I think the black people stripe on the gay flag is very funny. Kinda corporate, like the lowest common denominator




Let's save trans people from "being killed in the streets every day!" by putting their color on a flag next to the people most likely to kill them! Either these people have 0 self awareness or they actually are afraid of looking at stats objectively


They don't care about the stats. Stats are racist if they show their preferred identity groups don't conform to their stereotypical ideals. You often get censored if you point out that a certain demographic commits a vastly disproportionate share of violent crime. The very purpose of stats - informing decisions to solve problems - has been defeated by political correctness. And that hurts everyone.


nature is healing


The idea is that people in those communities do face the most violence, both from their own communities and from others beyond their communities.


But mostly from their own communities


Now they only need to add a space icon like NASA and you have a reference to a pretty rad classic film.


[ Removed by Reddit ]


"transnational super corporation would like to remind our slaves that we support trans rights. now get back to work you worthless gotem before we feed you to a food processor!" "wow! i love my owner, their so progressive!"


Just found out the other day that the brown stripe stands for black and brown people, but the black stripe stands for those lost to HIV/AIDS. So it's not quite what you'd think.


does the brown people include the muslims who hate LGBT and execute them in their own countries?


You were so determined to virtue signal you didn't even correctly address what was said.


The flag keeps evolving, I wonder how it's gonna look in 10 years, they will be out of colors to use and that's gonna be problem.


I suspect it will soon get some sort of weird diagonal cross symbol inside a circle to represent 'progressive' thought.


Look closely at the pic on the right, the circle is there


Exactly. Small adjustment by small adjustment until the frog is fully boiled. Next the circle will contain an X, to represent LatinX community. Then someone will suggest putting 4 little directional strokes on the ends of the X to represent female penises.


If four of the flags are arranged together, they diagonals will form a swastika. https://i.redd.it/mqzmgmwerq871.png


I respect the turn you took at the end there. 💯


>I suspect it will soon get some sort of weird diagonal cross symbol inside a circle to represent 'progressive' thought. I'm half expecting there to be stripes in Pan-Hispanic colours for the 'Latinx' 'community', a Washington Redskins logo for the Native Americans and a hammer and sickle for all the revolutionary commie basement-dwellers.


I have a suggestion: white light is a superposition of all the colors. So they should just fly a white flag for ultimate diversity.


>The flag keeps evolving, I wonder how it's gonna look in 10 years, they will be out of colors to use and that's gonna be problem. My Biology teacher said it was one of the most inclusive flags ever made. I told her they'd change it when some niche minority-within-a-minority throws a shit-fit over not having their special colours in it and I lost serious braincells when she denied that. I'm kinda hoping they redesign it so I can prove her wrong.


I hear it’ll end as Ohio’s flag


They gonna try to invent new colors next


More like redefine existing colors


That too of course (but aCtuaLly I think its still funny cause I'm sure they also straight up invented stuff)




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Can someone eli5 this sub?


And for me, they represent The Current Thing©




This is not a sign of “inclusion”. It is a sign of DOMINANCE. Ideological dominance. Ideological dominance is anything but “diverse” and “inclusive”.


Careful now. You’ll be getting an exclusive invite to an Inclusivity Camp for re-education


I would comment on this but Reddit’s idea of diversity and inclusion won’t allow it


Reminds me of something just can't put my finger on it............


Put 4 of the flags together in a rotating direction facing away from one another and get back to me


Yeah I've done that


1- Take Your Age 2- Add a Swastika 3- Now Subtract Your Age 4- Shit BRICKS


Same. Very creepy.


You know. Those red banners and flags that have a white circle with a black X thing. I think christians used them back in the 30’s and 40’s.


it kinda looks like the flag of [the Comoros](https://www.worldometers.info/img/flags/small/tn_cn-flag.gif) or [Jordan](https://www.worldometers.info/img/flags/small/tn_jo-flag.gif)


Soooo ok, I get it, June, "pride month", rainbows rainbows pride pride flags everywhere. Banks, twitter logos, coffee cups. But holy shit, do you know who else was that goddamn [full of themselves](https://i.natgeofe.com/n/430ea221-3feb-4e7e-ade9-b507a34f832a/03-douglas-chandler-lost-found.jpg?w=636&h=424) and felt the uncontrollable need to express it in exactly the same way? *Especially* with the long hanging banner type version of their symbol. I don't think literally anybody but the nazis ever uses those. I can't even believe they are that oblivious to the imagery. Streets lined with political flags? "Don't forget who's in charge" is all that says to me.


They know what they're doing. People are calling it the liberal world order now lol.


When Cop 26 came to Glasgow every street was decked out in the same manner with large blue long hanging banners.


??? hanging lots of banners makes queer people nazis? Buddy does your town put up holiday decorations? Putting up lots of banners is just a celebratory thing, not specific to nazis at all.


Not sure why you are being down voted. That's not fair. This sub shouldn't be like other subs of people can't debate without being voted out to oblivion. If you don't vote this comment UP that's ok, but don't down vote a comment that has a contrary opinión but is polite and devoid of any rude feedback.


Celebrating a religious/commercial holiday == celebrating sodomy, child grooming and general degeneracy? Is that really your claim?


To me it just seems like it's open season on degeneracy, people's children and normalizing pedophilia.


You just described Disney to a tee.


Rainbow Nazis


If you put 4 of the new flags together facing away from one another in rotating direction, it turns it into the swastika. Kind of telling really


"Kind of telling really" Yeah no shit if you change things they become different. That doesn't mean anything. Much more telling is how the Nazis treated us queer people when they were in power, which was not well. I promise you the only overlap between those groups is a few ignorant edgelord individuals. Hell, you can make a swastika out of the American flag if you do a similar thing with it. Doesn't mean anything.


It’s just a funny observation lad, don’t get your knickers in a twist over it.


No, you said it was kind of telling. What does it tell?


Alright yeah I’ll bite. I was being tongue in cheek but now that you mention it. An ideological flag that depicts the segregation of a society to treat some members with more lawful privilege than others and uses intimidation to force acceptance is fascist. It looks like Nazi germany.


It's not fair to compare any current movement with Nazis. I see more parallels with socialism than anything else. I must say the queer folks are going to alienate themselves by inventing jargons and pushing their ideas onto others. Nowadays it's no more LGBT, one has to say LGBTIAS2 to be inclusive. A straight person who identifies with the gender at birth is now a CIS person. Adding pronouns to profile everywhere even though it's clear what the person's gender is. There is no end to this madness and the society is gonna get pissed at such movement. My message to the whole movement is calm the fuck down or the whole thing will slide backwards.


>It's not fair to compare any current movement with Nazis. I see more parallels with socialism than anything else. Boy do I have some news for you.


Hear me out, Seeing flags arranged like this is large numbers is mildly terrifying to me. Wether it be the gay flag, the nazi flag, or even the American flag. It’s always really unsettling seeing so many of the same flag in such an orderly and organized fashion


It's always worrying when the Flaggots are out in mass.


[Andrew Doyle](https://twitter.com/andrewdoyle_com/status/1541368756609421312): “For some, these flags represent diversity and inclusion. But for many, they symbolise an ideological movement that is hostile to gay people and women’s rights, opposes free speech, legitimises violence and bullying, and hounds people out of their jobs if they fail to conform.”


For me, these flags represent totalitarianism, the New World Order, and the antichrist.


What do you mean you don’t want to wear the AIDS ribbon?


Reminds me of another certain country about 80 or so years ago..


Britain should have gone with Halfiax during the war cabinet crisis. But hey, at least we are not all speaking German...


What the fuck


who is deciding what the flag is?


Pantone. They are the ones behind this


Truly a Triumph of the Will.


Upside down pyramid with a ° in the middle, whatever these symbols mean, LOL


Of course they had to change the flag again after only a year


If these idiots cared at all about inclusion, then they’d have a line on their flag for straight people.


White straight ‘cisgender’ toxic males are the root of all evil /s


I agree with the post. I've only ever, and will only ever know the rainbow and a symbol of God's promises. Not some symbol that insecure people need to validate themselves with.


Kinda sinister when you put it like that.


I think I missed something, what, are the gays turning on eachother now? What is this flag? Where is this? Is this the trans flag? And I still only count 6 stripes, satan's rainbow not God's. Can't copy, only try.


This is the current thing


This is a shame, what it represents. Cause it actually is a rather beautiful flag. So colorful. Very pretty.


the original rainbow flag was pretty, now it looks like unicorn vomit


Really? Cause I like it lol


Remember the Hunger Games and all the colorful elites at the Capitol? Well…


….and it’s fuckin ugly!


I don’t want to trigger Godwin's Law, but these pictures of streets lined with perfectly aligned flags… c'mon man.