I have looked at both myself. And I own the X85J. You really can't go wrong with either I would say, both are good. I simply didn't like the design of the Frame hence went with Sony. So would suggest you get the one you get cheaper. In terms of sound, I would say Sony is better, even though it only has 20 W inbuilt speakers, and Samsung has 40 W i think. But if you will be using a soundbar, that doesn't matter much too.


Thanks for the reply. So both give a decent 4k 120hz hdr gaming experience for the budget ?


I haven't tried Gaming on any, although both have [email protected] I would say you can check gaming reviews on YouTube for that. I checked it on Sony and the reviews I found, said the Ps5 worked well with Sony. I didn't do much research about the gaming experience on Samsung.


Check rtings .com


We got the X90k which is the new 2022 model yesterday and I’m mind blown by it and how it recognised my ps5 with me even turning the ps5 on and it’s a very smooth eco system


If you have PS5, stick with Sony unless you don't like Android.