Some people are so disgusting. There was a case where a girl was raped and the defendant tried to prove that the girl was fine and didn’t have ptsd because she was seen enjoying time out with her friends. WTF. These people deserve to be shut up. Why is Facebook allowing these voices to be heard but not allowing anyone to search for “Kyle Rittenhouse” What a rigged political system


He was celebrating his 18th birthday for fucks sake. And I'm not even saying it was the smartest move. (A teenager now show good judgment? The fucker! /s) He's supposed to slink down to the basement and let his family slip crumbs through the door? Fuck off with that bullshit. There is nothing this kid can do right for some people.


He also wasn’t talking about the event time when he killed shot 3 people then.


He shot and killed two* people. The third he just maimed. Oh, and he shot and missed a fourth guy.


Okay even worse for his mental health, the kid had to kill 2 people, shoot someone who had a gun to his head and shoot near another one to get him to stop attacking. Him having to recite that in a courtroom and him being at a bar with people who support him are 2 completely different things.


be honest, whats life as an anti american communist like? are you hateful all day, or is it something you just get used to? what makes you hate america enough to want to see it end? be as specific as possible please im writing a paper and i will use your response, and even give your account credit.


Ah. A teen enjoying his 18th birthday. HOW RUDE! Just like when the prosecution showed his somewhat vulgar, kind of funny, TikTok username. Oh, my stars! 😱 A teenager using vulgarity on the web. I am shocked and appalled. 😏 I have PTSD and he was having a full blown panic attack. I cried because it was so familiar. Even after the judge said 10 minute break, if you listen you can hear Kyle hyperventilating in the background and over to the right you can see he's still panting heavily. Also, if you compare his facial expressions from the initial testimony to AFTER he had time to calm down, it's night and day. Initially, he kept scrunching up his face. I thought it was incredibly obvious he was struggling not to bawl his eyes out.


Where does the stupid fuck get that he was in a bar under age drinking? Could he not have been at a bar getting some chicken wings? Pathetic fucks.


He was drinking, but in Wisconsin its allowed with a parental supervision. But really they want to hang the kid for every minor thing they can think of. It really shows that they cant catch him, because he didnt do anything wrong.


So he wasn’t underage drinking. He was doing it legally. I agree, they have no case. Binger loves to jab him for driving without a license, but doesn’t mind people hitting Kyle, or people setting fires to Kenosha businesses, or other people not allowed to carry guns.


Ah yes, I do remember how everyone I know throughout my life ALWAYS waited till they were 21 to drink alcohol! Those days were so great when I was in high school and everyone would go to those CRAZY Friday night parties to drink soda and play ping pong. Awh shucks!


Ehhhh, he may be crying, but he is breathing. He made the right call.


Wearing a shirt that says Hustle and Motivate or anything similar is usually a sign that you are in fact a lazy and unmotivated person