And they’re right. It isn’t Final Fantasy. It’s Final Fantasy (insert number that isn’t 1 here) /s Anyway it’s really dumb. Anything that has the branding is final fantasy. Says it on the box!


Oh boy, I'm old enough to remember the reaction to FF8 after it followed FF7...


Man did they hate the fact that there were cars in 8. 6 had steam punk and 7 had all sorts of modern tech including cars. But to show that the world is cyclical they hated the car in 15 as well. “Not final fantasy “


The funniest thing about this is that basically every FF game had airships, warmechs, or other stuff like that. Why is a Magitek warmech somehow more believable than a simple car?


It’s the only problem I’ve had with every remake of FF1 they’ve turned the sky castle which was pretty much an orbital space station into a boring literal castle in the sky BUT still with future tech ( or in this case ancient tech?) roaming the halls. I miss my sleek silver and black sky castle.


I mean, technically it was ancient tech, but it was also like a space station. Not unlike the Great Whale from FF4.


8 was good, was my intro to final fantasy. Tried to play 7 afterwards but I couldn’t get into it.


Heck, back when FF7 came out people were saying things like “I remember when Final Fantasy was FANTASY”, “I want to play a game not watch a movie” etc.


Nobody ever said that... and i remember it crystal clear. FF7 was praised everywhere as a masterpiece. For the Story and RPG elements.


And X after IX, which is now considered one of the best FF games ever


Don’t forget the comments “I miss the old Square Enix!” Or “I miss when they were called Square Soft!”


Tell this to the halo community


I'm happy there's a little subreddit out there with people like me excited about the game lol. This is the thing I'm excited for the most next year, I'll probably even take a bit of time off for it. I'm a big fan of FF14, Yoshi-P, Soken, and I'm a huge fan of DMC as well. Sucks for people understandably not into it, but a game with all of the above of *this* quality is gonna be insane.






I mean this one lol




Same dude. I'm looking forward to the launch of the game, it's always a good time celebrating with other people excited for it.


The real identity of Final Fantasy is that each game has a different identity. Especially since FFVII. I'm just fucking tired of people saying "this isn't FF!" or "this is generic!". Honestly, FF is my favorite series but it's fanbase (well, part of it) must be one of the most annoying ones you can find in the industry lmao. One thing is to be skeptical and not being immediately sold on a game. That is completely fair, and to be honest you can't please everyone. Not a fan of an action oriented game? That's cool. Not a fan of the turn based FF games? That's cool too. But there's no need in being an asshole about it. It doesn't help that most of the complains I've read or heard about XVI come across as "this doesn't look like my favorite Final Fantasy so it's not FF!", which is definitely not a serious criticism lol.


VI was about a mecha empire at war with magic VII was about eco terrorists VIII was mercenaries vs wizards X was about ghosts and religions XII was steampunk XIII was high tech neon XV was practically modern day There's not been a consistent 'final fantasy' for decades, but people still have this imaginary idea that they're all one genre and each one is just a blip bucking the trend of \*insert assumption made about favourite game\*


you forgot IX was about artificially created mages and aliens.


Never played IX I won't lie but that sounds perfectly on brand like


You should, it's one of the best!


Depends on what you are into, story and world wise its great but it absolutely has the worst combat in the series, the attack animations are so long you have your atb queued up ages in advance and you are just waiting. Legit the only ff i havent finished cos i just couldnt stomach fighting anymore.


Yeah, that's fair. I didn't think it was all that bad, but I'm also a story-first gamer - the combat in IX is serviceable and with a story and characters that good, serviceable is good enough for me.


For me it’s actually among the top 3 of the series. If not the best. The combat especially with all the equipment skills is quite strategic.


Never played FF9? Blashpemy!!! XD Even the creator of FF says its his fave in the series.


Might have changed since then. Considering how he’s totally obsessed with FF14 for the past year possibly to the extent he hasn’t done anything for Mistwalker.


But it's not turn based so not final fantasy/s. It obviously has to have every aspect from the old games to be considered a true final fantasy game.


As dumb as that argument can be, I have to admit that I do miss more turn based stuff. Of course it’s still FF, still good, I’ll still play, but since X was my first and I loved its combat I get nostalgic about turn based


Ironically didn't the mobile game that WAS aspects of every Final Fantasy recently shut down?


Oh record keeper. I am saddened by your loss.


Global got shut down yes, though it’s still going in Japan. It was also a mobile gacha game that last seven and a half years, which is a huge success


Asking for the core of the game to be the same in a sequel is not nearly the same thing as saying it has to be the same in every aspect. This is a straw man


Dude I understand you’re pointing out all the different genres, but let’s be real here; Those games are all different iterations of turn based game systems. People aren’t complaining about the setting, it’s the biggest thing being praised about it. They’re complaining because they were looking forward to possibly anything resembling a Final Fantasy game before 15. Why aren’t people excited for an action game? Because we have a lot of AAA third-person actions games already, and action games aren’t what fans of the series fell in love with. I’m looking forward to the game because I’ve been subscribed to FF14 for longer than I ever should have been. The game will probably be great.


This is it exactly.


XII wasn't steampunk


Right? I thought VI was the steampunk one


I mean, most people who complain were fans from either the first one or the 4th one, and many of them cut off their undying love somewhere around 7 or 8. The games were all pretty similar in their setting from 1 through even 6. And the gameplay and gameplay progrrssion was more similar from 1 through 9 as well, with 8 (and arguably 2) being the biggest outlier. It should be fairly obvious that the series progression post 10 is much more different, and that Square in general has had a massive shift post merger. This is simply inevitable with any company that undergoes a merger. I mean, these aren't people just making stuff up.


Ff is my favorite series of all time. The fanbase is the worst I've ever been a part of personally. Just filled with insufferable elitists drunk on nostalgia


Yeah, that's actually the reason why i dislike the FF subreddit. It's gives me headache. Too many people that only care about FFVI-FFX and that's it.


Yeah, that too. Obviously some games are bound to be more popular and that's ok but sometimes it feels like only FFVI-X exist. And sometimes VI or VIII aren't even in the conversation lol. IMO some people doesn't value I-V/XII as these games deserve. IV, V or XII are quite overlooked if you ask me. I'd include XI too but that's the only mainline game I haven't played.


r/FinalFantasy when the new FF is not FF7 Honestly did people know 12 exist? Or 13 or even 7? 7 was so different many people still think only the 2d FF are “real” FF. And there are so many people don’t realise 11 and 14 is also Final Fantasy.


Even Sakaguchi himself plays and loves 14


I would replace FF7 with FF9. Don't get me wrong, i enjoy 9 but i dislike the fact that it gets so much praise that is impossible to critisize it without being downvoted.


Even just the first trailer had * Classic FF character design * Musical motifs- main theme and prelude * Enemies and creatures- chocobos, coeurl, malboro, dragoon * Huge focus on summons- Shiva, Titan, Ifrit are series staples * Crystals as a central story element




Just curious, what is ff combat to these people? I have played them all. I played ff1 on the nes in 89. The combat system has been forever changing since the first ff. For example ff6 plays very different from say ff1 and also ff9 is different from those two. All of these evolved to be ff10. 12's combat is like an MMO but in ways way more fun. Also this was a result of that decade. FF13 combat was the most fun I had ever had with combat in any ff ever. F15 was a let down for me but the combat was par. I enjoy playing all of them. If your cup of tea is the turned based ones then go play those. They are still there and are not going anywhere. Play em. Have fun. Also, Square has made many turn based games since 10. I fell in love with the action rpg with the mana series. I had much more fun with those combat systems. However, the stories are not as good. Now that I am older I have found that I just want a fun game and an even better story that I get to experience. This is what I want and I have almost always gotten(ff15).




Yeah I get this. Maybe that's why 15 was meh for me as well. The story really fell short for me. To be fair, this is just 15. Strategy is all the others. And, we don't know this combat system. I seriously doubt Square is going to make the same mistake with 16 as they did with 15. You are judging a book by its cover my friend.




But that is the point. With next ff, it has never looked like the previous. It has never been what we expected. Take any two. Ff6 to ff7. Ff3 to ff4. The even bigger jump ff12 to ff13. Hell ff7 to ff7R. This is ff15 to ff16 and of course it doesn't look like what we expect. I am not the one down voting you. I am enjoying this convo.


XV combat while decent always felt to me like it was held back. Like, they wanted to go full action but they never did because they feared it would make lots of fans angry, so they toned it down. At that point I'd rather them to go and realize their full vision, despite what some fans might want. Not to say, FFXV's combat and XVI's are obviously very different based on the footage we've seen. XV has a Kingdom Hearts-esque battle system, it's an action RPG but there's hardly any combos. It didn't really feel like it rewarded you if you were skilled. XVI is pretty much a full character action game. Maybe not to the extent of a Devil May Cry game, but it surely feels closer to that than FFXV or Kingdom Hearts. So by default XVI will be more skill based, at least in higher difficulties (bc we know there will be difficulty options and settings to help those who aren't good at action games). Considering the combat designer is the one who made Devil May Cry 5's combat (+ Dragon's Dogma and Marvel vs Capcom 2) I'm confident the combat will be stellar, but I know that doesn't mean everyone will like it. In any case, I gotta say: strategy is not exclusive to turn based systems. There's also strategy in action games. Action games are not mashing the same button and win. Like, you can do that if you want, and it works in lower difficulties, but there's obviously more than that, just like turn based games are more than spamming the basic attack.


Yeah exactly! I love action games and I don't find them to be not strategic. This mixed with FF is sure to be a blast!


Action combat is not less strategic than turn based combat. If anything it’s more strategic since you can’t just rush in and hit an enemy boss with your strongest attacks or you risk getting countered, and this isn’t even going into elemental properties that are sure to be in the game. The idea that action combat isn’t strategic is super dumb to me


Lmao the strategy for 90% of older turn based Final Fantasy games was spamming 'Attack' command and waiting for the animation, sometimes using Hi-Potion. FFX was probably the first game that made you really think during gameplay and it was the only non-ATB turn based game in the series. That aside, just because it's action combat doesn't mean it doesn't involve any strategy. We barely know anything about the combat mechanics and people are already doomposting. (I'm saying all this as a fan of the whole franchise. I don't think there was a mainline FF game that I didn't like, aside from FFX-2, but that's not because of combat.)




You will most likely be able to switch which Eikon is active which gives you more moves to use. Remember that this is most likely based on DMC which has style switching for one of its characters. This gives you more access to other attacks that otherwise wouldn’t be available. You’re definitely gonna have more than 4 abilities at any given time lol




And you’ll get FF. You’ll get crystals, you’ll get political intrigue, you’ll get a great story and characters. Chocobos, maybe moogles, the works. FF is more than its combat system






It is not about the combat system but they want a complete package FF experience in all respects (like: JRPG pacing, PS1-style "go from A town to B town", exploring world in all directions using airships and boats, revisitable locations, Party management, etc...).


For me, it is about the combat 100%.


The fuck you getting street fighter from? So it’s “gameplay based” but every games gameplay is different… makes a lot of sense.


So you’re saying it has the trappings of FF but not the core of it. Which is exactly what people are complaining about.


This is because people have a biased point of entry in the series. Those who have been around early have witnessed certain consistent elements within the series and so are inclined to have sampled those games as being the definition of the series. It’s a faulty argument because technological jumps over time has allowed each entry to become more radically different than its former - in addition to staff changes and philosophy therein. And this is by design choice as they’ve always revealed heaps of information about what was cut and what their true goal was with every entry. Depending on when you came into the series and what game you played first will determine a lot about your perception. Someone who just came when XV was released will more likely be open to what the series has to offer than someone who’s been around since IV or VI and is more likely to be receptive to the changes the series has experienced. It almost always comes down to the battle system too, as those who probably were around since IV, VI, and VII are going to use those games as the metric for what the series should be. It might also be as difficult for the person who came in later to move backward as it is for those who came earlier to move forward. The former are now used to the modernization of games from a technological standpoint and you see this quite often when the reason becomes “those games are hard to go back and play.” If it wasn’t already obvious, every entry is supposed to be its own package but with the label of shared themes and nomenclature. That’s all it is really.


No one important has said 16 is not FF.


Not the final fantasy i fell in love with but it looks amazing anyway. I read a comment on Kotaku that said its important for rainmaker franchises to go ape because it sets a good example for other devs to not just stick to the tried and true, and it changed my perspective a good bit.




That’s wild. All I’ve seen is hype for this game. What exactly is not FF to them?


Lack of turn-based? I mean, even though it doesn’t make them “not FF” to me, it also makes me less likely to want to play them. *Dragon Quest* and *Breath of Fire*, and others, just never scratched the turn-based itch for me in quite the same way as Final Fantasy did, even though each new entry was different. But although I have played 12-15 (11 came out when I wasn’t in a position to play MMOs), as well as 7R and a chunk of Type-0, and enjoyed them, they just don’t scratch that turn-based itch.


No controllable party members. Maybe there'll be some party members in some main quests, but for the majority of the game, they won't be there for exploration and side quests.


Did they not play FF IV then?


What are you talking about? There's always someone with Cecil, and after a certain point the party is defintely settled on 5 characters, while Clive will be alone for the most part.


Most people who played the OG games just long for a turn based FF game again


Octopath Traveler 2 comes out next year, and the first is better than any final fantasy square has put out in 24 years


Wait what? You are saying Octopath traveler is better than anything square has realized in last 24 years? Don’t get me wrong I liked Octopath Traveler, but the game absolutely had flaws. It never felt like all of the characters really fleshed out well with the overall story. I by no means think Octopath Traveler is better than every Square title since 1998…lol


I do, I can’t think of a square game since FF8 that I prefer


People that say this are either the ones who would call anything past FFX "not FF" cause it isn't turn-based, the other because it doesn't have spiky-haired "10/10" Nomura characters that they could gush and ship together. Like, give this game a chance, cause it has been so long since I've seen a AAA game that has been built with actual passion, no compromises (I hope), and what looks to be zero corporate meddling.


I keep seeing many people being annoyed over the "edginess" and dark themes. Honestly I'm down. Knowing it's FF game - there will inevitably be some light moments but I'm cool with a dark fantasy FF game. I'm a fan of the dark fantasy genre alongside with a lot of the light FF has offered over the years. I'd appreciate a deep narrative focused in a dark world. That being said we've only seen the themes of the story and only a small bit of the execution. While it's been dark - thats okay. The only way to push the limits of their brand is by going outside of their creative wheelhouse and I'm super down to see what they have. Plus the world has me in awe alongside that DMC inspired combat. Either way - it is what it is. A FF is how you define it. The best part about the FF brand is that each game is self contained mostly and that means people get to decide for themselves what a FF game means to them.


The fun thing is that, FF fans complained way back that FF9 looked more cartoony than the rest.


Yup. On a side note - look at Zelda Wind Waker from Nintendo. When that was announced people got super ticked off and dismissed it. Decade or so later and look it's toted as one of the best games. Point of me making this observation is to help further the point that diversity in a brand is super great and what people first think is stupid may end up being fantastic! Not saying FF16 will be absolutely amazing but from what I've seen I think I'll be very satisfied.


People would complain if it was bubbly and chibi. You cant please everyone and redditors battle with that internal dilemma every time a new piece of franchise of whatever is out.


Yup. I love FF because of how diverse the game line-up is. We got every sort of fantasy you can think of (nearly) in this franchise. It's awesome!


This will be repeated with every new FF. Will be the year 2060 with FFXIX and would still not be a true FF.


It all boils down to: Get a life.


and: "touch grass" 😂👍🏻


No Final Fantasy is really a Final Fantasy, because there are always more to come.


Profound dad joke of the day!


So long as it has the title of FF it will be FF. My issue with FF is more enjoying the game. I did not enjoy 13 or 15 all that much. So I stopped playing both due to my dislike of the gameplay and story. I worry that 16 will be overly complex and the gameplay will be too similar to 15, which at the time I played it, was essentially holding down one button till the fight was over. I love 14 so I hope that team does a great job. I’m also looking forward to the inevitable 14/16 Collab in ff14. I’m just worried about this game as I am with all games I look forward to.


I feel like this is a pervasive issue with fanbases that are big but also have been around a long time. You get 'older' fans (don't worry, I'm probably considered one of them at this point) who are tied too hard to nostalgia and it's nigh impossible to make them happy unless everything is an 'homage' or a 'callback' - which pretty much defeats the purpose of doing anything new, and doesn't even make them happy when it happens because nothing will ever measure up to their old favorites in their opinion. I have MANY other examples in my head, one in particular, but I'll hold it in because I don't want to start a fight lol. Long story short (not) - I, personally, am really looking forward to the game. It looks like a lot of work went into it and I'm excited to see what they made.


It’s totally FF but it’s not the FF I enjoy and want more of. I would like it if they made the combat system “your choice” between the ARPG some people prefer and the turn based I happen to prefer. I understand it’s difficult but… is it really *that* difficult? Feels like it would appeal to all of us that way, and the cutscenes / stories / most of the game would remain the same


Everytime this topic comes up, I always say the same. I really wish FF stuck to its classical turn based roots with party members and such. Ff13 was a great evolution of ATB combat. 15 kinda sucked for me. I didn’t really enjoy it, though I did like all the side stuff they had in the open world. I’ll play any jrpg fishing game tbh


Great article 🔥


This is the most Final Fantasy game in ages.


I feel like it's always the people that want turn based combat, which will probably never make a return to the series.


I think it’s because it’s not the typical CBU1 anime design and type of story that’s why and yeah not to mention those close-minded turn based JRPG purists.


Funny thing is, besides Cloud, FF never had anime design characters. It always did its own ridiculous designs. No funky hair colors (except...Terra and Lightning?), no exagerated anime aesthetic, no bright anime color schemes, etc. Compare FF to Fire Emblem and Tales, and its night and day.


Fire emblem is definitely have the anime aesthetic all over it, Cloud just have an unique hairstyle that’s it he’s not so anime as some people think.


Nah, Kazuya Takahashi's artworks still got anime faces and hair style despite muted coloring. Also,the game is full of flashy anime fights almost clash with realistic medieval environments.


I'm an artist and I've studied manga art a lot. All of Final Fantasy are manga/anime style are an offshoot of anime/manga with the artists own nuances mixed into it, which is pretty much the same thing. The eyes, hair and faces are all from manga/anime principles, some games aiming towards realism and some more stylized. It's still the same school which is in most if not all Japanese based games at least from the ones I know. The manga style has a lot of range. It's just that a lot of manga/anime have very similar styles. This comment where they say FF only started to go into more anime after cloud boggles my mind.


Oh yeah I definitely agree with you but i see some people say that’s it doesn’t look ff because it’s not nomura style and nomura design are very anime so they think it’s kind of uninspired and too much wrpg. It’s a shame.


If a game has a bunch of people screaming "this isn't FF!" then you can bet it is definitely FF


Man I gotta say it's pretty annoying coming here everyday and being bombarded with "IT'S FINE THAT IT'S NOT TURN-BASED" posts >Another trailer for Final Fantasy XVI can mean only one thing - another wave of excruciating discussion on the internet about if an action game without playable party members and a distinctly Western-inspired art style is ‘true’ Final Fantasy or not. Where is this discussion taking place? Because it's not here and it's not r/games. I feel like the action defenders are fighting against an invisible, non-present army. Are there people saying that they wish certain things were included? Yes, of course, that's only natural in a long-running franchise, but the defensive attitude is overbearing. I'm extremely hyped on this game but it's insane to me how much fans want to police other fans into agreeing with them that it's a 'true installment', especially when we don't even have the game in our hands to be able to accurately critique it. When you're defending a game that hasn't released yet to the point of publishing articles to tell people they're wrong it goes beyond being objective and you're horse shoeing around to the same level of absurdity as the people you're trying to critique. I don't know why we can't just share our hype instead of constantly lamenting that there's people that don't share it.. different strokes for different folks


I wish I was you so I never had to saw these annoying posts lol I mean I'm not gonna say you're lying or anything. But we're not making stuff up. You can find these type of comments mostly in Youtube and sometimes Twitter. Also in some forums I guess. Not saying there are lots of folks saying stuff like this, but it's certainly not 2 or 3 dudes. Also: I don't have any problem with people not being into the prospect of a FF action game (even if XVI isn't the first FF game to ditch the turn based gameplay, but it kinda feels that way judging by the reaction of some people lol). Everyone can have their opinion and if they're not feeling FFXVI that's cool. My point is that there's no need to gatekeep what FF is, because FF, as the article says, doesn't have a clear identity. Besides that I have to say: if you're going to criticize something, do it with fair and logical points. It's not the same thing saying "I like my FFs to be more futuristic of with some sci fi elements" compared to "European medieval sucks for FF, this isn't FF". This is of course just one example.


>I wish I was you so I never had to saw these annoying posts lol I actually agree with them. I'm also hyped for the game and am going in with an open mind, but it seems like 95% of the comments about the game in the five different subs I saw the trailer in was basically just unanimous hype and praise, with a few people who are still disappointed about the lack of turn based combat or controllable party members. There's also some people saying they *prefer* the more anime Nomura-esque FF's, but still not many were saying "this isn't FF". So to me that seems like a strawman when the discussions are usually more along the lines of talking about how amazing the game is going to be. To the point where it even turns into a circlejerk where anyone with even the most mild (but genuine) skepticism is just downvoted, just like they are in this thread.


I don't know man. I repeat what I said, which you already quote. I've seen plenty of people being negative for the sake of it and despise anything FF that's not turn based. Of course you're going to find more people excited for the game here in r/FFXVI but it isn't a complete circlejerk in subs like r/FinalFantasy or other places. I've also seen some people liking more the Nomura style for the characters which is fair, but it also kinda shows how a lot of fans have been overexposed to his influence in FF (and other Square Enix games). Not because "Nomura bad" but I think it's time to have a different take on mainline singleplayer FF from other people beside the likes of Nomura, Kitase, Nojima, etc. I never downvote anyone unless they're blatantly trolling, insulting or spreading misinformation. I don't like when people downvote someone only because that guy is saying something "controversial" or different to what the majority thinks.


Fair enough, but when I look at subs like /r/games, /r/PS5, or /r/JRPG it's mostly all praise until you get down to the nosebleed comments without many upvotes (if any). Just kinda feels like we're doing the thing where we complain more about the people who are complaining than there are actual complaints. And like I said, I'm hyped as hell for the game too but it also does seem like we're treading dangerously close to blind-hype levels that some games get where anyone who isn't as excited as us just has their opinion (valid or otherwise) mocked or steamrolled. Like I'm seeing people making unfounded comments about the gameplay getting hundreds of upvotes, and then anyone trying to remain level headed and pointing out that we haven't seen any evidence of what they're talking about just gets downvoted or told to "trust Yoshi-P". Just doesn't strike me as a game that's being discussed rationally in a lot a cases - and I'll agree people are being hyperbolically negative at times, too. Especially considering how little gameplay has been shown, it just doesn't seem like we need to defend the game so vigilantly when we're all kind of in the dark about what it will actually play like.


Hey that's fair, maybe I've been unlucky and I've found all the negative comments easily. It is true that most people are excited for the game and, as usually happens, negative opinions make more noise and gather more attention... for better or worse, I guess. I admit that I have contributed to that sometimes, giving more attention than needed to negative people. About people being very defensive about the game, it is true that some folks are being quite radical about it. I guess that is happening because FFXVI is looking to be a very good complete experience overall from what we've seen so far, so some people might not think or entertain any possible negative scenarios about the game. As for the gameplay shown, I personally think we've seen a good amount of gameplay. Even the first trailer had a decent amount of gameplay and that usually doesn't happen in most reveals for AAA games. But if you mean ALL the gameplay and not just combat then I agree, I'm starving for some exploration so we can get a taste of how the areas feel and look, or how cities/settlements look like when you're in these places. I'd also appreciate some quick peek at the menus. But I'm assuming all this stuff will come in the prior months to release, once the marketing is ramping up.


I prefer my FF's with magitek ideas. I find personally that they're one of the few that tend to do the idea well. But when I look at the hopefully political intrigues and the depth of the setting, it still blows a lot of Western Medival games out the water because so many that FFXVI seems to be 'emulating' have literally the Good Kingdom sieged by the Evil Empire. People just seem to be making up what a Final Fantasy IS so they can be mad and compare it to other games they made up..


Exactly. Don't get me wrong, I really like my FFs with sci-fi/steampunk elements! X is my favorite, and it has quite an unique setting that I haven't really seen being replicated in any game. But I also like medieval stuff, and I think it was about time for a medieval mainline FF game with high fidelity visuals. (I know XIV is there, but I'm talking about the FF singleplayer entries). And so far XVI seems to have a quite grounded medieval setting. Which is quite unique within the series. Though it will surely have some surprising stuff, like all FFs.


It's the twists I'm eager for. FF has always had weird twists to it so much that it basically defined the JRPG genre, ironically by being so diverse everyone's just accepted them as ALL staples of the genre.


>It's not the same thing saying "I like my FFs to be more futuristic of with some sci fi elements" compared to "European medieval sucks for FF, this isn't FF". This is of course just one example. Probably AI art spoiled fanbase https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/wfpq04/aigenerated_art_of_crystarium_and_ishgard/


I feel you, don't see much negativity around FF16.


But honest question here… can we still call it a jrpg anymore? It’s more of an action game now it seems


When Chocobos, Summons, and Prelude are played, it's FF.


FF1 didn't have chocobos :P


This game looks like a really cool FF, and the last one I really enjoyed was X


You’d think people would get by now that the only thing that’s guaranteed in a Final Fantasy game is story elements and some rpg like mechanics. Every game tries to be its own thing in some way shape or form get over it. Either wait for them to circle back or make something that’s like your favorite or suck it up and enjoy what we got.


The thing is, this might be the most Final Fantasy that a game has been with the Final Fantasy branding since like I dunno, 2000? 2001? It might play different but this shit *looks* FF to me. And don’t get me wrong, I love XII and the new gang, but I mean aesthetically this thing looks like FF and I think it’s gonna be huge.


I think the only game of ff that I have had problems with and play and did not like at all is the ff13 series


I hate i fell for the it’s not FF meme. FFXIV is the most final fantasy game i’ve ever played


Lets be honest, the majority that say that, are people who is mad the game is not turn based because they have the reaction time of a sloth. Are the kind of people who never did a full Yeah! limit with Tifa or missed every single keystroke with Squall Renzokuken. ​ You are mad because you are bad at action games and FFXVI have action combat.


It is not FF


Well put


The return to the medieval setting reminds me of Final Fantasy I through V. All the traditional elements of are there too: crystals, monsters, summons, spells, etc. The move to a darker tone and a fast-paced battle system with one central character is the biggest change.


I would say that everything is FF except the battle system(at first glance). Looks more like a devil may cry with little numbers attached to the end. So while it is superficially a FF game, the gameplay is not. That’s OK, but I get where they are coming from.


The character models look so ugly I hate it


I’m just skeptical that we’ve seen no actual gameplay aside from combat. The trailers are all cutscenes. This is a big red flag for me. Everyone said chill and wait for the next trailer, now it’s here, still not showing us any parts of the world. Without knowing anything else or making any assumptions it just looks like a generic action fantasy game. I expect FF games to go beyond that, but so far they’re not showing us anything to the contrary.


Going back to being PlayStation exclusive; this is no doubt a Final Fantasy game.


It's not final fantasy.... Final Fantasy was about a world of fantasy, where everything would cater you in, soak you in!, i loved it... i'm 38 and i always loved the original Final Fantasy games, after Enix took Squaresoft the game was not the same anymore. The Producer even said around FF13 that was aiming for a COD like game (lols..) , a few years later and here we are. What's next, FPS mode? There was already a battle royale wasn't there? ​ Final Fantasy died with Squaresoft on FFX, i just wished they stop using the name for the crappy iterations they keep making..


as long as it's not like ffvii remake or ffxv i'm cool with it.