Shit happens, it’ll get fixed. If you play a tiny niche game like this you understand the dev team is also tiny and that may have unfortunate consequences sometimes.


This. I can't imagine getting this outraged about a game with a dev team that totals less than 50 people. They're going to miss shit and SSG almost always fixes shit when they fuck up.


i played this game years ago when it wasn't tiny nor niche. on multiple occasions the banking/inventory system was so screwed, it alowed item copying.


Its a small shop, prob not enough human resources to do it. Basically work of passion for remaining devs.


I'm actually surprised that DDO is still a thing, to be honest...


It'll probably be around for a long time yet. I picked it up a couple years back and everyone that plays is die-hard dedicated to it. Mostly aging gamers that are passionate about D&D. Plus, mechanically, it's really solid and there's virtually unlimited grind and growth potential due to the reincarnation system. So your character just keeps getting stronger and stronger over the years. And I imagine it's pretty cheap to run and maintain the game. The game is pretty ancient and probably runs on a handful of servers.


Yeah, I remember when Neverwinter came out, I was disappointed it wasn't just DDO2 with better graphics.


DOO might get better graphics/overhaul soon. LOTRO is getting one and given they were made by the same company (originally) at a similar time period and managed by the same company now (albeit different than the original), the graphic engines might be similar enough that the updated could be transferred with 'minimal' extra work.


As far as I’m aware, the staff at standing stone games is made up of the Turbine staff that had been working on the games when they formed the new studio.


Fingers crossed, that would be insane.


It has a very old and super loyal playerbase, which means a lot of money per individual


I bought it at launch all those years ago, but I really don't remember much about it now.


This sucks, but I can't believe how fun this game still is. I don't have a lot of time to play anymore and it's really nice to be able to just login for an hour and do a quick dungeon with friends once in a while. New World (and most other MMOs) could really learn a thing or two from DDO on how to make dungeons that aren't boring as hell


Nice feature, they even helps the players to clean up their inventory, what a good devs!


Yeah, I recently went back, but I couldn't TR until I scrapped enough stuff from inventory/bank to empty out my previous TR cache. Sounds like this undocumented feature could have helped me lol.


Thankfully this isn't AGS so you can expect some kind of compensation.


Hot take, but the biggest downfall of this game was allowing builds to powercreep and be able to solo everything


Playing in groups is more fun to some and a hell of a lot faster, but there are a lot of people who are just content to solo a game, the way every game used to be.... Forcing people to group to play is a sure fire way to kill the game permanently, the user base is dwindling fast... with only 200 people online per server all spread out across levels makes grouping almost impossible....


To me it was the level 20+ expansion and epic destinies


I mean, everyone still playing then alrdy maxed out the reincarnation system, we needed something new, and there were some great quests there.


i remember being the 9th player in my server getting completionist a few months before the update and there was for sure more than 9 players in Argo


It is bizarre that MMO players insist that all of a game's content be soloable


Damn it's been quite a long time since I heard anything about this game


sounds like a cool feature


storage in this game was always problematic. most exploits i've heard of in this game involved using bank storage. on couple different occasions it was possible to copy some types of items and there were no rollbacks or anything. this all happened years ago, when it wasn't so old and forgotten like it is now.


Wish you could own your assets


Servers are still down over 9 hours later as of the time of this post. Its truly amazing how every major update they make breaks the game because they don't test it properly.


Testing, no matter how thorough, isn't guaranteed to find every single glitch tho.


True. But this seems like something missed in a regression test. They probably left it off the list if they did a regression pass at all and didn’t just run integration tests.


You have way too much faith into their build pipelines


No..doesn’t sound like he has much at all from his comment


I mean he assumed they had a test to miss.


I don’t have much faith in It, but that’s not localized to SSG. Most game companies these days have poor QA track records. Having worked in software QA and managed teams for many high profile companies, I can tell you even at the top QA gets the shaft. Tight deadlines and the expectation from client/leadership is always zero bugs, but you’re never or rarely given appropriate time or resources to accomplish such a task of finding every possible or potential issue.


You don’t leave stuff off the list in regression tests..the point is it’s an already existing list of tests. Nothing new to forget to test for.


Depends on your regression test suite. Some are full regression, some are not. If you do full regression on every new feature integration it will take an incredible amount of time to ever push new builds. Most companies will not run full regression tests for every new feature. And that’s usually when things like this slip through the cracks.


They are kind of famous for not testing patches properly. Just ask over at the DDO subreddit. Virtually every update they release breaks something.


I haven't played in like 7 years and this was true and even then


I don't play or follow DDO.. what were some of the other game breaking updates?


There was the time when they moved data centers and the game was down for weeks, and they refused to say why other than that they had people working round the clock at the data center to fix it. Also they lost over a month's worth of data for one of the servers shortly after the move. And in a recent update, they had items in the storage go invisible after reincarnation and some players got consistent crashes upon entering their guild airship's cargo hold. Their last expansion also came out with game breaking bugs for the new raid and they had to close it twice to fix it, the expansion also had an infinite XP glitch.


Yikes. What are these devs doing?? Thanks for sharing.


"Working miracles" for the pay and team size, I'd wager. Wouldn't be surprised if, by now, it's a single, lonesome junior dev caring for the whole game because "it's low priority"


They've actually got a team of around 30-50 devs. That's just not enough to test and develop and untangle spaghetti code. They've invited streamers over who have talked about it. They're also releasing content multiple times a year and have around 50% of their player base as active subscribers. So not so sure where you're getting "low priority" from.


>So not so sure where you're getting "low priority" from. First, because we're talking about Daybreak. Pretty much every game they're responsible for is in a permanent "maintenance mode". Also, somewhat outdated info (september 2020), [DDO is responsible for 10% of Daybreak's earnings](https://www.enadglobal7.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/EG7-Investor-Presentation-Dec-2020-Acquires-Daybreak-Games.pdf) (p16). It's pretty much on par with EQ2 in terms of members and earnings. It's pretty clear EQ1 and DCUO are their main cash cows and, thus, their higher priorities.


I'm more amazed DDO is still around, I feel so so old remembering testing it at launch.


Right? I'm still shocked EQ is still around. 23 years and counting!


Time for a UE5 update!


What's even more amazing about DDO is that it committed the cardinal sin of releasing the same year as WoW. How it survived that is nothing short of a miracle.


So it's a MMORPG or just gaming in general? You act like this is special.. You clearly don't game often lol


The reincarnation cache was introduced to the game as a work around. (no way to expand storage and players didn't have enough space to TR) Like 10 years later it is still around and continues to cause problems. *sigh* Should have been removed years ago. Just make house k and coin lord slots base line. Require items to be unequipped to TR. Done.


I remember a couple of years back when they had to merge something, and the game was down for a full week (maybe longer, idk since I quit then).