[MV Link](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VIeV_LZXHM) This is Marine's second music video to hit 7M views. Milestone | Duration ---|--- 1M | 40 Hours (1D 15H 15M) 2M | 9 Days (8D 3H 35M) 3M | 26 Days (25D 20H 16M) 4M | 53 Days (52D 2H 40M) 5M | 109 Days (108D 12H 3M) 6M | 180 Days (179D 18H 18M) 7M | 276 Days (275D 34M)


Unison is still my favorite original Hololive song, Marine simply has good taste


Unison is my favorite song from HoloJP period, simply because it doesn't sound like an idol song or traditional Jpop It's different and unconventional, experimental even, that's right up my alley (considering my fav artist atm is Jacob Collier)


Her "Please choose me" chorus hits so hard it might actually be addicting


There are a lot of songs from Holo JP that fit that non-idol/j-pop bill.


While I definitely agree, Unison is extremely outside the norm even for most music people listen to. It's focused almost exclusively on a vocal track and a mix percussion tracks. The atmosphere is almost ambient, but not quite. While I wouldn't say it's outside of all genre conventions, I definitely think it stands out as unique, even among other members' non-'idol' music.


I agree it's pretty unusual, just had to comment as the statement was a bit wide and didn't want people to have the impression that the JP side is just a sea of idol and j-pop. Could miss out on some [good](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Mhcma0L6hY) tunes [people](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_JvgkZ04t0) may not have expected.


It’s 100% Thom Yorke, “King of Trees”’s Radiohead or Atoms for Peace.


This song is definitely a standout in the Hololive playlist. It's easily one of my favorites and I'm glad she took a chance on doing something different.


Unison is pretty much my favorite Hololive original ever, both the MV and the song are so unique.


Ahoy is indeed her opus magnum at the moment, later songs haven't been able to recreate that yet. Granted, she is not a music artist so it is not of expectation, still wonder what kind of element can make a song shine or fade. Unison is unconventional and with her newest song they both are quite catchy, yet still might not have the same effect as with Ahoy.


Ahoy! is the most Karaoke-able song in Hololive in my opinion, that's why it's so great. But as a song to listen to, I like Unison more.




I prefer her newest song for several reasons. One of them being that Ahoy sounds a lot like some song from either an anime or a game (which I can’t remember) that’s been stuck in my head for a long time. Like really a long time. Probably 1990s. And when I hear it, the other song runs interference in my head.


Unison is also really hard to sing. So far only four members have even tried to do it in karaoke, with Chloe being the only one that managed to get through it without constantly stumbling. And even then, Unison relies so heavily on the harmonies in the chorus that it is almost impossible to do outside of a full cover.


Such a good song.


nice. great job with the addicting song and mv, senchou!


And we all know what frame of animation is the most watched.