Dude... its 8 year old game, its ok to move on.


This, and also you don't really pay them to give you more content, yet they keep servers up and things alive to some extent.


We would pay if they put more than 2 people on it and supported the game by adding more maps, classes, meta shifters, etc. lol. Rather than charging for (imo subpar) Necro 5 years too late then dropping the game again. Guess we'll just have to see how they handle D4.


My feelings exactly. I mean, complaining about being bored of the game 8 years after it was released... How many other games from 2012 are you playing regularly? For me the answer is zero. Getting two weeks out of it in 2020 is pretty good, really.


PoE became available in 2012, and LoL got big in 2012 and I still play those. I also still play Age of Empires 2 and Titan Quest, and those came out in 1999 and 2006. All of those games have received expansions or significant new content and updates within the last 12 months. Diablo 3 was massively successful and 8 years after launch there are lot of people who still want to play it. Why isn't it receiving the same sort of ongoing support as those games?




Thats a live service game that is continually getting major updates. Thats like calling WoW a 16 year old game, when BFA came out not even two years ago.


I'm still curious what's going to happen if they release their mobile game...I quite enjoyed it on console, but when they pop the mobile version I'd likely play a couple of hours a day easy.


Play until it’s no fun. Then back to PoE until it’s no fun. THEN BACK TO DIABLO. It’s a vicious cycle.


Did that for a while. Broke the cycle with Slay the Spire. Now I'm on Enderal.


I was hoping to break the cycle with Wolcen but don't even get me started...


Yeah, I had high hopes for that, too. Still keeping an eye on it.


I'm playing the waiting game


Bought wolcen during alpha for $10. Been waiting for 3-4 years for release and I’m still waiting LOL


I bought wolcen back in 2016 because you could get a house at the end of the game...


Ditto. Based off of the general buzz from the sub and the patch notes lately it's gotten a lot less broken, but endgame builds are still just BE and ailments for the most part. I'm waiting on a bit more build diversity to pop up before diving back in.


Still sad I played for more than the refund time.


Yeah I got rid of that at the 1h50m mark, could tell by that point that it was going to be a shitshow.


Had I known it still had bugs/exploits that were present from alpha/beta, I woulda never bought it hahah


To be fair, Wolcen is a perfectly balanced game with no Exploits.


If everything is broken then everything must be balanced right?




I have been so busy with work it's mental but my country just announced a 4 week lock down. So I'm gonna smash PoE, Diablo and Wolcen. Also gonna get back into Grim Dawn 2.i got half way through the story then got real busy and haven't continued.


It’s spelled “Adderall”


Oh Enderal. Such a superb game, made for free by talented people!


What do you like about slay the spire?


To start, let me say that it's a very different style of game (this is not what I like about it, just info for those who don't know about it). It's not an ARPG, it's a roguelite deckbuilder. Anyway, on to what I like. It's a fresh challenge each time. It's fun and deep at the same time. The card combos are reminiscent of MTG, but there's no P2W. It also reminds me a lot of FTL. The challenge feels similar, but it feels like a faster pace to me (which is odd, since they're both turn based).


As a big fan of both Slay the Spire and MTG, I'd add on that Slay the Spire has amazing balance. Each class has a number of strong decks that can clear the game, some of which are straightforward decks and others are more like combo decks. Aside from the cards themselves, there are relics that act like items in The Binding of Isaac, granting special effects and enabling/boosting certain strategies. Unlike the Binding of Isaac, though, almost all of the relics are useful in certain situations. Some are obviously a lot stronger than others, but there are no relics in the game where I can think "this is almost always garbage and I don't want it." All of the cards and relics have many situations when you can think "wow, this is really strong." The game is also quite difficult. Obviously when you know all the strategies for each class, you can pick cards and relics that make your odds of success a lot higher, but getting to the end of the game is not easy. Even when you make an overpowered combo deck, there are often enemies and bosses that specifically counteract certain playstyles, forcing you to either compromise the deck to improve your odds against them, or gamble and hope you don't encounter them. Overall, the game feels very fair and the balance is amazing. It's not incredibly big, with 3 acts, 4 characters and one final boss (average run is about half an hour to an hour), but there is enough variance that you can play for easily over 100 hours. I have almost 250 hours in the game. It's also worth noting that STS's devs released mod support and there is a huge modding community for the game. There are only 4 characters in the base game, but you can mod in literally dozens of them, most with their own interesting, unique class mechanics. While the 4 base characters are all generally better and more balanced than the modded characters, the game can be expanded upon drastically with mods.


Calipers and endless mode


I broke the cycle by switching to Grim Dawn and playing that for 300+ hours. Still fun.


Oooh, $5 on GOG.


Thanks for the heads up fam


Yeah, lets show some love for Grim Dawn. Imo its absolutely on par with D3 and PoE.


This.... Been playing it so much that I didn't bother playing PoE's latest league and only played D3 for a few hours to get the wings and quit from there.


I keep trying to get into Grim Dawn, but I can never get to the point where the hooks dig in. Every few months I fire it back up, but I just get really bored somewhere around the 8 hour mark. I can't figure out what it is. I can play Diablo 3 and PoE for hundreds of hours, but I can't force myself to play Grim Dawn.


the problem I have with it is that, similar to PoE, there's so many levers involved in the higher level of the game that your build requires tons of work to function with tons of items of the specific kind. That and that if you're having fun with a build through the first two difficulties (basically anything can work) once you get to ultimate, it's shift to a more meta focused build, or deal with nothing but hard walls over and over again.


I’m with you on that. Grin dawn is awesome and all but gets boring rather quickly.


I can't play PoE more than like 2 hours without getting bored. I keep trying to like it but I just don't get the hype. That campaign has to be the most boring one I've ever played.


(I know its free to play) I just can't do the visuals in PoE. I've never really gotten to max because I get tired of the game before then, I love the big open passive tree but the skill gems thing annoys me, and all the free gear looks like ass.


Same here.


I wish PoE had a system where you can simply run endless random dungeons to level up and not be forced to do the campaign. Kinda weird PoE doesn't have a dungeon system for level 1+ and only starts it AFTER you beat the horrible campaign. aRPGs need to move away from campaigns, they are only fun a limited amount of time. In a game about starting over and over again you need a strong system in place to keep the players interested, and that doesn't work with a static campaign. GD also suffers from this, I liked my first character in GD, but I will never start over again and go through the same stupid layouts and quests again.


Path of Diablo is fun


not alone :(


That's most games, really. Play until it's fun, then go to something else that you find fun.


I’m here for the bat pet. It looks cool and I have never made it past torment 7 in regular play or seasonal. So my goal it do what I can to get there and leave it at that.


Youve never got a 6 piece bonus?


Still working on it.just need to finish round 4.


I love the new season, but I don't play long. My goals are simple, get to where I can do T16 at a breakneck pace alone or in PUGs . That's almost exactly the point when loot goes from fun to work - I have the BIS in every slot, then it becomes trying get everything ancient and well rolled, then primal, and gemmed, etc, so ***instead (edit)*** I spin down and wait for the next one. Sadly this only takes a week, maybe two if you also spin up a few alts.


How you guys get Primals etc is beyond me. I used to play a lot and could never drop good stuff so I just gave up.


Efficiency is the key here. Playing a lot doesn’t count as much. Let’s say you run 115 every 10 mins for 1 hour you get 6 runs an hour. Someone running rats at 115 every 3 mins gets 20 runs. That’s almost 3 times more gear than you get/paragon lvls and gem upgrades. So you could be playing 10 hours a day which is a lot and a guy playing 3 hours a day is getting the exact same loot as you. It’s a whole other game the more you get into it.


I dunno about a week to get all ancients with correct allocated stats...Even if reforging in cube for more rare items a week isnt long enough. Then tryin to augment all the items as well. You need to farm like ~400 keys and then run grifts that many times just to augment all items. In a week?


>That's almost exactly the point when loot goes from fun to work > >Sadly this only takes a week


I'm in the same boat honestly. That's why I havent even logged into s20 yet. It's the exact same grind regardless of hero, or perks the season brings. Dont get me wrong it's a fun game, and to some people its worth it, but not to me.


Feel the same, played every single season but this season I really dont feel any reason at all to play. I think D4 announcement actually is the reason, I know something new is in the works so I will never see my new transmogs, pets and portrait frames anyways.


My favorite part of the season is the first three days when my friends and I are just talking and enjoying our little progress.


Exactly the same. I haven’t played since the start of reaper of souls and now all my friends are playing, every night we are on discord and such and it’s fun. Although we’ve reached a point where we already have enough gear and paragons that the only viable solution is to start investing in rats etc we still having a blast. I don’t think we’ll keep playing a week from now though due to being burnt out. It’s a game where you play a week or two and then quit, at least for most people.


no game is infinite and you have been obvioulsy playing this game for a while. maybe play other games?


I think it's because the end-game is not truly competitive at all. You either play 12 hours a day or you don't show up on the leaderboard, so that removes a lot of fun that could be had. Plus some of those same "competitors" are botting non-stop when not streaming so trying to "compete" with them is lame as well. You might enjoy playing Hardcore mode for seasons, but even that gets boring after a bit.


That's because the main difference between players is paragon levels that are just linear power. Paragon's been a problem since they removed the cap but it's never been fixed.


1st world problems, I don't see the point of grinding, move on to the next game, or do something productive other than grinding in a game.


I bet you’ve put like 10,000 hours into this game to get that high a level and then you say ‘I hate how quickly I get bored of Diablo 3’. Like... do you see how ridiculous that is lol? A game isn’t a infinite source of happiness. Eventually you’ll reach a point where it’s less fun that it was and if you’re paragon 850 I’m pretty sure you got more than enough from that $60 worth of entertainment. You obviously didn’t get bored that quickly if you’ve played it that much, you obviously enjoyed it a lot or you would have stopped 100 hours ago.


Yeah, this post sounds like "I can't believe how boring and predictable Lord of the Rings is - I am reading it for the 36th time and I feel like not even finishing The Two Towers".


LOL these threads in a nutshell there


Actually you can get to gr100 and p800 in about.... 36 hours of fully solo gameplay on season. I did that.


to be able to do that means you are either already extremely familiar with the game and thus already have 100s of hours or are following a guide...which will make anything quicker and easier. People are complaining that the game they know inside and out is a game that they know inside and out.


What the fuck am I doing wrong then?


Playing and having fun is my guess. Lot's of crazy shit is possible if you're willing to grind.


Run high-level greater rifts. Put a ruby in your helm if you really want to. Higher GRs give exponential increase in XP so do that.


Should I up my torment and lower my GR level? I'm able to do GR 45/47 I can't remember which at T8. I'm a necromancer that runs solo and I'm still looking at builds that are fun to play. Got 2 in mind but one that does more damage is seriously slow.


The torment level of the world you load into has no effect on the GR level, if that's what you're asking. A 45 GR will be the exact same regardless of if you load into a normal difficulty world or a T16 world. Do you have your six piece bonus and from Haedrig's Gift yet? If not, prioritize that. If you really are focused on levels, your time would be better spent farming regular rifts in a group, spending the currency to get the specific gear items you need to complete your build, then transitioning to torments. A single level 100 GR is worth like 25 44 GRs worth of experience. I normally focus on getting to a speed-farming T16 level of gear than transition to mostly GRs.


I don't even know what haedrigs gift is but I am looking it up currently so I don't have a 6 piece yet. I was just wondering if I should have did a higher torment and a lower level grift for more xp/better drops. I was looking at builds that had all legendaries and my current legendaries out damage any tier set I have. Rathmas is closet to 6 piece with 3 Currently.


Given that you're so new to the game, here's some resources that can help you out: https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/beginners-guide-to-seasons-in-diablo-3 https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/how-to-farm-legendary-and-set-items-guide https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/necromancer-class


Thank you, I'm just new to seasonal but there is a lot I don't pay attention to when playing as I haven't played in awhile.


Did you make a seasonal character or a non-seasonal character? The wide majority of people play seasonal, which allows you to complete the "Seasonal Journey", which is a series of challenges. The 1st, 3rd, and 4th tiers of the Seasonal Journey reward 2 set items each for a given set for each class every season (via Haedrig's Gift, which shows up in the bottom left of your screen). If you didn't create a seasonal character, you won't be able to complete the seasonal challenges, and will need to keep farming until you get some set items. If you did create a seasonal character, you can see your progress on the seasonal challenges with shift+J or by clicking the seasonal journey button in the upper right.


Ah, it's my first time playing seasonal, I used to just bumble around on a WD not seasonal.


Nothing wrong with that. The seasonal reward set gives you a nice boost up to about T10-13 once you get the 6 piece, so it’s just a fast way to jump into harder content. Beyond that and not having the seasonal challenges and there being fewer people to play multiplayer with, seasonal vs non-seasonal is effectively the same. Once you can farm T10+ with your new set, you’ll have a much better time finding legendaries and currency to get stronger still. There are lots of good build guides for different classes and sets out there, I’d recommend checking them out to get a feel even if you don’t want to follow a guide to the letter. The difference between an optimized build and the builds that newer players come up with on their own can be 10s of GR levels.


Well what are you doing?


I think the other guy got it, having fun.


Doesn't sound like you're doing it wrong then!


its pretty stupid honestly. So, you get every piece of gear needed for your build but almost every piece could be just a tiiiiiiny bit better. it gets boring quick looking for the same exact piece of gear you currently have. also, theres a ton of botters that literally dont log off. ever. and blizzard doesnt give two fucks


I’m a switch player and the top 100 on the leaderboards as of the moment are all hackers :( I’m disappointed blizzard doesn’t do anything about that


Blizzard can’t. The reason there are so many hackers on switch is because of a security flaw in the switch. Which blizzard can’t change since it is Nintendo’s product.


oh dayum. I see, I guess that explains a lot. Pretty unfortunate, but I guess all you gotta do is subtract like 100 players off the leaderboard and that's your "real" ranking lol. Cheers!


I mean how long did it take to you to reach that paragon level? If you got all the way to that level I wouldn't say the game bored you quickly


Play Hardcore.


Thanks, but I'd rather fuck myself with scissors than play hardcore on an always online game. I can't tell how many times I died due to lag/delay/other various bullshit complete outside of my control.


Set a new goal, 5 tabs full of puzzle rings


The game is so much more enjoyable when you don’t use online resources what so ever. You should experiment on builds all on your own.


That's the entire point. You beat the game. That's ok. You reached a new build had fun with it. It's ok to move on.


It's not like you've been playing the game for hundreds and hundreds of hours or anything...


I mean, you are expecting that a 60e (or dollar) game, excluding expension that is single-player will give you near endless amount of enjoyment. Look at the total time you put in to D3 and compare that to other games.


I've only ever played through an entire season for the entire thing twice, both times I was pushing for leaderboards. Both times I skipped the next season. I love diablo, but this season (I did get plvled but that was it) I had the journey done in sub 20 hours, and have no goals to push at all this season, so I just started running plvl groups, or grabbing 3 70s and having a leech party. Itll keep me playing for a little, but it never lasts. Whiney people and greedy people ruin it. Diablo 3 just has old game syndrome, which is a condition I use to refer to games that have just been around a little too long for their own good, because no game can constantly release content and never have power creep. Old game syndrome is when the unavoidable power creep has built up too far just due to the game aging. With diablo 3 at this point it's a game we all play for 2 weeks every new season, and about 25% of us play the whole season. It's okay to take breaks from diablo Edit: another good option of something to do is, try other builds, see if it's new fun gameplay for you


My goal is to farm enough paragon to beat a GR150 solo.


That would take a very very long time without exploits.


I hit my new high at 115. usually i get burnt out before I pass 100..


This is why I swapped to poe. I love the combat of D3 but after thousands of hours it stop having the same returns. Poe has much more depth in that regard. Both have their pros/cons but the biggest one for D3 is lack of depth.


It's a game where you kill monsters so that you could find stuff. What's the point of the stuff? To kill monsters faster. Why? To get more stuff. Think of how much time you've spent doing that. If you're not having fun, you're getting 0 value out of playing the game.


I felt this almost all seasons. Thats why I look for other ARPGs all the time. Houndreds of hours in Grim Dawn, Wolcen and others. Even went back to Torchlight 1+2


How long does that take? I have played Diablo 3 a lot, in many different seasons, and I pretty much never make it that far. To me, farming out 800 Paragon levels takes a really long time. No shame in getting bored of a game after 20+ hours or more.


yeah man i havent played in 3 years. stuck at home so I picked it up again. played til about lvl 30 and I probably won’t touch it for another 3 years.


Personally I just go slow and don't play very much in one sitting anymore. I still complete all the season journeys but it takes me most of the whole season cus I'll only get on and do maybe one round of bounties or farm 10 GR keys or level one gem to the next little milestone or whatever. I've got too many "endless" games that I enjoy, to devote too much time to any one of them. If I make it to P800 over the course of a season, that's an achievement for me lol. D3 is still fun, but I just can't get into grinding for hours anymore. I just choose a class to rebirth based on whatever Haedrig's gift set sounds fun that I haven't played for a while (or ever), do the journey over time, and peace out back to Warframe and Dauntless and silly casual games like Stardew Valley, My Time at Portia, and now Animal Crossing lol. Maybe "I'm too old for this shit?" Idk 😏


How quick is it really? How many hours have you played total?


Loot 2.0 is a major factor in this. If it took weeks or months to gear and not hours or days the game would have more longevity. Fact.




You overestimate most human's attention span. Fact.


You may be right I played D2 classic for 14 years so that's what I'm comparing D3 to.


I feel like d3s progression is just inherently flawed though. To do any damage you need very specific pieces. You need full set, and all the supporting legendaries. Before that point your useless, and the myriad of legendaries that you get are literally pointless to look at. Meanwhile in d2, if you wanna try to make a certain build, it ddoesn't matter of you dont have a chains of honor and a Phoenix yet, you can run hell with mich cheaper gear, and it feels good to slowly improve your build over time. That sense of feeling doesn't come on d3 till your like 800 paragon and literally the only new exciting thing you can look forward to is grinding mainstat


do you still play D2 today? everyone played games for a lot longer when they were younger, as people get older and as the world becomes more "instant" the attention span of people gets lower


No I gave it up about 6 years ago. And I agree with you, but at the same time I believe we make time for what we enjoy. Even now as I write this I could be doing something more constructive instead of engaging in conversation with an Internet stranger.


I used to be able to play D2 non stop when I was younger. I tried to play it again a year or two ago and it just wasn't as enjoyable like I remembered. I think a lot of the games from the past wouldn't get the same treatment if they were released today in their current state.


I prefer getting loot for my class instead of tons of worthless trash that i need to trade to get something for my class.


Ok. And that shows the dynamic shift in target audience between D2 and D3 From encouraging community play to casual pick up and play. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's just lacking for those who want more longevity in the grind, an actual reason to be excited for drops and not skipping 99% of items dropped.


But why should be a trading system be some form of "community"? It's just another loop to go through to prolobg the time you spend with the game. There's no lasting interaction in searching for items in a forum, and trading with a stranger that you probably never meet again after your trade. The trade items takes every excitment out of drops.


I disagree to an extent. Every drop might not be perfect for you but it could be perfect for your friend or someone else. And if you trade it for gold or an item you actually want it's rewarding. (subjective) Playing in a party would encourage sharing drops for progress and synergy.


Because trading in D2 was utter trash. Noone ever wanted fair trades. I specifically remember one time where someone wanted a zod or vex rune for a Shaco cap. Most of the time people were only looking to fleece others who didnt know the true value of an item. Haggling over items, spending HOURS jumping in and out of lobbies...that is not gameplay. Oh. Let's not also forget shared loot. Back in the day I was lucky and playing D2 at college so I had a T1 connection. But others weren't so lucky. If you lagged when bosses died or just simply weren't fast enough....no loot for you. Put simply D2s loot system and "trading" were horrible. Does that mean D3 is without its issues? Certainly not. I too have suffered from the seriousness and quickly waning energy of D3. The only draw is new items and sets along with whatever season bonus they come up with. But the ideal situation is somewhere in the middle. Neither D2s harsh and disturbingly bad loot system and D3s overly forgiving and trivial loot system. The real answer lies elsewhere.


But this doesn't solve the two big problems: Still no community through trade and drops are still not exciting. > And if you trade it for gold or an item you actually want it's rewarding. This is pretty much the same thing as getting forgotten souls/death breaths and upgrading/reforging items.


Yep. No trading and sets being so easy to come by and then it's just stat increases -- boring. Nothing to work towards but incremental GR pushes.


I’d rather feel rewarded for playing in bursts rather than spending days on end just to complete a set. I don’t need another job just to finish a build


And that's where the imbalance lies in the work/reward. Surely those (not myself as I haven't played in 2 years) who dedicate more time should reap better rewards?


They do. Instead of having just the items needed for a build, they have prime ancients.


Something that was introduced because the changes of loot 2.0 had already made the game boring quick.


That's the actual issue here imo Builds are defined by set items. They made them so easy to get by that you complete the build in like 10 hours. Then your build's complete, what's left to do really but to try and minmax your items since you already got all the best items for each slots, the gameplay loop's the same from lvl 1 ffs


Loot 2.0 was a great idea. But they fucked it up. Remember release of RoS when they made legendaries drop twice as often as they should for a short amount of time but people liked it and they left it in the game? And the biggest problem is the busted dmg from sets that let you play insane difficulty levels that have higher droprates (they need to have them to an extend to be rewarding and motivate players to push to more difficult content). Now legendarys drop like crazy! On top of that I never understood the design philosophy behind giving players a basically free set...


>If it took weeks or months to gear and not hours or days the game would have more longevity. It is also a lot more frustrating. Until loot 2.0 the vast majority of legendary items were just entries online for things I'd never seen, after several hundred hours of play. Build guides are useless if what you need never dropped. It may have swung a little too far the other way now, but I'll attribute that to power creep, the added higher torment levels, and the consequent higher drop rate for legendaries.


Then don't play?


I don’t mind this. I like jumping in now, finish the season and whatever goal I have then come back and do it again in a few months. Yeah this season buff wasn’t that exciting but I enjoyed last season and played that more. I haven’t spent a cent on Diablo in years but it still gives me some good fun every few months, I think that’s awesome.


I have seen comments like yours before, and I’ve seen counter arguments in the thread, about how you are bored because you’ve played for thousands of hours. Maybe this is true, and I think there are some merits to both sides. That said, to me the weakness of Diablo III in terms of replayability has to do with gearing and creating alts. If the game has enough gear/scale combinations, one can constantly think of new characters to play. But in Diablo III, the developers essentially create items stats to support specific skills. If you want to play a skill, you use that item set. That’s it. There’s not a lot of creativity, and therefore not a lot of variance. There’s not a lot to daydream about. That’s my biggest frustration with Diablo three


But can't that be said about *any* loot game with skills? You either a) find a skill/rotation you like and get gear around it, or b) follow a guide for optimization. Then you find the gear that fits whichever selection you chose.


Because in D3 gear comes really fast until you hit a brick wall of diminishing returns. After you hit that wall you can dump hundreds of hours into it with almost no upgrades. After you hit that wall, all there really is left is farming paragon... which is really boring. play grim dawn


Tried, just didn't hit me the right way. Can see how it would itch that itch though


So true...


Try hardcore


Can you get another gift if you already got one on softcore?


Most of us aren't using pubs anymore. I'm P1650 and mostly doing not-optimized rat runs 110s in literally 1:45-2:30 with my zbarb or solo 100s in 2-3min and it's fun to just keep pushing the leaderboards and try to keep up with the top guys. That's what keeps me going. You just have to have a goal. Too many people just start the season and pick whatever Heyfoaks Man or bluddshed or etc says is the 'good build' this season and because they don't want to grind, they hit the wall at, like you, 100-110 and then just get bored and give up. If you want to actually push farther, you just have to pick one of the 'boring' meta farming builds, get 2 or 3 others, and just do speeds. #IGNORABLE WALL OF TEXT/RANT INCOMING I see so many people every season who seem to hit about 800-1000 para who just do (almost) nothing but t10/t13/now t16 rifts and never doing GRs, and I always, ALWAYS, get asked how I got so high paragon. I always have to explain that, yes, while speedrifting with a fast build (for ANY class such as waste barb or chicken/ingeom wd or steed set sader or ingeom monk/wiz/necro) is fun, but you can go just as fast in much higher GRs if you just make a group that can do it. For example last season when I was about 600 (i started the season 3 or so weeks late) there was this guy camplo or camplos or something in t16 rift games at about 800 para, he plays nothing but a low damage but fast moving danettas UE DH, and once I was about 1500 he was still only like 850, by the time i was 2500 he wasn't even 900 yet, and when I hit 3500 (stopped season at just shy of 3600) he was literally barely over 1000. I only say this because I saw him every time I did pub rift games before my group got on. This was typically evening in NA and legitimately at least half the pub t16 games I'd join he would be in them. Just speeding along trying to be the fastest/furthest person for some reason, literally ignoring elites evne and dying every few minutes. I guess that's fun for him, and I'm not saying you can't just do that if you find it fun, but don't then randomly whisper me asking how I'm so high compared to you when you have a tenth of the time played on the entire season that i have on just my main barb, mate. Also, as an aside, all you para 600-800 guys playing UE (multishot) DH, stop trying to join pub GR games with it and begging to do 110+. You do shit damage and die in one hit to anything, and it's not our (wastes barbs or mundu WD) job to carry you. Play shadow in group, or go play LoD rapid fire solo. #RANT OVER LMAO


Diablo 3 really needs a currency system to buy targeted upgrades, like ancients and primals. The cost can be insane and take a really long time to farm, there just needs to be something to work towards. At some point in this game you get disappointed to much to bother continuing. I'm at a point too where the legendaries I get are 99,9% trash that gets instantly salvaged.


I'd be happy if they even had just a cube recipe that was like reforge, but preserves ancient/primal status at increased cost.


Or just make trading possible and crack down on bots. Give you a reason to run shit.


Find a new game, you will feel refreshed after a few months diablo free.


There's no need to play a game if you're not having fun. A game is made for fun. My main objective is to reach at least rank 10 in Americas and I'll work on that until the end of the season... and I have fun doing it.


So don't play? I check in for a week or so each season; rebirth my wiz, bang out the season's journey, and call it a day. By the time I'm done with the SJ I'm bored. By the time the next season pops up, I'm ready to play again.


I stop to play torchlite 2 and warhammer inquisitor martyr. Martyr isn't the best but it's still enjoyable. After a while of playing, I remember how fun D3 is and go back to it again. They all scratch the itch.


Hardcore mode. That is all.


Citting reggie: “if it’s not fun, why bother”. Try another game in the meantime until that urge to play diablo comes back.


Play diablo 2. Decades later still very fun to play.


I play too much on the first weekend and by Monday I've usually had my fill. I didn't hit 800 but playing more wouldn't really be satisfying so I think I'm done for the season. May try Wizard or Monk next season, since I haven't played those builds in a while. Also haven't played Demon Hunter, but I already know I would get over that one quickly.


Same here, as soon as you hit the point where you have to farm primal ancients and juice them up with keystone-basestats is where I quit. After that its just how much can person X grind out to just beat you at some point because of the extra stats they have. Same in WoW where you have to hardfarm stuff until you get lucky ontop of getting lucky ontop of getting lucky.


I also play only for like 2 weeks, every season. I have fun, I play with friends, I do season journey and when it's not fun anymore, I just don't play until next season. Btw if you are softcore player, I would recommend you to try HC. It's fun and even better, when you don't have cache with starting set. I play both every season and I have to say, I really like different playstyle and builds in HC.


Before this Season started, I looked at my previous season characters, paragon, grifts and items. I didn't reached p800+ nor reached a high grift (100+). I only played for most of the time 1 character per season then be done about it. My non-season paragon is only about p1130. This season, I wanted to reach p1000+, reach grift at least 10 levels below the top leaderboards, augment my items, level up the gems at least by 100 and play 2 characters (wiz and wd). For me, this is the most fun season that I played. I'm only at p950 and only reached gr112 on my Wiz. I created a WD and can only speed run T16 and also wanted more out of this character.


I have 16 hours and 38 minutes in this season, all solo. I just did a 8 minute gr100 and I know exactly what you're talking about.


Yep, it needs a tier or two more endgame stuff to do after that point. And I'm not talking about simply more GR levels. Just something else to have some point in continuing. I don't like PoE much but God damn is its endgame vast and expansive and Neverending for someone who is used to playing D3 until Gr100 every season.


I do this every season, okay till I lose interest, wait for next season!


Yeah. The only goal I've had for seasons for a long time now has been to complete the season journey, which is usually done about 24 hours after the season begins. This time that happened as I hit paragon 600 on Saturday evening (season launched Friday). At that point I basically have all the items I would ever require, so it just becomes a mindless number grind between paragon, greater rifts, gear and legendary gems. Just seems utterly pointless. Add to that the inherent penalty of wanting to play solo and yeah I'm done.


only fun for a day or 2. Hopefully D4 is much different


Meaningful PvP is what the game is missing. You’d have a reason to grind for gear and levels if they could be put to use in the arena against other players.


I usually get my full set. grind to GR 100ish and get bored...I don't want to very slowly creep to get to 110...boring as shit


What, you don't enjoy having zero effort items? Imagine you had to farm for them, and be super excited once something good drops... naaaah who wants that


I think one of the biggest issues is the seasonal gifts. It makes you go from zero to hero in mere hours. So getting to that initial power spike is basically nothing. On top of that, lack of meaningful endgame. It's just an endless grind of going one tier high, which is the same thing, with just slightly higher numbers.


*If* I play a season (not playing this one, and probably not again for the foreseeable future), I'm usually bored about an hour after I finish chapter 4 and get the full set. But it's not Diablo's fault. I don't see the point in most end game content in most games. I prefer the journey to get there, and fail to see the point in continuing.


Play Doom Eternal


You're asking the equivalent of "GR50, now what"?


I stopped playing 3 years ago when i discovered that the top of the hardcore leaderboards were botting 20 hours a day... That cut my will to play completely.


diablo 3 is just a badly designed game, its fun, but yeah, badly designed in the end, i dont think anyone can argue otherwise, its endgame has a very narrow end game that always looks the same yet doesnt have an endpoint.


I just decide on an objective and go for that. When that's done, then I see if there's some other objective I can go for, and when I run out of those, I just leave until the next season. Right now I'm going for a Conquest.


I've just recently finished Inferno difficulty on a private vanilla d3 server and I must say that having a healthy end goal for the ARPG is very important. In the current state with level scaling for the whole campaign, 20!!! difficulties, and 150 GR levels there is no real goal in the game besides completing GR 150 which is just as uninteresting as getting high paragon levels (another awesome end-game goal). And with campaign level scaling you cant really make interesting challenges. One of the challenges I tried was completing the campaign with white items only, it was awesome for 4 acts and lvl ~45, but after that any elite (and boss) was oneshotting me, and the longer you play (leveling) the harder(!!!) it gets which is just abysmal meaning to win this challenge I should run through the acts killing nothing to stay away from leveling. And this applies to the core game, to win the game you just keep running lower GR with apropriete difficulty because high GR are too hard and you never reach "hard" difficulty because the game keeps the difficulty at your power level (or you keep yourself, but this is because the game lets you). With vanilla d3 there is just Inferno, like it, hate it, but the game will not make itself easier to you and it is presented in the good way - Inferno IS hard. Now try asking someone whether the T16 is hard? It is not at all, it is meant for a normally geared GR75 char, yet it is a highest difficulty... TL/DR - high difficulty granularity - bad, easy to understand and see endgame goal - good


That’s why the video game gods made more than one game.


PoE excels in the end game. there is more to do. however. GR and Maps are basically the same thing. but maps has a goal. a purpose to finish the map. GR is just. go as high as you can. and i personally always top out around 110. ya know. because i dont play it 24/7 or share an account with people to get to paragon 3000 or whatever. Diablo is fun. the seasons are fun and really the only point in playing. but it doesnt last long. because you literally do one thing and anything else only serves to finance that one thing. which is GR. thats it. GR, GR GR. RR for keys. vault for money and DB's. then bounties for bounty mats. then back to GR. PoE has delve, maps, and other things to do. but the issue is.....its harder lol. which is good, but i still HATE the skill system. i got used to the economy. but the skill system is shit to me. classes have no meaning other than where on the board u start. all skills are gained through the gems. and i just dont like it. there is no real since of uniqueness to classes. id be happy id D3 introduced a raid mechanic to the game. 4 man raids. that would be awesome for a bit at least.


Im the same way these days. Play for the new features/season rewards. Push GR for a while. Quit. Wait until next season.


I feel this so much. This is my first season back after 3 years. On console now but used to play on PC. I hit 850 paragon a few days ago, farming GR100, pushed up to 107. Bored now. Alot of builds I like to play/want to try are just awful to play on console because of targetting so Im sticking with what is decent with a controller, which surely plays a bit of a part in it. Having the exact same gear pieces since like 300 paragon, replacing 2 pieces total when I had to up toughness. Aside from that, Ive just been hoping to get my last 5 ancients, OR a specific ring + amulet with passable stats so I can use 'proper' items for the slots. I dont know if my luck is just THAT bad or what, but its certainly demoralizing to literally not get a single upgrade from 300-850 paragon. Reforging at the cube is just insulting for me this season as well lol. Looking back at when I played 3 years ago, the main difference though is me and my brother both played. We rarely ever grouped up but we'd 'play GRs together' seperately and it was great. Talking about our good (and terribad) drops every few rifts when we'd go have a cigarette break or whatever, and 'competing' for GR clears was definitely a motivator to play. Shit like that makes the 'experience' of playing worth it, rather than just feeling stupid for spamming rifts with no useable drops.


I feel like there’s very little incentive to roll another character during the season. 1-70 is tedious, so much so that we have to use gem of ease to grab a lvl 70 weapon and power through the content. After which, the real game starts, and you realise all the gear you’ve collected is of the wrong mainstat. No problem, just stick a LOD and power through the content again, until you collect all your gear pieces. And you are back to the GR grind again. Personally, i like the D2 leveling process, simply because the progression is tied to the skills themselves. The gear is complementary. Whereas for D3, the progression is in the gear. If you can’t find them, it becomes frustrating. If you find them, then you are done. That’s why it’s still fun to keep rolling new D2 characters and see what wonky skill combination can get you through hell.


Do you care to buy Diablo 4? I mean I just recently got into Diablo because it was on sale, and I love dungeon crawlers. But this whole thread makes so much sense to me. I have played for about 1 week and I am at paragon 250 on season and I have completed the seasonal challenges. I am reaching the point of boredom in this game. Maybe Diablo 4 will bring us all back to a fresh world worth playing again?


Do the same for every class I guess? Nothing else to really so


Beat me. Been playing since the RoS and loot 2.0 and this season I only made it to level 70. Rip, I just can't any more :(


I stopped playing a long time ago, last time I played a season I got to p1000 in like 10 days, with all the seasonal journey and season achievements done within the first week. The game is just not fun anymore, is an endless grind without any meaning. The game was far more enjoyable at RoS release, when you had to play for months to complete a build. That forced yourself to work with what you have and try fun builds because no one had access to GG gear.


I was very enthusiastic going into the season after not playing for around 8 months, and already I sort of feel the wear and tear. I had three main goals this season: get a stash tab (done), complete the guardian for a new pet (almost done) and get ranked on the leaderboard (any rank). The last one is proving to be a challenge, because I'm not willing to put in more than a few hours per day into this game, and has quickly turned into a grind.


Maybe do something else guys.... just a suggestion


Every diablo season is a 1 week event for me, it's super fun leveling up, building your sets... and then like you said it's grinding for tiny %'s, so I quit til next season


exactly. play something else. fuck that loser that directed this game.


We've been at the point where we've done nearly everything for like 4 years now, that's why. I think the Rift system is lazily designed. You just do them and they scale infinitely. There's no special events that happen in GR80+, no special item drops, no reason to do any of it besides the Leaderboards. They came up with the basic idea for Rifts which was a really great idea, but then they stopped there and never expanded on it much. The only additions we gained over the years were Greater Rifts and Legendary Gems. Loot is just whatever in general now. If you need specific items, you just do a few Rifts and you'll have every single one of those items within a day or two. There won't be any design changes coming to D3 anymore, but hopefully with D4, they have a real progression system with whatever endgame they have. Sort of like how PoE added the whole Atlas feature. It's like Rifts, but with a naturally progressing questline which leads to unique boss fights that drop unique loot.


I usually just play the season until i get bored then wait for the next season, most ppl do it like that i believe


I lasted 2 months after release. I heard it got better later on but that initial release put me off for life. During the time I played, it was trash to say the least. Still occasionally play D2 though.


just did my first GR110 solo yesterday, my aim is to be into the top 1000 EU this seasosns i'll just grind but not to the point i'll get bored and we'll see. just have objectives and you won't get bored. Or help other players to do thiers


Ive got the same feeling havnt played in a few seasons now i played for a week, reached P1000 and everytime i log in now i cant play more then 5 rifts without getting bored as fk.. the servers non stop lagging doesnt help either


Played huge in season 19, then back to borderlands which also has the same feel. Season 20 Ive gone with just play one HC character if it dies the season for me is over. Unfortunately I died yesterday so my diablo session is over. Have a go at HC if you haven't and just play one toon until death.


I basically run the season til I beat guardian and get the reward. That's about where I lose interest.


Path of Exile. If you enjoy Diablo playstyle try it out.


Agree with most other comments that no game lasts forever. Personally, I'm loving this season and don't see myself stopping soon.


Do some conquests if you haven't already. Re-roll a new class you haven't tried before, etc.


How about you hit 4k or 5k paragon level and clear 130+ grift? There is always something to do in game,a lot of same things but everything you do is a progress.


I like it when a game has an end to it. Usually I either go for just the seasonal journey or 100% seasonal achievements and I went with the former this time around since I have uni work to do and didn't like the idea of finishing 16 set dungeons.


i wanted to try the WW/Waste barb but i'm now 400paragon and farming GR70 with IK Hammer, so why bother?


Just play POE. If u still find boring. Play HC SSF POE. If u can do all content. I salute you.


Wait, you've done everything, yet claim you quickly get bored of it. I'd say you got your money's worth and then some.


Play WoW Wotlk. That game never gets old. When I was a young boy, it used to be the game I enjoyed the most, and now that - at least in my country - Coronavirus is spreading and we can’t do anything than staying at home, me and my friends are playing Wow again.