Are you out of stuff to do this season?

Are you out of stuff to do this season?


I dont believe they can vault the tangled shore because of forsaken and spider, but maybe the dreaming city.


They won't vault either. They've said in interviews that they won't vault any paid content until it has been free to play for at least a year. Most likely if they're vaulting anything it'll be the EDZ


Having a campaign tied to a planet has not stopped them before.


Well yes the red war though was base game, whereas removing the tangled shore would quite literally make forsaken useless.


They removed a whole chunk of the base story. Why would removing a dlc story be any different?


Cuz it still paid content. The base story was free for a year prior to removal


Yet many of us still paid for the base game


Ok but the base game was available for free before it was removed. Steam’s terms of service says content has to be free for a year before content is allowed to be removed


There is lore suggesting that the Spider is enlisting the Drifter to help smuggle him out of the Tangled Shore. I could see that area being vaulted down the line, and Spider ends up in the Tower.


I still have 30 quests in my quest log


I have no idea what Corsair Down is and at this point I'm afraid to ask


Its a fetch quest inside the dreaming city, there's little outposts in each area and there's a group of soldiers in a cave. The corsair thing is either a signal to go find a soldier who's injured somewhere in the dreaming city or you have to return to one of the groups.


Thanks, but I was just pulling an [Andy](https://imgflip.com/i/5ocpi4) about the oldest quest on my quest log. It's been there for years at this point. I finally got rid of those 3 tokens for Wish Ender though, so that's progress.


Thanks for this. I’ve gotten every exotic in the console, hit pinnacle cap on all my characters, and do riven and atheon 3x per week. Things are getting kind of boring and we’re barely scratching the surface of this season.


What is a Riven and Atheon?


Raid bosses


I think you'd probably be good to just come up for air with another game by now.


^This. I think people forget that you will eventually run out of things to do if you play a single game a lot. Playing other games is a good thing.


Low mans and sherpas (if you’re chill enough to teach) are the real endgame, imo. Try for trio DSC.


Sounds like you just play a lot more than average. Seasonal content can never come out fast enough to keep hardcore players busy. It has to be achievable for everyone. Do you have all the titles, god rolls on all the weapons, low man/flawless raid clears, a clean quests page, solo flawless dungeons, all of the catalysts completed, etc.? There is usually plenty to do. When I hit a slow patch, I usually work on some older stuff like that. And I spend a lot of time helping people get stuff. Or, you know, just play something else for a while, or go outside!


Yeah I could definitely do some RL outdoor grinding at this point! Also, just discovered Immortals: Fenyx Rising, which is delightful.


I’m in the exact same boat


Im basically just doing pinnacles to hit gm level than doing the gms to get gilded conqueror a third time and not playing till events /witch queen drops


How do I find out about how to do this secret stuff on Europa and Dreaming City?


I prefer to focus on the stuff that will get me a title, so I open up the seal for the location I'm interested in. You could also just go to the main triumph list for that location for a more complete list. From there, find any of the ones that you don't know about, then search YouTube (or Google or reddit or whatever). You might also check the badges on the collections tab and see if there are any cosmetics you're missing like ghosts or ships, and Google those, since they are often tied to secrets/triumphs. Off the top of my head, the Dreaming City has arc-locked chests, hidden cats, ahamkara bones, weekly quests, ascendant challenges, and maybe some extra stuff in the Blind Well. Europa has hidden penguins, rotating 'augment' mini-quests, an emote puzzle, fireteam-only public event requirements, and a bunch of stuff to do for Variks. The Moon has jade rabbits, dead ghosts, nightmare quests, trove guardians, and probably some stuff from the Altars of Sorrow.


It’s pretty bad. I get I play more than most. But I got on for about 2 hours at reset, did all my seasonal challenges and got off. I get that it’s IB week. But I’ve been 1330 for weeks, already have all the guns and even then I still have over 4k IB tokens. It dawned on my a few days ago that’s it’s going to be a log in for a few hours on reset each week and that’s it. For about 5 months…