This is beautiful


I agree. Check out the other smaller looking renderings too. I keep hoping when sites like Motor Trend want it brought back that holds sway with manufacturers. My Element is now 17 years old and as much as I want to drive it forever, realize at some point I may have to replace it. But nothing really strikes me the way my Element still does. So a new Element is something I hope for😀


18 years for me. Got it off the lot with 17 miles on it. Giving mine to my Son this summer as his first car. I NEED a new Element.


If a new one ever comes out, it will probably be $50k


After owning my Element for 17 years basically all new vehicles seem to cost too much.😕 You can maybe get an HRV for under $30k but a CRV will go $35+k and a Passport or Pilot seem to be well over $40k. Spec'd a Pilot at $50k. I guess I am frugal but that seems way too much........ If you kept the Element simple and went with regular wheels and not the fancy alloy ones, cloth seats, small or even no infotainment screen you could make one for less than the CR-V.


I wish some of the car companies would bring back making an economy version of something. Simple and reliable with just the basics people can afford


This plus 1. I know some of this is supply chain issues but there is no option for a basic model like an LX in the CR-V, Passport or Pilot. Each of those would be more interesting options with a basic model.


And wasn’t that the whole point of the Element when it first came out? Nothing fancy. Just a really useful vehicle. Not sure if this was true, but I was told that the target consumers were young adults who couldn’t afford the frills. But what happened was that a lot of older people were buying it too.


I love the simple style and design. No frills but Honda reliability. It is a winning combo. At first it was sold as an adventure vehicle but then marketing took it to weird to appeal to a younger demographic (read Scion xB). The adventure angle and simple utility for a great price drew me in.


Infotainment has no place in the console. I know some people disagree with me but I'm comfortable with that. Edit: in the dash, etc


I stopped for the heck of it at a local Honda dealer...they had a CR-V Sport out for $42k. I laughed so hard while walking away. New car pricing is ridiculous nowadays.


I would love a new one (a hybrid or electric version), but I'm not gonna get my hopes up.


Agree. Cannot get hopes up but maybe be hopeful. We as owners like them but I think magazines have a bit more industry pull. Well at least that idea sounds good even if it might not be true. 😃 The Element features I love just are not available in other vehicles (removable rear seat, make a bed, plastic floor, headroom, etc). So I hope Honda realizes that as a way to offer more than they currently do. The HRV, CR-V,, Passport and Pilot are all fine vehicles. It's just none really are enough like the Element. Obviously a hybrid is the logical choice if based on the Civic/CR-V platform. C'mon Honda!!!


Motor Trend did a brief article wishing for a new Element. Offered up a few possible renderings of what one might look like. While it is a fools hope to get a new one I thought it might be worth share here. Visit the Motor Trend site to see all five views.


give me a hybrid and i’ll give them my money


I'm never getting rid of my 07 SC. Original owner and I love my E to death. Only way I'd get rid of it is if a new E came out... If not, then I'll convert my 07 to electric!


I admire that dedication!! My plan has always been to have Honda put in a new engine if this one ever wears out.


Wait, WHAT?! One of my biggest regrets, not buying an Element. Please oh please Honda, get a clue, release a new Element, and bag a fortune.


Ditto. The Element has become classic design and still looks great 20 model years later. Very few designs do. A new Element could make loads of cash. Simple. Boxy. AWD. Removable rear seats. Make a bed. Plastic floor. 8"ground clearance. Headroom.


I can't tolerate this sort of tease. Too much to take! /s


It's a rendering and not a tease from Honda. But it's interesting


[Link to article ](https://www.motortrend.com/news/honda-element-crossover-suv-render/)


How beautiful 😍🥰


I have been thinking about making an old element "new" by restoring like a classic car. New drivetrain/suspension, refresh interior, etc. But i would need to sink $10-15k into it and no banks give loans to buy a honda element for $20k. Bring back the element at a college budget again!!!!!


All vehicles have gone very upscale in trim and prices. The accountants will say it is what people want but I like economic options.


I typically have one nice car and one "daily driver" (spoiled, i know). But my daily has always been basic and fun - mini cooper, element, toyota t100, etc. Easy to work on, not a lot of options but got me point a-b very cheap. My 7 yr old really misses the orange element i fixed up and honestly i do too.


Personally a fan of the orange one they have on the site. Maybe I'm biased because I have a metallic tangerine Element myself lol


Love the sunset orange and tangerine colored ones.


Is that the classic “Dorito”? Love that one


I would get it I love my Element so practical


That third pic looks like a mix between a Land Rover Defender and a Daihatsu Wake


Must keep the suicide doors. That's one of the best benefits with the Element.


I could either way. 95% of my driving is me alone or with one other so I don't necessarily need 4 doors. But if cars, Jeeps and Broncos can offer 2 or 4 maybe the Element could too? So get a smaller one with the suicide doors and a larger with 4???? That could have potential.......


I think the Element would make a killer comeback as long as they stick to the original formula, a no thrills well priced, utilitarian vehicle. I feel that if they bring it back it will be with leather seats and tons of features and driver assists that have become the norm, probably making it unaffordable for most.


I would also want no frills and utilitarian. I have no desire for a power lift rear gate, carpet, leather seats, etc. Just a newer version of what it was before. Heck I would give up infotainment system too. I find them annoying, fiddly, slow, distracting, too dim in daytime and too bright at night.


The Ford Maverick has proven that there is big market for a sub-25K truck/SUV on a unibody platform. Honda/Toyota are just leaving $$ on the table by not coming out with something similar within that price range.


Exactly!! The Maverick is a heck of a deal and the base model is a hybrid!


not terrible at all. better have the type r k series in it lol


That thing fucks for sure can’t wait!


I like it, but it would look so much better with raised rails


Not a rendering. This is AI.


Does this make it any less of a rendering? I believe the green one is human design and one of the other ones was AI.


Nope. They’re all AI. The “artist” said so.




Gorgeous. I love the color as well.


Element had some great colors. Sunset orange pearl, tangerine, M&M green, khaki, dark green. Sure beats the modern vehicle color choices of black, battleship gray, steel gray, putty gray, mild silver, shiny silver, mud brown and one blue.......