Persona 3, for sure! When it came out, I could still game for hours on end and was a lonely young’un. The social links system really spoke to me! I had never seen such a thing in a JRPG. Plus, Misuru was hot.


> Plus, Misuru was hot. I see you're a man of culture.


Chrono Trigger easily. I think the story is amazing and the part where you find out your main objective a bit into the game is really good.


Gonna start my first ever playthrough on Chrono Trigger tomorrow. Hope I’ll like the game as much as other people here. I don’t have nostalgia to influence my feelings towards it.


I hope that you enjoy the game! I know that a lot of people do which can also impact a new player's perspective to the game prior to playing.




It's probably the only RPG that I can firmly say that there are no annoying characters. Every game seems to have at least one, but I cannot think of anyone for Chrono Trigger.


I really wish I could relive seeing Zeal for the first time. I lucked out by not seeing it in any way, shape or form until my friend went there for the first time. I was completely left in awe as he kept playing through that part of the game. Corridors of Time also added so much to the experience as a beautiful accompaniment to the setting.


Persona 5 because after a long time , the game actually manage to make me sit down like some teenager for hours of gameplay. Suikoden 2 because my first playthrough is when I'm not really understand english and think riou\-jowy relationship is common rivalry. re\-playing it and just realize the story was superb. wish I already learn english for my first playthrough honorable mention goes for Mana Khemia , Eternal Sonata, Dark Cloud 2 just because they are not entirely popular but I had fun with the mechanic from the game


Dark Cloud 2 hasn't age... well. I enjoy playing it because that nostalgic feeling but people that plays it for the first time, specially after trying another action RPGs, find it clunky, dull and unbalanced. Probably, an hipotethic third part, should have a combat more akin to Monster Hunter or Toukiden and less like Zelda OoT.


I disagree, I just picked up dark cloud 2 this weekend and it's still great to play


I would say the game is more into "simple" than clunky. sure the game lack depth in some aspect , but it's those kind of game where you picked a new game and understand how the game works, and lot of "mini\-games" that seems modern JRPG lacks. the dungeon part is too exhaustive, due to repetition. they should just decrease the stage amount, not counting the golf / challenge. progression is kinda weird, and there are grind methods to abuse because your weapon durability is not enough. so it's either "hard" because you don't know how the progression works or go max with the weapon with abuse. the game has it's flaw but I think it's simple , fun and charming overall


My brother and two friends found the combos too slow and with a stillness that other modern aJRPG haven´t. It´s true that is more dificult to land a complete combo against an enemy in Dark Cloud 2 than in Toukiden 2, for example, because your character can't move and attack with enough speed to make it feels "dinamic". I think that the game focus was, definitely, on exploration.


Golden Sun was the first real JRPG I played, and my first time playing through the first two games was so magical. I haven't experienced anything quite like it from a game since, although Chrono Trigger, Radiant Historia, Trails in the Sky, and the first Fire Emblem game on the GBA have come close. But yeah, I'd love to experience Golden Sun/The Lost Age again for the first time.


Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door! One of my all time favorite games as a kid. Played it again recently and it still holds up really well. Emotionally, I'd love to experience P4G again, but I think most of its impact on me was due to where I was in life




Haha, I played it on Dolphin Emulator. It's pretty nifty, but a bit of a hassle to get certain games on


Odin Sphere, if it counts (since it's more of a Hack'n Slash), but man, *the feels*... If it doesn't, Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. I still love playing this game & dig it out every other year. Rufus & Alicia, man... They're still one of the most tragic couples I've *ever* encountered to me.


I honestly hope that the Valkyrie Profile series could be properly ported to the computer. I have both VP and Silmeria on disc, but my PS2 is on the fritz and I've never gotten Silmeria to emulate well enough to play more than an hour.


Yeah, I got ya. I tried emulating it years ago when my PS2 & I couldn't afford a new one at the time. It's actually kinda sad emulators still aren't good enough for this game... Orrrr every fan's dream- (proper) remakes with new graphics & all that jazz for a current gen console. Sigh. One can dream. ~~But they would be *insanely beautiful* with current graphics on an HD TV. I'm awestruck just imagining it.~~


Unfortunately, the first Valkyrie Profile seems to be going the route of Chrono Trigger and was released on mobile devices in Japan in February. I sincerely hope that Steam doesn't receive said mobile port.


Yeah, I read about that one. Idek why they did that- the first game got a re-release for PSP, why bring it to mobile?


Money. They can make oodles of money by releasing their games on the most used platforms in the world without too much development work. There's what, billions of mobile devices in the world now? It ties in with their paradigm of trying to get their games out to more platforms.


I've tried the mobile version. Exploration is absolutely atrocious with touch controls. Pretty much unplayable. If they ever actually get around to releasing it outside of Japan, I'm going to go on a campaign urging people not to waste their money.


Yeah, this is case of me technically knowing, but not understanding, lol. Probably because although I do play games on my phone, I don't really consider this 'gaming' & have therefore troubles connecting this to things I consider 'real games' because let's be honest- most games for mobile are just there to pass time, not to get engrossed in & have a real 'gaming' experience.


Earthbound, because I've almost never had a time where I didn't know what to do next in the game. To experience each vivid location and beat for the first time would be lovely. Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete is in a close second.


I found my old Lunar: Silver Star Story soundtrack CD the other day. Lost the map and stuff years ago tho.


EarthBound hands down. That was the most magical JRPG experience I’ve ever had. And to have played it at around the same age as the protagonists sweetened the deal all the more. This probably contributes to why it’s my favorite game ever. A close second for me would have to be Super Mario RPG. That game was so much fun.


The issue with lunar would be which one to forget? Can I forget both? My absolute favorite series of all time.


Final Fantasy 6.


Me too


Definitely Shadow Hearts Covenant


Still Xenogears. Second choice Xenoblade.


Yeah Xenogears is pretty mind-blowing the whole way through. Thankfully, it's deep enough that I can get something new out of it when I play it again, every 7 years or so.


Xenogears is my number one all time and I'm just now approaching the end of my playthrough with XC1. I don't want it to end!! Have you played XCX or XC2?


XCX was kind of meh, but it's such a weird, unique game that the meh is definitely worth experiencing. XC2 was very good, but had a lot of QoL issues and your opinion of the game will probably depend a lot on how much these bother you. It seems like a decent amount of these have been patched though. Probably still not as good as the first game, but I haven't had the benefit of playing post-patch. Have you played through the Xenosaga series?


Im excited! Going in XC2 completely blind. Yes, I've finished all xenosaga games. It's a lot more connected to Xenogears than anyone's willing to admit. Hoping the same for Xenoblade series(just got to Fiora reveal!!!), but even if it isn't at all I'm just loving it. Wish I could run my 3ds through the tv!


Yup played them all. Imo they don't capture the magic and awe that XC1 has. XCX and X2 have potential but there's so many reasons why they are also just not as good as the first game by a mile.


Definitely Nier Automata


As much as I would like this, I don't think I could handle the emotions a second time around.


I wish my graphics card could handle it a first time.


And this is where I comment never to buy a Square Enix game for pc. If they aren't poorly optimized, then they are poorly ported phone games.


Other than 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 1-3, 15, SoM, or any of their other ports that are just fine. Also square is just the publisher for Nier, patches would be the responsibility of Platinum.


Oh damn, or even Nier 1.


FFX without question. The story, the music, the gameplay, the secrets... It's far and away my favorite RPG, and I'd love to experience it again for the first time. Beating it for the 10th time just doesn't have the same feeling of accomplishment.


FF9 for me


Ff9 battles are so slow on replay.


I wouldn't want to forget the first time, because teenage me got something out of it that adult me didn't. I think I would erase my second playthrough, because adult me got a lot more out of it emotionally wise. That ending hit me even harder, and watching all those scenes where Yuna has to put on a brave face with the knowledge of what's to come. Even the awkward laugh scene (yes it's awkward on purpose, even the original Japanese is painful to hear) makes more sense.


I'm going to start playing it with my fiancee soon! As it's her first time I'm hoping some of that magic will flow through her into me


Did this with mine last year and it totally did. Next best thing to experiencing it for the first time, perhaps even equal to it.


This closely followed by Kingdom Hearts 1


I've been debating an FFVI or a IV replay. You just convinced me to play X instead. ... Or I could play SMT: Noctrune... *Damn.*




If i could erase my memory of LO so I could restart from the beginning and finish it in a couple sittings instead of dropping it cuz ffxiv's first expac came out Id be so happy. Replaying thru sections ive already played thru hurts.


Final fantasy VIII. Can I go back when I was 13 too?


I played it 12 time. I can't get enough. imagine a remake... (one were Seifer stay in the team :P)


That damn ending fucked my mind so hard


Nier: Automata for me. What I would give to go through the range of emotions I felt playing that game one more time.


NieR: Gestalt. I went into it slightly spoiled and it still blew me the fuck away, so I can't imagine what it would be like to go in completely blind.


Maybe persona series. Non JRPG i wish i could erase the Danganronpa series from my memory and experience it fresh again


Started on Danganronpa today! First time ever. All I know is it's a murder mystery!


Careful. You might drop off the deep end like I did. After i finished DRV3 i thought i had escaped the spike chin soft clutches. Then i realized there was Zero Escape (yes i just used those words as a double meaning)




The unfortunate thing about the anime is its Danganronpa Abridged basically. You'll get the story but it's so spend up you miss the character building that the game's free time events give you.


NieR: Automata for sure. I would never forget about my friends in P4 <3


I'd have to say Grandia, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, and FFVI.


There's others I could pick.... Better choices... Like Xenogears... But I'm gonna say StarOcean 2. That games environment were so pretty and magical


I freaking loved that game. I remember in my first Claude playthrough I had a random drop at the end of the first or second disc of some amazing armor. Didn't find out until I had regular access to the internet that the armor was not supposed to be found until the final dungeon, no clue who dropped it or how I got it, just random encounter, optimized equipment and why is my game broke and Claude taking no damage. Stayed that way until the final fights in the arena.


Wow that's so awesome!!


None. The thing I love about JRPGs is that the creators layer meaning within them, and every replay shows me something new. None of the games I love are worse in the second playthrough.


Grandia for sure!! Golden Sun 1&2 as well


If I could forget about P4 and 5 too, then P3. I will never forget the way that game made me feel when I first played through it, and I think part of it would be ruined by already having experienced the next two. If not, then probably FFVII. It's my favorite JRPG of all time and yet I can't seem to get through it a second time; the boring parts just wear on me too much.


Skies of Arcadia. The sense of discovery and wonder in that game are unmatched and I'd love to have it back


Skies of Arcadia, far and away. Even today it's environments, exploration, and world lore are a cut above. With some QoL changes and good advertising it could rerelease and be an absolute banger, especially if they integrated some of the Switch's special feature.


I remember beating it long ago on Dreamcast, but don't remember anything from it. Were taking 10+ years. I might have to replay it


It got a bit of a remaster on the GameCube as well.


You'll definitely want to consider the Gamecube version, they added several new bosses and fixed the random encounters to not fire every 15 seconds.


Lost Odyssey for me, some of the memories you unlock and back stories are really emotional that it would be great to experience them all over again.


Final Fantasy 7. I remember liking the game so much, I was depressed at school for being away from my PS1.


Xenoblade Chronicles, cause I didn't understand english at the time so I had difficulty and abandoned the game


Oh definitely The World Ends With You. They're not JRPGs but also the Zero Escape Franchise.


FF7, Chrono Trigger, BoF3 in that order. I know you asked for one but I'm bad at directions.


Breath of fire 3


I got around to the "Plant" with Meepo and Nina and I stopped, Should i give it another try?


Mother 3 without a doubt.




FF8 or FF10. Two games that just hit so many of my personal favorite bits of the genre. Combat with active bits, big crazy animations, summons, side quests galore with good rewards(special summons, ultimate weapons and limit breaks), romance and progression systems that are more than just leveling up. Very few games have all that in one place. But they both do. It's also crazy that no games like that have come out since.


This is very true


Lunar on Sega CD


Probably Xenoblade. The amount of twists and turns in that game is insane, and my chin was on the floor during most of the major moments in the game. Even just regular cutscenes were a joy to watch. I enjoyed all of the exploring, I even enjoyed the sidequests, and mastering the battle system to take on the difficult super\-bosses at the end of the journey was insanely satisfying. Basically, I adore everything about Xenoblade.


I'm pretty sure that pokemon mystery dungeon: explorers of sky is a jrpg, but I would love to be able to play through it again with all of the plot twists and really well done story without knowing what will happen next.


Trails in the Sky. Although if I can only delete one of the three, it would be akward...since SC is the best one, but if I still remember Third, I would mostly know what happens in it. And I definitly didn't enjoy my first playthrough of Third, so don't want to forget that. So if it can only be a single game, then Ao no Kiseki. So I can replay it with a proper translation. Although having played CS2 also spoils things for that.


SC IS THE BEST ONE? i need to play it now :(


From your comment it sounds like you already played FC. If you did, I have no idea how you didn't immediatly start SC afterwards.


Well I don’t like playing on PC so i thought I would wait until it came out to switch or something :( but you make me really want to play it now


While I can't say it won't ever happen...it's extremely unlikely. There is little incentive to port a 10 year old niche JRPG to the switch. And even if it happens...I would be very surprised if it ever came to the west.


Hook up a PS3/4 controller to your PC and you'll barely notice a difference. That's how I always do it. SC is basically like FC but more and better. If you enjoyed FC, you'll likely love SC. Definitely play the other games in the series too. It gets better and better the more games you play, since they all connect so intrinsically. It's really good stuff.


How do I use my PS3 Controller on pc? I just couldn’t figure it out last time...


[Check this out.](https://www.pcgamer.com/ps3-controller-on-pc-guide/) Alternatively, you could get a cheapo gamepad like a Logitech F310, or you could grab something fancy like an Xbox One controller or a Switch Pro controller or a DS4 controller. Windows supports xbone controllers natively, Steam has support for DS4 and procons


Thanks! I have a switch pro controller so might use that! Didn’t know It was supported


Yup, you just need to update to the beta branch of Steam. Iirc you can update it by clicking Steam->Settings->Account, then you just click change under the beta participation. There'll be a pull down menu where you can select "Steam beta update" or something like that. After that the procon should work mostly fine, I've had it lock up from time to time but unplugging it and plugging it back in fixed it every time. I'd imagine that issue will be fixed when the update reaches the stable branch, but it's rare enough I wouldn't worry about it right now, personally. I think I've had it happen to me twice over ~30 hours of gameplay


Thanks so much!


You need 3rd-party drivers for DS3 to work on Windows. I've used [SCP Toolkit](https://github.com/nefarius/ScpToolkit/releases) with good results in the past. IIRC it works with both wired and a bluetooth adapter. The only problem is that you'll get XBox button icons. A little annoying but you get used to it after awhile. And if you want a save file from FC to import into SC (some things transfer over), just ask. I can share mine.


Thanks! And no worries, my save file should be on steam :)


1. [First, go here, and click on the link for the latest version.](https://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-XInput-Wrapper-for-DS3-and-Play-com-USB-Dual-DS2-Controller) 2. Then, make sure you have everything under the requirements section. 3. The download buttton for the driver and program itself is on the right. 4. Unpack the contents on your desktop (or wherever you want, really), then go into the bin-folder and run "SCPDriver.exe" to install. 5. With your controller plugged in, run SCPServer.exe and connect it to the first slot. That SHOULD work, but if you have any questions, you can ask me, but if you just do it one step at a time, you should be fine. Good luck! EDIT: Looks like someone beat me to it. :P Oh well. I'll leave it up anyway. Hope it works out for you! Oh well


I used to use my PS3 controller on PC, but I got tired of messing around with Better DS3 (the program to make the controller work). These days, I tend to switch between controllers a lot, but [this is probably my favorite](https://www.amazon.com/Gaming-Controller-Gamepad-Windows-Android/dp/B00OAYHIRA/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_sims?ie=UTF8). It feels like a PS3 controller, but is plug and play due to using Xbox controller drivers and the buttons are labeled properly, which I kind of need since switching between Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft layouts messes with my brain. I also like the Xbone controller quite a lot although I've noticed the analog sticks seem to have a slightly larger travel distance than other controllers, which makes my reaction time seem slower. Totally fine for most games, but I always swap to a different controller when playing something like Furi.


Shining Force 1 or 2


Can't decide between Lufia 2, Wild Arms 2, or Suikoden 2. FF6 and Chrono Trigger are great for replaying, but the former three were so good the first time. P4 and P5 were also in consideration.


Persona 5, NieR: Automata, FF7, Tales Of Symphonia.


These are my favorite games, I've only gotten like 2 hours into NieR because I wanted to wait for a PC patch though. Is it worth just picking it up on console for the story?


Dude, you owe it to yourself, NieR: Automata uses the medium to tell its story in ways that are revolutionary. It's an awesome game.


Huh, I'm definitely picking it up asap then. Thanks for the heads up, I can tell you have good taste in games.


Bravely Default. I was blown away the first time I played.




Ah, you were at my side all along.


Suikoden 2 or FF Tactics. The stories are amazing!


Final fantasy tactics. The first time TG Cid joins you and you realize how OP he is, and he’s ON YOUR SIDE!


At Tonelico or the Luminous Arc games


Tactics that one blew me away the first time around...


Tales of symphonia, with earthbound a close second. Also unpopular opinion here but Pokemon white would be third. Such a beautiful game


Symphonia was my first too my older cousin is the one who got me into it. Still replay it everyone couple years.


Tales of Symphonia (alongside FF tactics advance) was my first rpg. Loved every second of it, even if nowadays it doesn't resonate as much, considering how I've noticed how poorly developed the characters are. But yeah, it's my choice too. Both of them and I guess Xenoblade too :)


Poorly developed? I gotta replay it then, haven’t done so in a while, so it might be that the characters aren’t as good as I remember :(


FFIX, no contest


Definitely .Hack GU Some years ago I didn't have internet for over 2 months (techical issues as far as I remember) I used to download a lot of stuff ,JRPGs only in fact and stored em all in one folder. One day I was chilling in my room thinking what I can do without internet. "Scrolling" through in my PC out of boredom I saw the folder and I opened it. I had played most of these games and I was kinda dissapointed since it was recently that I finished them back then. Then I saw an sub folder named .Hack . I thought to myself " what's that? " And then it happened. One of my most enjoyable moments of my life in just those 2 months playing this game. I loved every single thing about this game. Apart from this game i'd say : 1)Final Fantasy VII 2)Suikoden V 3)Persona 4 4)Dragon Quest VIII 5)Growlanser V 6)Ar Tonelico and Atelier Iris series


I would love to be able to relive the reveal at the end of volume 2 without knowledge. I was blown away.


Yap definitely!Bet noone expected it!


persona 5 as i just finished it in a pretty blind run about 2 hrs ago. the feels are still fresh so it's #1 in my mind. ugh. why'd it have to end. other choices would be ff6, chrono trigger, and ff tactics for damn sure.


FFIX is my favorite JRPG (very possibly my favorite game in general), but if I had to pick one I'd probably go with FFVII. That was my introduction to the Final Fantasy franchise as well as the RPG genre, so it might be fun to have that experience over again. Then again, if I remembered everything else I've played since, I guess it wouldn't be quite the same anyway? All that said, I can get just as much enjoyment out of my favorites now as when I first played them, so it's not really something I desire and think about like "if only...". If anything I find have a deeper appreciation of them now vs. when I was a child and teenager.


Suikoden II and Xenogears


I wouldn't replaying Nier Gestalt again. That game was really good. Another game I wouldn't mind erasing my memory for just so I could play again would be Tales of Vesperia.


Persona 3, 4 and 5. Such unique games.


I'd say SMT Nocturne, or Bloodborne. Not even finished Bloodborne, and it's still an all time favourite.


For me, the game that influence me the most and made me love the genre in the first place , is FFVII the soundtrack the story all of it.


None. All of my favorites I experienced for the first time with my father who died several years ago. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything.


Final Fantasy Tactics. I got so much joy for the game during the Heavenly Knight Barbaneth Beoulve scene. That music is hauntingly beautiful to me. The first time I got to use T.G. Cid, the hard bosses and of course, the epic story. Yes please.


Unpopular opinion possibly but, Final Fantasy XIII. I’d like to play it now, without knowing anything, to see what I think about it.


I really worry how much the nostalgia lens would affect my choice. Hands down it would be Xenogears of the original Shining Force, but I would worry about the adult me may not experience it how I did when I was much younger. So I may not enjoy them as much. Would put Persona 5 as my safe choice


Lost Odyssey would probably be my choice


Hmm. Honestly, ff15...but it would have to be at the point they finish with all the dlc and the game is in it's ~~true~~ complete form.


Secret of Mana. It was my very first RPG, and I’ll never forget those moments of sadness and happiness


Phantasy Star 2. The sense of satisfaction I got from finally finishing that game is something that I've rarely experienced since.


Suikoden 2 or FFVII without a doubt. Xenoblade as a close third.


Persona 5, but only if I can temporarily forget that I played 3 and 4 for the duration as well and have the experience of all the people where 5 was their introduction to the series. That or Xenoblade 1, because I played it after I had watched an entire playthrough of the story.


P5 was my first game of the series and it blew my goddamn mind, I just ordered 3 and 4(Golden) so I can play the fantastic games I missed


Kingdom hearts, persona 5 and Ni No Kuni


Persona 4. I cant enjoy Persona 5 as much as everyone seems to, I pre ordered the collector's edition even and still havent finished it, cause I keep comparing it to P4. Its unfair cause I played P4 thru out my senior year at highschool. Almost all my friends had graduated so it was my friend (at the risk of sounding cringy) while everyone else was reminiscing about the past 12 years I was leveling my social link with Yosuke, trying to rush to finish Naoto's and humming the Junes theme. I could never sum up the impact that game had on me in to words. It's just that amazing and I found it at the right time in my life.


Earthbound/Mother 2. I mean, I'm sure a lot of my love has to do with playing it when I was roughly Ness's age and so there's that "childhood magic"... but also, just the sense of discovery. Of starting out in a small town & finding items in trash cans & then each town being slightly bigger than the one before it, before suddenly you're traveling the world & traveling through time. It's just so expansive and enchanting and so odd and offbeat. There's nothing else like it. I had a similar experience with FF7 (the moment when you first leave Midgar and realize the world is much more than the tech-dystopia you've been playing in), but something about Mother 2 being Americanized & in a non-medieval-like setting sort of imbued some magic in my everyday. I wish I could play it again without knowing exactly what to do, what's going to happen, where all the secrets are, etc.


Persona 3 FES, Persona 3 FES, Persona 3 FES. Most transformative game I’d ever played.


If it could be any game, probably Shenmue II. If it had to be a JRPG, probably Suikoden II.


Shining force 3


Ok... did you play it in Japanese or did you use the English patched version?


English patched, though I own every classic shining game officially I cannot read any Japanese, ehh


So I played Shining in the darkness, Shining Force 1, 2, CD, Shining Force NEO, Shining Force EXA, haven't played 3 and its been on my list for years to play, is there any other games in the series you'd recommend in the series?


The gamegear titles are excellent, cd covers the first 2 but shining force gaiden 3 bridges shining force 1 and 2, shows you links between the characters etc... Translation available on shining force central. 3 is absolutely incredible and is the best game by miles imo, and if you liked shining in the darkness, play shining the holy ark first... Same dungeon crawler style and sets up for shining force 3


Xenoblade Chronicles, completely. My first experience was so incredible it made me appreciate how open, rich, deep, packed, and explorable both games and the real world could be. I don’t think I’ve ever played a game that actually changed my life as much as this one.


FF9, that game was too magical for me to put into words. Other contenders are Xenogears, Persona 4 and 5, and maybe FE: Path of Radiance.


Star Ocean 5


I think you only read the first half of the question!


As much as I want to say Persona 5, I'd probably do something like FF6, FF7 or Lufia 2. I want the old experience of 'not knowing what to do' back. Very rarely do I just wander around and explore in games now. Even with P5 I basically knew **exactly** what to do to efficiently complete the game from previous Persona games I had played.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2


Golden Sun for the sheer join that it brought me. Legend of the Dragoon, because it was my first experience of getting in an epic story like that.


Final Fantasy Tactics, FF9, Radiata Stories.


Dragon quest viii for sure. What a great everything about that game Edit: changed xiii to viii


I assume you meant DQ VIII? If so, I wholeheartedly agree.


Whoops! Yes I did. I’m playing it on the 3ds a second time loved it so much


Gotcha. What order did you play them in? I'm thinking of going straight to xc2 and getting to xcx when I can find an affordable wii u. Would you say xcx is similar to xenosaga?


Skies of Arcadia. Even though I like Xenoblade 1 and Ni No Kuni 1 more, it has better plot and exploration, which are things best enjoyed in the first playthrough.


Kind of a recent one but Disgaea 5. I want to play 200+ hours of it again.


Yes I mean, the whole way through it’s amazing


Chrono Trigger probably. That or Earthbound.




Final Fantasy XII for me.


Radiata Stories. No game expresses how much I fell in love with a city, characters, music etc. If I could play it again fresh... Man what I would give. Such an underrated gem


Final Fantasy VIII is my favourite game because of how much it's meant to me since childhood, when I first played it I had no idea what I was doing or what was going on but I was pulled right in anyway and the foundation for my love of it was pretty much built on that. So it'd be interesting to see what my thoughts of the game would be if I was to play it for the first time as an adult. Though I'd be terrified of potentially liking it less so I'll go with Persona 3 FES because it's king.


Golden Sun or Fire Emblem- Blazing Sword (my first JRPGs).


Legend of the Dragoon, that was my first ever game/moment where the plot threw me for a loop. I played it at the perfect time when I was coming of age and it holds a special place in my heart. I'd definitely buy a remake of it 100%. VOLCANO!


I'm going to cheat and name three games: • Xenoblade Chronicles • Final Fantasy IX • Nier: Automata If I was forced to choose only one, it would be Xenoblade.


Lufia 2 or Super Mario RPG. However, I feel the current me would just indefinitely pass these games for later or not love them as much I do now.


Definitely Chrono trigger. Nothing like the first time I played it. I've replayed it, but once you've already experienced the twists and turns of the story, and all the different secrets, it's just not the same.


Eternal Sonata. It was my first JRPG on console and I thought it was absolutely incredible despite several shortcomings in places.




super mario rpg.


Ys Book I & II for the Turbo Duo.


I never felt that way. After finishing a JRPG there are still other awesome ones to play.


Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age (That's the full game) Most rewarding exploring game ever made featuring Djinn (Pokemon done right) from India & Puzzles (Zelda ones AKA OG Pokemon) what all puzzles should be in JRPGs and the macguffins in each dungeon are all magic spells (psynergy) which allow you explore further.


Dragon Quest IX for sure


Final Fantasy X and/or Kingdom Hearts 1 But beside this I would like to ban the internet when playing a jrpg. Going back to the days when you either needed a strategy guide or a friend who knew a friend who know how to beat the boss, this was the true magic of gaming.


The Persona games for sure! I've only played 3, 4, and 5, but each game I play never fails to impress me. If I could erase one game though.. it has to be Persona 4 Golden. I'm with OP on this one, such a wonderful game that just blew me away. Played it multiple times but I just never get that same feeling after my first play through :(


Chrono Trigger Final Fantasy 7 Final Fantasy 8 Breathe of Fire III Xenogears Persona 5 Digimon World Mario RPG Pokemon Gold Star Ocean 2 The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past


Final Fantasy IX and Trails in the Sky FC/SC. The former because of its charm and magic, and the latter because of its amazing worldbuilding and because it's what I've always wanted from a game story.


Final Fantasy VI


I'd say Xenoblade just because I got spoiled about mechonis core during my first playthrough.


Baten Kaitos. The twist reveal had 14 year old me losing his damn mind.