He would require less effort to kill and would become used to killing which is always a bonus in a manga like this. He would be even stronger. Possible that he would meet one of the nikos. If he is taught tthe niko style then he low diffs everyone.


"Xia Ji"


we dont know. its not like the inside is an S tier character creating space, himuro is dogshit tier and he was in the inside too. pretty sure one of the female characters is from the inside too and they are pretty normal.


Dogshit 😂 my friend used to say that a lot


if he dosen't get training in martial arts (aka niko style (gaoh or tiger niko)). i'd imagen him being mma-style brawler. with niko style all around but his adamantine kata is on steroids. all told high fight iq and colder personality(tiger niko lunatic and batshit insane)


He would be a super aggressive brawler and a gang leader eventually, no technique and just basic fight IQ through experience. In the inside you probably know how to defend yourself at a basic level before making coherent words, so young Waka realizing his superior strength, but having no parents and morals to guide him, goes unbound and kills/mauls anyone who tries anything against him. Eventually in his teenage years, he works as a hitman/bodyguard/wrecker due to his abnormal strength and rises to be a leader wether they like it or not, might makes right here. So we end up with another character entirely.


How strong do you think he will be compared with Waka from our timeline? Do you think he will meet the Nikos or Ohma? And do you think he could unite the Inside if he became a gang leader?


1. I would say weaker, he has no formal training and due to his superior strength, probably highly dismisses techniques; 2. Doubt it, he would probably stick into his territory with his gang and wouldn't meet Niko, maybe see Ohma once, huge maybe, inside is big and Rin, Himuro and Ohma never met once despite living there for most of their early lives; 3. Hell no, we was born in the inside and has the inside mentality, he would prioritize "power" instead of unity, maybe form the biggest gang, but i doubt he can ever unite it all in all levels, him being the biggest fish would probably be enough, the whole unify thing was made by some crazy dude from the outside.


> probably highly dismisses techniques; I don't see that Happening, Only Julius has that burning passion of techniques for some random reason > I would say weaker Technique wise most likely, but considering he will grow up in the inside, he will learn how to survive and to fight, I think there might be some strong fodder who could beat kid Waka, and he will learn basic fighting, not to mention that Waka being the biggest fish in the inside will make him take part in lots of fights everyday, lots of gang fights and forced to fight. He will definently be the strongest brawler in the series, he will be much colder as a person and I doubt he will hesitate killing someone if its needed, like grabbing them and turn them to jelly with his grip strength 40+ years of Almost daily fighting in the inside will give Waka a lot of experience (although most guys he will fight will be fodders) And btw what if we replace KAT waka with this Waka, how would he do in KAT?


Would be more aggressive and probably won't become martial artist and will mostly rely on his strength and brute force , but only if Niko won't take him as a student


Who knows he may have become a Niko if that happened.


I read this as, "What if Waka was born inside Ohma."