She's hilarious and massively entertaing.


I like her but i hate her at the same time. Me personally, i find her attractive, funny, but like you said she a spoil brat, an hypothetical, jealous of everything and anything. Her character has the best jokes too.


I think it’s mostly because she’s funny and probably the most entertaining of the four women. She’s also stylish and gorgeous which make her a popular character.


She goes trough a lot, and we find out stuff about her past, which makes us more empathetic towards her


I like child-free Gabby in seasons 1 to 4. Wasn't a fan of what they did with her character after the time jump, especially the grade storyline.


I like it how she doesn’t forget & lets anybody forget that she is a human being next to being a mother. I think thats really important because women are constantly pressured to feel guilty and give everything for their family. Gaby turns out to be a good mom, actually even a better parent then Carlos if you ask me. Carlos & Grace parents didnt cry a day about losing touch. Gaby went mental. I found her storyline very sexist most of the time just like Lynettes. Dont even understand why Gaby is constantly portrayed as a bad mom. Just like Lynette is always the bitch. Tom wouldnt have accomplished anything without her.


She’s beautiful and I love her clothes/style, and she’s hilarious! Her character does develop nicely over time, don’t worry!


She is a brat but it’s okay because Funny


Her character development is exceptional, not the best on the lane but it shows how much love can change a person and how what she considered sacrifices actually caused her happiness in the end


I think she's an awful person and I'd never want to know anyone like that in real life. But she's entertaining to watch. She knows she's bratty and obnoxious and not afraid to play to her flaws, which I do believe are fun to watch. However Susan on the other hand, isn't self-aware enough, and her flaws feel jarring to watch.


She swears she’s the hottest chick when she’s average lol it’s just cause she’s funny lol


I don’t get it either especially considering the fact that she’s a statutory rapist…