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This is cool AF


I always appreciate when somebody makes custom cards and they’re actually formatted properly.


I always try to make them feel as real as possible because my friends would use them lol.


These are really great, better than 90% of the stuff you see on /r/custommagic. Love how you design legendary creatures!


Some critique. * The First Strike Haste Infect version of Malenia would likely be a bit oppressive. Of course it "dies to removal", but at four mana, it comes down relatively early and pretty much kills everything it tussles with. Both versions also have many abilities and seem a bit clunky for normal gameplay, especially as the last abilities are rarely relevant. Compare to \[\[Questing Beast\]\], which, while similarly not outright overpowered, just feels like bad design. * Blaidd is a first strike flash with 5 power, so it kills everything coming down for comparable mana amounts and is a combat trick to boot. Stone cold automatic 2-for-1s are not exactly fun to play against, but on the other hand, at 5 mana, this card isn't broken either, at least in constructed play. * Mogh has a reusable wrath effect that goes around regeneration, damage prevention and indestructibility. This is very oppressive, especially considering that he also has evasion and can do \[\[Hatred\]\] for himself for one mana. In pure 1v1 constructed play, at six mana, since Mogh needs to untap to do anything and will spend all of your mana on your next turn, he would still likely be fine, but for reference, all the cards that have effects like this typically kill themselves in the process or are not inherently reusable (see \[\[Bane of the Living\]\], \[\[Crypt Rats\]\], \[\[Hythonia the Cruel\]\], \[\[Mageta the Lion\]\], \[\[Myojin of Cleansing Fire\]\], \[\[Reiver Demon\]\]). * Compare this to your first card - Dragonlord Placidusax - which has a less effective wrath effect for more mana usage and the card both costs more and is harder to cast. The only problem with this is, that phasing is not a black ability and I don't really know if the card still needs self-protection after being a huge beater and killing your opponents board. * Regarding overuse of First Strike, if you just had Malenia not have first strike, Let Me Solo Her would beat her and you wouldn't need the clunky basilisk ability. Of course, if you want him to just beat every legendary creature anyway, this is fine. In that case, I'd still take either First Strike or vigilance out, though, as the card does not need both. * Without the Ward-4, Ranni might be printable. Extremely powerful, and annoying as hell, but perhaps bearable. The problem with effects like this is that they are automatic card advantage. Imagine playing this in a deck with cards like \[\[Spell Pierce\]\], \[\[Lightning Bolt\]\] or \[\[Thoughtseize\]\]. As soon as Ranni hits play, you automatically get one free card, and your opponent must answer it immediately or get absolutely wrecked, as it is almost impossible to claw yourself back into the game if your opponent untaps with a card like this. With Ward-4, Ranni cannot even be answered when played on turns three or four without some kind of an untargetable effect, and depending on the situation, one would have to do it through said \[\[Spell Pierce\]\] anyway. Disgusting. * Marika needs to be dealt with very soon after being cast and has a very exploitable ability, but at least she is quite hard to cast. This card has a precedent, and with these stats, it is still easier to deal with than past versions of the abilty. A good build-around piece. * Rykhard seems fun and fair. Along with Marika, I like this the best, because it's a sensible card which seems like fun to build around or just pick from a booster in draft. * Morgott is a bit weak and I can't understand the mechanics when compared to the character. It's a bit funny, that playing Blaidd in the same deck as Ranni would likely make your deck worse, since you'd have to play green, which does not have the kind of resources Ranni really needs to shine. I don't know how I'd best explain this, but when thinking about the power level of these cards, compare for example Morgott and Rykhard to the rest. Is there a situation where you'd rather have Morgott or Rykhard than any other of these cards in play? Doesn't seem like it to me, and Morgott actually costs seven. When I think of card design, I like to imagine playing a draft, then think of a situation where I'm clearly ahead and will likely win in a couple of turns. In this situation, what will happen, if the opponent plays one of these cards. * Dragonlord Placidusax - you're absolutely fucked. If he gets to untap, you've alredy lost, and since phasing protects the creature, there's pretty much nothing you can do unless you have removal in hand right now. The removal must also work against a black creature with seven toughness. * Both versions of Malenia - you're a bit fucked, but the game is definitely not over. It's hard to attack into either version unless you have evasion, but it is still likely possible to trade 2-to-1 or 3-to-1 against her if she decides to attacks. The infect version kills in 3 hits from any life total, which is a good thing to keep in mind. * Mogh - doesn't really matter how far ahead you were. Unless you kill him through a flying 6-toughness blocker right now, you're out. Mogh wipes your board, gains a ton life and kills you on the following turn with his \[\[Hatred\]\] autocombo. * Morgott - just a big dude. You're fine for now and have a couple of turns to search for answers. Vigilance makes him a very good blocker, though, and you will likely lose unless you manage to find a pump spell to go with your best dude. After the game, you feel that you should have played more carefully and your opponent deserved to beat you since you used your removal on something nonessential. * Rykhard - your attacks stall a bit, but otherwise you're fine. Rykhard is pretty much just a 5/4 with trample who doesn't grant any incremental advantage to your opponent. There's time to find answers and the game continues. * Let Me Solo Her - a decent, manageable creature. Game continues as normal. * Ranni - you have to win now or the game is over, unless your opponent is playing a shit deck with no removal. Any potential answer must also be really cheap, so that you can afford the ward cost. What's worst, since she only cost 3 mana, your opponent will immediately reuse the same answer he used last turn to stay in the game. * Blaidd - you attack, thinking you've won, but the opponent flashes in Blaidd, kills your best dude and starts beating. You cannot block profitably and finally have to trade 2-for-1 to him. Including the dude he slaughtered on arrival, it's probably a 3-for-1. This is just too much advantage, and the game spirals out of control. After losing, you feel that you couldn't really have played any differently, and are left with a sour taste in your mouth. * Marika - your opponent just played a \[\[Lifeline\]\] for 4. You're really glad that it's not a \[\[Luminous Broodmoth\]\] or something equally stupid, but you are still in a bad situation and can neither attack or block profitably. Since she isn't too large of a lady herself, you still probably have a couple of turns to find an answers. The game gets a bit brainy, as you try to craft an attack where she absolutely must block.


Note that Ranni's ability has been printed in \[\[Lier, Disciple of the Drowned\]\], which costs 3UU, has no ward, and has something of an anti-protection because it includes the text "Spells cannot be countered.", which means removal targeting Lier cannot be canceled by the caster by replaying \[\[Spell Pierce\]\] or \[\[Negate\]\] from the graveyard. And that's still more than good enough for standard. Of all the cards in the OP, Ranni needs toning down the most.


Really appreciate this critique man! I’ll tell you what I’m doing rn on these cards for the next post. Morgott is being dropped from 7-6 mana cost everything else is the same. Placidusax is getting a color change but I’m stumped on mardu, grixis or temur. Mohg is getting his first ability changed to pay xx life. Malenia is being changed to a mardu flip card which transforms into a black green god with infect. Ranni is having her ward drop to 3 and her ability only procs if you skip a draw step.


There are a couple grammatical errors, but besides that, they're really well done.


There's some minor templating issues (mostly just older templating though) but for the most part these are quite good.


Always confusing though with all the different formats in different card games i don’t even know what it’s supposed to be


Can you post the original artwork sources possibly? I would like to see them.


The artists names are in the bottom left hand corner! I had to purchase some of this art and I don’t want them to lose money so I cant post the art itself


Ohhh. Sorry haha. Thanks!


Most people don't bother with that so I don't blame you


You can get the HD wallpaper set for $6 [here](https://shimhaq.gumroad.com/l/bmeygq).


These are sick! Do you have any uncompressed external links? My only suggestion is for the Malenia cards: Technically, this is [Malenia, Blade of Miquella](https://i.imgur.com/G7mLGh6.jpg). The one you have shown is [Malenia, Goddess of Rot](https://i.imgur.com/yHDfn66.jpg) (as per her boss fight).


Yea I debated on which one to use for the card title but ended up just going with blade of miquella.


Use both and have it be a flip along with Praetor. From god-devouring snake to Praetor Rykard


Was think Marika would be a good flip to Radagon




„uoƃɐpɐᴚ oʇ dılɟ pooƃ ɐ ǝq plnoʍ ɐʞıɹɐW ʞuıɥʇ sɐM„


„pɹɐʞʎᴚ ɹoʇǝɐɹԀ oʇ ǝʞɐus ƃuıɹnoʌǝp-poƃ ɯoɹℲ ˙ɹoʇǝɐɹԀ ɥʇıʍ ƃuolɐ dılɟ ɐ ǝq ʇı ǝʌɐɥ puɐ ɥʇoq ǝs∩„


Thought about doing a flip but it’s hard to find art for and flip cards are pretty trick with full art I only really do them if I feel its 100% necessary.


Flip might be the wrong word. Been out of the mtg scene for almost 7 years. Transformation card? Like Avacyn in the Eldrazi take over of Inastrad


Flip/transform are used pretty interchangeably


She would make an awesome double-faced card I think, a bit like [Archangel Avacyn](https://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?printed=true&multiverseid=409741) but the ETB could have something to do with her Scarlet Aeonia move, for example. In fact, any of the bosses that have a distinct 2nd phase would work well like that. Plus you get to use two different arts for each card :) These are very cool, well done dude. Edit: on second thought, perhaps something like "when this creature dies return it to the battlefield transformed..." would probably be more suitable!


**Godfrey, First Elden Lord** and **Hoarah Loux, Warrior** would be a sick example of this!


I think that Placidusax might also be a god, as opposed to just an Elder Dragon (but I cannot confirm). Regardless, I’m definitely printing these out later!


He is an Elden Lord, right?


Thanks! Yea I may do some updates once some more lore gets uncovered but for now I just went with elder dragon.


He was a Lord, Placidusax and the dragons worship an unknown outer God that left after the Greater Will won control over the lands between.


Malenia should be “Goddess of Rot” if using her second form, right? But these are awesome


I would love to make her a transform card but I have no idea what to make the transformation proc, I’m not creative enough lol.


I'd make here transform when she receives combat damage or dies. After flipping she puts a -1/-1 counter on all other creatures.


When Malenia, Blade of Miquella dies, return it to the battlefield transformed under your control at the beginning of the next end step. --- Malenia, Goddess of Rot Infect, Lifelink, Flying Whenever Malenia, Goddess of Rot deals damage to a player, place a -1/-1 counter on each creature that player controls. Whenever a creature with a -1/-1 counter dies, proliferate. 4/4


This is perfect


Came to gripe about this!


Super cool :D Doesn't Mohg basically say "whenever Mohg, Lord of Blood would deal damage to another player, if your life total is greater than theirs plus five, you win"? Paired with Flying... oof!!


wall of blood has defender for a reason, at least that freepump needs Fling/etc this is reanimate bait, cheat it to the field T2 win


It's actually straight broken in the commander format. If you're not familiar with commander it's basically just 4 player magic with one legendary creature outside of your deck you can cast at any time. 2 other major differences are everyone starts at 40 life and if you deal 21 combat damage to a player with your commander they lose the game regardless of how much health they have. So this version of Mohg is pretty broken, especially if you give it lifelink so you can do it again.


Uh it’s still weaker than Felidar sovereign so I think it’s fine Edit: I guess the better comparisons is Godo/Helm, cause he’s also legendary.


Hard disagree there, mainly because felidar can't be your commander. Mohg can keep coming back, felidar can't.


Yeah I just noticed that. However compared to the real shit you can do in commander this still doesn’t even begin to compete. Perhaps it could fall into the same category as Golos and get banned for casual play specifically, but even that sounds like too much. I think the card would be balanced tbh. Edit: just compare it to Godo/Helm of the Host


My thought exactly, it should come with the caveat of “activate only as a sorcery”


Malenia dying to Lightning Bolt feels wrong.


Any reason Placidusax is green? None of his abilities or even lore suggest a green identity. Unless he's just Jund so you can play Karrthus, Klauth, and Vaevictus. ;)


Partially lol. Honestly I can just only fit so many abilities on a card but he definitely just seemed like a jund dragon didn’t really feel rakdos to me.


It's a tossup between Jund and Mardu, but I think Mardu feels more right somehow.


I would play this


Instead of making Fortnite Collabs WotC should actually work together with FromSoft


Fortnite makes a *lot* of money.


I feel Elden Ring is substantially more popular than Fortnite at this point. Maybe not more profitable, but definitely more popular. Edit: I was very wrong.


I think you're severely underestimating just how popular Fortnite is. Elden Ring is extremely popular, especially for this style of game, but Fortnite has become part of the Zeitgeist.


It's absolutely not lol.


The sheer number of "Fort, night" messages in Elden Ring indicates otherwise.


Oh god no man.


unfortunately not lol.


Considering the Collabs they’ve done, I wouldn’t be surprised


With how powerful Malenia is in-game, I expected an "at the beginning of *each*" clause a la Toxrill. Lol These are all great, though. I'd love to see this collab.


This is kind of a minor gripe, but I feel like Praetor Rykard should be Jund instead of Rakdos, both because of his character and the mechanics of the card you made.


And I would have given him a 3/8 kind of profile. Not so dangerous but super durable.


Devour keyword would make sense on top, too, I think. At least lore wise.


Mohg card has a chance to summon the FBI on the player.


reddit can't load too high quality


This is sick, especially love the phasing out and the conditional on the pyroclasm ability. Maybe the first ability could be +2/+0 to be flavorful with having double fire-breathing?


Damn! That’s a really good fucking point! Now I want to remake it lol.


These are pretty good. If you want notes: Mogh is overpowered. It basically reads “if you have at minimum 4 less life than your opponent, you win.” Consider maybe “pay 2 times X life”? As it is now it’s a nearly free Hatred. Dragonlord is good but I’d consider making it blue over black. Black doesn’t get phasing, and blue likely fits in the color pie still for the character. Ranni is ridiculously OP. It would be the best spellslinger commander ever made, or close to. Consider changing the text to be, at minimum, Kess with Ward 4. Blaidds wording is off because I don’t think “partnered with” exists in a match since that’s more a deckbuilding constraint. Not sure how to fix it though. Maybe “Commander creature other than Blaidd”, but then it’s weird if he’s not your commander. Maybe also consider just using Soulbond as it gives him more utility. The first Melania is cleaner and better imo. Infect is anti-fun and the first rendition fits the character better. Rykard and Morgott are both excellent. Wouldn’t change a thing. I’d even play Rykard as a commander if I liked Voltron. Really fun and unique idea on Rykard. Marika maybe as 5-color? Her ability also doesn’t really resonate imo. I think if you went all out you could do a DFC with Marika on one side and Radagon on the other. Maybe Marika could be Selesnya and Radagon could be Grixis so you could have 5 color identity while keeping the characters cleaner. Maybe make LMSH have 1 toughness, since no armor? His ability would still work, and I like his ability.


Partnered with exists. It's mostly showcased in Battlebond. Like Pir and Toothy.


No I mean the subline for his ability that says “to a commander partnered with this card.” I don’t think that line exists in MtG. The Partner ability does, but not the part where it specifies that it redirects damage from a creature partnered with ~. However, OP could change it to specify Ranni, as naming specific cards is fine. But at that point I’d make Blaidd an uncommon.


Really like the design, and the abilities are super reasonable. The only thing I would change is I'd have Malenia be mardu or boros rather than rakdos. Character-wise, she's super loyal, dedicated to her brother and his holy order. She's basically a paladin angel.


Very good point. I’ll probably remake her mardu.


Personally i'd have her be white/red for the p1 version, then invert it to black/green for the rot form.


It's hard not to make everything elden ring black tbh. good job though


I haven’t played MTG since highschool but this is amazing, I wish Fromsoft would work with WotC to make this happen!


So so cool, would love to see more of these!


I’ll probably do one more with lanseax radagon fortisaax and godrick.


Astel would be dope too! And Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader.


The Mohg one definitely winds up on the banlist


If only there was a way for OP to collaborate with From and WoTC to sell these.


This reminded me why I collected MTG cards when I was a kid. I never learned how to properly play the game but MAN I love the artwork


Same I don’t even play anymore I just enjoy making cards.


Yeeeeeeaaa. Was looking forward to seeing your twist on Melania. Let's make some lands now: *Liurnia of the Lakes* *Legendary Land* *Tap: Add (island) or (swamp) to your mana pool* *Tap + pay (colorless): Add two (island) or two (swamp) to your mana pool*


Great now I want to play magic again… Also anyone want to see a Malenia vs Aurelia?


You’re amazing, I have nothing else to say


Going to join the chorus in saying that Malenia should be a dual-face card, but will add that if you're struggling with ideas on how to proc the flip, you could have "if Malenia would die, instead she gains indestructible until end of turn, and she transforms into Malenia, goddess of rot". I would also maybe change a few of the keywords and abilities to better reflect each of her phases.


Thanks for the idea! I’ll probably do another version of her on my (probably) last batch I do.


Elden Ring board game when


Knowing that Miyazaki loves MTG makes this so cool. Awesome!!!


Holy shit these are amazing. Not just the art but the card abilities are thought out so well.


Love Malenia (2nd version) and Let Me Solo Her, Feel like you really nailed the mechanics, cost, etc on both those. Think Malenia should be Double-Strike, but infect on her is a perfect choice, much better than wither on the first one. And the Scarlet Rot ability!


Dude I love how let me solo her made it up there 😂


Aw now I'm gonna feel like I'm copying when I post my elden ring set >.> But very nice designs!


The more the merrier bro!


The dragonlord guy could be grixis and the phase out ability could be 2U, being more within the color pie. Or, the phase out could be swapped with essentially murder. 2B:destroy target creature. Either would be within the color pie, while still befitting of their abilities. That's admittedly more of a nitpick thing anyways, love the cards though. I always appreciate well thought out custom cards. If I had a trophy to provide, you'd certainly get it! These are awesome!


Aww I thought these were legit until I got to Let Me Solo Her. Also IMO Malenia should be Mardu. Also Marika should be a flip card with Radagon.


Dude I play a lot of commander and would legit play a few of these especially Ranni and Blaid hard to find Temur Commanders I like.


Surely wizards of the coast does an MTG x Elden ring crossover next


I want that Placidusax Card… or just the art. Please


Honestly some of the most amazing content I've seen on reddit.


These are amazing. You have two versions of Malenia, which makes sense. Might I suggest having her be a dual faced card? When Malenia ~ dies return her to the battlefield transformed. Then the other side could have a bloom enter the battlefield effect as the Goddess of Rot


Thank God table top simulator exists or else I'd be super upset not being able to use these sick ass cards


Oh wow this is insane


This is so fucking sick! Bravo man. I wish I could play with them lol.


These are fucking dope son! Permission to proxy these?


These would all be amazing to build around as commanders, it would be especially fun to build around queen Marika as a partner without


These are amazing my guy! Please keep them coming!


please tell me someone has tagged the actual letmesoloher guy


Malenia who now? I didn't quite catch that. Does she mind telling us again? Nice cards OP :D


"Stand back buddy" !!!!! LMSH forever immortalized as an Elden Ring legend, and well deserved. More to the point, do these cards exist and are they on sale?


You've done a great job of making balanced cards, most wouldn't see play but they look great and flavor-wise they're spot on. Although I just gotta say, the X being after BB on mohg almost gave me a stroke. LOVE Placi tho, takes me back to the days of Block Constructed, dude would be a house.


Thanks! I try to not make them too strong but mohg definitely got away from me lol.


Malenias ability is two strong for that cost imo. Also you could use the transform cards the kinda new werewolfes used.




These are so cool! One little thing though, that version of Malenia is a God as she only needed to bloom one more time to reach godhood. This is why her name changes in the second phase to 'Malenia, Goddess of Rot'. So she's no longer just a demigod/empyrean at that stage. Sorry to nitpick, just wanna make sure my girl gets her credit where credit is due lol :p


Ranni and blaidd are way to strong individually to have partner


Very impressive!! But why 18+? We're living in a crazy world.... So every museum on earth should be forbidden if you're not 18? That's crazy...


Yesss. I love that you included LMSH, and what amazing implementation!


I like a lot of the designs here, in principle, but I think you fall into the same trap as a lot of novice custom MTG designers, especially when it comes to established characters you're bringing into a card. That is, these cards are too crowded without any real mechanical focus, which is really clumsy. You spend so much time trying to capture every aspect of these characters, that they just feel really generic. Consider your Dragonlord Placidusax. I can kind of see what you're going for - he can make lightning claws, he can phase out and teleport, he can shoot lightning bolts - but in the process you make the character itself rather indistinct and make his mechanics lack synergy and overall come across as too... plain. Consider how both From and WotC get around this issue - they streamline the card. Dragonlord's Cragblade doesn't give you Placidusax's full moveset - it captures what the devs thought was his most iconic feature - the teleporting attack - and refine it into something unique and powerful. Or look at, say, Ken, from the SF secret lair. Ken doesn't have most of his moveset, so they can capture that one moment - Ken performing a Dragon Punch - with the greatest level of gameplay awareness. Off the top of my head, here's how I'd probably do Placidusax Dragonlord Placidusax 4WR Flying, Menace When \~ enters the battlefield, it deals 6 damage to any target. 2W: Exile Dragonlord Placidusax. Return it to the battlefield tapped under its owner's control at the beginning of the next end step. 6/6 There. It may not capture everything perfectly, but now you have a strong mechanical focus on the core element of his character - the teleporting attack - and you have a lot more room for things like flicker synergies and it showcases the "immortality" aspect clearly. He's really hard to kill, and everytime he dodges an attack, he hits something hard. Also, HUGE missed opportunities here, with ER's clear focus on transformation and themes of multiple identities, to make modal or normal DFCs. Marika/Radagon would make the perfect split card and you can't convince me otherwise.


Malenia cannot be infect


Love everyone except the let me solo her stuff. Hate that meme


can you spell jealousy


Why should I be jealous. I just hate that meme overflooding this sub


Well it’s about an individual who mastered the boss and showed the community he could do it easily so it makes sense that a community which greatly appreciates determination and hard work resulting in a payoff of extreme ability would idolize this individual and make memes about him based on his name. If you dislike it it’s understandable but it’s just people showing how much they appreciate his ability. To my knowledge this guy isn’t asking to be made into the messiah of this game.


I know the guy and it is awesome that he is helping people. But they are really overglorifying him. People are even telling he needs to be apart of the lore? I mean thats just ridiculous


They aren’t saying he needs to be a major part of the lore. They are just saying he should be a cameo for ending up to be one of the memes/legends of elden ring. People like looking up to a character, no matter how wacky it can be. I like the guy a lot and support his amazing ability to fight malenia because I still can’t beat her even with help! His ability to beat malenia as well as an easily memorable name makes us able to remember him. People make art of him because they view his character as something amazing. It might be just your opinion along with others but to many in the community he is regarded as a legend for what he has accomplished. If you don’t like it then that’s your opinion. It just happens to be an unpopular opinion in the eyes of the more outspoken community members because of how you choose to convey the message because to some it sounds like jealousy.


Ranni/Blaidd is Kess but in Temur, wonder if that plays better or worse...


Not a cEDH player but Ranni seems way better than Kess as a card there, reliably castable on T1/T2 and letting you flashback on each player's turn rather than just your own. The pseudo-hexproof and bonus Blaidd are also nice to have. She is very overturned relative to the other cards here (though Mogh and haste + infect Malenia are both pretty terrifying if resolved). But losing black is a huge hit, losing access to most of the tutors that you want. I think she still ends up being the best Temur commander but hard to say if better than Kess. Meanwhile in high powered casual or any non-EDH format I think Ranni beats Kess by a landslide.


Yeah pretty much what I was thinking. Losing access to black tutors lowers the consistency a lot. The Ward 4 would be huge in cEDH though. Making that Path or Swords cost 5 makes her insanely resilient. But the access to green ramp at a casual pod definitely makes her much stronger there. Also agreed that she's by far the most overtuned out of the bunch here.


Looks hella cool 👍


Oh, that Mohg, Lord of Blood would compliment my deck so well <3


Drop Rykard into a token engine. Profit


Love the flavor of all these, really good design. Only one that doesn’t make sense to me is phasing as a black ability.


There’s a black card called oubliette which phases out target creature. Part of the reason.




Man this just makes me reallyyyy want an Elden Ring themed Magic set.


I love this! As a filthy Infect player and also a Malenia fan, I would play the hell out of that 2nd version of her :)


These are dope


amazing! well done.


Wow I love the last effect on Rykard.




This should be a secret lair


Where dog


Artist of the original Placidusax?


Man can someone make some sexy pics of Let Me Solo Her so I can change my Xbox pic to that sexy beast


I want these so bad


Most seem too expensive to be usable without cheating them into the battlefield somehow. Which is a pity cos flavour and abilities seems really cool.


Very cool cards, mostly flavorful and decently balanced (almost undertuned for post-2019 MTG, really). If I had to criticize something it would be color identities, most of these cards could easily be mono-colored and still do everything they have in the text box. Also 99℅ sure phasing in black is just a hard break.


That Malenia is nuts, all that for only 4 cmc? It feels like a card wotc would actually print these days.


No offense, but Mohg would be broken. Since it has flying, if it lives in even a single turn it would one shot a player


The reason he seems so strong is because he is easily dealt with. Almost all removal gets rid of him with two mana with the exception of doom blade.


blaidd would be blue/green and i will die on this hill


Where can I find the first set? I’d love to play a game with all of them


These are amazing. Love it


Would buy instantly.


Shut up and take my money!


Love it! I’d personally have Malenia as BG.


The artworks are Amazing!


I feel like malenia would be either azban colors (W,G,B) or mardue colors (W,R,B) instead of red and black also mogh should totally be red black


I decided I was actually going to remake malenia Mardu.


...why is this nsfw?


What are you using to make these?


A few things for Rykard - his activated ability should be templated as "{B}{R}**,** Sacrifice a creature or planeswalker**:** Put a +1/+1 counter on ~." Also tracking-wise, since we have keyword counters now, I'd consider having Rykard gain a counter of that keyword rather than trying to remember or notate what the other creatures had!


I thought these were legit until I saw the let me solo her card lol


These are so sick!!!! Please do Alexander!


these are awesome! i need Ranni for my mono blue Kami of the Crescent Moon EDH deck.


Alright fellow tarnished I’m going to make probably one more batch of cards as well as redo malenia to be mardu and a flip card, Mohg to be more balanced, and Rykard to be jund. If you guys have any suggestions or other characters you want made just reply to this and I’ll try my best! I plan on making Radagon, lanseax , fortisaax, Godrick, and Alexander in the last batch.


Ranni is an extremely busted card and would likely get banned in multiple formats on a whim. She is a straight upgrade to Kess, Dissident mage and Kess already is a very strong card. For reference, look at Kess and also look at a card called Lier, disciple of the drowned. Event at 5 mana this Ranni you made would be stupidly good. Morgott on the other hand is a super weak card.


I would pay top dollar for a box set


That fuckin artwork 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


These are excellent.


So cool.


I think you may need to have Let Me Solo Her read “whenever a legendary creature blocks or becomes blocked by LMSH, destroy it.” As it reads currently the “it” is a little vague and could be read as LMSH dying upon blocking a legend. Unless that’s the intent I guess. Either way, loving all of these designs! Mohg’s a little broken for EDH but otherwise these all look like fun build arounds!


actually by WotC?


Hey really nice cards, but fuck dragonlords 3rd ability.


Those are insane, I absolutly love them


Damn imagine a FromSoftware TCG though. Id play it.


There are Bloodborne and Dark Souls card games and board games. The card games aren't TCGs though.


Where's Maliketh??


Made him in a previous post


How was this made?


The only suggestion I have, is to change the type of character for Let Me Solo Her. Tarnished are actually demigods that lost sight of grace. Maybe call him "Tarnished Demigod". Just a suggestion.


I frickin' love these


these are bad ass!


Personally I think the creature types for Mohg and Morgott should be "Omen Demigod," and maybe Rykard should be a "Snake Demigod." These effects are awesome though


Is phasing out in black?




Amazing! Also i would say that rykard could be a 2 sided card, one side would be p1-the serpent and the other p2-praetor rykard


These are incredible. Although, I would probably make Malenia black green, no? What with scarlet rot being death and rebirth?


Ranni is by very far the most busted card of the bunch


Praetor Rykard should have *devour.*


Thought about it but wotc doesn’t put keyword abilities that are unique to a block outside of that block.


I don’t think that’s entirely true because they have that devour commander which I don’t think was released in that block. Throkmar or something?


I stand corrected!


No joke, I’d actually play the first iteration of Malenia that you have there. It’s like Toxrill lite but in Rakdos instead of Dimir. Edit: now I’m actually thinking about this seriously. My immediate reaction is to run her as a voltron, but you could find enough in black to make it a mean combo deck. Red is there for additional blue hate and land destruction. Yes, if I built her I’d make it super mean.


Patiently waiting for the Weapons as Artifact Equipments


Link me some decent looking artwork and I’m not opposed to doing it


Ranni thoooooooo