Wow, amazing picture, thanks for sharing. There are a lot of broken tracks in this picture.


Easier to hose out the body parts if you take the tracks off.


How to spot a bestgore account holder 101.


The secret that the CCP can never hide forever.


You do know they don't hide it, right? Do some research.


They absolutely hide it from their own country


There is censorship for sure. For example, you can't find it on Baidu and they don't allow open discussion on it. However, you can find the CPC's take on their government website here: http://www.gov.cn/zhengce/2011-11/09/content_2619441.htm The 11th link is all about the whole thing between April - June 1989. Open the pdf and go down to pages 474 and 475 and you'll then find the following [passages](https://imgur.com/a/psyIIL0): My rough translation: > In the few days of riots, rioters destroyed, burned, or damaged over 1280 military vehicles, police vehicles, and public vehicles: over 1000 military vehicles, over 60 armored vehicles, over 30 police vehicles, over 120 public vehicles, and over 70 other motored vehicles. A batch of weapons and ammunition was stolen. Martial law troops, military police troops, and police officers had over 6000 injured, with dozens dead. They gave their blood and precious lives for the protection of the country, constitution, and people. The people will forever remember their achievements. > What we know so far is that during the riots, there are over 3000 non-military injured including 200+ deaths. This includes 36 college students. The casualties include the rioters who deserved it, masses who were caught in the crossfire, as well as those performing their duties on site including medical personnel, joint defense personnel, order maintenance personnel, etc. The government must properly take care of the masses and personnel accidentally hurt.


Thank you for this, I didn't know that.


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Why are you spreading misinformation and lies? The CCP absolutely DOES take considerable efforts to hide their atrocities, including Tiananmen Square. Why do you think the CCP invests more into their secret police, the MSS, instead of the military? To destroy dissent and imprison or kill anybody that disagrees with them.


They don’t hide it *well enough*


Huh? The CPC admits the deaths that happened during the protests and the fact that they happened.


>The CPC admits the deaths that happened during the protests and the fact that they happened. Link some sources.


See my comment here: https://old.reddit.com/r/HistoryPorn/comments/r4m56e/people_walk_through_the_aftermath_of_the/hmltx4d/


What are you talking about ?? Nothing happened on that day 😉


Btw all the ashes on the ground are burnt human remains source: https://imgur.com/a/tWPhQI4 (highly nsfl)




Pictures taken by British consulate, the individual pictures are captioned. “Soldiers cleaning the scene poured gasoline on the disfigured bodies, burned them to ashes and wash them down the drainage” Btw most of the gory pictures of the Tiananmen Square massacre are taken by British consulate


>Btw most of the gory pictures of the Tiananmen Square massacre are taken by British consulate Have you seen them? link pls


I can’t find the direct source for the declassified documents by the British national archive but here some mild one to get you started (still very nsfl) https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/g36621881/tiananmen-square-massacre-photos/ https://imgur.com/a/tWPhQI4 burning bodies (nsfl)


Wow, the esquire link shows 32 great pictures. You could make that a post by itself. Thanks for sharing.


Wow, really cool. Thx for sharing


I’d love to hear John Cena’s account of the event.


“I apologize for saying that Taiwan is a country, and that anything happened in China in 1989, even though I didn’t even need to mention that because nothing of note happened that year”


Or LeFraud's errrrr LeBron's


Were there a fire? The 🚗s look burnt while the plants on sides being fine…which weapon were used?!


Another picture of an empty square. Sick and tired.


Not just any square. Tiananmen Square where the Chinese communist government that claims to be “of the people” butchered and murdered its own citizens.


Pretty sure he forgot the /s.


Fixed Title: People walk through ~~\[REDACTED\]~~ ~~\[REDACTED\]~~ ~~\[REDACTED\]~~ Square ~~\[REDACTED\]~~, ~~\[REDACTED\]~~ \[1500x998\]


Did the students actually managed to harm/kill any of the soldiers? Cause I mean, they weren't armed right? Aside from molotov cocktails.


Yeah they did. You can easily google search burnt PLA soldier during Tiananmen Square protest


In the picture, you can actually see burnt military vehicles, so they clearly can. And I've seen pictures of some burnt/killed soldiers before but I don't know where to find them.


They killed a bunch of police and soldiers, even burned some of them alive.


Great question bc you never hear if they were able to fight back at all.


Go over to the Chinese Gov apologist type subreddits and all it is is how the heavily armed, militant, psycho students singlehandedly wiped out an entire division with their bare hands before eating the entrails of the soldiers. 🙄


Tankies are disgusting, racist, evil, sick people who support authoritarianism and concentration camps.


Too bad the world didn’t step against the CCP back then.


This is an extremely powerful and interesting photo which I've never seen before. Thank you, OP.


According to the CCP, this never happened. And if it did, it ended peacefully with Hands Across China


Can't we focus on some of the more important squares like the St. Peters Square or Times Square? This is a day that nothing happened here guys!


Why do the vehicles look brown? they were on fire?


The protestors managed to burn a few armored vehicles


This never happened according to the Chinese state and all its defenders.


You mean massacre?…


You're all just a bunch of fascist, I'm leaving this sub.


Yeah fascists are totally against totalitarian regimes


Simply the fact that you consider China to be a totalitarian regime show that you don't know what you're talking about. What's next, you're gonna pull out the social credit meme, but sadly for you and your delusions, it's just that, a meme. Also if you want to learn more about this, here's a link to an English article about it. [https://worldaffairs.blog/2019/06/02/tiananmen-square-massacre-facts-fiction-and-propaganda/](https://worldaffairs.blog/2019/06/02/tiananmen-square-massacre-facts-fiction-and-propaganda/)


Censorship of all media definitely isn't the mark of a free society, if it wasn't totalitarian then why is all mention of Tiananmen square 1989 suppressed? Why is all mention of Taiwans legitimacy banned? Why is criticism of Mao limited by law?


It is true that in 1989 the government originally panicked and censored everything about the events that happened, and most importantly without releasing an official version, which allowed western medias to create their own version unopposed. An official statement ended up getting made. Since then the government simply denies that a massacre happened, not that anything happened at all. The subject of Taïwan is more complicated, as both consider themselves to be the only legitimate authority over the other. Taïwan never declared themselves independent and to this day still consider themselves a part of China. In a similar way to both Koreas, it's illegal to consider the other state as legitimate as it would mean that the original would be illegal by extension. Criticism of Mao and the party is not only allowed but even encouraged as long as you aren't simply spitting out western propaganda.


You can criticize along the 70 percent right 30 percent wrong that originated under Deng Xiaoping, but you can't criticize the ideology of the CPC, and a massacre did happen, the British consulate has photographic evidence of many corpses, and why does China need to suppress the idea of Taiwan being legitimate both internally and abroad? You're defending censorship pure and simple, China is not free and restricts information available to it's citizens to maintain control over them


As I said before, the problem with Taïwan is that they aren't claiming to be independent but that they are the legitimate authority over all of China, which means that the CCP simply cannot acknowledge this as it would mean forsaking their own existence. It's like if the US government said that Canada was the only legal authority over US territory, the moment this statement would be made the US government would cease to exist. As for censorship, did you forget that all your means of communication are owned by companies that no only pursue their own interests, but also are in no effective way accountable to the people for their actions. While the freedom of speech in China isn't perfect, it is at least under the control of a legal authority representing the people in a way no corporation ever could or would. The choice isn't perfect, but between a corporation who's sole purpose is to make profit and by extension engage in censorship in order perpetuate the capitalist system it needs to survive, or a censorship under the control of a government that answers to its people in one way or another, I think what constitutes the best (or least worse) choice is obvious.


I could criticize the govt of the US in the US or the UK in the UK and not have to worry about my safety, I can criticize any corporation and not worry. However in China how many dissidents of the regime have to live abroad? You believe China represents the will of the people because the CPC says they do, the people of Hong Kong definitely don't feel that way


The protesters in Hong Kong were almost entirely funded by the US and were only attention seeker, the Chinese police acted with a remarkable amount of restraint. As for why I think the CCP represent the Chinese people, it's simply because the people are the ones keeping them in power, there are elections on almost every levels of government and only because they don't correspond to the capitalist definition doesn't mean they aren't valid, you should take a closer look at how communist democracy works, the DPRK is a particularly good exemple of it but you could also read the USSR's constitution if you are willing. As for the expats, defectors, immigrants, or whatever else you call them, it has long since been proven that the hosting country offers a great amount of money in exchange for them saying horrible things about the motherland. This system is particularly present in South Korea but West Germany also made plentiful use of it during the cold war. You should look up Yeomin Park, a shining exemple of defector that lies so much that even her lies are contradictory. Most of those migrants leaved their homeland not for ideological reasons, but economic ones, either because they hoped for a better life on the other side, or because amassing money on the back of the workers isn't easy in a country with a socialist economy. As for the supposed freedom of speech, you may say whatever you want in a capitalist "democratic" country but only if you do not fear for the loss of your only source of income. For example YouTube is making it completely impossible for historian to make a living as almost everything concerning WW2 is demonitased, and I'm not even talking about traditional means of information where your supposed freedom of speech is entirely defined by your money. And remind me, from where comes the saying "Love it or leave it." ? Capitalist countries don't need to exile their misfits as they can simply throw them out on the streets and let them starve to death which is then seen as death by a natural cause, because of course when people starve in a communist country it's the government's fault but when it happens in a capitalist one it's simply the natural order of things, or because they didn't work enough. So yeah a capitalist "democracy" has other way to deals with dissidents than communist ones, like removing their only source of income. But if feel like you misunderstood what I said since the beginning, I do not by any means think that a dictatorship is the best form of governance or anything like that. I only believe that capitalism is innerently non-democratic and everything I defended before that was an undeniable negative of these government, was because I simply believe them to be means to an end, an end that is by far better to what capitalism can offer. Of course the ideal form of socialism wouldn't be authoritarian, but as history has showed us many times, the reactionaries are ready to go to great lengths to destroy the revolution, which makes such repressive mesures a necessity to safeguard the revolution. If a truly leftist revolution were to happen in the US, the need for an authoritarian government would be far less present, as they are actually the greatest reactionary force in the world. This new US wouldn't then need to be protected from itself, if you go by the principle that the army sides with the revolutionaries. I'm trying to be conciliant as I myself wasn't a communist at first and it took that a long time and a great deal of effort from others to make me chose this path. I personally value a lot freedom of speech but my own country's version of it has left me, tired to say the least. Being around people that simply don't care about what's happening in the world is depressing, and it often feels like my words are falling in deaf ears.


Oh people who say bad things about China are western funded, they're so safe to complain about the government in China that they have to do it from another country, if you remember correctly Hong Kong never wanted to be under the PRC, it wanted to be independent after the British lease ended, the one that was signed with the Qing empire not the PRC, so a region that never wanted to be a part of the PRC still doesnt want anything to do with the mainland govt, must be western interference. And a single party system represents the will of the people? Which CPC member with similar policies do you want to vote for? Come on dude, it's not convincing


In addition, Winnie the Pooh has been banned because the comparison to Xi JinPing hurt his feelings, I could keep going with examples


What the fuck are you talking about ? Winnie the Pooh in particular wasn't banned or anything, even if it's a terrible joke in my opinion.


Wait, are you implying something happened there ????


According to Disney+ nothing happened that day


Id like to read a witness memoire. Imagine unarmed civils and there are burn out apcs, pieces of tracks everywhere. Like were you upset enough to tore off a tanks track ever?


Interesting picture for PEACEFUL PROTESTS!


The car there looks like it's from the 1930s


I think it's a 1950s design


Liberation Army drove a Library truck but nothing was liberated


Hmmm, look like your average China. Whats happening?


Students, they were betrayed by their leaders, and slaughtered by the troops. Deng Xiaoping, the murderer, traitor of communist China, he gave the order. And those student leaders, they ran away, some of them escaped to the US, and let over 2000 students killed on the square.


> Deng Xiaoping, the murderer, traitor of communist China Traitor? He upheld party rule and protected the system from what they perceived as subversion and destructive elements. I'm not a Tankie by any means (banned from /r/socialism three times now lmao), but Deng Xiaoping isn't a traitor to anyone, he was protecting his own party's grip on power.


Well yeah but when you claim to be the party of the people and you kill those people, you're a traitor. Obviously wasn't a traitor to the CCP but he's still a traitor to the Chinese People.


Hmmm. Looks like an average street of china where nothing happened to me.


🥲 yeah, nothing happened.


What protest?


Why'd you give us a blank picture?... This is history porn not r/myfavouritecolor


Nothing to see here folks, move along


Wildly blown out of proportion according to the CCP


Wdym? Nothing happened in Tiananmen square. This is all propaganda lol.


Haters will say that one dude stopped the tanks...


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