If you had 40k would you buy a used RS or a different car?

If you had 40k would you buy a used RS or a different car?


I'd buy my 2018 RS all over again. Love it.


I keep looking for something I like more and there just isn’t anything.


Same, kind of. We bought our RS as my husband’s daily but I end up driving it instead of my WRX when he’s traveling for work. WRX is getting up there in mileage but it’s a struggle to think of anything else I actually like enough these days to buy. The insane part of me says “fuck it, buy a second RS” but I’m generally not a fan of owning two of the same vehicle.


I have been thinking the same . I would love a white one with low miles. Then my 16 could get modded into STU for auto cross. I could never justify that to the wife or anyone else with any financial sense lol


of those options, the Focus RS. every time.


I absolutely love my rs, but there are some comprises (ride comfort being one) I would cross shop it with a 440i gran coupe with full m performance upgrades or a 5.0 gt manual. I say this, but then I wring her out on a corner and I forget that other cars exist.


I’d go with something new, unless I really trusted the seller. I don’t like the idea of not knowing how a car like this got treated. That said I really do love the RS, nothing really compares.


Yeah I know how u feel... Most of them probably been thru hell and they're out of warranty. But you can't get a new RS and the market is pretty doodoo right now... What do we have in the 40k range AWD brand new STI? That's about it =/


The new z car from Nissan is right at that price. I'd buy that when it comes out. 400 hp from the factory.


That new STI is hardly “new”. What balls they have…


Yeah that ej is a fossil and that new Wrx... It's hideous inside and out.


That’s how I feel about the Civic type R too. They need to jazz up the Mazda 3. That’s a sexy little car. Or get us the RM 19 from Korea.


Are we talking about the refreshed type R or the first 2019+. I actually like the look 🙃 Oh yeah the turbo 3 is nice it's a shame they went more luxury than zoom zoom :(


I just got my 17RS 3 weeks ago, I’ve wanted one since I bought my 15ST and finally just decided to get one. It was a 1 owner FL car with 22k miles and the head gasket was done. It’s a fun car and definitely don’t regret getting one. It’s a terrible time to buy a car, but, oh well. For the price there aren’t many other cars that are going to hold their value and be as much fun.


Is there anything you looked for other than if the recall was done? If you don't mind me asking how much did u pay for it?


Not really, I knew pretty much exactly what to expect getting in and driving the car being that I had an ST previously. Took the car out for a quick test drive and everything seemed good. Felt like it made good power, no weird clunks or anything. Out the door price was right at 40k RS1 with the forged wheels. Basically what MSRP new was, which hurts to say but I really wanted one…


I have a 2016 RS, so I’d buy a Golf R.


What’s wrong with 2016?


Ah, I see how my wording made it seem like I don’t like my RS. What I meant to say was I already own an RS, and since the question didn’t say something else instead of an RS, I meant I would gladly keep my beloved 2016 RS and use the 40k to buy an additional Golf R. Why settle for one when you could have both?


Ayyy I totally feel you bro. Reason for me asking was because I actually have a 2016 SG RS LOL. Wanted to make sure was nothing I’m missing. What color is yours


I’ve got a NB RS2. Absolutely love it.


Don’t get me wrong, I loved and miss my RS. I’d be very tempted by the [2022 Golf R](https://jalopnik.com/the-2022-volkswagen-golf-r-is-a-43-645-drift-machine-w-1847292835). It finally ditches the Haldex and upgrades to a rear diff setup that allows power bias to go from the front to the rear kind of like the RS does. A nicer interior with big digital displays, a more comfortable ride, and driving characteristics mimicking the RS’s best features makes it an appealing option to me.


The new golf r seems like a great package but one thing that's kind of annoying to me at least is the lack of buttons... There's also been a issue with carbon build up for the golf R especially since the US Ver since it only gets DI and no port injection I don't know if this applies to the current gen though.


Far off from an RS but I always wanted a 392 Challenger in Destroyer Gray with manual transmission.


Integra type r coming out soon. 🤔🤔🤔 Do love my RS though. Wouldn't turn you away from one


Different car, the Focus RS showed every other hot hatchback manufacturer the power torque vectoring. I know I know the EVO had it way earlier but it didn't popularized as much because it wasn't compared to other hatchback. Now Audi, Benz, VW caught on and the RS is lacking the power (stock) to keep up.... For 40K I'll wait for the next revision of the 2022 Golf R.


I'm in the same boat, I only recently was able to drive one. When the RS's were brand new, dealers had them marked-up 20k+ and wouldn’t let you test drive one and kept them on the showroom floor. I was super excited when Ford announced they were bringing the Focus RS to the US because I have and love to drive my supercharged Focus SVT (JRSC w/ Ford BBK). I started saving and was going to purchase a 2017 but then I started reading about the head gasket issues and decided against it. Then I got the bug to buy one again and came really close to purchasing a 2018 in 2020. The 2018 RS had around 2k miles on it but the guy wouldn’t let me test drive it prior to purchase. (Da’Hell) After finally getting to drive one and having driven plenty of fast and fun cars, the RS felt heavy and it lacked that low-end umpf. It was kind of an underwhelming experience. The one I test drove had a really notchy gear selection when shifting and afraid most are going to be rode hard and put up wet. I think with the right mods, it would liven the RS up but I'm kind of looking at other options too at this point. /ramble


I've got a 2017 RS, but after seeing all the videos, I'd probably put $40k down and finance the rest for a CTS-4 Blackwing.


How about a Tesla model 3? Msrp start at 39k.


I’d say if you are looking for a track car/weekend fun car, a 2018 would be a way to go. Daily driver, my opinion no. There is much better/comparable fun/daily balance cars out there, and I say that as a prior RS owner. I went to a 2021 Hyundai Veloster N and will probably be moving on to the new 2022 Elantra N to get back my fourth door. For the money, there is no other car that performs at this level and is easy for a daily, period. The N Division is run by Albert Biermann, former head of BMW’s M Division. Fun per dollar is off the charts for these cars. The new GTI, while I still feel underpowered, is always a brilliant balance of fun/practical. The new Golf R is finally going to be something to talk about in a good way, but that is going to push into the $45-47k range more than likely. And older Golf R? Boring is saying it lightly. For the RS, you will not find a better 6-speed manual trans on the market. The handling is absolutely sublime and very confident inspiring. Grip for days! It’s super quick, but doesn’t feel like it is. It can be a bit harsh on a rough road and the seats while fantastic, are a bit aggressive for a daily. Again, these are my opinions so don’t take them to heart, but just as more background to help make your decision.