I always found it funny how Ramuh picks up Noctis for safety, but proceeds to nuke the rest of his friends.


Fear not, they have rubber shoes, probably...




Too bad they’re fucking random lol


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Rubber shoes ain’t gunna save you from scorched earth


“This man pays my salary.”


If you ever tried to use a magic spell in this game you'd know that his friends just love standing in it.


They also loved to blast me with it, had to take away their privilege early on.


It’s ok they just despawn.


Iv only ever got Ramuh. Played over 100 hours and never been able to summon the others.


The way they're triggered is poorly conceived. Every 10 seconds of combat, the game makes a random roll for each unlocked summon. As the battle progresses, the odds of each summon making a successful roll can increase: 1. Titan's odds increase the more of the party members other than Noctis are in Danger. Titan only appears when you're in wide-open areas. He can appear in Insomnia, and he has a special animation in the fight against the Adamantoise. 2. Ramuh's odds increase the longer the battle has gone on. If a summon can appear in a location, Ramuh can appear. 3. Leviathan's odds increase if Noctis is in Danger. Leviathan also has very limited available locations. You have to be in a wide open space near water. So, you need to be flirting with a game over in only a few locations on the overworld. 4. Shiva's odds are a combination of all of the above. *If* you achieve the Leviathan and Titan conditions, Shiva can become the most likely, but relying on the just the time component will never become more likely than Ramuh. Like Ramuh, Shiva is an option everywhere that any summon is an option. 5. Garuda was added post-release in a cross-over event with FFXIV, and her programming has a never-fixed bug. Official communication indicated that Garuda is supposed to be accessible only if Noctis is in Danger and the other bros are not, but that part of the code wasn't implemented correctly, and they never fixed it. Instead, they left in a component that increases the odds as time passes, and because they anticipated the Danger condition being a limiter, they made this time component very aggressive. 6. All the summons have a slight random chance of becoming available in any eligible location whether or not their other conditions are met. With Titan, Leviathan, and Shiva all depending on characters being in Danger (and, in the first two's cases, also depending on location), they were never going to be common because the game is so easy and healing with items is so cheap. Ramuh's simple conditions without geographic constraints make him the most common by far in the original release, and Garuda's poorly programmed formula replaces Ramuh for players that unlock her.


Nice post, excellent info. Clearly outlines why the summon system in XV is broken. It’s a shame because these summons were sooooo cool. Wish I could have triggered something other than ramuh and Garuda a bit more often.


Oh…. That explains why I literally only got Garuda the last time I played. I’m probably just not going to do that quest next time lol.


Man, imagine being on the art team for these. Spend months/years making some of coolest summon animations in the modern franchise, just for them not to even show up in someone’s play through. I’d be fuming lol.


Right? The only time I have ever seen Titan's special Insomnia or Adamantoise animations, Shiva's non-Ifrit animation, or Leviathan other than the train scene is in YouTube compilations. They live up to the billing of being literal gods, but only one ever deigns to show up outside the few scripted appearances for the others (and I don't think Titan even has one other than Ep. Ignis).


Garuda was so annoying i had to mod the game so that she stopped appearing since i love seeing the others do their thing


Dude thank you for this write up. Halfway through I gave up trying to figure out how to activate a summon, let alone anyone specific (leviathan once, Ramuh all others), and just went along with the cues. And it was always a surprise when it happened. Honestly though, if I could've chosen only one summon to use throughout my playthrough, it would've been Ramuh. His whole animation (along with that rising summon choir) is still incredible no matter how many times I've watched it. So I never felt like I was missing anything.


in my 3000 plus hour playthrough on ps4 i only manage to summon titan twice.


Is that the right number of zeros?


There is no fucking way he meant 3000. Lmao


I honestly have no idea how you could get that much out of the game... I really enjoyed it, and there was a lot of dicking about you could do, but it wasn't *that* amazing...


its a hyperbole but yeah i have 400+ gameplay now at least on my PS4 ....... not counting the one i have on steam :)


This is interesting stuff, thanks


This should be a sticky post. :'D


That's alright, I beat the game and am only now realising you could summon outside of the initial encounter with the summon.


What did you think was happening every time the music changed during battle?


"Hey, the music changed."


If they're like me, they're not good with music cues in games. I grew up playing games on mute or very low volume, and I'm still bad at picking up various audio cues in games.


A big button prompt shows up on your screen that says press this button to summon lol


Titan showed up for me ONCE at the very end of the game just to dunk on lucis with a giant boulder lol I was so mad


Aw dude. I summoned him too during the Ardyn fight, thinking "There's no way they would KO the final boss". I ended up replaying that fight a few times after beating the game to get the proper satisfaction.


Each of the summons have this weird chance rate when you Summon. Ramuh is definitely the most common. If you unlock Garuda from the dlc, you'll basically Summon Garuda 99% of the time. At that point, I missed Ramuh! I think I got Titan once though, that was cool I guess Would've been nice to have more balanced chance of summoning each or even better a way to pick like you can in every other FF...


It’s the one thing I hated about Final Fantasy 15, you couldn’t summon whenever you wanted and it was all random. It looks like In 16 that only can you summon whatever you want but you are the summon lol


I got Titan during the Admantoise brawl and I think during one hunt? Got Leviathan a couple of times at the endgame - my fave summon Never got Shiva.


It was Shiva for me but I ain’t complaining if you know what I mean 😉


What I don't like about it is it just randomly appears. U have no sense of control when to summon them and who to summon.


I liked it to an extent. When you are under levelled few things feel better than having a summon show up after you've been smacked around for a few minutes. If you could control them then they couldn't be as powerful and I enjoyed the power they had in this game.


Lmao 213 damage


Yeah but the inability to control when or which one you summon kinda ruins it


If I remember right, depending on the terrain nearby dictates which summon you are going to get. If you’re nearby a source of water like the sea or a river then you’ll get Leviathan, near craggy hills or the desert, you’ll get Titan.


If you're near water you'll get Garuda, if you're in an open space you'll get Garuda, if you're low health you'll get Garuda, if the bros are low health you'll get Garuda, if the battle goes on for a long time you'll get Garuda, any other time you'll get Garuda.


What about when you're eating snacks?


Believe it or not you actually get Garuda then


Doesn’t make them any less awesome looking when it does happen though. Also always nice when they randomly bail you out of a fight that you’re struggling with.


It makes sense, though. They're literally the gods of that world. And their power is channelled through Noctis. Noctis doesn't have to believe in the gods, because the gods believe in him.


These awesome animations wouldn't warrant the small amount of damage they would do if they were balanced for being used at any time


Tell that to summons in Final Fantasy VII and VIII. Just Knights of the Round and Eden taking so damn long you can take a bathroom break.


I do tell that to that. It's boring and busted


For me its the best part.. And also prevents ppl from spamming it.


You know what else prevents people spamming it? A cooldown of some kind.


This is why I prefer the system of X XII and XIII. They were strong enough to make a difference in the fight, you controlled them but still had a cost high enough that you didn't want to summon them as a primary damage source like in 4, 7, 8 and 9


> And also prevents ppl from spamming it. It's a single player game, who cares


If you have one option that is objectively the best the vast majority of time, it can take the enjoyment out of the game for many people. Telling someone to “just not use it then” isn’t really a good response since you’d be telling them to find worse solutions to a problem easily solved. Some people are motivated to find that sort of challenge, others aren’t. Take Final Fantasy X for example (PAL, International & HD remaster versions) and the Dark Aeons & Penance. These were designed with the intention of being the hardest fights in the game yet all suffer from the same easy win strategy of “just use Zanmato”. I don’t blame anyone for taking that route but it’s somewhat missing the point of the bosses. When the difficulty of something is that extreme on either end, there’s definitely something wrong with balancing.


It sucks they made it this way in ff7 remake too


Yea this is just not true, ff7R summons are closer to ffx than anything


Ewwww no way. I still havnt played that one yet.


He's way off. They have a bar that slowly fills during bosses and such. Once it fills you can summon any one of your equipped summons. You can spend your characters atb bar to give them direct commands once they are out. It's honestly probably the most well balanced while still fun and useful implementation of the summon system


But it’s still extremely limited to when you can summon, which is a drag. There’s no real story reason behind the summon materia being unusable during normal battles. Would be much better to allow the player the option to summon, maybe once per battle as a given (if you have the atb) and a timed or conditional cooldown after that. Summons were one of the best things before in the series as an alternative power magic, but now it’s so random it’s just not as enjoyable. There are ways to maintain the balancing while allowing players the ability to lean on certain playstyles. Taking the control away from a “summoner” fighting style is a drag imho.


That's literally not true. You equip summon materia like in the OG, you summon them with ATB bars like other abilities, and they stay out and act like a 4th party member


Oh. Well gd


I love the different animations some of them have depending on where you are in the world. Ramuh either does what he did in this video or he launches his staff like a javelin to where you are. Titan either punches the ground or yeets a huge boulder to where you are. Special animation against Adamantoise where he literally punches the crap out of it.


Yeah, i remember the first time i summoned him when i was underground and you just see his staff rip through the ceiling of the cave.


Agreed just a shame the summoning system wasn’t Better thought out


Yup. But like FF7 Remake, i wish we can actually use them on demand.


Wait… I’m years out of date here, but you can use your summon materia whenever you want in FF7R?


Lol, no. Damn it, guess i word it wrong. What I’m trying to say that i wish FFVIIR and XV let you use summons on demand.


Ah, I typoed my question… I meant to ask “you can’t”? What’s the restriction in FFVIIR?


You can only use summons during boss fights. And even then, not all summons are available.


Well that’s no fun. Hopefully that’s just a Midgar restriction and it opens up in later games.


Yup. I hope so too.


If only you could summon them reliably or in any meaningful way. Wow thanks. I got to watch a 2 min cinematic of some God smiting a cockatrice


I still have no idea how tf summons in this game works


They're not well implemented but it's hard to argue with how incredible they look. This is my favourite incarnation of Ramuh. Ostentatious and over the top summons are a big part of post 7 FF for me and (for better or worse) it's one of the few things XV really has in common with the other modern entries.


Dude ff15 has the best summon sequenceS HANDS DOWN. No contest. The summons in 15 looked exactly how I always pictured them in my head all the years ago


If only their various Summoning Conditions weren't so unbalanced. I've seen Ixion 50x more than any other.


Ixion is not in this game. Do you mean Garuda? I get Garuda, Ramuh, and Shiva in that order of frequency. I got Leviathan once, but never saw Titan.


Ramuh. Sorry. Saw the Unicorn Staff and forgot he went by a different name in this one.


I’ve only ever seen ixion in horse form from ffX. What other main titles is he in?


That's his name when he's a Summon from X, but he appears as a Creature in other games and apparently a Mount from XIV. And Ramuh's staff is a clear allusion to Ixion.


Spoilers for XIV up to the Eden Raids: >!To expand from that, Ixion is a world boss you have to defeat multiple times in order to get it as a mount. Interestingly, they made a raid (Boss fight) series remixing all the "summons" (known as Primals here) and Ramuh actually became a centaur with Ixion as a lower half/torso!<


Ixion is unique to FFX. Ramuh doesn't appear at all in the game. Each game has summons unique to it only while bringing in or omitting the more reccuring summons from the past. Neither Titan nor Ramuh appear in FFX but they were around in other games. FFXII got rid of all of the older summons altogether for brand new ones and relegated the names of the old summons to the airships. Then FFXIII brought back Odin, Bahamut, Alexander, and have a new twist to Shiva by splitting her into two beings, while Hecatoncheieres and Brynhildr were new to the series.


Ixion doesn't go by a different name, Ixion and Ramuh are different summons - Ramuh being a series staple and Ixion being... Well, not.


Who went by a different name in this one?


90% Garuda for me. A cool summon too, but it gets old after a while.


I'm half tempted to do a new game plus to never do the Garuda quest and avoid the summon entirely.


You'll just get Ramuh instead, he's still way more common than the others


I remember when the demo dropped and the Ramuh summon leaked. I damn near shit


I need to play this game.


ff15 had the best summons imo. lame to execute but fucking awesome cinematics.


I'll say it... I love FFXV. I recognize it's a shit game in so many aspects, but I genuinely love the game.


I wouldn't say it's a shit game. I think it's a good game that could've been truly great if they fixed some of the bigger issues with it.


It's my favorite FF game, I absolutely love it.


I always got titan


Loved the concept that they were basically WMDs for Noctis, and so Niflheim tried *really* hard to not let him get his hands on them. Imagine being in a diner, just eatin' some chili in a booth, and seeing that light show happen off in the distance.


I still get goosebumps with the music starts, everytime. It is incredible.


But some of the worst summon prerequisites


Yes, definitely the visual of XV summons are the coolest. My favorite is Leviathan, swimming over the location before attacking.


I just wish they weren’t random!


Totally agree. Loved this game.


I love the concept of summons being goddamn nukes and FFXV rolled with that and added drama to it. Cutting your teeth during earlier FF where you collect multiple summons kind of diminishes their impact after a while. I even like FFIX where the summon animations are cut short but have a chance to show the full one for more damage. SOMETHING to make it pop.


I really want this to get a series X upgrade. I need this game in 4k


Same! Even when playing on the high framerate mode, the graphics/pop-in take a bit of a hit, would love a specific upgrade to smooth it out and take advantage of the latest hardware.


All two times I got to see them, I would agree


I was amazed when I summoned Ramuh for the first time. I had that awe feeling only at GOW3 first scenes


I remember when I first triggered this ( and this was my first numbered ff game) I was speechless because its so damn cool.


you fight a literal mountain in this one too.


Father Time tac nuke.


The Astrals are absolutely the best in the series, and Shiva* is the one most worthy of worship.


Too bad they’re fucking random lol


Also the worst implemented. And only 4. Xv was a disappointment.


How dare you say anything positive about this game!!! /sarcasm


Indeed it does. They're amazing.


Can’t beat FF7 Knights of the Round


Uh... XV did


They are the best. All the other Simmons feel like they put too much into the cut seen to do very little damage (looking at you Valefor) but XV made the cut scenes feel like they were actually powerful.


Too bad about the rest of the game


WOw nice ! How many summons are in XV ?


Yeh they are - I was fighting a mark version of a boss in Crestholme Channels today and got the Ramuh prompt - at first I was like WTF, how’s this going to work but they actually included extras that shows his bolt breaking through the roof of the dungeon and hitting the ground - was pretty epic!


Does the steamdeck play the steam version of this game well?


The only reason I kind of want to replay it




Its a shame the Damage on summons never really matches up to their animations. And thats not a FF15 thing, its in most of the games. Got hopes for 16 tho, looks like they're doing something different with the Summons in that one.


This might be one of my favorite final fantasy games lol I haven’t even finished it


And the best boss/elite encounter soundtrack




If the Knights of the Round were this big...


The music before, during and after summons gets me so stoked.


It's too bad that, at launch, it was basically impossible to "summon" them outside of the scripted story events. Most people would be lucky if they got Titan to summon once through a whole playthrough. I never saw a single one and I played for nearly 100 hours.


I wish I could get passed this games combat. Looks good but I just can't do action RPG FFs


The designs are really cool, I think the way they randomly appeared was an interesting take as it prevented the ability to just spam summons all the time. But I wish it was a bit more flexible, I only ever got leviathan or garuda.




I haven’t played XV yet, but Ramuh is one of my favorites!


I wish they had a different system for summoning. The concept was great, execution, not so much. I guess XV might actually be the poster boy for that statement though.


Hypes me up for what ff16 will have in store


The summon mechanic here is still a mystery to me. Thank God by FF7R they simplified its access.


they are the coolest to date


Litteral apocalypse! ...213 dmg. Yupp, that's FF for you.


I think that’s all the health the enemy had left lol


Probably, I just had a flashback to some underwhelming number at some point during a Teraflare in FF7 in my youth


15 is low-key mega good man, a shame the story and exploration were so poor


I never got how summons work in this game. Along two playthroughs I got them to activate at most two or three times. And if memory serves, it was Ramuh.


I never quite figure it out either, it's definitely to do with terrain conditions as well as character conditions/statuses. I just know any time I see the Summon prompt pop up, it's time to hold LT and enjoy the show!


Wow, that was dope


at launch the summons were random, so it was really fucking annoying how useless gameplaywise they were. Now they are just poorly implemented game and designed (game design-wise).


I wish there were more summons in this game like in 12


The only good summon is ramuh and garuda And thats it lol, dissapointing really


Agreed! That’s when they trigger though. Wish there were a more reliable way to summon, as they usually come out for me against weak mobs.


I hated the fact that they never showed up for me. I couldnt tell you what summons were in that game as I don't recall ever seeing them that often. One of the things I didn't really like about FF7R was the bad use of summons


It absolutely did have the coolest summons of the whole series, too bad the system for summoning them was trash. I was so frustrated over it while playing because the majority of the time the option to summon would only appear while fighting some low level soldiers toward the end of the battle when they only had a few hits left anyway. They RARELY appeared when needed. Biggest disappointment in the game for me.




I only played FFXV for an hour. I've played every FF not beaten them all but I have played them all, summons have always been a huge thing to me in the series. I really want to get into XV it seems like everyone loves it and I'm just over here replaying IX and X like it's my life. VII Remake is great in my opinion but for whatever reason I couldn't get into XV but I want to for reasons like this. FF 9, 10 and 13 are the best by the way and ill fight for them words


FFXV is a wonderful first half of a game. Shame they had to release it before it was done.


Yeah, until Ramuh is the only one you ever get


And get ready to only see Ramuh


I remember seeing this as the first trailer and I was like OHHHHHH Freaking epic shame the rest of the game did not feel as epic. But that´s some thing you learn that trailers looks epic and good for a reason to sell you a game even if it´s good or not. So I will say I will laugh my ass off when people hyped up to 1000 for FF16 and it ends up a mediocre fart. And why will I laugh becuse I'm not alone being fooled by trailers.


They look so cool but sadly theyre stuck behind rng in a meh game


So far. Looks like xvi is going to be just as or even better based on the trailers


I actually hate them because they're just *too* much. It's a bit overkill and kinda immersion breaking for me.


This games summons are just so extra