Server: Asia UID: 830628988 I would really appreciate it if someone could join my world and help me run a few domains. Thanks!




Added for teapot stuff too!


Added, my teapot’s open! Also need to visit someone’s teapot so I feel you lol


Added. Checking to see if mine is open.


I won’t have enough currency to buy anything until tomorrow anyways, so no rush!


NA server, AR53/WL7 UID: 633519864 Mostly looking for serenitea pot progression/salesmen, but I'm down to chat. Usually on evenings EST.


AyaRAINA AR45/WL5 Asia >!841722977!< GMT+8 SEA If you don't mind co-op with me to do domains (do get your rewards too) or quests occasionally, please add. I play daily. If you need anything from my world, just drop a chat. Also my teapot is always open. Just come by any time. (I warn you that it's totally basic lol).I have few friends and would like to have more.Thank you!


NA Server UID 617135626 Need more friends to buy from the teapot salesman! Very easy going, on mostly evenings eastern time. :)


added for teapot stuff!


Server: Asia UID: 830628988 I would really appreciate it if someone could help me do few runs in a talent book domain.


EU 732263036 Just want to visit a teapot to buy something to progress the quest.


na need help in everything basically discord is mowgli#5124


Server: EU In-game UID: 733893928 Im looking for help with the >!event whopperflower boss,!< I cant kill it :( ​ \-edit- had the wrong ID


Says UID isn't valid. Should begin with a 7 for EU


Oh sorry! I took it from the wrong place lol, my ID is 733893928


Server: NA AR: 53 Availability: Online most nights. In-game UID (number): 613706590 Need help progressing Serenitea Pot, please. Thank you!


Server: NA In-game uid: 600073513 Just need some help progressing the Serenity Pot please.


Server: EU In-game UID: 700987846 Just need some help progressing the Serenitea Pot. Any kind strangers up to the task?


Server: EU UID: 711840906 Can someone help me out? I’m trying to do some Teapot stuff and I need to buy something from the traveling merchant in another player’s teapot to progress.


Hey I can help you I also need to buy an item from someone else's teapot. Added you


Server EU UID 709530651 AR30 discord: Shawyrzenegger#8888 world level 3 increase left me unable to farmvfor ascension mats and i'm kinda stuck, would appreciate any bit of help in coop thanksss


I can help you if you want, got nothing to do anyway.


yes mate lets do this, add me we can jump in whenever


I waited like 30minutes for a response and then was away for a bit, and ofc you answer in that time lol. Sorry for that, but i can do it now if you're still interested.


my bad bro, you got discord? we can link up there next time


I do yes, i send you a friend request.


Server: Asia UID: 830628988 I'm on PS4, can someone help me with Azdaha boss fight? Thanks


Anyone who doesn't decorate their teapots or doesn't want excess Snowman's components? I would really appreciate if you could give me some. SEA 804912089


Server: North American UID: 635270586 I need to move on from the "Buy something from another person's traveling salesman" handbook task so I can get more teapot things! My teapot should be set to direct join but dm me if not.


Server: Asia UID: 812293963 Available: Australia nights mostly. Looking to do some teapot things. Pardon the messiness of mine.


Server: Asia UID: 825998123 Can someone trade me 2 snowman heads, I completed all the dragonspine special training missions but I need 2 more heads for my primogems


Server: Asia UID:831034827 Availability: whenever Objective: buy from the teapot salesman.


Server: NA UID: 613703781 Just learned one of the best artifact sets for Eula is Pale Flame. Recently hit WL6/AR45, found where to go on the map, and...need Geo characters to beat the domain, which I'm severely lacking currently. My question is in regards to how co-op works. I play on PlayStation, can anybody help me with this later tonight by chance? My only 2 Geo characters are Traveler and Noelle who isn't leveled like at all. I haven't been very successful in farming Geo mats from world bosses either :( As it stood prior to the WL increase, I couldn't beat the Oceanid at that level so doubt I can now (I did in the past a few times though), never beat the wolf, primo geovishap, beat geo hypostasis once but it was a slog and barely though, and am stuck on serai storm chasers because of that boss. I haven't done much Inazuma it feels like in the way of any of those bosses. Basically looking for artifact/boss carries on EST evenings, possibly including tonight if anyone could help me. Thanks in advance!


Hey, I could possibly help. My geo characters are Albedo and Ningguang


Server: Asia Uid: 843957045 Help with lvl 90 artifacts domain (currently eosf an Hod domains but also crimson witch and viridiscent venerer) I am available now and maybe until 11pm utc+8 I might be available again at 4-6pm I'm not sure BTW I'm at AR 49 but I reverted my world to level 5


Hi, I've already sent friend request to you. My in-game name is CaneSugar


Server: NA UID: 607487632 AR: 35 Need teapot friends! Teapot is set to Direct Join (First time to do this so I have a question! Can I enter the teapot of a person who is at a higher world level than me? Thanks!)


Yes you can others teapot even they are higher world level than you.


Server: Asia UID 843281204 Looking for teapot buddies


EU 709315627 Teapot


Server: EU UID: 733899250 AR: 38 Need sometimes help with daily missions (like today) and Pyro/Cryo Regisvines, Oceanid Also Teapot friends! Availability: Pretty much everyday in the evenings till late at night :)


Server: EU UID: 735214328 Need Teapot friends for rank & BP achievements




Sent you a friend request! My teapot is direct join (Yanfei icon)


Server: NA UID: 639011878 Availability: In the mornings and afternoons, most days except some weekends. Objective: Open teapot trading for BP reqs, but also I’m AR 43 and trying to take it slow, cause I’ve already got my world level turned down a notch (at WL4). I’ve got several great five stars and some tricked out four stars. Boss runs for level up materials, some light artifact farming, or wouldn’t mind helping out with any areas you’re stuck in. Currently in the beginning of Inazuma story wise. Would love other lgbt people to game with.


Added you! I’m AR 41 and also taking it slow, hovering between WL 4 and 5 lol. I just really need a teapot to visit right now but wouldn’t mind doing other stuff as well!


Hey! i’d love to hangout with you, i’ll add you


Hey! i’d love to hangout with you, i’ll add you


Server: NA UID: 624744834 AR: 50 Availability: Occasionally three times a week, definitely Saturday/Friday nights. Objective: * Need to fight meguu boss/primo geovishap for achievement:) * 16 more co-op runs to finish the namecard. * Teapot achievements- several:') * Teapot friends:D * And if you need help, I'll help you bully *it.*


added! i'm the one with the childe avatar. down to help with any of that :)


Oh ok! I think after work I might be able to add you:D


no problem! i'm usually on in the evenings anyway so just lmk when you wanna get those achievements


Okiss ty v much!!!^^


Server: NA UID: 621958538 AR: 55 Availability: Pretty much all day lol Objective: Artifact and talent farming


Server: NA UID: 620305878 AR: 54 Availability: Usually later in the day. Objective: Exploration in Inazuma and domains/bosses as well


Server: Asia UID: 844583337 Availability: not sure, random times everyday. Objective: teapot mission. also if you want someone to just talk to(unless its weird topics).


Just added you - I need a teapot friend to for weekly mission!


Yessss I need a teapot friend. Commenting to add you later


Server: NA In-game UID: 638220909 Need Albedo mats (Cecilia) if anyone has extras! Will be done in 5-10 mins


do you still need them?


Yeah are you on?


ah just checked and my wl is higher unfortunately


Ah ok all good!


Server: EU Uid: 722696662 I need to farm for ascecion matierials


Server: Asia UID: 843537404 Objective: Teapot Traveling Salesman! Mine is set to Direct Join and I'm looking for others open to visitors.


Just added you - though says friend request sent!


server: NA UID: 639916567 AR: 52 objective: weekly teapot and sharing flowers mostly. if you need help fighting anything i can kill it


Server: PSN (N/A) UID: 604027477 Objective: Snowman Exchange


Server: NA In game UID: 176943947 Availability: Later in the evenings during weekends Objective: I don't really have a main objective it's a bit of everything I guess haha AR: 32


I don't think you wrote the right uid.


Server: EU In-game UID: 721960658 Availability: mostly evenings (CET) Languages: English, Portuguese, can work with French/Spanish as well Objective: I just realllyyyy need to buy something from someone else's **teapot traveling merchant** to advance the teapot stuff. As I have no gamer friends, a helpful soul that would let me come over for that goal would be suuuuper appreciated. **I am willing to help out with anything you may need** as well (if it is within my capacity). AR 35, grinding before ascension.


Server: EU In-game UID: 726776196 Availability: Any time after 3 p.m CST (UTC-6) Objective: I need someone to help me with domains, Bosses and Inazuma Exploration, I'm AR 50 and World Level 6 I have someone who will help me but having more than one person in case that person won't or can't is helpful


Server: EU UID: 704027521 Languages: English, German AR: 45 Availability: Usually Evenings, sometimes afternoon Objective: Open for all Teapot Visitors, Trading Events, Helping and getting help with Domains, World Bosses etc Also Hmu if I can help with anything of the above


Hi there, I could help you with anything in the game, can I add you? :)


Sure, go ahead. ^_^


Oki, thank you :) my ign is Madara27


Server: Europe UID: 708333381 AR: 56 Looking for people who want to do some domains together :)


Server: NA UID: 616791511 (nakji) AR: 55 Availability: Evenings (PST) Looking for teapot & snowman friends + down for co-op, helping with bosses, sharing resources, chatting, whatever else!


Server NA ID : 600631033 LF folks for teapot boosting and events


Hey there! what's your AR?


Server: EU Eng / Ita UID: 711340793 ar: 40 playing daily, farm, chatting, pot, boss, etc


I'm a bit lower than you at the moment but I sent you a friend request! :)


Server: EU UID: 711603653 AR: 48 Objective: Serenitia pot, achievements


Server - Asia Uid - 847300051 Ar- 41 Play intermittently as a ftp


Need any help or something?


Hello! I am on the ASIA Server and my UID is 816160213. My AR is 50! I live in Japan, so I‘m often on between 1730\~2130 JST a few times a week, and I play in the mornings on Saturday and Sunday!! I‘d like to use someone’s teapot on occasion for the travelin’ sales dude as well as just try out co-op in general!


Added! Ign is Confuzzled - teapot always open so pop in whenever :)


Server: NA UID: 623570634 (Allendis) AR: 45 Availability: Almost everyday in the noon somewhere between 7 PM to 10 PM (PST) Objective: I need help with some world quests and fighting bosses. It would really help me out, thank you so much! :D


Which boss?


Wolf of the North and Primo Geovishap


Server : Asia In-game UID (name): 837012499 (Crazynoil) AR : 50 (I am currently holding it because my characters seems not strong enough) Availability : Almost everyday after 7 PM to 9.30 PM (GMT +7) Objectives : Looking for teapot friends that I could visit to buy from their seller. And want to play coop to get achievement. And if anyone can help me to farm better artifacts, I would really happy.


I sent you a request too 😎


Added! Ign is Confuzzled - teapot is always open so drop in whenever! Message me for help whenever :)


I sent you a request \^\^


Server: EU UID: 710630288 AR: 48 Objective: Teapot and event item exchange mostly.


Hello genshin impact players! Me and a friend were bored so we created a discord server to discuss cute genshin impact characters (NO CHILDREN). If you wanna join we'll be really happy so here's the link: https://discord.gg/XZGj77Gze8 And please give us feedback so we can improve the server and make it even better!


Server: North America UID: 620030329 (in game name Septra) AR: 56 Availability: Weekdays day time (EST) Objective: Coop, making friends, helping lower AR players, etc. I'm also part of a very friendly Genshin discord server (most of us play on the NA server). If you're looking for help to coop or just chat about game related stuff, please feel free to join us :) [https://discord.gg/n3NYxCQq](https://discord.gg/n3NYxCQq)


Added! (:


Great thanks! I'll accept next time I log in :)


Server: NA UID: 617632539 AR 38 ​ Semi-F2P Been playing for like 2 weeks now, just looking for folks to play with, I have lvl70 Hu-Tao as main DPS, lvl60 Eula, lvl50 Jean/Bennet/Fischl that I use mostly and currently working to get AR up to 40 so I can get legendary artifacts and get higher up in Spiral Abyss. I farm pretty much all my plants so you aren't gonna find any dande seeds or other character upgrade materials unfortunately since I'm going hard on character upgrades. I wish this game was more co-op friendly for farming.


Hey, i’m down to chill. I can add you


Server: EU UID: 714932516 AR 54 I have some decent teams that deal some alright damage, so if you’re struggling with clearing (domains/commissions/bosses), I can help. If you need stuff from my world and all that, feel free to drop by.


I sent you a request, I'm Lower in my adventure rank than you but I always need help, I suck a bit 😅


No worries, feel free to shoot me a message whenever I'm on and I'll see if I can help


Server: EU In-game UID: 732522992 AR: 48 Availability: Anytime between 4 PM — 12 PM GMT Goal: Need help with completing Ridge Watch (Pale Flame Domain for Eula) and Dragonspine Training


Server: EU UID: 703647825 AR: 58 Availability: morning and late evening Objective: exchange snowman components. You can add me if you need materials or help with bosses


Server: ASIA UID: 817357306 Availability: Evenings after 8 pm (GMT +9 / Korea) AR: 57 Objective: Whale account with stacked characters but lack of things to do in game sometimes. **Looking for people who need help with bosses, domains, etc.**


I sent you a request \^\^


Server: NA UID: 629594797 AR: 55 Need friends to exchange snowman pieces lol


Hello all I started a server a couple months ago for adults who are playing Genshin to connect those of us playing the game in our past time when not working or in post secondary school. It has people from all different servers so someone should be able to help or hangout with you. I just ask people are over the age of 18 but we have people of all different ages after that so should have someone you can relate to. Also if anyone wants to promote themselves I will do my best to help you and promote you maybe in other servers just let me know. If any of this interests you the server link is: https://discord.gg/jhpywcxF2r


Server: NA UID: 620774644 AR: 35 Need a Teapot to visit.


Sent a request to you. Teapot is always open.


Server: NA UID: 605608662 Mostly available on weekends, only resin dumps on weekdays but don't mind co-oping Feel free to join my [Discord Server](https://discord.gg/fus7AWQ) where we discuss game mechanics and news. It also features a DPS calculator bot (see screenshots below) and I'm hoping to get more people around for co-op play. Currently the Discord has mostly NA/EU players, but I welcome all regions. Feel free to share invite link. [Profile](https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/423300900510236692/893343912889053214/Screenshot_20210930-234740_Discord.jpg) [Damage Calc](https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/423300900510236692/893343913157472286/Screenshot_20210930-234910_Discord.jpg)


Server: NA UID: 638783450 not really looking for anything specific, just want some pals :-)


Server: NA UID: 612435270 Availability: Any Day AR: 32 Objective: I'm struggling to Upgrade my team that has to lvl 50s and and 2 lvl 40s. I need Materials that are dropped by Regivines and Feels impossible to Upgrade without help. So anyone who has REALLY STRONG charecters can you come help me fight some bosses and Complete some challenges so I can take on more challenges. TY I play On PS4 ad me at "KillshotKami"


I’ll add you. I’m available to help at any time! ~Just added you


>612435270 I've just added you. If I'm online and you need help just let me know.


added! i'm down to help with bosses or challenges anytime. if you need something and see me online just let me know. i'm the one with the childe avatar btw


Server: NA UID: 603324741 AR: 56 Looking for people who can let me take some resources, I need dandelion seeds right now, I will let you take what you need from my world, or help you in your world if you need it :)


Still need dandelion seeds? I don't farm them, you can take them if you still need.


Server: EU UID: 730641474 AR: 35 Need someone who can help me with the trial in Starglow Cavern please.


Server: NA UID: 601189487 AR: 55 Need a teapot to visit, maybe exchange parts for the snowman event.


I just added you. My teapot is always open and I've got a snowman hat to spare (I need some eyes though!)


server: eu uid: 713334770 ar: 54 objective: exchange event items + visit teapots :)


Server: Asia In-game UID: 847366067 Need teapots I can visit I play every day around 6pm GMT+8 onwards


Server: NA UID: 618773835 AR: 47 Objectives: I love doing boss runs and general exploration/gathering. I'm also looking to do trades during events. Teapot is open if anyone needs it. Availability: Free most mornings. Message me if you want to co-op!


Server: TW/HK/MO UID: 902738463, ar48 Availability: Daily, 10pm until midnight GMT+8 Objective: Teapot (my teapot is always open), events, domains, bosses or just exploring together.


Server: NA UID: 638685572 My teapot is always open, looking for teapots to visit and people to exchange event items with!




Sent! Just let me know when you need a hand with anything.


Server: EU UID: 701768024 For the events that incite trading items like flowers and snowman components. Also, my teapot is open to all, if you need the merchant.