he commented on the derpy cuber video "should i quit youtube? (rant)" about a year ago. He said a lot of things in it, one of them being that was was going to quit yt soon. in april, he made the trail for 30 days 30 builds season 6. somebody commented on that video saying that they thought he was quitting. he replied saying that 30d30b s6 would be the final few videos on his channel, to end on a high note. after that, idk what happened, as i kinda stopped cubing for a couple months. (all of the stuff here is my research, btw)


aw man i actually need a few of his videos!


After he posted his 30 days 30 builds season 6 trailer, let's just say some "information" came out about something Nathan had done; after this release he never posted more videos. Then, a few months later, he deleted the channel after being completely inactive on his cubing related social media. I wasn't involved in the situation so I won't specify anything beyond that. If you're wondering about Nathan's well being, he's fine.


> If you're wondering about Nathan's well being, he's fine. Great to hear! Thank you.


"information" hook the boys up with the supposed "information"




What had he done and what was the “information”?!!


He’s deleted everything. Prob few people know the reason. He didn’t feel a need to tell the community and that’s fine I hope he’s doing just fine


That's sad to hear, I loved watching his shape mods. Hope he's doing well.


Yah, I wish the vids just stayed up for people to enjoy, but prob leaving it up and people commenting… it seems he wanted to be away from all that… which is prob the best thing to do if you need to cut that out of your life


I was wondering the same. I hope he is doing well.


For anyone interest, a Nathan Wilson channel is back up. I missed just watching his videos. The channel went up on December 15th with just one video. They've kinda been dropping in bunches. I wonder if he's starting fresh by putting his old stuff up for people that really enjoy the content, and then just leaving it there. It's classified under YouTube kids so it has restricted comments and minimized video watching. I'm glad to see his videos again. I thought I was going crazy when I tried to show him to a friend and there was no evidence of his existence.


Could you post a link? I can't really find the channel you are ralking about.




Sorry for the delay. Here's a screenshot as well. https://ibb.co/6Rm97M6 I have a hard time finding it just by searching for some reason. I'm not sure if that's part of it being marked as YouTube Kids.


I remembered a guy who did 30 days 30 builds in his garage and what not. I knew his name was Nathan and that he was relatively popular. But when I searched on YouTube I found nothing. Well, when I searched on google this popped up and... wait did he kill somebody


No. I checked the report, and unless suddenly he bleached his hair, or his face got longer, I don't think it's him. Though, there still may be a chance...