Back in season 1 for the shotgun mission with the melee attachments operators used to go down in 2 hits if I remember correctly


It's usually always better to run a suppressor. But melee muzzles are okay against bots and stuff. The problem is that you have to get in melee distance of a bot, which often means you're risking them meleeing back, or them bursting all of your armor down.


I wonder if it helps bashing in sentry guns. Sentry gun melee durability has significantly increased this season.


Still the best way to take down a non-player sentry. Every time I'm in Koschei I try to explain that to my teammates but they seem to prefer being shot by it while shooting it back. One person gets its focus, at least one other run around it and melee it to death.


Agreed. If I don’t have a riot shield I just hug the wall until I can dive towards it. Sometimes I’ll peak a corner just enough to be able to see it without it being able to see me and snipe it.


I would personally take a suppressor and a throwing knife instead, acts as a knife when you melee someone, took down a 3 plate operator I'm to slashes when we got into a melee match, don't think he was amused lol