I would've put Edie in the opening sequence.


YES. Also I know why Edie was written out etc etc but Edie was entertaining and amazingggg! I wish she'd been there throughout the entire series. Would have loved to see her put Katherine and Renee in their place 😂


Can you say why was she written out?


Drama with other cast members and Marc Cherry


Thank you!


I sound like a broken record on this sub but Julie getting pregnant by Porter was completely unnecessary and a horrible plot line.


Honestly thought that was gross and weird like if they were around the same age okay whatever but they were literally 6 when she was 14 like ew


And she was his babysitter at one point. That seems off to me too


I also really hate how Julie ended up deciding to keep the baby, and all of the really negative undertones and comments that surrounded her initial choice to give it up for adoption.


I noticed this rewatch that every unwanted pregnancy ends with the mother magically deciding to keep it (like when Lynette tells Susan she’s pregnant after Julie’s attack and doesn’t want them and Susan’s all, “children are a GIFT Lynette”) it gives me the creeps


I agree about Juanita being an only child. I've always wondered what the point of adding Celia even was, since she almost never spoke and never really played an important part in any storyline. Not to be mean, but she was basically a decoration. And making Gaby a career woman would have been very cool to see. I also would have like to see one of the women stay single for a while and actually enjoy it, rather than being in an all-fire hurry to find another relationship.


I think it was to add on to the poorness when Carlos was blind . To show how hard Gabby kept things upfoalt she wasn't taking care of one kid but two in a blind husband.


The whole switched at birth scenario with Juanita and Grace. It seemed like they just threw it together in 30 minutes because they were pressed for a storyline. It didn’t make sense and I just hated how they made Carlos and Gaby handle it


I love Celia. I would have had her be in it more. She was comic relief. I just about died when the girls had ruined Gabby's doll that she bought to replace her bio child, and Celia a pops up from behind the bed with the doll's arm in her mouth. That being said, I really did hate the whole switch to birth storyline. I would have liked more Bob and Lee. I would have changed the Applewhite's story. I found it to be racist because it played off the stereotype of violent young black men.


I LOVED Bob and Lee I think it could’ve been interesting if they made Lee a housewife potentially and integrated him into the group more, I feel like they were both just used for comedic relief but had more potential to be main characters


yeah I loved the applewhites, that storyline could have gone differently


i wouldve loved more bob and lee as well!! and i COMPLETELY agree, i didnt like the way they portrayed caleb applewhite as a stereotypical “dangerous black male” especially in a very white suburban neighborhood. it definitely felt off


Except most the white neighbors were also “dangerous”


it was the way they portrayed it though. it just felt off. thats just my opinion, i was agreeing with them


Mike lives, more seasons with development of the storylines.


Mike Delfino lives


Agreed Lynette should have been with Rick he was so good for her! Tom didn't deserve her. Also I hated the switched at birth storyline very frustrating and unnecessary. Also I would have loved to see Bree and Karl end up together and making it work , would have been amazing!


Gaby being childfree


Like she always said and wanted


Bree and Orson should have never gotten divorced. They were the perfect couple and really understood each other. Bree worked so hard to keep her marriage with Rex afloat, I'm disappointed she didn't do the same with Orson. The writers disappointed me here. ​ Beth Young shouldn't have died. She could have been the Harley Quinn to Paul Young's Joker and be this chaotic duo wreaking havoc on the lane - or lead to a massive redemption arc for Paul. ​ Dave should have rather died in the car accident. He lived and was committed to a psychiatric ward. I honestly don't believe he was insane and this ending was just cruel. If he died, he would have had the peace of being with his family in heaven.


Agreed with this comment except for Dave not being cracked. He clearly had a break with reality. I do think he should have died so he could be with his family, tho. Also, I think it was a pretty poor representation of trauma-based psychosis, but it’s what the writers intended imo.


I would like to see Edie and Renee interacting.


I actually kind of liked the switched at birth storyline but why put it in there and then not do anything about it?? Like in the end they all acted like that never happened.


So I hate that they made Celia and Juanita’s storyline that they were heavy and they focused on it and made jokes about it, then the switched thing that got me was this mini gabby and mini Carmen basically and that totally leaves Celia as someone who basically then didn’t fit in with her bio sibling. It all didn’t make sense.


More of Mcclusky and her sister! And a different mystery for season 2 lol. Or better for Betty Applewhite, something less racially insensitive.


Mostly just some of the actors. I didn’t care for the people who played Zach, Julie, Danielle, or Renee in particular.


Rick was a total slime ball