I was late to work because of that!




Yo 100% not your fault I hope you are okay and you get your car fixed soon or are able to get a new one soon


Good job, OP. What a jersey.


270 sucksss




Well this incident was the start of the bumper to bumper traffic.


lmao that's crazy. I love reddit sometimes. Imagine you're stuck in a traffic jam and when you check reddit later that day you randomly stumble upon the POV view of the exact reason for it


To be fair, being late to work is a given when taking I-270 near Denver


After, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different signs (overhead and PAINTED ON THE ROAD) saying which lanes went where. Eject this driver into space.


the dumbest part of all this is that if they had been in the middle or right lane they could've made their exit. Instead they decided to camp in the far left lane for no apparent reason.


They were looky loo at the tow truck on the side of the road. Number one cause of these kind of crashes.


To be fair, so was I.


As was I, but in that situation there's two kind of people. One who accepts they have missed their turn at this point and any sudden actions are going to cause an accident, and those who couldn't give a toss and think they can chance it. Perhaps it's just me but I tend to leave early enough to allow for mistakes/traffic. If I'm late leaving then I'll take the hit and should have left earlier. I'm not risking my life that stupidly for anything.


A good driver sometimes misses their exit. A bad driver never does


Yes indeed. Missing the exit is my problem and nobody else’s. I’ll deal.


Yupp... It's called get off next exit and learn from that mistake.


No no no. Ludacris made a song about missing your exit. Oldie but a goodie. "Move B, get out da way!!!"


Yeah, I'm the kind of person that goes, oh fuck, i missed my exit, off to the next one. Sometimes you go on auto pilot and your cruising on the fast lane and bam, your exit comes up.


Missed my exit once and got lost for 30 minutes trying to find my way back without GPS. That's half the fun of driving


That's how I learned my way around town as a kid (back before even Mapquest was a thing). Get lost, drive around for an hour, get lost again. Eventually I'd just been lost everywhere enough that I knew all the neighborhoods.


I've had friends ask me why I didn't just try to make the exit/turn. This is a prime example of why. When you are driving you are responsible for more than your own safety. Even if you are driving by yourself.


1. Recognize you are going to miss your exit 2. Realize other people exists 3. Figure out where at least thirty seconds out would allow you to turn around I have seen people forget it is winter and attempt this all the way on to their side.


I see this all the time in New Jersey. Why be on the fast lane and go across lanes for a right exit. Ridiculous!


They jump into the 'left lane' set the cruise control 5mph over, hey why does everybody complain about commuting, this is easy peasey! Oh shit, EXIT!


What's an EXIT? lol


My favorite is the left lane rest stop guy...


Roommate in college was adamant that she didn't need to get out of the left lane for faster traffic, because "I'm already going 70, and that's the speed limit, so I don't need to get over...wait...who the hell do you think you are trying to pass me on the right?" And then she starts racing them. They get it in their mind that the left lane is the "fast" lane, not the passing lane.


I don't know her, but I hate your college roommate.


Meanwhile they are getting passed on the right every three seconds and there is a mile long line of traffic behind them.


I don’t often wish for bad things upon people, but I wish really bad things upon those people. Mostly because it has to be intentional.


I call it the Jersey Slide


Where was that? I saw a tow truck exiting.


Fuck drivers who stay in the left lane when there are other options.


In Texas the left lane is what I call the "mine" lane, as they all jockey to get left then go whatever speed they want(under the speed limit). On A stretch of I35 south of Austin, I can pass everyone while I'm in the far right lane going the speed limit.


im from the netherlands, but i just drove on this road today. i was going the speed limit but big trailers were passing me on the left lane. is the speed limit here more a suggestion?




People in Colorado don't believe in using the middle lane.


Dude, that's our *culture* you're attacking.


Relevant username then, if you're saying "our." LOL


On the phone


And almost no traffic on the road to impede them getting over the whole time, either. Their head was up ass and on phone the whole time.


The first time I visited Denver traffic I learned very quickly to be terrified of the idiocy. Was driving on 70 at 2 AM, there's no other traffic around me... except for the econobox sitting two feet off my back bumper who proceeded to sit there for 5 minutes. Then they finally decided to pass me, only to then cut across three lanes going two feet across my bumper and the semi that we were passing in the right lane to hit their exit with just about as much distance as the driver in this video had.


they were probably cussing you out for being a bad driver during all of that.


I can generally understand the ridiculous thought process of most of the dumb shit I see people do but the empty highway tailgating... I'll never understand this.


I think they've simply tailgated so much that it's become the distance they're comfortable with.


Probably also missed Siri giving them multiple head ups on the turn by turn.


lol... they even used the turn signal and went "good luck everyone!"...


That turn signal gives them magical right of way. It’s like a Mille Bornes coup fouree.


I love that game! We used to play my mom’s vintage 60’s set.


Damn, old school reference.


Cam guy needs the Reparations card now.


I have never seen the road painted ones before. Sometimes the signs can be a bit confusing, particularly if there is a new lane for the exit up a head as well as the current right hand lane splitting for both directions. This looks like a handy way to know exactly what lane is going where, assuming you have the least amount of awareness of your surroundings.


Yeah they're common here, and especially helpful at major interchanges with 8 lanes going 3 different directions


Beat me to it. If only there was some means of giving drivers warning about which lane leads to a given highway.


How do you expect him to read the road signs when he’s texting?!?!


Lucky you had a dashcam, cuz hitting from the back is hard to prove that it isn't your fault.


I keep telling myself to get a dashcam.


Do it. They're so inexpensive to what they used to be. I got mine (front and back) and a 128gb memory card for under 200USD. I have mine set to record at 1080P 60FPS but it can record at 4K if needed, but takes up more memory.


Big suggestion, 4K at 30 FPS is way more useful for identifying details, plate numbers, street names, etc than 1080p at 60 FPS is for just being a bit smoother.


4k at 30 fps is twice as big as 1080p at 60 fps. But you're not wrong.


Realistically speaking though, you don't need much more than about 5-10 minutes of record time. A 128GB card can easily do an hour of 4K30 which is far more than what anyone would need in case of an accident.


True but those cards have a limited number if read / write cycles, so you want it to be big enough that it won't fail within a few months. If it can fit 100 hours, it will do 100 times fewer writes than if it is can only fit 1. But in essence, you're right, cards these days are more than sufficient.


Good point, thanks for pointing it out. I have mine on 4K/30 with a high endurance 32GB card that I got for like $12 so I think its worth, even if you have to buy a new card.


Yeah but 1080p 60fps is easier to watch when I inevitably post my footage on r/IdiotsInCars


> 4K at 30 FPS is way more useful for identifying details, plate numbers, street names, etc than 1080p at 60 FPS is for just being a bit smoother. Sometimes all you need is one frame with enough detail.


What matters more is a good sensor. 4K is useless if you can't see shit at night.


They told their insurance company that both cars were traveling in the same lane and I rear-ended them while they were trying to merge into the exit lane. Insurance initially denied my claim . . . until I showed them the video. I guess they also failed to disclose to insurance that they received a citation and that I was injured and taken by ambulance. When you lie to your insurance company, you're gonna have a bad time. ​ Edit: pronouns Edit 2: Why are people bashing my edit? I don't know the gender of the driver and I didn't feel like guessing. 'They' is an acceptable gender-neutral singular when a gender is unknown.


> trying to merge into the exit lane. after the white line had already ended and the lane was curving away.


The area between two solid white lines at an off- or on-ramp is called the gore zone. Believe it’s illegal to cross in most cases/states, and can result in a fine. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gore_(road) Thought I’d share, in case ya didn’t know already. (Edit: So the maneuver the idiot was attempting was probably against the law even without the unsafe lane changes and causing the collision.)


I worked in a court for 3 years and I am pretty sure cops around my area got a raging hard-on when people crossed the gore zone. 3 points on your license, $200, and possible traffic survival school. Your only option with this ticket is pay it, you cannot take driving school to get it wiped. Granted, my state got harsh on this because a cop was killed by someone doing this exact thing. But man, we got SO many tickets for this violation.


People often use them to cut the queue when traffic is backed up in an exit lane. Wish it was enforced more often in those situations, too. Glad it’s getting enforced somewhere…albeit under less than ideal circumstances.


Yeah, I unfortunately see that type of merger almost daily on my commute. I've never seen anyone caught doing it, so knowing that it's being enforced somewhere is gratifying.


> possible traffic survival school Traffic *survival* school? Does this mean you don't live if you don't pass?


Yes, if you fail the test they use you as a crash test dummy in crash tests.


Holy shit, I really need a dashcam


Yes you do. And so do I.


I had an assignment in Miami for 18 months. I bought one before I ever got to the city. The things that camera witnessed! Don’t leave home without one!!


This sub is a pretty convincing ad for dash cams, but I have yet to get off my ass and go buy one.




I get hyped and go search and look at reviews and then next thing I know, it's been 3 hours and I have like 10-20 tabs open and don't know which one to choose lol


Doesn't even need to be a good dashcam, just one good enough to show what happened. I can't read license plates on mine unless they are really close during the day, but it can see the other cars and surroundings just fine. If I get rear ended it will show I was stationary or at least not moving backwards if they claim I backed into them. It will show their actions if they are in front of me. Good enough. While a better dashcam would be nice, mine is good enough.




I was once in a parking lot next to a clinic and was slowly driving around looking for an open space. I turned a corner and saw a red car about 300 feet ahead and just stopped in the middle of the parking lot. I assumed he was waiting for a car in front of him to back out of their space so he could take it so I patiently wait for the car to move. All of a sudden, the red car accelerates in reverse towards me and before I could even put my own car in reverse or move out of the way, he slams his rear bumper into the front of my car. Do you want to know what the driver said to me when we both got out and looked at the damage? "Didn't you see me? Why didn't you get out of the way?!" I looked at him puzzled before explaining what I saw from my point of view and how it was completely his fault. He was not happy about it but gave me his information regardless. Later, when I file the claim with my insurance I Iearn that the other driver had already attempt to file a claim of their own but instead saying I slammed into the back of his car. A simple trip to a car body shop and a few statements I collected from witnesses on the scene( this isn't the first time I've had someone lie) corrected that and I received a check in the mail a week or so later. Moral of the story: Get a dashcam everyone, I have one on both my vehicles now




Anything is better than nothing. I have a nextbase which is perfectly adequate.


I can’t remember the specific model number but I have a VIOFO with front and rear cam, it was about $120 on Amazon and I love it. Found it in the sidebar at r/Dashcam


Book would probably hurt more.


Soo many paper cuts.


Well damn, maybe while they're at it they can stop by sometime and kick your dog or shit on your living room carpet or something.


Not the rug, man! It really tied the room together.


Donny, you're out of your element!


Fuck it man, lets go bowling.


Why stop there?


Fortunately you had video proof, hope you get the insurance you deserve!


Unfortunately though, it sucks that video proof is needed to keep someone from lying on you. But I see no better way. I'm long past due for a dashcam, but luckily haven't had any BS happen yet.


That damn liar


r/iamatotalpieceofshit lying bastards gonna lie


>They told their insurance company that both cars were traveling in the same lane and I rear-ended him while they was trying to merge into the exit lane. Wouldn't the damage be on the other side of the car if that was the case?


I ~~once~~ ~~twice~~ once had someone merge into me from the left lane and try to tell the cop that I merged into them from the left lane. We were in an area with two turn lanes, I was in the right lane and they were in the left lane - turning left. The other time, I was going straight and someone merged into me from the right lane, tried telling the cop that I merged into them from the right. In both instances, the cops looked at the cars and told them that's not what happened.


Is it common to call the cops where you're at for these type of fender benders? Unless you've flipped your car or seriously injured someone, I couldn't imagine anyone calling the police in the UK.


Most states have a law requiring you to call the police in certain scenarios. From what I've seen, it's either when there are injuries or when property damage exceeds $1000.


My insurance company (USAA) wanted a police report when I got hit by a deer. Yes, you read that correctly, I had a deer run into the side of my car. Luckily, it was right in front of a fire station and the chief gave me his info to give to the insurance company. Those guys (this happened in TN) ate the deer.


No. The damage would have been more in the rear but would have nothing to do with the driver side….


Fuck him. Fortunately lying to insurance company is big no no so no insurance for them anymore.


If only that were true. The amount of people that lie to their insurance and they just pay out and raise their rates. Nothing ever happens. No punishment for lying


In my area you lie and are found at fault you are looking at your rate jumping 2.5-4 times what you are currently paying. The higher means they are more accident prone. Those companies like their money and would rather you drop them and potentially take your money then drop you and not see anymore money. Only time that really changes is if you cause a massive accident with multiple cars, that shit they nope out of in a heartbeat or less.


Or rather their rate gets increased to $600 a month.


Hot take: People that lie to insurance to try and get out of being found at fault and are proven wrong with irrefutable evidence (like dashcam footage) should be jailed for 90 days. I bet it would stop real quick.


90 days is good. Long enough to let them think, not so long you’re ruining someone who might turn into a productive member of society.


Living in Denver made me put dash cams on front and back of my car and damn near not ride my moto at all. I know every city has shit driving but Denver area has exploded and the roads are not designed for this much traffic. It’s really bad going north towards Thornton and Broomfield. It’s a daily complete shit show.


Idiot deserves to get their ass reamed by the insurance company! Hope you are doing alright after that accident, OP!


Goddd, I need a dash cam like yesterday. People are the fucking worst. It’s money I don’t want to spend and stuff I don’t want to have to hassle with or worry about setting up or maintaining, but after videos like these and hearing the bullshit lies, the peace of mind seems worth it.


The fact you were injured means you are owed way more then just the car damages.


Beautiful. I hate in videos when people show they have a dashcam after the other person starts spinning up a lie. Let the fuckers lie to the cops and/or insurance then play your dashcam card. If they’re willing to lie about the accident then they need to learn to suffer the consequences of their actions.


One of these days I’ll finally get a dashcam, Idk where to even start researching which ones are good for front and rear, and idk what options I need lol


Do it! Mine plugs into the 12v outlet on the dash. Starting just to the right of my rear view mirror, it's routed under the headliner, down the passenger door moulding, behind the glovebox, and under the dash. Mines not that fancy- an Apeman off of eBay for $40, but it's served me well thus far. I didn't bother getting one that hardwired because I have a hybrid and there's some wonky setup I'd have to do.


You *had* a hybrid.


Don't say that :'( Even if it is totaled, I'm getting another r/kianiro <3


had my first Niro for 6 months, then got t-boned in an intersection and it was totaled out. Got a newer Niro. Love my Niro.


Soooo same thing happened to me. Had my first Niro for 5 months before someone made an illegal maneuver and I never saw them coming. This is my second Niro that might be totalled. Third time's the charm, I'm guessing.


How bad was your other accident? If you don’t mind. Also, there has to be some sort of PTSD that comes with collisions right? I accidentally ran a red light, coming home from a 12 hour shift at 1am. Missed a car by feet, going 45. I didn’t drive for weeks. I couldn’t imagine getting in an accident so bad it destroys my car, then drive ever again. Ig you have to drive to get anywhere tbh.


It was at a slower speed, like 35mph at an intersection. Guy made an illegal left turn while I was going straight through the intersection. I haven't posted it online because I'm still in the middle of a lawsuit from the injury I sustained to my hand. Tore several ligaments. I was in a hard cast for months and the progress is super slow. I'm like 90% healed- just working on strength and conditioning at this point, but it'll never be 100%. I'll need someone to open jars for me for the rest of my life


they're like $35 to $60 on amazon for decent entry level basic ones. Just get a cheap one with good reviews. You don't have to make the perfect choice. It's not marriage, it's the cost of a couple of meals. And if you think it wasn't a good enough choice, you can take your time refining the choice, buy a better one, and give the cheap one to someone who you think needs one but doesn't have one.


There's a $50 one on the sidebar of r/dashcam that I just got, to replace a $20 piece of shit chinese special that died after 3 weeks. The new one has been great, don't bother going for cheaper. The front+back ones are about twice as expensive (obviously) but I didn't research them very much.


The dashcam subreddit has a great recap on the about section


I was keeping an eye on that car, but then the backwards lorry threw me, so I ended up nearly as surprised as you must have been. I’m glad you got it all on video for the insurance people.


Yeah, I would have been looking at the tow truck towing a truck and smashed the guy ahead even harder.


I haven't yet figured out what's going on with that lorry.


It’s being towed.


Outside the environment


Well but the front has clearly not fallen off.


That would be quite unusual.


Into another environment?


[No no, it's been towed beyond the environment. It's not in the environment.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3m5qxZm_JqM)


What's out there?


There’s nothing out there but the sea, birds, and fish. And 20,000tonnes of crude oil.


And fire


When big trucks get towed its bad for them to be towed with the back wheels on the road.


It doesn't have anything to do with big trucks and you'll sometimes see them new from the factory having two or even three pulled behind one with the rear on the ground. To generalize, automatic transmissions tend not to handle being towed as well with the drive wheels on the ground. Even in neutral, there's a fair amount of moving parts within the transmission itself and without the engine on to pump transmission fluid it can heat up and cause damage. In some 4WD vehicles you can just disconnect the drive wheels from the transmission by putting the transfer case in neutral. Other times if you must tow in a certain configuration you can just uncouple the drive shaft to keep the transmission from rotating.


Well huh, TIL. So automatic transmissions must be why I see less cars being towed "back wheels up" than I did 30 years ago. And maybe the transfer case explains why I see more cars on flat beds now that I live in a snowy area where most people drive AWD cars. Thanks for the explanation!


> So automatic transmissions must be why I see less cars being towed "back wheels" up than I did 30 years ago. That may be due to front wheel drive being a lot more common these days.


He had all the time too lol


At least they were properly driving in the "I have an exit coming up soon" lane.


Good luck everyone else


Great song though


*Mr. Blue, you did it right* *But soon comes Mr. Night creepin' over* *Now his hand is on your shoulder-* **BAM**


*Mr. Blue Sky* *Please tell me* ***whyyyy***


you were in the left lane for so long? so long... where did you go wrong?


Honestly, that’s good music for the occasion.


I feel like this isn’t the first time I’ve heard this song playing in an r/idiotsincars post. I like it, but I think I’ll stop playing it in the car..


When I was a new driver I got into a car accident singing and dancing to Mr. Roboto. *I wanna thank you, thank you—- CRASH!!*


The camera did go “Hello Mr. Blue Sky” at the end


That old adage, good driver miss turns but a bad driver never will.


Bruh Denver traffic is wild lmao


I feel like I'm taking my life in my hands whenever I take a highway around here. Whenever I take I-25 in particular I seem to see people drag racing each other at insane speeds, weaving in and out of traffic.


They also do this in the middle of the road works. Driving down I-25S this summer was entertaining to say the least.


I mean that and the exact opposite. Motherfuckers merging on the highway at 13 mph causing forty call pileups behind them because they wouldn't take the damn initiative. There is no one who drives the speed limit here. It's 20 mph over or 10 under. Fucking ridiculous.


Seriously I'm glad I knew how to actually drive when I came put here. How are there SO MANY BAD DRIVERS.


Oh, yeah, for sure. You have to tailgate the hell out of everyone to avoid getting cut off too, otherwise a guy will cut in a half inch from your front bumper.


The Denver conundrum: getting mad at the person behind you for tailgating and then realize that you're tailgating the person in front of you for the exact same reason.


Can confirm. I call this a “Denver Lane Change.” Even off the freeway people are always changing lanes at the very last second before intersections. That combined with this sub is why I finally bought the dash cam.


Sorry, it's called Jersey slice :)


Was that a typo, bc I’ve only ever heard it called the Jersey slide. Jersey slice has a nice ring to it tho


that last bit is some r/perfectlycutscreams material


Its even funnier that there was just no sound of the actual crash either




I do this drive every day and take 36. Im always worried about this happening to me.


I saw the thumbnail and had that wonderful moment of horror and familiarity. We usually take 270 to cut down time between I70 and I25 but I dislike it since it feels too narrow for the amount of traffic in the metro area. This just gives me one more reason to dislike it.


A good driver sometimes misses their exit. A bad driver never misses theirs.


So what’s a driver who makes everyone *else* miss their exit?


I will never understand why people act like they can’t just go forward one more mile and take the next exit instead of pulling this crap putting everyone’s life at risk. “Minor inconvenience for me? I don’t think so?” SKRRRTTTT


Fuck people who do this. I wish the absolute worst for them.


Yeah and they are double bad because they were camping in the left lane for a while not passing anybody.


I avoid being in the lane next to a backed up lane. I'm always afraid someone is going to dart out in front of me. This was a totally different situation.


Hope your injuries were not severe. Couple million from the insurance company of the idiot should help. Lying to an insurance company by the idiot lane changer could get them charged with fraud.


Thankfully just whiplash and airbag burn on my legs. Could have been a lot worse, but thankfully the speed limit is about 45-50 in that area.


Glad you didn't get too badly hurt, friend. I hope you are feeling better soon though, that still doesn't sound fun.


Are you doing better ?, I don't know what airbag burns are; sounds terrible, hope you feel better soon.


Airbags can cause burns from friction when expanding and chemicals used to expand the air bag. If she had pants on it more than likely was a friction burn.


Unfortunately not pants, but a very lovely dress with what is now a red hem. I have 1st and 2nd degree burns on my knees and shins, but the dry Denver air is helping them scab over nicely.


keep your wounds moist (ie ointment), scabbing delays healing and can make a scar worse. i’m glad youre ok! edit: a word


Thanks for the advice!


The dude drives a Nissan. Unless it was a company car the odds of him being insured for that much are literally zero.


At least he signalled


Well he’s not in a BMW.


Cruising in the fast lane not passing anyone, cutting over to the exit at the last second without so much as a glance in the mirror. Prime /r/nissandrivers




American roads have cool colourful shields on them to indicate lanes instead of just boring white paint like in the UK. Make it much easier to know what lane to be in. Evidently not for this driver however.


Well at least Colorado roads do since I've never seen that here in Ohio.


I asked my parents for dashcams for Christmas... I think I might need them sooner. Like today!


#MiS sTeR Bluuuuuue sKy....




that day, going southbound would have been the win.


Is that 270? Man, I hate that road!


Good drivers miss exits, bad drivers never miss an exit.


Looks like someone got their license from a cereal box


\+1 for mr. blue sky