I've seen this dude from Hollywood to Santa Monica. Always letting me know to fuck off.


Saw him on the corner of Lincoln and Washington on the westside holding up traffic in multiple directions. This guy doesn’t discriminate, he fucks with any and everyone.


That is exactly where I’ve seen him too. I figured it had to be the same guy even though he’s apparently far from home


Funny cause I grew up in Vancouver and we had a number of "fuck guys" as we called them there too. Maybe every city has a few guys that are always down to let you know that you can fuck off


Saw him by usc holding up traffic telling this truck to fuck off


I’m surprised he hasn’t been hit by a car. I’ve seen him circle in the middle of big ass intersections.


Yup, he did that on Jefferson and Figueroa. People were pissed because he held up traffic for a good 5 minutes or more.


He hates everyone equally! That's the energy we need!


Everyone knows this is Larry David doing a hidden camera prank show..


I’m a runner and I’ve seen this guy quite a few times doing the same to me and my surroundings. One of these bad days I will karate kick him to the “vike” lane!


I didn’t know he was down here too. Only seen him in Hollywood. Dude has a death wish.


This guy creeped behind me as I was crossing an intersection I turn around and all I see is crazy eyes coming at me with his hand raised I went into my pocket to ready my mace and turned around like I was ready to fight him, lol. He actually got scared and look surprised. He murmured something at me and turned right around on his bike. Yell what you want on the streets, but don't come at people looking like you are about to do something.


Fuck that guy. And I don't know why we need to glorify a mentally ill asshole who yells "fuck you" at people and gives them the finger. He's going to do this to the wrong person one day and it won't end well for him.


This dude also yells sexually harassing insults at women drivers and pedestrians. This guy fucking sucks.


I'm sure he does alot worse shit....this is just what we're aware of


A little over 5 years ago, a coworker of mine actually punched this guy out. My coworker (who was very much a New Jersey stereotype and bore a strong resemblance to Vin Diesel) was walking to his car after a 14 hour day at work and was in no mood to put up with this guy's shit. The Biking Viking kept following my coworker and riding around him in smaller and smaller circles, getting closer and closer with each pass, all while making a tomahawk chop motion and yelling profanities. Finally this guy got close enough for my coworker to grab him by the safety vest and punch him in the face. The dude just rode off. My coworker sounded like an absolute fucking lunatic the next day when he told this story, as none of us had seen this guy before.


Your coworker must have felt a quiet vindication when more and more people started acknowledging the existence & reality of this Biking Viking Harasser guy. I mean the situation is kinda sad and aggravating all around (not excusing the harassing and unstable guy who is baiting people), but it's hilarious thinking about how long the Vin Diesel NJ coworker had to carry the weight of being seen as insane from fellow coworkers until the day of his vindication.


This brought me great joy. I want nothing but the worst for that asshole.


Omg awesome. I have been fantasizing about that. Guy has been a menace for years and I am surprised he hasnt been permanantly taken out of commission.


Ive seen him get decked a couple times...he needs the long sleep.


That's it? I would have tossed the bike in a dumpster and stomped that stupid helmet flat as well.




Seriously. Regardless of his mental issues, this guy is a fucking menace and not “cool.” People like OP clearly haven’t had long exposure to this guy, and think shit like this is what “makes our city awesome!” No. No it doesn’t.


This guy is the least of Downtown's problems. He's downright charming compared to the methed out lunatic zombies in the tents. Don't get me wrong, downtown sucks now...we just put our loft on the market and are getting the fuck out for greener pastures. But it ain't because of viking bike dude. I'll actually miss running into him and watching that weird ass matador thing he does at red lights.


A broken leg is nothing compared to a TBI. Doesn’t mean the broken leg isn’t awful…


I chuckled out loud at this. Thank you for the good agreeable laugh from a very agreeable statement.


Agreed, this guy is horrible.


He probably wants someone to end his life tbh. LA has a few people that don’t mess around. His days are numbered


He's be doing this for at least a decade since I first saw him....couple people have tried him... He usually runs off or becomes a victim/defensive immediately


Spoiler alert.... He's not mentally ill, it's all show. I've been seeing him for over 16 years. Then I find out he's a baker, he fukn bakes cakes!!! Lmao...... Allegedly......


Hes not exclusive to downtown, also yells sexual profanities at me in Hollywood




That's both funny and sad


I have seen him a few times but the highlights are when he farted in front of my mother off 6th and Spring and said “Go fuck yourselves”. Two years later we made eye contact as I was waiting at a red light where he rode in circles around the intersection of 4th and Broadway. Again he told me to go fuck myself. Nice chap


That guys scared the hell out of me when I was trying to park in Little Tokyo.


his kryptonite is a powerful middle finger fyi


Nah that guy is a fuckin scumbag. Don’t glorify these idiots.


Ty, was hoping someone said the same. The fact that this guy is both still alive....and free... Shows how fucked we are


He yelled at me earlier today


In 1 day I left my house in east Los Angeles in the morning I saw this guy . By time I took lunch at 1 pm I saw him in Santa Monica . #Tupac he gets around


How is this still out there !? He is the worst.


I once saw someone hop out of their car and tackle him off his bike. Bit of justice but God damn he went down hard.


I was flipping the bird with this guy the other day while stuck in traffic while he was doing circles in an intersection . I also saw him today at lunch and gave him the finger .


as is tradition in LA when you run into this guy


Fuck that guy.


Somebody create a yelp page for this guy




Saw him in DTLA he waves his middle finger at me and I did the same back


He’s a dumbass that will bump into the wrong one soon. Seen his ass around way too much.


He did a humping motion at me when I was waiting at the light


On the bike or on foot? bike humping seems risky.


On foot lol


Wondered why this guy was wildly staring at me and about twenty others at a stop light, giving us all the finger!


If you're unfamiliar with this guy he rides around Chinatown (and nearby) on his bike wearing a viking helmet. And goes around cursing people, cars, and other bikes at crosswalks, while waving a flag. In this photo, crazy viking dude is biting the middle finger of the glove to stretch it out and really show how much he's giving the bicyclist the finger.


That makes me feel sad. Whenever he's done it to me, I thought I was being singled out. Now that I know he does this to everyone, the "fuck you's" feel less special.


Used to see this guy around Hollywood all the time. Seen him in DTLA, too (a bike and public transit can really get your around LA). Ever got a good look at his flag?


I'm jealous. So much meaning to guide him in life. Up in Berkeley, we had Hate Man. Before he would talk to you he demanded that you say to his face. "I hate you!" Then he felt he could trust you. He was actually quite lovely once you got to know him.


Was hate man different to angry green hair math prof man?


I remember hate man!


As far as I can tell, this is not his protege. The Hate Man was alright.


I would see him often on la brea around pico - used to think of him as self imposed crossing guard as he would patrol during the walk signal while yelling general insults at and about cars - I assume years of his thankless work have made him more embittered and manic, turning against the pedestrians he once protected.


This sounds like the premise for a movie… im listening


Lol. This might be the best thing I’ve read today. Makes me want to come down and get told to fuck off.


Happened to me several times. Usually just startles the shit out of me bc I'm just looking ahead and he'll just ride up next to you and start screaming. Kinda amazed no one has fucking clocked him yet.


> really show how much he's giving the bicyclist the finger. While riding a bicycle himself.


I see him all the time and will go a different block to get away from him. First time I thought he looked fun so I waved to him while stopped at a red light (I am a foolishly naive person sometimes and new to LA). He was swirling around on his bike in the crosswalk, waving his flag. He noticed and bee lined it for me, screaming "fuck you fuck you" and flipping me off with one foot against my car so he could get right up to my window. Super neat interaction. Please do not wave at him.


reading the comments.....wtf? I'm glad I've never come across this guy


I’ve only seen him in little Tokyo lol


So not the new la mascot?


I just passed him yesterday at La Placita while riding my Onewheel. He was fucking with some people so I rode up to him and he rode off and took his hat off lmfao!


LMAO love how everyone has seen this dude


Come on man, that guy is an asshole. Don't glorify him. If he was another race would he have just as many "fans"?


He's Hispanic. He's cursed at me in Spanish. What does race have to do with it?


He called me a hijo de puta when I was depositing money at the Chase in boyle heights in East LA, it was honestly kind of funny but hes gonna get shot doing that to strangers


Yes, he was very eloquent in the way he insulted me in Spanish.


"Hispanic" is not a race.


Technically you're right, but the lines get blurred. What race were you inferring he was when you questioned if he would have fans if he was another race?


bruh, just because someone speaks Spanish does not mean they're hispanic


You obviously haven't seen him in person, as he definitely looks Hispanic. He doesn't look white, black, or Asian. Also, his Spanish is on the skill level of a native speaker. He doesn't sound like an American who learned Spanish in high school. I was replying to the person that thinks he's glorified because of his race. What does his race, whether Hispanic, white, black, etc. have to do with anything? The person bringing race into a topic that has nothing to do with race only further divides everyone.


I thought I did actually and he looked white... Or maybe it's a false memory that I made up when I read this post... I'm freaking out man


No worries. The world may never know the true identity of the DTLA Viking Man.




Yep as it says in the article, Hispanic is not a race. You can be 100% genetically Chinese and still be Hispanic or Latino by the way.


Hey, you never answered my other question from last week. What race are you alluding to when you asked if he would have as many fans if he was another race? What race do you think he is and how is his race related to how many fans he has?


If he has a black man harassing people, he wouldn't get the same number of "fans". This guy shouldn't get a pass, and I'm pointing out the color of his skin plays a part why so many people give him a pass. Anyway, as you have noted and proven with the article, Hispanic is not a race.


Thanks for finally giving me an answer to my question from weeks ago. Although, I respectfully disagree that he has "fans" because he is Hispanic or Latino or South American, etc. I think it more has to do with him being a fixture of DTLA that a lot of Angelenos have encountered. The Viking helmet and his craziness also makes it funny. I don't know why you made it a race thing. Also, I don't think he has fans. I think people are more just laughing at the craziness of him, which is sad. He should get help, not laughed at. Nobody is happy to get insulted by him when crossing the road. I'm sure it scares a lot of people too.


I was saying he has fans cause he's white or white-passing


I moved here Monday and have already seen this person.


Sorry that was one of your first welcomes, but let me say welcome to Los Angeles. It will be a perfect day today, from the city to the beaches. Get out and enjoy the day! Welcome aboard and be well and safe.


Welcome! (sincerely) I hope L.A. treats you well. Gotta laugh that the Biking Viking "welcomed" you first!


Thank you!


That guy's a DTLA icon. I do feel bad for the women he does the creepy tongue gesture to though.


Lol he gave me a good middle finger outside GCM.


Does he have a job?


Yes and apparently a good full-time flipper and not a real state one!




I love and hate how we all know this guy.


Does anyone know who this guy is and what his backstory is? I lived on Spring Street for about 6 years and saw him all the time and always wondered who the fuck he was. Would also see him in other parts of the city. I figured LA Weekly, LAist, or one of the other online LA blogs would write a story on him.


My dad was talking about him after we saw him on LaBrea last week. I missed the sighting because I was driving.


I saw him a few weeks ago shit disturbing everyone going through the intersection at Lincoln and Ocean Park. Attacking cars and pedestrians.


He needs to go back to Texas or wherever he’s from


It warms my heart to know he’s still around it’s been too long since I’ve seen him


I just saw him this week! I haven't seen him in a while


He's actually really nice lol I talk to him all the time in my store.


this dude the GOAT fr


I live 5 minutes away from that area


Dollhouse dudes cousin


The Weird Viking Dude of SF sat with me at the Haight St bus stop in front of Whole Foods and told me I was lovely.


Skäl on the streets!


That dude is a character lol I always see him by my house


I saw him at china town he was yelling at some guy then a trash can




The first time he crossed my path he had painted himself completely in silver, with fuck offs flying, second time it was no paint all fuck offs


Well, he’s no Ricky the Pirate, but he’ll do just fine.


Wow, i’ve seen this guy in person in little tokyo


This guy is such an annoying fucking kook. I'm glad I'm not downtown often enough to see him anymore. Wouldn't be surprised if he gets hit by a vehicle with the way this dumbass rides.


Why hasn’t this post sent to the DTLA traffic authorities yet? I suggest someone find a way to do so. This guys a county lawsuit waiting to happen




Oh I think that’s just my GTA V character nothing to worry about🥸


Definitely a staple of LA


this friggin guy


I saw this guy today downtown while I was walking my dog. He flicked the person infront of me off, but smiled at my dog and gave him some air kisses and then smiled at me. Y’all need to get some cuter dogs.


Menace to society


Can’t believe he’s alive and well, wow 👏


Man love this guy. Crazy ass back story. Keep on shouting Dude on a Bike!


I remember reading some epic story about him years ago - do you have a link to it? Something about his wife dying and then him losing his mind?


What is the story???


I love this guy. Glad he’s still doing his thing.


I’m always excited to see this dude


His story involves anti-car sentiment so I'm all for it. Fuck cars.


I seen him yesterday around 4 o’clock over by mission road , his friend was juggling and he was waving the Mexican flag being nice to kids on the eastern part of downtown getting off the bus from school