Any Indian prime minister will allow him to pass, he is still a head of the state and it’s not upto India to punish him. How ever he won’t be allowed to stay here. And there is one country that loves this type of thugs, remember Malya, Nirva Modi? Musharraf?? Navaz Sheriff? Guess


Vo UK ja rha hn


Family Man Season 4 confirmed: “Return of LTE coverage”


He has resigned and is no more the head of state. And India might give him asylum but it would not be for long. This guy has bought many troubles to India by providing China a base and many Pro China moves. We will contemplate about his usefulness and his fate will be decided if he comes to India.


India will give him asylum till he can get the next plane out of here. Any longer and the BJP would face an epic backlash in Tamil Nadu, and rightly so.


President is head of the state, the PM is head of the government.


Ikr we literally warned him... But of course everybody sees the short term profit


Yes, but not if you are head of a country. How can anyone, compromise on sovereignty for some piece of loan. And then without any shame use that loan for personal use.


He goes to UK and becomes a Cab driver or delivery boy after ruining a beautiful Nation...


Nation is ruined but not him ..He will have cash stashed in swiss banks and other tax havens


He is rich beyond our wildest dreams. He needn't work a day in his life to keep up a lavish lifestyle. Basically, buddha pappu.


You think he didn't switch all his black money to English white? He will join the biggest thieves of the subcontinent.


He is not He resigned


You forgot to add a self proclaimed gadha/zebra to the list.


He resigned so he's not a HoS


I see lot of naive comments from my fellow Indians. This dude will not be allowed to set foot in India. Right after Modi became PM he personally conveyed to Rajapaksa he should inform India about any Chinese ship or submarine docking in Sri Lanka. And he didn't. When he was asked he arrogantly smugged it off saying he will inform next time. Rajapaksa is the reason Chinese are in Sri Lanka. There is no way in hell we are going to allow him to set foot in India.


exactly this. He let China in because he probably got bribe from China. He should go to China but alas they wont take him either


China might or it sets a precedent that they won't protect politicians they do corrupt dealings with in the future, making diplomacy much harder for them.


This would be the best opportunity to have a 'heartfelt talk' with him.


Why have a Talk with a traitor bad man antiindian china supportor?


India probably will let him in temporarily but he won't be able to stay here for long. Letting him stay here for long will send a wrong signal to Sri Lankans.


We should invite him to setup in Chennai. I hear they love Rajapaksas there.


No they don't. Thats over exaggerated.


Clearly missed the sarcasm


Okay, I don't have a comeback to sound Intelligent now. :(


Sorry mitr, that’s some basic stuff to know to be discussing this issue. Man has got blood on his hands , no that the ltte were saints or something.


The Rajapaksas ran on an anti-Tamil platform, and oversaw a decade of war crimes against Tamils. Besides, TN has never been known for friendliness towards SL. Jaylalita gave an early release to conspirators of LTTE who assassinated Rajiv Gandhi.


/s works like a charm.


I doubt that he will be allowed. If he is allowed, Tamilians might get pissed at Modi. So, don't know.


Why should tamilians be pissed... If TN ruling party and its members were happy to meet him in Srilanka.. Why should ordinary tamilians be pissed at Modi..


But still what happened to Tamil brothers this was unacceptable.


LTTE brainwash runs deep even on this side


Whole india should be angry. Most people killed by him were ethnically Tamils and religiously Hindus. So don't wave this aside as a Tamil issue and later wonder what happened to Hindus in Sri Lanka.


Lol n ram was given srilankan Ratna by rajapaksa


Modi will most probably allow him to get here however i dont think that he will talk to him




Don't forget about tamilians They will kill him


Whole india should be angry. Most people killed by him were ethnically Tamils and religiously Hindus. So don't wave this aside as a Tamil issue and later wonder what happened to Hindus in Sri Lanka.


If he claims asylum he legally can't be kicked out and the courts will decide what to do with him, the PM isn't some kind of god emperor, we are a nation of rules and laws. His case of course wont be credible but he could drag it out for a few years.


Rajapaksa is corrupt asf no doubt but he still is an ex PM of a country,acc to protocol he should be allowed. I dont think he'll be able to flee any where else after entering india.


There is no protocol for ex-PMs, just mutual respect for the role. However given that RAW was knee deep in making sure he lost the previous election and Modi has been pretty blunt about the Hambantota disaster, India May not even entertain his request.


Technically India might not declare him a PNG unless he is convicted by an SL court!


u/lionSLead00 let me ask you: Do you think punishing him will help Sri Lanka? Do people in Sri Lanka understand the cause of the problem? Will a new government be able to avoid it?




Not sure [if you have seen this](https://np.reddit.com/r/IndiaSpeaks/comments/udvxxc/a_powerful_dynasty_bankrupted_sri_lanka_in_just/).


No one did. Hence you have to repost it in other threads to get Atleast some post karma




Yes it will be a lesson for future Sri Lankan Leaders


Some points to consider 1) Rajapaksa has literally been a antagonist for India, why would India provide him a safe refuge? 2) He and his clan has ammased a fortune. Why would they go to India when they can instead go to likes of USA/UK/Switzerland/China/Pakistan/Luxembourg or Lichtenstein where they babe stashed cash and have assets. Besides they actively hated India. 3) Suppose we grant him and his clan asylum, the next Lankan government would accuse us of harbouring fugitive just like Antigua did with Choksi. We need a favourable and friendly government relations with the next government. Why should we jeopardise whatever golden chance we may get?


He will not come to India. He is not very friendly with India. Rajpakshe is a Chinese stooge.


I don't think he can pull a Dawood Ibrahim level escape to any other country after losing so much, probably he will be tried in international court and will be sentenced or something. Until the court takes up on this case, he may have shelter here so that justice is served after the trial and not before it.


International court exists for poor people only, what happened to navaz sheriff? Same type of offence , he is doing fine in UK


Nawaz Sharif had his assets frozen by the UK and is undergoing the process of being deported. https://indianexpress.com/article/pakistan/nawaz-sharif-uk-visa-7441559/ These corrupt idiots were previously abusing EU human rights laws, which the UK no longer has to abide by so now it can kick them out much more easily.


There is no case for policy failures , but Tamil genocide might be a different matter


He is the reason why Chinese are present are in sri Lanka today. . Why should he be allowed in india.


Gotabaya Rajapaksa sucked chinese.... UK or china ..


We don't want him in India . Send him to his daddy xi


He'd better hope he doesn't land up in Tamil Nadu or Puducherry at the very least, I'm not sure even the local police could control the mob that would come after the genocide king himself. For a more legitimate answer though, he would have a diplomatic passport and can therefore show up (visa not required), but whether he can leave from an Indian airport is a political decision for the Modi govt to make. I'm not sure which way the wind will blow: on the one hand, he is the head of govt of a neighbouring country so he has to be accorded the utmost respect; on the other hand, the man is hated in India with a vengeance (both for the genocide and for being a Chinese stooge) and Modi govt may not be above using him to make some domestic political hay. They've been doing well in TN local elections, why not show Modi as the catcher of the genocidal Mahinda Rajapaksa? That said, doesn't the entire family hold some western citizenship or residency anyway? I'm sure he has comfortable riches and top lawyers waiting for him wherever he goes. Seriously, Sri Lanka needs to get rid of this parivar and abolish the executive presidency.


Whole india should be angry. Most people killed by him were ethnically Tamils and religiously Hindus. So don't wave this aside as a Tamil issue and later wonder what happened to Hindus in Sri Lanka.




On a serious note man hope you and people of your country survives the current crises at hand.


He must be already enjoying wine and cigar on the Chinese port that Sri Lanka leased to their new friends.


he will be allowed mostly. fooling citizens is not considered as crime - he can be stopped only if india feels pressure from other foreign countries like west on grounds of china


>fooling citizens is not considered as crime Isn't fraud a crime?


hmm... india is not able to get back indians who committed economic fraud in india (mallya, nirav modi etc)


Western pressure doesn't mean shit to india anymore. He will not be entertained in india, let alone vip treatment. He is a coward, corrupt, enemy of india and will be treated as well.


They have enough money, China probably bribed them with millions to put Sl under it's debt burden.


I think he will go to UK, people may protest if he comes here


Unlikely the UK, since they left the EU and the ludicrous EU human rights laws no longer apply, it's not the destination of choice for corrupt politicians / businessmen on the run.


Why come to India where there Tamilians thirsty for his blood. And he's not a head of State anymore.


Rajapakse has connections to many Indian politicians from all sides.


my subjective opinion would be to not allow him. this dude tried to play both India and china. btw why doesn't he go to china directly. i hope our govt. gives him "pehli fursat mein nikal" gesture. but i do hope SL becomes stable. too much instability in India's neighbourhood.


Going to UK most probably. Like all other crooks


He isn't an enemy of India also it's a personal matter of other country so I don't think there'd be any restriction. But he probably won't be catered


You remember when pm modi asked him not to get involved with Chinese which he did anyway. . He is the reason why Chinese are in Lanka today. . I don't he will be allowed in india.


He’s a diplomat and as such India has no power to detain him or refuse entry. He won’t be able to seek asylum but he could pass through to another destination.


Not a diplomat anymore. He is a runaway corrupt criminal.


Doesnt he still have legal status with the government??


I bet that isn't legal anymore. Rules of engagement have changed. The only thing that is saving him is his wealth. Give it a month or 2 he will be declared an enemy of the state.


That would be good. Cuz if he has any official legal status, then technically he’s still immune in other countries. Unless he’s declared an enemy of the state by the new government.


Oh man... As long as he makes it to Chinese controlled port or even a Chinese Vessel docked at a Sinhalese government owned port, he wil probably be granted passage through China to wherever he finds refuge. India might not let him dock anywhere in India but I don't see this government will detain him in any way. You guys should do something to stop him from reaching any dock. The best scenario would have been if you guys had an interim government which would prosecute him and throw his ass in jail.


I so doubt it, because the assembly is dissolved and he is not the head of the state anymore. He has resigned. India can easily deny it.


Can he now be tried on the war crimes against Tamils after LTTE was defeated?


Let's see what happens


If the govt believes he will never be able to come back to power (which from what I see in news seems true) then he won't at the end of the day, its comes down to geopolitics


Nopes we don’t need in India any chinese stooge and especially one who destroyed his own country for some chinese money


Why Bharat? Not cheen?


He will be allowed mostly. He will be granted temporary stay, then he will leave. No special offers ​ You guys should block access to your ports


even if he comes here, no one will know of it on reddit i guess


Only Thieves paradise Western countries give asylum for robing their ex colonies. UK, Canada, USA, Europe are famous for protecting criminals, but talk as though they are directly from the heaven!! Rajapaksa needs protection until he can be tried. It is better SL takes direction from India until they come out of the emergency situation. Never allow Milecha and Arabian slaves to give you directions. China may look soft from outside, you never know what they really want from you until the last second!


I hope you guys get him back eventually... he deserves what's coming for him.


If he pays a hefty price hehehehe >!/s!<


He won't come here. He's going to China or UK. India hates him and most probably covertly supports the SL opposition.


The SL opposition isn't much better than him. Both leading parties are incompetent idiots.


Extradition jaha nahi hoga waha bhagega woh...


My question for you OP what are the people of sri lanka thinking right now. Like after burning down every politician's home what kind of action are being demanded by the people. Are you all hoping for some kind of military rule or something.




Cool I thought that the people were planning to overthrow democracy


There's no way in hell he's going to be allowed here after he flirted with China like that. Hell, it might even be in our best interests to catch him ourselves and squeeze him for info on China's moves.


Hello my srilankan freind I am sorry for your economic/political crisis but I have one question?? Is srilanka basically an anarchy now??


He is the head of state, or a former head of state (I'm not sure what's up exactly because I heard he resigned) of a friendly nation. Of course India will protect him as much as is the right thing to do under international law. We do not want an incident while he is around. Besides, if it were just about permission to land, I'm sure he would get it too. Even if not for the reasons above, there is no guarantee that at some point he won't become your president again. Then what?


Personally I'd arrest him sight and send his ass back to SL and let his people sort him out.


he'll probably be allowed but once a new government forms in his absence, I think the govt. will hand him back to the Sri Lankan govt. but he might've left India by that time


Tamilians will trend #gobackRajapaksa, and then Modi will do the rest


Whole india should be angry. Most people killed by him were ethnically Tamils and religiously Hindus. So don't wave this aside as a Tamil issue and later wonder what happened to Hindus in Sri Lanka.


He will probably go to a country where he has invested most of his money.


I am damn sure he won't going to stay here for a long time Probably will buy a citizenship of any Caribbean nation


I honest think him and his entire familys days are numbered no matter where they go. Gota is probably next to run. I've read somewhere that many Lankan LTTE types are lying low in the west and India and they have a strong and quite potent organization. If this is true, he is safest in SL, nowhere else. Well maybe China or Siberia.


He could paid off with his own stashed cash.


I don't know much about the crisis, but is Rajapaksa a "thug"? It's pretty clear he fucked up on the governance part. Plus, I feel that if people are out to hurt him, his normal survival instincts will force him to flea and find refuge in a friendly country. India has no reason to refuse him shelter or help. Plus, he knows India isn't an asshole nation like most to milk him for political reasons and then chuck him aside. And it makes a lot of good sense if an Asian national leader stays in Aisa only. Western democracies have wildly elaborate and complicated takes on diplomacies and solutions for problems.


he is probably going to britain or china but chances 50/50 on india govt is cucked and handtwisted by the system but my guess will be not allowed


Probably possible the main opposition could be from Tamil brothers but they did not say anything yet.I hope he does not come here and cause needless fiction.Plus who told about him coming here ? I have not heard such things.


Damn OP... I saw some news about Srilanka ongoing condition but from your post genral public controlling Airport and setting PM house on fire. Condition is really bad. Stay strong.


Can someone please explain the situation to me?


He filled his pockets along with his family and now full Enjoy lol


Did he take his sports cars with him ?


Rajapaksa is a thug and not allowed here


Generally, Indian Govt will allow him to land, stay and offer protection, no matter whether it is Modi's govt or any other Govt. This is because Sri Lanka is a critical and important neighboring country that has national security implications for India. Also, in my guess, PM of Sri Lanka would have resigned after securing such guarantee and assurances from India. These kind of situations doesn't happen out of a vacuum.


Why is Mahinda escaping like this and not Gotabaya?


He will probably go to Great Thugs Kingdom


r/Chennai admins with guns waiting for Rajapaksa "to welcome him" 💀


TN might let him stay, they seem to be doing there own thing in the south of Bharat so.


It would be a miracle if he got out of Tamil Nadu alive. He is the most hated man there for the genocide he ordered.


Good take his ass down!


Whole india should be angry. Most people killed by him were ethnically Tamils and religiously Hindus. So don't wave this aside as a Tamil issue and later wonder what happened to Hindus in Sri Lanka.


No, he will go to the UK where he will be well protected.


Unlikely the UK, since they left the EU and the ludicrous EU human rights laws no longer apply, it's not the destination of choice for corrupt politicians / businessmen on the run.


He will be given temporary refuge until he boards flight to the Criminals Safe Haven (United Kingdom) Hope Sri Lanka finds stability. The debt is too big for their economy. China won't let them off easily...just look at what they did to Maldives. India had to pay-off the entire Loan amount on behalf of the Island to rescue them from colonization.


Unlikely the UK, since they left the EU and the ludicrous EU human rights laws no longer apply, it's not the destination of choice for corrupt politicians / businessmen on the run.


Don’t worry if he is Hindu he is great if not you are great


The most naive and stupidest question I have seen. 😂😂😂😂


He is welcome to India, we love him


Tis a good time for India to invade Lanka.


lund insaan, aur ek debt ridden state kyu chahiye tuze, ho 5 hai wo bas nahi kya?


This! Sala yaha apni lagi padi hai! We should not import more nonsense!


😐 army isn’t a robot which will attack for no reason


Oh bhootnike, what will you do after capturing a debt ridden country??. . This is a d**k move.


Really genius level of intellect here


Wot tha fumk sri lanka debt is more than Its gdp also why invade a Debt ridden country. If we do so we have to pay all the debt. Aur 2-3 gaali khudko de ye bolne ke liye


No invading another country. Coercion and covert activities are fine, outright invasion is stupid as Putin chacha is learning.