In the current meta CBs aren't that important but the difference rn between quality CB and fast low rated CB is night and day in my team Pique is so much better than Diego Carlos and that's only Pique can't imagine how good the 100k + CBs are


100% agreed, I tried the 'cheap beast' cbs like diallo, Diego Carlos etc but slower higher rated cbs are just so much more reliable and harder to get through. Using pepe and Felipe atm and they are rock solid. Hardest cb I've come up against (other than loan vvd) was chielllini.


CB = first thing to upgrade IMO. Anyone can score but not all CB are equal. Marquinhos is better than anyone else I've used (Sule, Felipe, Umtiti, Hernandez) except maybe tied with Umtiti. Meunier with Shadow is everything you could ask for, plus cheap, and Gueye is a top CDM in the game.


IMO, Very! I'm having to defend deep due to those deadly through balls. Having a top quality CB has saved me big time. I have Lenglet and Umtiti and have found them excellent.


Honestly i think invest in gk and then rb


Important for me, since I’ve gone to Lucas Hernandez and Varane it’s so much easier to defend due to their pace + physical