Best NF load out season of the chosen

Best NF load out season of the chosen


Izanagi, palindrome and code duello for me


Thundercrash titan with outbreak perfected, far future and royal entry.


Night watch, palindrome, twin tail fox on thundercrash titan has been my pick. Swap in either whispering slab/ imperial needle if overload


depends on the nightfall and the difficulty. last week i used supremacy ikelos smg and anarchy for farming shadow price (legend) this week i used the new smg and gl with lament (for legend) and anarchy palindrom and supremacy for the few master runs i did (i was using chaos reach geomacs for armsdealer and well with phoenix for devils lair)


Top tree dawn with frenzy/overflow extraordinary rendition, salvagers salvo and alternating between lament and lasting impression/impluse amplifier code duello. Its not the best for sure, but really fun to use.


This is my exact loadout except I run thundercrash and the new exotic with the volatile conduction mod. Will sometimes throw on good ole Tractor Cannon too for extra damage.


Ive been wanting to try out the exotic on my titan, but I've recently become obsessed with the wonders of sunbracers. That thing makes me feel like a space wizard more than anything else😂


Sun Bracers let me engage in actual Power Fantasy. I love those gauntlets! My most used exotic.