthought of raising my sister and me. I don’t fault them for it, every generation has growing to do, but I knew that when I had a kid I wanted to make sure they felt safe to feel their feelings, talk about them, and also let them know that they are a kid who don’t know how to human yet, so they are gonna mess up a LOT, and I try to keep that in mind when my kid does mess up…did he know better or is this a new experience that his mind didn’t know how to calibrate the consequences? And we discuss that openly. And when we are mad or upset we (goes both ways child to adult and vice Versa)always say “I’m feeling x right now, but I still love you”. I am not the best parent at all, but my 6 year old is an absolutely amazing and kind and compassionate human who doesn’t have whining kid meltdowns. He catches himself before he starts and talks about what he is feeling and I explain why the situation is x and even if he’s still mad, he processes it so well. It’s def the one thing I got right with him and it’s because I 100% didn’t get that from my parents and didn’t want to repeat that!


We heal by being the person WE needed. You broke the cycle and did better. Good job.


Seriously I was in awe of how well he articulated his feeling and emotions. Props to the parents for raising and fostering his awareness. All around awesome kid and family


I was literally thinking my 37 year old husband could learn a lot from this kid lol


I would hire this kid to walk me through how i am feeling about my recent separation from my long term partner. This kid *emotions*!


Emotionally intelligent adults raise emotionally intelligent kids. The rest of us have to put in a lot of work, through therapy, to get there.


Yeah, I kinda want him to be my life coach lol.


>It's so fun to watch your child try to formulate complex thoughts. I still do that. The thoughts don't even have to be complex.


Brought a tear to my eye honestly. I grew up with a mom and dad that would look at me with disgust anytime I showed emotion since “boys don’t cry.” Jokes on them, I’m now a functioning alcoholic making good money cause that’s all that matters right


Girls aren't allowed to show emotion a lot of times either :/ my parents would yell at me to shut up or hit me, I never got so much patience from them. It's so awful that this happens to any child and it's even more awful it's so conditioned to shut down children's emotions because of dumb gender roles. Girls get bullied and undermined for "being emotional" or "dramatic" (my parents fav) when they show any feelings and boys get bullied and dismissed and are told "boys don't cry" or "suck it up and be a man." It's dehumanizing all around and it's not surprising so many of us are so unwell mentally. And I say that as someone who is unwell mentally so I understand and am not trying to judge. It would be surprising if we WEREN'T like that given our current environment. It is emotionally HOSTILE out there. We've come a long way when it comes to physical violence but the kind of violence you can't directly see is alive and well. We are trying and I recognize it is a difficult problem to head straight into because it's more complicated than saying don't hit people. Just sucks to grow up with parents that are emotionally violent with you, it's damaging and we should take it seriously. They are not just words. Denying your children's feelings is abusive.


You are absolutely right. My parents didn't care about me and if I spoke up or expressed my feelings I would be beat. Now, I'm a mom and I am making sure my child knows it's okay to have emotions. Got to stop the cycle now.


Breaking the chain. All we can do is try to be better parents than our own were, which is hard when you’re a product of poor parenting! My children taught me so much that I wished I had known sooner. They helped heal me by showing me how to love. Our kids grow up healthier than we are, because we broke the chain of abuse.


GenX is far from perfect as parents, but we're the generation that broke the chain and said en masse, "Fuck this, I'm not hitting my kids. No 'spanking'." Whacking your kids isn't a teaching tool, it's just violent coercion.




My dad's favorite line: "oh and here come the waterworks." I wasn't allowed to have emotional reactions. Like a normal person.


My dad called them crocodile tears. Apparently I was a master manipulator...


I'm a man. I'm a dad. If you were my kid, you could've cried on my shoulder and I would have cried with you.


Yeah. Watching this made me cry. I wish I had memories of my mom saying things like this instead of sneering “I’ll give you something to cry about, little girl.” And it wasn’t really considered abusive, just normal and I guess preparing kids for the real world? But seeing parenting like in this video becoming more normalized gives me hope.


My parents would always tell me to be honest with them about my feelings but any time I was honest with them they'd yell at me and I'd get in trouble or made to be the bad guy for having those feelings. Now they wonder why I don't share anything with them and for the extremely rare moments that I do finally break down(after having kept my emotions bottled up for gods knows how long) they still get angry at me and act like it's my fault for having these emotions. It's gotten to the point that when I do finally move out, I want nothing to do with them.


This Mom would give you a big hug if she could.


Hold strong bud. Seek help. I’m a functioning alcoholic that’s making almost no money, but my kids struggle in school because their peers are all so shitty to each other that mine are constantly furious trying to interact with them since they won’t participate in that. Idk how to balance it correctly, but I’m happy I’m making two people that are at least a little better than I was at their age. Sorry I went off and made this about myself. I need to seek help too.


I will defend to death my son’s permission to cry! What a number the previous generations did on boys and men. Hurts them and their close relationships to be so shut down emotionally.


Man, you deserved better and you matter. I mean it.


They would probably tell you you’re being a victim with this right…


Also how she did not touch him *before* he finished talking. I would've struggled to not caress his cheek or hug him in the middle just because I'd be so dang proud that my child is so dang emotionally intellient. But I wouldn't interrupt an adult that chose to be vulnerable with me, so doing it to a child will just infantilize them, interrupt their thought process, and stifle further emotional growth. Truly amazing parenting!


That’s an interesting thought. I would do those things to my husband though, if he was being vulnerable. We have tearfully emotional conversations while hugging sometimes. Any other adult besides maybe my sister or a very close friend, I probably wouldn’t do that though.


Right! This is why therapists are trained to have tissues *available* but not hand them to the patient because it will staunch the flow of tears and derail the process.


I also learned to never be too proud to say "sorry I was wrong" to your child.


She is so patient and wise, and he is sooooo eloquent and aware for such a little kid,bc she is so patient and wise. 💜


I’m so jealous of this kid, in a good way. My parents were not bad people, but being introspective wasn’t something they considered. All their teachings were the usual “do this, succeed at that, follow the rules”. That can leave you quite strayed if you’re internally lost. Nowadays, as an adult, I still deal poorly with emotions, self awareness, finding references to look up to. Hats off to this mom and vote for this kid for president.


Agreed. She is an exceptionally respectful parent. This kid is gonna be ahead of everyone in terms of emotional intellect and social skills. It's hard to relearn and change the things you've been taught.


Meanwhile my parents got mad for giving them some help Me: Dad maybe we can try to do this in a certain way Dad: shut up, do you know it better than me? Do it yourself then. Geez chill dude I was trying to be nice.


My little one is 3 and I've found that giving her time to express herself when she's upset fixes a lot of situations where me just talking over her would've made it way worse. Almost every issue we run into is just miscommunication because she's not very articulate yet. Her being able to express when she's sad or disappointed has been eye opening. Maybe it makes us soft but I'm glad we treat our little one like a little human and not just pet that we order around.


I don't think soft, learning to recognize and handle and live through emotions, and to express and receive understanding is more likely to be a great power in life! Soooo many problems in society and life are emotionally driven and one is so much stronger for learning this at an early age. That basic feeling of self worth and security is very hard to create for yourself as an adult. Very hard.


While I don’t doubt it. The mom (who posted this video) said that her son watched Mrs Rachel on YouTube. It’s where he learned a lot of the phrases like “not making smart choices” and to take a moment and breathe I love that we are giving our children that sort of programming. When I was growing up a lot of it was rooted in educational development, not emotional development. So happy to see it


That’s what Mr. Rogers did that was so incredibly unique and powerful too.


That’s true. A single show that ended in what? 2000s.


Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood is a spin-off of Mr. Rogers. It’s based on the puppets from Mr Rogers and it has a lot of the same themes of kindness, empathy, emotional literacy, and problem solving.


As a parent, I noticed that DT is as much a handbook for me as it is my kids. I know a lot of people talk about Bluey which we missed but damn, Dad Tiger is my role model.




My kids are teenagers now, but we still all occasionally sing the song, “If you gotta go potty stop… and go right away.”


It is so encouraging to see the emotional maturation of the next generations. I'm in my 40s, and teens today have so much more emotional maturity than I had at their age. I love seeing the next generation with so much potential to outshine the one that came previously. It gives me hope in the middle of so much negativity.


I'm happy to see this. I wish I was raised like this. My parents hardly ever spoke to me. They're religious fanatics and just tried to pray problems away. Damn boomers man.


Same, my family it was like "oh, you're having emotions? A few spankings should take care of that" spoiler: they did not take care of it but I sure learned to repress my anger and then explode at inopportune times 👍


I feel the same way. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is so prevalent today and I think it's fantastic.




Fuck, that is adorable and more mature than i can be when i am ticked off at someone!


Mental health was just not really taught in my schooling career (96-08). We learned that mental illness exists in science class. Of course we learned about and discussed emotion in English. But we never focused on very basic mental health lessons. So many people I graduated with had the emotional maturity of a spoon. And I'm pretty sure everyone else was just white knuckling (and probably still do). I wish we had learned coping techniques, grounding techniques, CBT basics like stopping a spiral and how to redirect your thoughts. That we learned every emotion is ok and here are safe ways of expressing them. I still refuse to let myself express anger. Similarly, we really could have used lessons about abuse. Identifying it, leaving it, avoiding it, how to heal from it.


97-09. I went to a “good” private school, but I still fell thru the cracks in many ways due to an utter refusal to acknowledge the presence of undiagnosed learning disorders in their students. At one point I was deeply depressed, and a well-intentioned teacher asked me directly if I was drinking. I wasn’t, I was just barely talking to my parents and not going to class…they just didn’t get it. edit: wait when tf did I start schooling


Miss Rachel is legitimately incredible. It’s such simple stuff but it’s rare to find those kinds of lessons in children’s media. I don’t even have a kid but I’ve absorbed enough Miss Rachel from hanging out with my friends who have kids that now when I have my dog in my lap I pet him and sing “We’re gentle with our pets, we’re gentle with our pets, we’re kind and we’re gentle, we’re gentle with our pets” lol


My wife and I are getting ready to begin fostering and all foster kids have some amount of trauma because being removed from the home itself is trauma, not to mention whatever led up to them being removed. So a big part of the training is recognizing negative behaviors and associating them with the feeling that is the source of the problem and providing them with a healthier outlet accordingly in a way that is appropriate to the child and age. Some are really not intuitive, like if a child is throwing toys, it may be that they are attention seeking because they are feeling lonely. And while many would correct this behavior with punishment, like a time out, something like a "time in" may be more effective and healthier for the child. A time in is when you bring the child into whatever you are already doing and share that with them (like they help you cook dinner, take the trash out, do yard work, etc. just for a few minutes). If they are being destructive, it is likely that they are angry and do not know how to self soothe, so practicing conscious breathing like this kid is referring to or even taking a calming warm bath or shower can help them get control of their emotions. Emotional control is something that is not easy to learn and many never do well into old age. But if, instead of addressing behaviors, you address the underlying emotions with children, they will learn better how to recognize and regulate their emotions in healthy ways.


I miss Mr. Rogers. Our kids need him again.


Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood!! It's just a spinoff of Mr. Rogers, and little kids absolutely love it. Honestly, I love it too, and so do my older boys - it's very aesthetically pleasing, and it's also just great entertainment for those relaxed afternoons where you want something generally upbeat and calm.


This is called social emotional learning and it’s a game changer. Watching my five year old process her emotions is vastly outside anything I experienced as a child. It really explains a lot of my problems and has even inspired me to get therapy.


Yeah, I want to save this video for the next time I come across a post advocating spanking toddlers because "you can't reason with them".


It is, but poor mom also looks really tired. Those parents are not taking the easy route for sure.


Sounds like she has a toddler and a baby. She's probably never not tired.


The child in the video is just turned 4 and the baby is 10 months.


I mean it's the end of the day. Most people would be tired right before bed, no?


Personally, I look like I've just returned from the front lines every night before bed. And my kids are the usually easiest, happiest kids ever lol. It's just really exhausting keeping them cared for all day, while also making sure the house is functioning properly and the bills are getting paid. Plus it sounds like they might have another baby..? The one who dropped the plate? Unless I totally misunderstood that part. Babies will drain more energy than you had to begin with for the first few years, even the "easy" ones lol


Some might argue that nothing about parenthood implies easiness


This is why I don't want any kids right now. If I know me, I'd feel like a shit parent and person if I'm not giving 600% to my child. The life I'm currently enjoying is too chaotic to afford that so I'm setting up the pieces for when I'm ready to calm down.


It will be the easy route later as that boy grows with a solid intellect and emotional development. Even now, I’m sure she gets compliments for his behavior in public. Being a parent is hard work, but you can determine which part of it is hard and for how long.


The most basic and obvious thing that stands out to me is that the mother doesn't use baby talk to the kid. There are so many parents that goo goo gaga and use some kind of ridiculous made up baby language that sounds something like miniature Tarzan. Of course the kids learn to speak like numb skulls.


what does "apex" means ?


Is this kid taking new patients? I’d like to make an appointment.


Sign me up!


He's brimming with patience


Seriously + this baby is more emotionally intelligent than like 99% of people 😅


so after he gets his PHd next week, what's he got going on?


This seems like a pair of parents that are nailing it.


Are you kidding me?? Papa got ANGRY at baby, he had to make right choice for papa or else!! /s


It’s a funny peek into a child’s mind when realistically dad just yelled out once in surprise / frustration. Once I growled angrily at missing a green light and my 2yo son in the back said “You’re so mean.” It was a reality check to calm down since nothing of value was lost except my temper.


Well gosh. Stop being so mean! 😂 Little kid logic is the best.


“Nothing of value was lost except my temper” This is beautifully stated.


My parents in the morning would talk loudly and debate about things or have loud animated discussions, not even yelling or arguing. But it affected me so much as a kid, I would cry and try to get them to stop any time it was happening, everything can be mean and scary as a kid, it's strange.


I was actually shocked that he said that because I didn’t even give a thought to how I might “seem” to him, and he is still pretty young and doesn’t think about abstracts. But once he said it, I had to respond because I knew it was a golden parenting moment. Basically moments that should never happen but when they do you can use to educate. Honestly, I also wonder where he learned that phrase since I don’t say “mean” really. It caught me off guard to hear him say it at all and to apply it correctly in reference to me! I also wanted him to clarify what he meant because I was so curious, but he got bashful and didn’t want to talk when pressed. So I just laughed, said he’s right, and said I’m sorry.


Of course they are! They are being raised by a very thoughtful baby.


He could go on to become an astronaut, a NAVY Seal, or a physician. Or why not try for all three? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonny_Kim


The cousin, every Nigerian parent keeps comparing you to




He's a good dude, he's sending me 5 million bucks next week!


Why are you not Captain yet, a-Yong? - *Jonny's mother, probably*


My daughter talked like that around his age. She was physically underdeveloped and made up for it mentally. People would gasp as I pushed her around the grocery store because she'd just gab about her observations and feelings and other people while still barely having hair. I always felt the key was talking to her like someone I love and respect, instead of baby talk. Wasn't a rule I focused on, but just sort of my style with her. I do the same thing with our dog, honestly. She's much older now, and people still get a kick out of how expressive she is.


My oldest son was also a very early talker. Maybe partly because so much time just the 2 of us always talking helped. I’d forget it was odd to have full complex proper conversations w a 1 1/2 y o old until people in the store would say things in such shock, like omg how old is your baby? how is he talking like that?? He has grown into a very thoughtful, creative, kind, sensitive and intelligent young man, now 18.


As a mom who curently has an almost 2 year old that points out numbers and all sorts of items we eat at home as she wants them in the store, and also says short sentences... Your comment made me happy. I love the absolute everything out of her, and I have no perception of what is "normal." I always think shes smart and am fascinated by how much of a sponge she is, but always think thats how every parent should be. (Though mine weren't at all.) Then peoples surprise at her age everywhere we go, always makes me wonder if she's excelling? I know i try to always listen for her because shes a soft speaker, and always have treated her as her own person. I'm not sure if it factors in, i just always felt i wasnt listened to so i always aimed to do that with her.


My best friend’s kid was like this little dude here, he had a massive vocabulary and was very articulate at age 3. However taking after his petite mom and dad he’s always been very small for a kid his age. I used to get a massive kick out of watching people freak out and ask “how old is he?!!l” “is that a baby talking?!”. He’s still absolutely brilliant, but unfortunately gets bullied at school because of his size - he is aware of his small stature and uncomfortable with it. The combination of the smarts, awareness and the fucking bullying have made things very difficult both for him and his parents. Edit: many many manyyyyy grammatical mistakes


Uh theres a mayoral election coming up in Chicago and I want to vote for this emotionally wise lil dude.


Good luck trying to book a therapy session. He's booked out till the end of next year.


Seriously, more mature than most adults.


Yeah he could have low academic intelligence and still get farther than most people in life with his incredible emotional intelligence.


NASA gave him a call, guess he’s gonna go




This child has more emotional self-awareness and communication skills than 3/4 of my exes 🥴 Shoutout to parents out there championing vulnerability and understanding your emotions, y'all are changing the world one dropped plate at a time 👏👏


Seriously, I love this! My favorite book is "How to talk so little kids will listen" ("How to talk so kids will listen" is the version for older kids). It's all about acknowledging your kids' feelings and allowing them choices and just generally validating them. It's AWESOME. Highly recommend for anyone trying to learn how to do this How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen: A Survival Guide to Life with Children Ages 2-7 by Joanna Faber https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29430725-how-to-talk-so-little-kids-will-listen


Brb, buying and sending this to three of my exes 🤣🤣 Edit: and another half dozen family members lmao 💀


No joke, the world would be a way better place if we applied this stuff to each other. Although to use on adults it's probably better to upgrade to the older child version lol


It really sucks growing up being taught the only emotion you’re allowed to have/show is anger. Fucked up generations of dudes. Still working through that shit at 41, hope the tide is finally turning.


And as a woman, I'm just now learning to express anger. And WOW it is so hard, I'm so programmed not to


Grab a copy of Marshall Rosenberg's _Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Compassion_ while you're at it and they'll be on their way to learning the things we should be modeling and teaching people as early as possible.


Kid is doing way better at self-care with emotions than I am right now 😎😂


As we get older, we go through more things. At the same time there’s more opportunity to take care and understanding of ourself. There’s always room to grow and be better. Be kind with yourself and give yourself some grace


Thank you 🙏 I’m trying.


Can confirm. Did not do emotions. I am ex now. The little dude is stronger than me.


At least you're self aware enough to acknowledge it. As GI Joe taught us, knowing is half the battle.


Can he please rule the world? I’d vote for him.


I'm really rooting for his future.


We will be watching his career with great interest


When he covered his mouth when he coughed, I knew he was the best of us.


He's so precious. I'm melting.


Psst...a lot of this upcoming generation is like this. I'm so excited for them to run the world.


I’m a millennial and I get shut down every time I say something like this about the upcoming generation. The emotional maturity and self awareness that I’m learning in my mid thirties is second nature to them. It’s truly beautiful


They are *digital natives* as well as *emotional natives* - we are emotional / digital immigrants? :)


That kid is so ahead of his time. He’s got a better grasp than most 40 yr. Old.


He's really not, that's the problem. This can be typical for kids if parents knew and *tried* to raise them like this instead of the dismissive and disrespectful (to the kids) parenting so many do now. Children are way more capable than most give them credit for. He is right where he should be. I just wish more were there too.


You are right, this should type of parenting should be the standard, and maybe one day, most of my kid's generation(gen alpha) will parent this way with their kids. I knew before I got pregnant that I would parent very differently than how I was parented. But I didn't have the best examples so I had to read a lot of child development and parenting books and fill in those gaps. Nothing beats seeing real life examples like this though. I normally don't like parents putting their kids' vulnerable moments online but videos like this are so helpful for parents like me.


Yes! Cuz in person (like when he was actually mad) it's a lot of tantrumming and emotional dysregulation that ***maybe*** other parents don't see as much by this age because their kids are shouted, isolated, or spanked into compliance. Their kids will still be upset, but 1. Won't learn from it because they are never given the chance to decompress 2. Won't have the outbursts because they know it is always punished or shut down.


If we all taught kids to be like this I think we’d all be better adjusted and nicer. Good for that mom for taking the time to raise a kid this way, and good for the kid for growing and learning! It *is* hard for kids, but he’s doing his best and it’s so nice to see


And it turns out his best is *fucking incredible*


I love watching some kids just casually be linguistic prodigies. Their little noggins are cooking up neurons at *exponential* levels of growth in infancy and they have *no idea* they’re just living life raw loving the feeling of their tiny brains going brrr


>they have *no idea* they’re just living life raw loving the feeling of their tiny brains going brrr I've never been so conflicted about a reddit comment


This kid is more self aware than 90 percent of humans


More than 99 percent, I’d venture to guess. But, absolutely great point!


It's legit amazing the difference really good parents can make.


I still do a version of this with my son, who’s about to turn 13. Nearly every day we start bedtime with a “five minute chat” (which sometimes ends up a lot longer) where he just gets to talk about whatever is on his mind. Often it’s just his fashion plans or excitement about video games, but sometimes it’s really deep emotional stuff. Sometimes he doesn’t want to at all, and that’s fine too. Giving him that guaranteed time every day where he can express whatever he needs to with active, focused and non-judgemental listening really seems to help him work through his thoughts. And it helps me to get an understanding of his perspective, which helps me to help him through difficulties (or to learn about and encourage his passions). I’d recommend any and all parents set up some kind of routine like this. Kids need to just be listened to sometimes, and if you don’t carve out specific times that can sometimes get lost in the flurry of life and obligations. Meal times are another good time to do something like this (as long as you regularly eat together).


My son is about the same age, and we have a similar routine, except sometimes it can be like talking to [Carl in the movie Sling Blade](https://youtu.be/KB-ODfzLiNw). It's cool, though.


that kid’s EQ is way beyond most adults i know


Full blast on the bass a about +7 on midrange


Don't forget the turn the high end down a little


That is a remarkable level of self awareness from the kid. Mom's doing a good job.


“Even though I was that mad, you still love me…” Can’t stress the importance of this enough.


We always had a saying “Mommies love their kids no matter what.” I still have a small sign that hangs in our house that simply says “. . . no matter what.”


And maybe dad too? This seems like a pair of parents that are nailing it. Even when their son told his dad to take slow breathes.


It takes two to make a thing go right.


It takes two to make it outta sight !


Woo! Yeah Woo! Yeah


I wanna rock right now


More self-awareness than many adults I know. I think this one’s going to turn out alright.


Remarkable from the mom, too.


Future psychologist. Carl Jung would be impressed.


Imagine what would happen if this was the norm for all kids. To be able to talk about feelings and to have them validated.


That’s a quality quote right there. “Today, I had a hard time doing my emotions”


Oh how I miss hugging my children like that. When they're so small and just fit in your arms. One day you hug them like that for the last time and you don't even realize it.


Well this just broke my heart. 😭


As someone who is pregnant rn, this made me tear up omg 😭


Just enjoy every moment to its fullest :) The years are gone before you know it.


Great parenting.


So this is it everybody... This is what you call a perfect, flawless, parenting method. All of these feelings and inner dialogue that this kid is verbalizing is ultimately going to be silent one day inside of him having built a concrete foundation of a wonderful human being. That mom and dad really need a standing ovation.


I’m tearing up!!!


my heart <3


I love seeing millennials grow into parents…gives me hope for the future


Seeing that they are still having the real emotional connections with their children does give me hope for the future, and that the next generations will still have people that will want to make the world better. Edit: fixed the typo


I wish I could give a whole generation more credit but I think this is just an exceptional parent. None of my friends raise their kids like this.


I would say most of the parents I know didn't produce a kid this in touch with his feelings or even close to it. All of their kids are spoiled brats who play video games and talk back constantly. Anyway, I am gonna go back to playing video games before my mom gets home, she's so annoying.


And we really used to teach kids to suppress their emotions. Evolution is brilliant. From nothing, to this little ball of life. This kid is so emotionally in tune at such a young age. This is what hope looks and sounds like. This is love. This is the meaning of life. This is fucking brilliant.


Just casually scrolling and thought this was an r/kidsarefuckingstupid and I was waiting and waiting.... But it just kept being wholesome


My heart melted, so adorable 🥰❤️


Dad: My colleagues messed up again! Baby: And how did that make you feel?


This kid is incredible


I just read a post on the teacher's subreddit about how awful kindergartens are - all being raised by iPads and checked out parents. I realize everyone needs a place to vent but that was discouraging as a parent who tries and sees other parents like this. There will always be better and worse parents - but people know so much more about psychology and the importance of emotions now. I love this post so much.


My youngest kids are 19 and 20. I ended up raising them alone. (Their father decided a family was apparently too much work but can’t figure out why they don’t have a relationship with him now.) As a single parent, I still refused to use the TV or electronics to babysit them. They had some access, but it was limited. It was hard and I sacrificed a lot, but it was worth it. And yes, I talked to my kids like this parent does from the time they were tiny. Kids deserve age appropriate answers to their questions and guidance as to how to behave. The number of people who have been amazed how polite my kids were in public when they were little means that’s not the norm, and that’s a problem.


They should hire this kid to speak at corporate events.


Brilliant. The level of emotional intelligence of this small human is astounding. Wonderful


This kid has more emotional intelligence then I do at 42


Man, he's articulate for a little grabber. Impressive.


Adorable. Kid’s got a bright future. Good job mom and dad.


That's cute and all, actually really cute. But that aside, remember this little human name. I think he is gonna do some things in his life.


The most wholesome video on the internet, ever.


Today I had a hard time doing my emotions... I felt this.


This made me cry a little. But it's ok. It's emotions.


God I can’t wait for his Ted talk


Someone give those parents a Nobel prize and let them show the world how it's done.


This kid's language is not unlike other kids I've worked with (1000+). He might be advanced developmentally but you can't necessarily tell from this clip. The amazing part is Mom listening and responding correctly. Great example of something EVERY parent can do.


I mentioned this on another’s comment but want to reiterate - not only is she taking the time to listen and let him get his thoughts out, she is also speaking back to him in a respectful manner. No talking down & no baby talk.


He said “scared” like the cutest little cartoon character. He’s speaks with such a crazy amount intelligence for someone his age, congratulations on raising a good little dude!


So this is definitely Sesame Street’s amazing influence! I recognize the “stop breath slowly” and “make a smart choice”. The songs are on the app for smart tvs. He really absorbed the lesson and most likely had conversations about them with his parents.


thank-you - this made my day.


good god thats one smart fucking kid 😳 didn’t even know a toddler could have comprehension and awareness like this


Whoah. That is incredible. r/kidsarefuckingsmart


The ability to reason from this tiny little dude … good heavens. And so graciously guided along. Respect


This child has an amazingly developed vocabulary. Great job, mom and dad!


Not only the depth of wisdom, but the eloquence. Stop, breathe, make a smart choice. Thanks for the life lesson, little baby.


Kid has better EQ than I do.


He's better at articulating his feelings better than most adults that I know!


She's being his Mr. Rogers and it's beautiful.


Really impressed by the mom. A lot of parents NEVER teach or encourage their child to discuss their feelings, and it impacts them for life. Really crazy how much emotional intelligence this kid has. Kudos to the parents


Serious kudos to parents who are raising kids to communicate effectively. It’s such a great skill to have


What a high level of awareness, kids IQ is probably off the charts for his age, incredible


This is what happens when you use gentle parenting, it has very little, if anything, to do with the IQ of the kid. He just has parents who actually teach their kids emotional regulation and show lots of empathy and understanding while parenting them


It’s not just the kid; he was intentionally taught social emotional literacy which many children are not taught. Many kids could be like this if they’re taught to be.


This is slowly healing me


Let me know when he grows up and runs for President. If I haven't died by then, I'd like to cast my vote for him! He is precious! Kudos for raising a child with such insight already.


It took me 35 years to understand that I don't have to give in to my emotions and make smart choices. you go, kid! 🥲