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One of those motherfuckers charging at you, scary image.


And those animals they're riding are scary too




That'll teach those aboriginals trying to protect their land!


protect... from the police? are you fucking retarded? when someone invades indigenous land, they're the ones who protect it, you mongol


President Ballsack doesn't seem to think those indigenous people deserve anything at all.


he's trying to pass a law that gives indigenous people more autonomy over their land. not sure how that's not deserving anything at all. regardless, you do understand he's not the government, right? what he thinks doesn't always matter and a law that simply takes away indigenous people rights would never go through congress, the senate and then the federal court. and I'm not sure how two random policemen have anything to do with this.


https://www.survivalinternational.org/articles/3540-Bolsonaro “Pena que a cavalaria brasileira não tenha sido tão eficiente quanto a americana, que exterminou os índios” “Os índios não falam nossa língua, não têm dinheiro, não têm cultura. São povos nativos. Como eles conseguem ter 13% do território nacional” “Não tem terra indígena onde não têm minerais. Ouro, estanho e magnésio estão nessas terras, especialmente na Amazônia, a área mais rica do mundo. Não entro nessa balela de defender terra pra índio” “[reservas indigenas] sufocam o agronegócio. No Brasil não se consegue diminuir um metro quadrado de terra indígena” “Eu já briguei com o Jarbas Passarinho aqui dentro. Briguei em um crime de lesa-Pátria que ele cometeu ao demarcar a reserva Ianomâmi. Criminoso.” “Não vai ter um centímetro demarcado para reserva indígena ou para quilombola” “Pode ter certeza que se eu chegar lá (Presidência da República) não vai ter dinheiro pra ONG. Se depender de mim, todo cidadão vai ter uma arma de fogo dentro de casa. Não vai ter um centímetro demarcado para reserva indígena ou para quilombola.” There's plenty of examples. And Bolsonaro said he misses the days of military rule. So, it kind of does have to do with military police. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jair_Bolsonaro#Views_on_the_Brazilian_military_dictatorship


Like I said, it doesn't matter. Lula and Dilma also said a lot of dumb shit. They actually came pretty close to completely destroying the country, though. But it was just a lot of common people losing their jobs, their homes and entering poverty, not trees or the 0.45% of the population which are indigenous, so why would a foreigner like you give a shit? >And Bolsonaro said he misses the days of military rule. So, it kind of does have to do with military police. The military police has absolutely nothing to do with military rule, lmao. They're a state institution that handles most normal police duty.


Not having heard about it isn't the same as not caring, ding dong. I've got friends that are literally afraid to hold hands with their same sex significant other because people in Brazil are emboldened by the president's casual jokes about rape and murdering gays. And considering how shitty the cops are over here, you think in a nation run by a whack job who wants to LITERALLY destroy the country (not cause damage to it's infrastructure, big difference) for money that the cops aren't worthy of scrutiny and shit? C'mon. That's boot licker talk.


>I've got friends that are literally afraid to hold hands with their same sex significant other because people in Brazil are emboldened by the president's casual jokes about rape and murdering gays. There's absolutely no concrete proof of increased anti-LGBT violence since Bolsonaro was elected. In fact, [comparing last year's Grupo Gay da Bahia report](https://www.correiobraziliense.com.br/app/noticia/brasil/2018/05/17/interna-brasil,681236/em-2018-153-pessoas-lgbti-foram-mortas-no-brasil-vitimas-de-preconcei.shtml) (153 deaths due to homophobia up until May) with [this year's](https://homofobiamata.files.wordpress.com/2019/05/relatc3b3rio-ggb-parcial-2019.pdf) (141 deaths for the same motives up until May), there has been a decrease. GGP is a biased group with an extremely flawed methodology that includes even some suicides in their countings and even with their vague definition of "homophobic deaths" there was a drop in its numbers. It follows the drop in violence in general. [Homicide dropped by 22% and rape dropped by 12% this year](https://noticias.uol.com.br/cotidiano/ultimas-noticias/2019/10/14/homicidios-criminalidade-1-semestre.htm). If that's destroying the country, then fuck, I want it in ruins. Mind you, I think Bolsonaro is a fucking retard a lot of the times. But I think people like you need to realize our realities is different. Brazilians don't vote thinking about the fucking Amazon, they voted thinking about having a job and getting home safe at night. And Bolsonaro's been an OK job of helping with these two things so far, which is more than I could say about the previous leftist government.


Improvise. Adapt. Overcome


Secure. Contain. Protect.


>Secure. Contain. ~~Protect.~~ Oppress. FTFY


Whip. Flog. Clamp.


The criminal’s next move will be rideable crocodile rafts.


Buffalo soldiers?


In the heart of America


Stolen from Africa


Brought to America




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I don't see any dreadlock Rasta....


That’s who they’re chasing


Anyone else reminded of the Stormtroopers from a New Hope? 😂


I’m more reminded of the guys riding rhinos in Avatar: The Last Airbender


Yess this is why it seemed so familiar! Loved the whole fire nation concepts and looks :’)


The Rough Riders


Or Black Panther.


Or Magic School Bus


Very appropriate, considering both are tools of a fascist regime.


That's some Final Fantasy shit.


I wonder if the rope through the nose is sufficient to control them or if there’s some other device(s) not shown?


Yeah, a metal bar through your septum with a rope tied to it is pretty successful in making you amenable to the holder of said rope.


True, had septum piercing, attach a string to it and you can't do shit. If that person holding want you to move, you movie. Can control both human and cattle


Keep a herd of humans. can confirm.


wait a minute


Hol up


This guy goes DEEEP


They're broken when young and don't understand that they've gotten bigger. This is common of a lot of animals. Elephants are a good example. A baby elephant that's kept chained up will still believe that the chains are overpowering as an adult.


Baby elephants also undergo a horrible breaking in ritual that involves being immobilized and beaten until they come to fear their mahouts. It wouldn’t surprise me if these buffalo have similar “training.” :(


That method hasn't been used (at least in the west) since the 1970s. And people still use it as an example -_-.


Though I'm sure captive life is no picnic in many Western locales, wild elephants in Asia still undergo barbaric training: "The Crush' means "to divorce the baby elephant from its spirit" or to ''split the will" of a baby elephant. "Phajaan or ‘Crushing’ is the *traditional* Asian torture of young elephants to break their spirit. It is done so that they are submissive to humans. "I*n reality, however, the Phajaan has nothing to do with the separation of spirit and everything to do with torturing an elephant until it is so fearful of its human captors that it will do anything to avoid being hurt again."* [https://www.thailandelephants.org/the-ugly](https://www.thailandelephants.org/the-ugly)


Utterly irrelevant to my comment, since I specifically stated it in reference to the West. Not the barbaric lands to the east, where they don't even treat humans humanely, let alone animals.


You ok?


Of course I'm not okay, I read the news. Dangerous stuff.


Your comment was utterly irrelevant to the whole thread. Are most elephants in “the West”? No. You threw it in there with an air of exasperation like we’re dredging up old atrocities from the past but the FACT remains that MOST captive wild elephants in the world are trained with torture. You can be arrogant and haughty all you want in pretending it isn’t true but anybody who keeps even halfway up to date knows you’re blowing smoke up your ass.


Ah, actually, you're the idiot 'blowing smoke up your ass.' I, unfortunately for you, actually did my research. First off, pointing out where elephants live is worthless. There are very few TRAINED elephants in Africa, because the breeds there don't actually train easily or well. The only places you find significant numbers of Trained elephants are Westernized Zoos and attractions...and Tailand. The zoos and attractions, as I pointed out, have switched away from the model in question. Leaving just Tailand...which, as it happens, is actually in the midst of trying to change their methods as well -_-. Mostly because of the efforts of conservationists. Meaning that the training with torture method is one that is rapidly dying out and has already died out in the west completely (or near completely). Please keep yourself up to date!


As others have commented it sure is. Horses are only controlled by a metal bar around their mouth, and some with just a hardened leather ring over the nose. My question is with the single rein system. How do you effectively steer with just the single line?


You steer with your feet and verbal commands.


Who thenfuck tries to guide a horse with the reins whole riding. They are for stopping the thing if needed not much else besides making you feel better.


They’re crucial for steering. You use your legs as well, but there is a sport called “Reining” for a reason.


Oh I get that and in that extreme sport of horse riding they are used. It's awesome but not exactly every day horse riding.But in an average ride ect the only thing pulling on the reigns does is a sharp turn or a stop both of which tend to be very annoying when riding.


The rope does the job.


That would be intimidating as fuck


[Guy On a Buffalo anyone?](https://youtu.be/iJ4T9CQA0UM)


I just watched this in German for educational reasons


Bless you.


Now thats as badass as a police could ever get. The next thing would be ride a fucking dragon


These cops look super badass. American Cops these days THINK that they need to dress up like a seal team 6 member when they stand guard on a security detail at a Walmart, just so that they can try and scare some respect out of the public. Listen up you chubby donut jugglers, you will never look as cool as the cops in this pic.


You're right but if you got the chance to dress like that, you would take it too.


Halloween IS just around the corner.






So American cops need buffalos to ride


We have Bison, but good luck trying to tame those behemoths.


But it would be *so* fuckin cool


'This is my ride. He's called Reckoning. Are you gonna come quietly or do I and my partner need to run you down?' If somebody has a tame rideable war/police bison, are you really gonna fuck with 'm?


FINALLY! I thought nobody was gonna go with me on this one. Thank you.


Oh my dude, worry not. I am all about the fat buffalo line.


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You'll never as badass as a corrupted cop riding a bull 👌




Oh, yeah, there's that... but have you considered the ***INTIMIDATION FACTOR?!***


The IF is as wide as it is sharp?


Cool concept. I can’t get over the bootlicking overload that is r/policeporn though.


As a Brazilian, it's hilarious how many pictures of Brazilian police there are in that subreddit. Police here is worse than the criminals, and they're worshipping them.


Right? What a ridiculous concept.


Good that they can outrun people in rivers and swamps, but their "oh shit" factor would have been enough.


Me Mongo. Me can punch horse, me can punch buffalo too.


Never mind that shit here comes Mongo!!!


Any of you Redditors ever looked this cool?


Zug zug


Now a bit crispier than usual


Everybody's got a water buffalo Yours is fast but mine is slow Oh, where'd we get them? I don't know But everybody's got a water buffalo-oooooooooh


c ʀ ɪ m ɪ m ᴀ ʟ s t o p


When is this vehicle coming to GTA Online?


Imagine committing a crime and finding out one of them chasing you Yamraja would be so proud


Reins through the nose is a bit much no?


Epic mount unlocked


Someone get a picture of polish police riding bears.


Actually that’s a steed with +3 loyalty


I’ll never be that cool


Unfortunately this is false. Brazil doesn’t have buffalos


This can't be Brazil, they're wearing uniforms.


great picture


Cut the horns off and mount rocket launchers




This is the sub yes


Reddit teaches me so many things


Also, because they look cool af.


Poor buffalo. That metal in their nose must hurt so badly.


Well shit.. the dogs look cute compared to those beasts


Imagine 40% of your colleagues riding home on their buffalos to beat their wives


that is terrifying


Ha. Crimimals


These are fascists.


E os gringos se orgulhando de sua polícia montada em cavalos. Brasil está em outro nível.




#Buffalo Soldier


Mehhh. Could use some rockets and a machine gun.


Water Buffalo


nah the bulls are metal


Wow police actually on duty in Brazil.


Just discovered this sub... this is bad af holy shit


Is there a video of them chasing a suspect....in the river?


Under the risk of sounding like a dick, isn't it because this is for traditional reasons AND because it's cheaper than actually equipping the police properly?


Brazilian cops are even worse than American ones. Still badass, though.




Not possible, a very popular YouTube video made it extremely clear that the only animal in the Americas that was domesticatable was the alpaca, leading to the technological gulf between the Americas and Europe.


Water buffalos aren't from the Americas