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The track was made by the same guy who made the one for Tiny Little Adiantum, by the way. It's definitely extremely soothing, and a great use of bossa nova music.


I'm actually gonna throw this in my Touhou Bossa Nova/Jazz playlist because it slots in so well with the Shibayan and DDBY albums I've bought and put on there. Great stuff by Shibayan as always and I can't think of a better genre for Fauna's debut song!


It's cool to see the old Touhou artists work with Hololive. [Shibayan used to make Touhou bossa nova](https://youtu.be/Kyrh9YclT3w), Touhou meme legends IOSYS mixed a [Medley for the main channel](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTeMv4jydEw), and Marine and of course plenty of the designers used to draw them.


You'd be pleased to hear that Shibayan *still* releases TOHO BOSSA NOVA albums, [the latest one dropped a week ago](https://www.dlsite.com/home/work/=/product_id/RJ387975.html)! Shibayan is like, a third of the reason I use DLSite, I've bought so much touhou music from there


That's why it felt similar! I've been practicing Tiny Little Adiantum on my guitar recently- I really love those jazzy bossa nova chord progressions, so its nice to hear more of it =)


Her voice is a perfect fit for Shibayan's style


Shoutout to Shibayan cause that went hard


Also please tell me that we’ll be able to stream it on iTunes or Spotify cause I don’t see a link anywhere Edit: Nevermind she just confirmed it will be at 12 am JST


Comfy +100. Animation is adorableness overload, can't wait to hear this live.


She said it was a dream song for her to make. Proud of our kirin.


A genuinely good bossa nova song. Very happy for Fauna.


Brazilian saplings winning today


Hoje a gente dorme feliz.


Damn that's a good dose of diabetes. I don't think I've ever heard a cuter song.


TIL I could get diabetes from listening to a song... it was worth it. XD


Can you describe a song as 'cozy'? This song is cozy.


Most of the music in Yuru Camp would be.


+1 The anime itself reaches seemingly impossible levels of cozy, and the music helps for sure


Maximum comfy! As expected from Fauna's voice and Shibayan that also did [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rB7XFQgJHBI](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rB7XFQgJHBI) (Which is personally like WAY more then the ''omae wa mou remix'')


I rate this song UUUUU out of UUUUU


Comfy, cute. Damn that's some diabeetus inducing jam.


So cute!


Well that was simply adorable.


So adorable! Really reminds me of the adorable Homenobi by Noel, in terms of making an adorable song with a fun charming beat the fits their voice and vibe perfectly. Fantastic work by everyone involved!


I’m die thank you forever


hololive -Council-: The Animation OP A New Start ED1 Daydream Insert Song (ep 12) Play Dice ED2 Let Me Stay Here


Such a light and airy song, very relaxing. Glad Fauna was able to work with Shibayan, a huge dream come true for her.


Maybe its just my audio set-up but it feels like the instrumentals are far louder than her vocals and it drowns out some of her singing. That being said, its a super cute song and fits her really well. Now we just need an emo era Fauna song to go with it.


I agree with you that the instrumental seems to be mixed a lot more loudly than the vocals, but I actually think that's deliberate in this song - it's meant to be soothing/relaxing, so they quietened her vocals to make the song sound softer overall, I think


If you listen to Tiny Little Adiantum then you have the same kind of song but the vocals are always audible.


Adiantum is actually an exception, not the norm; most Shibayan bossa nova has really quite vocals. Actually, most Shibayan in general really.


Not just you, others noticed it as well. That said, from what I've listened to from ShibayanRecords, they're consistent with that sort of mixing.


I think it's probably intentional because Fauna is pretty embarrassed about her singing voice, and would not want to put it too far out in front in the mix. Also, if you listen to something like [darling, would you catch me](https://youtu.be/SP18VC3Lr3w), the vocals are also a bit "lost" in the mix at some points, especially with the higher pitched flute and bells that come in later in the song. I think it fits with the bossa nova style to treat the vocals as more of an instrument that blends into the song.


Death metal version when?


Yeah, I would've preferred the vocals to be louder


I agree, I would like it more if the vocals were mixed a little higher.


Some people likely already destroyed their ear drums back in the 2000s and early 2010s instrumental bass boosted music so they don't mind/feel the pain of blasting it real loud to hear the vocals. Perhaps someone will upload a vocal boosted (technically instrumental volume reduction since I hear that it is better to reduce volume than add it when mixing) version soon.


Plays well into her singing strengths. Great first track from Mother Nature!


this song is light and fluffy marshmallow diabetes in music form so precious


Fauna Bossa Nova is such a blessing


Feels like a really comfy BGM in a Katamari Damacy game


Wonderfully fluffy and relaxing song, congratulations to Fauna!! Happy for her making a song with a producer she loves!


How ironic… a song themed about sleep that airs when I should sleep… and it’s so cute… and soft… I… zzz…


Tag yourself: I'm Oujisama


Only Mother Nature would break out the baby book at the afterparty lol


I don't think words can rightfully express how happy I am with this situation and how much I like the song. I even like that the vocals are on the softer side. The volume parity lets me focus on either the instrumental or the vocals without the other element being overpowering.


The song has an incredible hypnotic feeling that gets stronger every loop. It's so good I have only encountered this feeling from listening to Feryquitous ft. Shenzai songs in the past


Fauna went and dropped a bossa nova groove... she might be the avatar of comfy, it's too perfect.


Usually I’m not a fan of cutesy songs but the bossa nova in this combined with fauna’s voice was such a bop. I like how fauna’s voice kind of combined with the instrumentals, rather than just being laid on top of them. It’s a real vibe


Certified Jam


for some reason this makes me think about coconut mall


_With my hands on my face eyes sparkling._ **_Extremely adorable_**, I highly recommend.


Well, soothing and relaxing nature of the song reminds me of [Nekoze Punch!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fqjcg2uRYs), an underrated original song from Akirose in the style close to Bossa Nova called ASMR House. The 3D music video is also something rarely seen from Hololive.


Verified Banger.


Very interesting genre of music used, like jazz but new wave-ish. It's nice, though! Hoping for more music like this from Fauna!


we have a term for that. its called bossa nova


I like the song's concept but I definitely had a hard time making out the lyrics from my first listen, much like the others. I think people have mentioned that it's just the composer's style but I didn't think it hit the ball for me... I'm definitely looking out for what Fauna releases next though!


Now we need a remix version.


I felt like this was an ASMR song from her. It was light and airy to draw you in and keep you listening.


Doctor just called, my body is shutting down due to diabetes....its been a pleasure saplings.


Friendship ended with heavy metal, elevator music in now my passion


The sequel to tiny little adiantum we didn't know we needed


It's almost criminal how cute chibi Fauna is.


Certified banger.


It was a nice, adorable song, but the music was overpowering. Drowned out the vocals and made them harder to hear. Needs to be a bit more balancing there.


Love it. Like they said I think the music was a little more loud than the vocals but maybe that was the idea, how knows.


I remember it's a Shibayan's song. Now I'm sure was intentional.


Really like the song, but like others are saying I wish Faunas vocals were a bit louder compared to the instrumental.


Neat genre and concept and cute MV. It's a shame the mixing is all over the place.


my first thought when it started playing was "elevator music?"


Cool song and I can see what she was going for, but i do wish her voice was just a bit more audible since there were times where the music was just completely drowning it out.


I can't hear her voice


Unfortunately for me it was a JP song. On top of the music drowning out the vocals.