It's hard to imagine Takahashi leaving the company he helped create after 20 years, at the peak of his financial success, to return to the company he left because he didn't like the direction it was wading into.


especially seeing as its neck deep in that water at this point


It would be possible if Nintendo and Square Enix work together.


Which they've done numerous times so it wouldn't be a problem. But either side would have to push for it, and there's probably not much interest in doing so.


Nintendo publishes a lot of Square Enix games on Switch so they seem to have good relationship together


Honestly, i'm surprised Square doesn't actively push for it. Team Asano has been making games with a timed exclusivity on Switch since the console released it (outside of Octopath Traveler 2 which comes out next year on most platforms), they've shown they were willing to remake older game in that style (Live a Live & DQ3) and there already is a pre-established fanbase for Xeno games in general so you're guaranteed to be able to sell at least 1 Million copies to make the project profitable.


It was a game that didn't sell as much as Square had hoped (or at the very least enough to warrant a sequel). All the creatives who were at Square and had a hand in its creation are long gone. And if it ever was remade, you've got to figure with all the creatives being elsewhere, Square would have little involvement and would as a result probably not get big profits from it. I'd love to see it, but I have a hard time seeing Square doing it. I really think that if it was ever going to happen, it would have happened years ago.


It's possible. Monolith Soft works with Nintendo, but it's not unheard of for staff to leave companies and go freelance or go to another company. Another factor though is whether Takahashi wants to revisit Xenogears. Any time spent redoing or modifying older games is time spent away from writing new ones. Some creators justifiably don't want to worry about making a good game better when they can make their next good game.


> It's possible. Monolith Soft works with Nintendo, but it's not unheard of for staff to leave companies and go freelance or go to another company. Iirc, Takahashi and a couple of other people own stock in Monolith Soft so it's rather unlikely they'd leave, especially to go back to Square of all places. > Another factor though is whether Takahashi wants to revisit Xenogears. Takahashi has said ["For as long as I’m alive, I want to release the “answers” someday"](http://xenogearsxenosagastudyguide.blogspot.com/p/denfaminicogamer.html) about Xenogears so i think he'd want to do it.


He's been trying to revisit Xenogears in some form or another ever since.


> Another factor though is whether Takahashi wants to revisit Xenogears. Any time spent redoing or modifying older games is time spent away from writing new ones. Some creators justifiably don't want to worry about making a good game better when they can make their next good game. This is a big factor in why I see it not happening. Takahashi made Xenogears and had an absurd amount of ambition, so much so that it didn't go as well as he had hoped. He then created Xenosaga, where he had even more ambition and it also didn't go as well as he had hoped. Afterwards he essentially admitted that the extremely ambitious, super story focused games was not the direction to go in and he went in a totally different direction with Xenoblade. While the Xenoblade games (sans X) certainly have good stories, they are not in the same universe of quality as Xenogears/Saga. Because the story isn't the main focus. Personally I have a hard time seeing him go back there. As much as I'd love to see it actually happen.


Since Soraya Saga was also critical to Xenogears, and she decided to walk away mostly cause of how Xenosaga Ep.II was handled I doubt Takahashi would want to even approach that game without her.


This would be an absolute dream…


I mean, he would have to quit working at Nintendo first. Monolith isn't its own thing anymore. It's wholly owned by and part of Nintendo. It's not that he couldn't, but it doesn't seem likely that he'd leave after building up Monolith for years and being able to sort of do whatever he wants to go back and work for the shit show that is Square. What would be much more likely (but still unlikely) is a partnership with Nintendo or at least Nintendo forking over cash for the rights.


Logistically, it'd be possible. Emotionally, it'd never happen. Tetsuya Takahashi left Square because he didn't like working there. Even if he were forced to do it, you can't count on him giving his best.


Takahashi is a part owner of Monolith Soft and a high level executive of the company (can not recall if he is the CEO). So he wouldn't return to Square Enix as an employee. Would a Xenogears remake be amazing, arguably the ultimate dream for someone like me for which it is my favorite video game of all time? Certainly. But is it going to happen? No. Barriers to consider: * It's been nearly 25 years since the game came out and over 20 since Takahashi founded Monolith Soft. If Monolith was ever going to either buy the rights from Square Enix or come to an arrangement to co-produce it with them, wouldn't you think it would have happened by now? * I don't believe his wife Soraya Saga does anything in video games anymore. You'd absolutely want her on board for a remake. Now one could argue that as the wife of a high ranking executive of Monolith Soft, she'd be able to get such a position. But then, she was forced out during the Xenosaga production and you'd think if it was so easy for her to get involved again/she wanted to get involved again we'd see more involvement from her in Xenoblade. To my knowledge she designed a Blade or two for Xenoblade 2, but that was it * After Xenosaga, Takahashi seemed to admit that the super focused, insanely ambitious storytelling he tried to do in Xenogears and Xenosaga wasn't being successful and he went in another direction, focusing on more gameplay-focused games, the Xenoblade series (which originally wasn't a Xeno series in the first place). And keep in mind that Xenosaga was already a reimagining of Xenogears (which did ultimately go in a different direction). Is he really going to return to that again? * With all the success of Xenoblade is he really going to focus on remaking a 25 year old game instead of Xenoblade 4 or Xenoblade X 2? Can't stress enough how much I'd love to see it. But I think if we ever were going to get it, it would have happened a long time ago.


He worked on Front Mission and Square Enix is remaking that series from the ground up. They can remake the game without him. The story and characters are already there. Monolith is a Nintendo company, so technically Nintendo could contract up with SE and have him be a supervisor to ensure it's done to his standard. I wouldn't count on that though.


I don't think Square enix need him to remake the game, having him acting as a consultat to the team would be enough.


Why would he ever do that? He's far more successful at Monolith/Nintendo and Square has gone downhill immensely since the release of xenogears.


I wish, but at the same time I'm not sure I trust Takahashi to do it any justice now.


Ugh, Nintendo should go ahead ans buy the rights to Xenogears already. Square won't give us a remake, instead they'll make a 10th FF7 game.


This would be a dream come true.


3 ways. 1. The guy leave Nintendo temporarily or permanently to join square. 2. Square do remaster with other people as director. 3. Nintendo pays for the remaster. Personally the 2nd option works. No reason for square to bother with Takahashi san the IP belongs to SE not Takahashi. Any competent director can take over remastering duty and improve base game.


I thought I heard Takahashi just comes up with the ideas and gives them to others to implement now. Back when he was in charge of directing the games it always was a disaster like Xenogears and Xenosaga. He's more hands off with Xenoblade so they have been more complete games. So he already wrote out the story, he's not really needed to be all that hands on with a remake. Would work out good if he just hires some good people to complete the content.


Anything is possible but is it likey? Probably not. Square is in quite a bit of turmoil right now with several execs getting locked up this week. Plus, hes finally getting major mainstream success and recognition with Nintendo. Why leave?


>Square is in quite a bit of turmoil right now with several execs getting locked up this week. Not only are the 3 not execs, none of them work for Square Enix.


I stand corrected on the exec, but the insider trading involved actions taken while working at square and include Yuji Naka as the case has grown. Square itself is being investigated as the insider trading occured related to actions involving square properties and dealings >Square Enix said that it's fully cooperating with the investigation and that it has set up a system to prevent any more instances of insider trading. [https://www.engadget.com/sonic-co-creator-yuji-naka-arrested-for-insider-trading-120744614.html](https://www.engadget.com/sonic-co-creator-yuji-naka-arrested-for-insider-trading-120744614.html) Edit to include squares full statement: >[https://www.jp.square-enix.com/company/en/news/2022/html/f520051993639fb5ad7c70cf43d6f03ed0b9092e.html](https://www.jp.square-enix.com/company/en/news/2022/html/f520051993639fb5ad7c70cf43d6f03ed0b9092e.html) > >Today, some media outlets reported that the former employees of Square Enix Co., Ltd. (hereafter "the Company") were under investigation for suspected insider trading. We have been fully cooperating with requests from the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission. > >As the investigation by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office is underway, we will continue to fully cooperate with their investigation. > >We deeply regret the great concern this has caused to all concerned. We have dealt with this incident strictly, including internal disciplinary actions taken against the suspected employees. > >We have established the proper management system for confidential information and have also set up a system to prevent insider trading, such as the obligation of prior notification when trading the Company's stock and prohibiting the stock trading of the Company and listed companies that have the business relationship with the Company before important non-public information is disclosed. We have also worked to ensure thorough awareness of the regulations through employee training. Taking the recent incident sincerely, however, we will take further actions as preventive measures throughout the Company by further tightening internal regulations and conducting more thorough employee education programs My guess is theyll get hit with something, as this happened on their watch


There is nothing that Square Enix could have done as a company to prevent what happened. The 3 people charged were part of the Dragon Quest team at the time so of course they knew about Dragon Quest Tact before it was announced. That was all they needed to know in order to buy shares in Aiming (the mobile developer partnering to make Tact) before the announcement of the project. Authorities will be looking to ensure nobody else within Square Enix is guilty of the same crime so as long as there is nobody else, nothing will happen to Square. And if there are other people, as long as Square is cooperating (likely by providing a list of people on the Dragon Quest team during that time period) the only harm that will come to them as a company will be the loss of whoever else is found to have done the same thing.


Square Enix as the parent company is responsible for the actions of their employees and the data that is held within the company. If they failed to have proper procedures in place that lead to insider trading, its entirely possible that the can be fined as well.


What procedure could you put in place that would prevent people involved in a project knowing about the project? That is the extent of the insider trading in this case. People in the Dragon Quest team knew about the upcoming Dragon Quest project and hastily bought shares in the partnering company before the project was publicly announced. The absolute best they could do is attempt to reduce the number of people that know about upcoming projects but that still means entire teams of people will have the knowledge to do the same thing that was done in this case. It's impossible to eliminate the possibility. The reason more people don't do it the way it was done here is because of how trivial it is to discover and prosecute, most people aren't stupid enough to take the risk.


Restriction of knowledge is \*exactly\* how corporations handle this. If Square failed to do this and then failed to have stock purchase blackout restrctions in place then they screwed up. Heres an article that talks about it [https://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article/how-companies-are-working-to-curb-insider-trading/](https://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article/how-companies-are-working-to-curb-insider-trading/)


Square Enix disagrees, as they've stated they're putting measures in place to prevent this from happening again. These measures include security measures protecting confidential information that leads to situations such as this.


Sounds pretty token "we're doing something" because there is no security measure you could take that would eliminate the possibility of something like this happening, other than something extremely invasive and unfeasible like banning all employees from owning stocks and allowing the company to have access to individual employee's financials. The insider trading that happened here is so base level and simple. It's impossible to begin pre-production on a project without individuals being involved. There are always going to be people within Square Enix that know about projects before they are publicly announced. I guess you could try and restrict the number of people that know to only the people actively involved in the project but that's still a large number of people for most projects.


Well, that's up for the Japanese SEC to decide. Not being on the inside, neither you or I know how lax their restrictions are. What we do know is that A- They're part of the investigation B- They're apologizing C- They're taking disciplinary measures against parties involved (which would imply either there is still some sort of business relationship there, or there are others involved who simply haven't been arrested) D- They're tightening security Could be "token" but I would imagine their lawyers wouldn't want them to put out a token statement with any details beyond "were participating in the the investigstion" with the SEC looking at their documents. Tying this back to the point of this thread, since this has gone off on a tangent; I wouldn't jump ship from Nintendo to get involved in whatever happening over there.


On the point of the thread, of course Takahashi would have no reason to leave the company he is co-founder and president of (Monolith Soft) to work for Square Enix (the company he left to found Monolith Soft in the first place) but I don't think the insider trading thing has anything to do with that lol.


They certainly did in the past though, which is why Square Enix is tied into this investigation. If the crime happened on their watch then they run the risk of liable for whatever went down


Square is not into making obscure cult hits anymore. They make games that target the widest audience possible because since the merger with enix making money is what drives the company. Xenogears remake is not gonna happen, and if it does they will kill whatever made it special to begin with.


A collaboration is possible for sure just like live a live


Probably not, but Square has the full rights for it. A remake probably isn't likely. Takahashi moved onto Xenosaga and later Xenoblade a long time ago. A remaster, sure. But I think the game holds up alright, just use save states in the tricky platforming sections.


I don't really think that there is any way of Takahashi leaving monolith. A possible scenario would be a remaster if square actively reach out for it. They own the IP so they are those who could revive it.


a one-time off is likely possible but a complete coming back to SE is not possible as both separated for a reason. Also Takahashi owns a portion of MS so unlikely he will abandon it just to be employed by another company. He would rather apply for a higher position in Nintendo and will likely get it due to his success. A remaster is possible if it gets released as an exclusive on Nintendo platforms.


I doubt hed let it happen without monolith being involved. Just seems backhanded.


I'm also wondering if he feels like he would get along with one of the earliest games he made on an intellectual level. His ideas have certainly changed and evolved over time. For someone who puts a lot of his ideas into his games, one wonders if he even feels he's the same person he was back then.


It would have to be a collaboration between monolith and square and would exclusively be a Nintendo game. Someone would have to bring up I don't see why they wouldn't do it but it's more a legal process than anything else and if the team even wants to do it in the first place.


Technically speaking Takahashi can do whatever he wants if he would leave Monolith Soft, he doesn't own the company anyway, Nintento owns 95+% of the company shares. So technically he can get poached back by Square Enix, lured with the chance to recreate said game. However there also is a very big chance that if he would try and MS he would be slapped with some anti-competition clausule he probably has signed at some point. And it neglects the fact that he has gotten a lot of his partnership with Nintendo. And if he wants to revisit said game. I don't think he would, he seemingly has buried his passion for that project after letting go of Xenosaga, something that already was a reboot. He probably is content with re-exploring similar themes in his current games. Notwithstanding that your question really neglects a very important part of Takahashi's brilliance: Soraya Saga. In interviews they talked about Takahashi working on broad philosophical concepts and interpretations whereas she was the person that blew life, relations and emotions in them.


I do believe it would be possible, but I mostly wonder if he would want to go back considering that he's said that he's moved on from Xenogears a lot of times and just wants to focus on what he's doing now.


I really don't think he would want to


It's possible, sure, but its super unlikely and also he probably just wouldn't want to. He didn't leave Square and create Monolithsoft and then agree to let it get bought from Bandai Namco by Nintendo just to leave his own company and go back to Square. Technically Square can remake Xenogears without him, since they own the rights to it, but for a remake to happen that he's involved in all involved parties would have to agree to it, that being Nintendo, Monolithsoft, and Square Enix, and that's unlikely because big companies don't generally like to share resourced. Xenosaga would also be unlikely for basically the same reasons, just replace Square with Bandai.


If we were to get a Xenogears remake, it would be that most likely Square Enix would license out Xenogears to Nintendo so MonolithSoft and Takahasi couled develop it.


It's not as big of stretch as people would think. Unlike western gaming companies, Japanese companies do often work together to make some shared titles. That's why there are many more Crossover Japanese games than western games. So is it possible ? Yes it wouldn't even be a surprise. Is it likely ? Not really sadly. There are still other famous JRPGs that SE own that fans would love a remake of, before getting to Xenogears. Chrono Trigger, or Vagrant story are just a few examples.


> It's not as big of stretch as people would think. Unlike western gaming companies, Japanese companies do often work together to make some shared titles. That's why there are many more Crossover Japanese games than western games. Can't wait for Tokyo Mirage Kislev.


> Chrono Trigger, or Vagrant story One is an already masterpiece and the other no one cares about enough since it was kinda late on the PS1 IIRC. Xenogears has a big fanbase which got even bigger thanks to Xenoblade.


Why would a game being a masterpiece be the reason they won't remake it though. It doesn't mean they'll give it the FF7 Remake treatment, but more than updated visuals treatment like Live a Live. As for Vagrant Story, I think you're underestimating how many fans it has. Plus Matsuno just got done doing Tactics Ogre: Reborn, so it's not that hard to think they'll let him remake his other hit game (Vagrant Story). Either way, those are just examples. The point was that SE has a lot of old JRPGs that they can work on before getting to Xenogears. Just remaking/remastering all the old Dragon Quest games will keep them busy for a long time.


It's possible, but it'd have to be a nintendo exclusive otherwise I don't see them loaning out one of their best studios to work on a game other platforms will also get


I would agree if it's a Nintendo IP, but this is SE's IP, so they probably will get a timed exclusivity deal. Nintendo have been working with SE for the last few years on timed exclusive deals for all their JRPGs and JRPG remakes/remasters (Triangle Strategy, Front mission remakes, Octopath Traveler, Live a Live, etc...). So working on another isn't that far fetched. I agree that they probably won't lend Monolith to SE, and I don't think SE will even want them. They'll probably just ask Takahashi to supervise or direct the remake.


Timed exclusives is way different than lending anyone from your studio to help make a game for a rival console. Nintendo won't gain anything from not being able to have monolithsoft making their own first party games for however long it takes to remake xenogears.


That's what I said though. >I agree that they probably won't lend Monolith to SE, and I don't think SE will even want them. They'll probably just ask Takahashi to supervise or direct the remake.


Again, why would they even let Takahashi do that to begin with? That's what you're not getting


IMO, Xenoblade 3 has surpassed Xenogears anyway so I am not looking forward to a remake anymore.


Why would he ever leave Monolith, which is pretty successful atm, to work at that mess of a company that is Square Enix lol


I mean if he wanted to abandon the studio he’s co-owned for over two decades, which just released its bestselling product ever, to go back to the company he originally left because they wouldn’t let him make the games he wanted… I guess technically nothing is stopping him. I wouldn’t hold my breath though.


The most realistic scenario I can envision is a Xenogears remaster being made as a collaboration between Square-Enix and Monolith Soft, released exclusively on a Nintendo platform. But I feel like it'd be more likely that Takahashi revisit Xenosaga rather than Xenogears. To my understanding Xenosaga is a reboot of Xenogears, Takahashi realizing that he reached a limit with the latter and the former being him (and Kaori Tanaka/Soraya Saga) redoing the same concepts.


Personally I think its even less likely that Takahashi revisits Xenosaga than he revisits Xenogears given the production history and the fact that his ambition over that series was so ridiculously large and hence he couldn't come anywhere close to meeting his original goals for it. Xenogears would be easier to tackle if they ever went the re-release/remaster/remake route.


At best I’d hope for a crossover with Xenogears, xenosaga, and Xenoblade (almost X-zone) done by takahashi. I don’t think he’d every want to go work at square again


I highly doubt Tetsuya Takahashi would leave Monolithsoft & Nintendo to work with Square-Enix. Honestly if anything because SE seems to be in kind of a shit state of a company right now Takahashi left the company because he didn’t like the direction it was headed in and that was way before a lot of SE’s modern BS. Takahashi probably saw a lot of it coming in at least a broad sense. The best chance for a Xenogears anything more than more figure arts and at best maybe a cheap port or remaster is if Square-Enix sells the IP of Xenogears to either Monolithsoft or Nintendo. Originally I would’ve thought this not possible but then SE did the whole big sale to embracer group. There is a very small chance of a collaborative since SE and Nintendo have been working decently well together but there would have to be a bigger drive in both companies to want to work on Xenogears than i actually think there is. I think Monolithsoft would definitely have genuine interest and desire but they also have Xenoblade on their hands but i do think that Monolithsoft would jump at the chance to buy either the Xenogears IP or Xenosaga IP if they were for sale and I think that they have enough good will with Nintendo to convince the company to throw money at either of those IP