I wasn't able to find very much, but here's what I came up with: * If you can, it might be worth trying to use Interlibrary Loan to find a copy of these books, which might have useful information about Kearney that isn't digitized: * [Poll & personal taxes Buffalo Co., Nebraska 1892-96](https://www.worldcat.org/title/12996018) * [Death records from the Ravenna News, Kearney Hub, Grand Island Independent and other sources](https://www.worldcat.org/title/424053819) * [Buffalo County, Nebraska cemetery inscriptions](https://www.worldcat.org/title/866681579) * In 1945, someone [posted an ad](https://imgur.com/a/mNU0nxA) in the *Kearney Daily Hub* looking for information about Addie. This listing gave her father's name as "Hubbell Clark." * In 1904, William Shocknesse's second wife Mabel left him for a brief period of time. [This article](https://imgur.com/a/LoXQbDT) about her "disappearance" in the *Fremont Daily Herald Leader* gives a street address where they were living, which might be useful to follow up on. (William claimed that she eloped with a strange man, while her brother said that "Mr. Shocknesse is a man of violent temper and of a jealous nature, and that she, though having lived with him for about eight years, could not endure his abuse any longer." She eventually returned, as far as I can tell) * Have you requested a copy of [Fern's marriage license?](https://imgur.com/a/djXMy00) I doubt it's got anything useful, but maybe she used her mother's full first name or something... * Finally, the *Douglas County Gazette* published [an obituary](https://imgur.com/a/beywMPX) when William died in January 1959. It gives dates for both of his marriages, but they're off by a year. It **also** claims that Addie Clark died in June of 1893. Based on the other errors, I assume she actually died in June 1894. Given that the state of Nebraska's death records don't go back that far, it's not as helpful as it could be, but at least it gives you confirmation that she did die, and a general date to use when looking in other places (such as the cemetery guides and death listings in the books above). Hope this helps!


Thank you so much for all of these leads!! I am researching all of this valuable information, and feel I am now closer to solving this mystery!! The obituary clipping listing Addie’s death date of 1893 is what I needed!! That’s the missing piece which explains why Fern lived with her father, and I had always assumed. The article where someone is looking for information on her is soooo mysterious, and how I wish I knew more!! Why was someone looking for her all those years later. I checked the nearby cemeteries, and can’t locate Hubbell Clark or Addie…those will be my next mysteries. Thank you so much for these gems!! These resources are priceless.