My god was it hard.


I swear during that mission I thought the objective would be the last objective like 4 times. Portal? No, Evil Ash. Portal the second time? Pit. Kill the Pit Bitch? Evil Ash again. Evil Ash? Sam Raimi boss.


I just died on the second Evil Ash fight in the pit. Again. I found a legendary Blunderbuss in the mansion where the sword is and even headshots for 400+ damage barely put a dent into him. He has a flurry attack that you can't really dodge, then as soon as I pop 1 of the 2 Shemps I have left he starts to drain my health. I know people have managed to beat it but I don't see it being possible for me, I don't think I want to spend another 30 minutes only to die at the last part. Checkpoints are definitely needed.


Loot, loot, loot. I know it's rough but don't take the car from spawn. You can max out on amulets and shemp's, plus there's a bunch more healing and weapons as you go. While taking out the flutists you can snipe them with a crossbow and not engage the enemies. When you finish the manor, there's a car you can drive most of the way there to avoid a lot of damage. Last part has two bosses to fight so be careful of using all your items. If you get to the end fight with like 3 shemp's and 2 amulets, you can basically facetank the combats (don't though). Be slow, careful, and search everywhere. There are tons of great weapons around. Get a melee weapon with balance damage and mash the execution button once your swing animation starts and you can basically one-shot everything.


These missions are just too difficult, the mechanics of your character are not meant for you to be buy yourself, and so you just don't have time to reload or pick up objects. They should at least make it so if you level those Ashes you get to use that in the missions.


I think they just need checkpoints. Its such a hard mission but with a equally great reward.


I feel like these missions are perfect the way they are designed. They’re hard enough that they teach you to manage amulets, health, and ammo while being on rails allowing you to adjust. After I got Arthur I felt like I could swim through corpses.


It was a very close fight for me. Finding where they put weapons and meds makes it easier but evil ash left me on 1hp at the very end. Suppppper hard