Don't be so naive . Most political parties arranges freebies for people to attend those meetings, be it DMK or BJP or any another party .


I don't think op is naive, but actually wanna promote this.


Congrachulations, out of all posts made on 14th May in r/Chennai, yours was the topmost comment (out of 1210 total comments). Keep rocking!


True, but Annamalai is changing BJP's image slowly and steadily actually.


Name any issue which BJP or Annamalai took in TN last 2 years which is not related to religion or Hindi? He seems stupid enough to think that will help BJP in TN. He is building this kind of image for BJP whose main issues with TN are about religious festivals, forced conversions,etc. Why don’t they fight for better quality government schools/hospitals that people actually care about. Whenever someone raises NEET or AIIMS or economy which affects every man they get into defensive mode. Only thing they have improved is their media and social media presence. But unfortunately religion or photoshopped pictures might work in UP not in TN


Can u elaborate on what seems to be an issue with NEET and AIIMS. All other states seem to be doing OK.


The basic problem is population of our country......when there is a huge number of candidates who want to do medicine, then the obvious and most simple filtering and selection mechanism is a competitive exam.....and the most objective form of a competitive exam an MCQ pattern exam....this MCQ cracking has morphed into an unwanted demon.....students crack these MCQ exams by cramming, joining expensive prep classes, putting in time and money and hardwork...what emerges is the so called 'merit list'.. ..so we understand merit list as a list of the most intelligent and most eligible candidates....and we feel they deserve it...but you look deeper into the merit list and you see it's not representative of the intelligence pool , instead it's filled with people who can afford, people from urban areas ....i know a lot of people who can't afford prep classes...so why should NEET be treated differently.Because doctors from different are necessary for a good health infrastructure(especially in rural areas).....so you need to choose people who will go back to the community and serve....not people who will pursue USMLE or plan and settle overseas or people who want to stay in the centre of a metropolitan city....so what is the ideal 'merit list'.......it's a list with adequate quotas for the disadvantaged , economically backward and suppressed population...these students have a higher tendency to go back and serve in the community they came from....they can uplift their entire family, their entire village even.....NEET bulldozes all this and introduces the total ludicrous 'merit list' .......the investment the government puts in to educate young doctors is not transforming into good health care for all people(especially rural areas).....so damn with the merit list PS: how do I know....i have gone through all stages of this medical mcqs exams, cracked it , flourishing with the most possible degrees attainable and i absolutely I feel it requires no above average intelligence or derermination...


You nailed it! Excellent. Just like how most of the iitians are moving outside India.


I would give an award to highlight this if I could, hence, consider this reply as one. What NEET does the best is to make the highs and lows of the society to be even more pronounced. TN was much more progressive than most other states with the previous system and has one of the best medical infrastructures. To hell with "quality standardized tests", first we should fix the inequality by giving equal footing for everyone.


Lot of words but none addressing why NEET as an exam is especially problematic. Even if it were TEET this situation would be the same. Are you serious saying meritocracy is bad? I guess you never look at reviews when you are trying to find a doctor. This is crazy.


He’s saying that it’s bad public policy. You have to think like a government and put doctors where there are none. Look at your state and look at which areas don’t have sufficient healthcare infrastructure and doctors. It’s usually rural and poor. You need people from these areas because urban doctors don’t want to go where it’s not profitable and where they don’t have a community. Having good healthcare is vital to the development of the state. If you as a government put a lot of money building medical colleges and training doctors who don’t alleviate your need, you’re throwing money away.


Exactly. But people will still upvote just because he's Anti BJP lul. The condescending tone against UP or any other state speaks volumes about this person's psyche. Delusional.


AIIMS seems to be taking forever to come here while other states had got it much faster. Even with a BJP friendly government earlier it has not progressed much. NEET if you are willing to listen to the points raised against you will know the other perspective. NEET has valid concerns about it introducing an advantage to privileged students who can afford coaching. Also NEET should be something to be left to the states as each state has differences. And TN has issues with this mainly because it already had a relatively good system and NEET has not improved it much except it has added an additional barrier to underprivileged students.


Would this not be an issue even with the state controlled system where "rich kids" could afford damn good tutors? Not sure why this is a NEET issue alone. You could argue this for even class 10th exams.


All the material for neet is available online on YouTube then what's the problem?


And by just learning from YouTube can one compete with rigorous professional coaching classes ? Then why isn't Kota getting shut down ?


Environment matters, in Kota everyone is ought to be studying that's why people stay back in Kota to prepare even if they don't attend any classes there.


Bro, don't destroy someone's argument like this. Paavam, so many words he typed out. Give him some respect, will ya?


What is the virtue of TN system over other states? Please elaborate.


Dumb fuck....people who actually go out to vote enmass only want freebies. They will vote for who ever offers the most cash or goodies or the religious leader (father, maulvi) tells them to vote for.


How would you know? They can get the said freebies and vote to whoever they like though


Look at the stats from different state and local body elections. Majority of Muslim votes have gone to a particular candidate and in the same way majority of Xtian votes have gone to who the church told them to vote. This is not the 80's anymore that you believe everything that your overlords tell you.


Actual issue : 1050 gas ,,, petrol price 100+ which inturn increases price of all essential goods. North people discriminating non hindi speakers.. corruption in TN. Annamalai's aka BJP's focus : aadhinam pallakku, no hindi in tamil schools, no beef briyani in briyani festival, covertion and other religious stuffs Eppadi vilangum


>North people discriminating non hindi speakers Not any more than non Hindi speakers discriminate against Hindi speakers


Nahhh, unless BJP themselves change, nobody is changing their “image”. They’ll always be the minority murderers.


Burden of "Secularism" can't be only one sided


Except only one side has never done anything to show honestly being secular. Also, why does the healthy forward community need the same pity and help as a oppressed community. Do you feel insecure after decades of one sided advantage disappeared?


Majority Murders by Minorities must be secular murders


I like your choice of words. Same secular will deny kashmir Hindu pandits genocide.


Sea lion somewhere else.


Strawman argument. Nobody is denying anything. You are just dodging the argument by claiming that someone is denying Hindu pandit genocide when that wasn't even the topic we are discussing right now.


>I like your choice of words. Same secular will deny kashmir Hindu pandits genocide. Yup. Infact they are blaming the killing of the Rahul Bhat on the movie kashmir files. seculars are a different breed.


"Whatabout whatabout whatabout" You're so insecure that minorities are going to wipe out majority population.


You must be a bitch to say that minorities are wiping out majorities.


Yeah because it already happened in multiple states in India and various countries across the world In Pakistan In Bangladesh In Kerala In Kashmir In West Bengal In Lebanon In Iran In Afghanistan All of these were once regions with flourishing indigenous populations whether Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Zoroastrian or Jewish. However once Islam entered these regions as a 'minority' within a few centuries the indigenous population became the minority and Islam became the majority. But you can keep your eyes closed.


> But you can keep your eyes closed. Are you really that afraid of Muslims? Do you know any Muslims personally? Are you sure they are all blood thirsty and not just trying to live their life like you do?


Imagine ignoring the entire comment to make brain-dead npc statements. Please tell me why if Islam is so peaceful did it genocide Hindus in Kashmir? Why were Hindus and Buddhists wiped out in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Why did Christians for from 70% to less than 30% in Lebanon? Why did parsis have to leave their homeland Iran and come to India? Why does the quran call polytheists the 'worst of all creatures'? Rhetorical statements don't work. Answer these questions.


Keep being a coward.


>Imagine ignoring the entire comment to make brain-dead npc statements. > >Please tell me why if Islam is so peaceful did it genocide Hindus in Kashmir? Islam is a religion just like Hinduism. The act of extremism of few doesn't justify ostracized the majority of good people. >Why were Hindus and Buddhists wiped out in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. I don't think you can ask me why religious tension between Hindus and Muslims exist. Its a lot more complicated than "Islam bad" as the dynamics of extremism affect any religion. It would be tedious to go into depth about how centuries of stoking fear and animosity against each other by vultures for political gains, and the nature of human behavior in groups are some of the causes. Eventually I would argue that the only way to break the chain is not to hate others. Treat people well unless they are known to treat you badly - this you should only do it on a case by case basis and not wrongly apply blanket wide judgement. >Why did Christians for from 70% to less than 30% in Lebanon? >Why did parsis have to leave their homeland Iran and come to India? I don't know but what does that have to do with you having a hate boner for people who were born as Indian citizens? >Why does the quran call polytheists the 'worst of all creatures'? I don't support Islam. It is a barbaric religion. I just don't like to see fake nationalists adopt Hinduism to propagate their own brand of extremism and theocracy, and make Hinduism seem like Islam 2.0. >Rhetorical statements don't work. Well, meaningless fear also doesn't work. >Answer these questions. I don't know the history of Lebanon and Parsi migration from Iran. I know Iran is a shithole because conservatives saw a liberal Iran as blasphemy and basically took it back to the Middle ages. But I am still skeptical as to how Indian citizens who may be muslims born in the 21st century have anything to do with that? The way you are arguing is close to how conservatives who ruined Iran saw liberal nature of the west getting absorbed by Iranians.




The fact you felt the need to equate the plight of the palestinians, a situation which has nothing to do with religion since palestinian christians and jews are a thing, to the plight of indian muslims just because majority of them follow the same religion,shows you're just a racist asshole. Bjp and this hindutva movement, which is borderline nazi shit, has made the people of this country, who also happened to be tragic victims of colonialism, turn a blind eye and even support settler colonialism and the genocide of a native people, just because majority of them happen to be muslim. Ik it hurts your fascist ears but you do need to hear this, muslims are human, with loved ones, dreams and a desire for a better future, they just worship a different god from you. "Idiotic barbaric practises" homie this doesn't work when we're literally hindus and probably higher caste as well, we're just as "barbaric", you think indian hindus haven't committed their fair share of murder, oppression and barbaric practises?


I like your choice of words


😂Since you prejudice serves you so much . The primeminsiter is OBC and the president is dalit


DMK will always have image of Sorriyar supporters .


Yeah, minority murderers who try to murder the silent majority. No offence, I am not a BJP follower :P


Yea… it’s obvious you are not a BJP follower./s What you’re saying is an oxymoron.


Explain your comment minority murderers...


He is changing it for the worse


Annanuku oru masal dosa


One is not enough thambi


If only governments were elected based on turnouts in their meetings! We all know how parties bring ppl to the meetings.


Cope harder


All political crowds in India are paid for.


Everywhere I turn BJP is being positioned as opposition to DMK. ADMK or other parties get mentioned rarely. If you question something the ruling party does, you will be immediately labelled as a sanghi. Soon Anti DMK votes will start to rally around BJP. Same thing happened in West bengal. BJP jumped from almost nothing to 70 seats


Talked like someone who thinks what you see online is actual reality. In the ground BJP is still hardly a 5% party. Vijayakanth at his peak had much more voter enthusiasm and he pulled huge crowds but the max he got was around 10%.


Well BJP had a stupid campaign in Bengal and still took 70 seats. Elections can be surprising.


You can keep on believing miracles. But fair elections are not something that should be surprising. It can always be seen at the ground if you just look around. BJP had one of a kind of situation in Bengal where the left are finished and TMC had anti incumbency votes ripe for taking and Modi’s myth was not broken yet. Along with polarisation tactics and Bangladeshi Muslims issue BJP made inroads there as well as Assam. Modi has no such pull in TN nor the clowns of TN BJP. Polarisation will not work here as well.


Fair enough. I can't vouch for BJP state governments anyway. I just like their foreign affairs management.


Post Amma AIADMK is probably where CPIM was 6yrs ago. There is every chance it can implode if there is a reasonable leader in BJP. While there is a percentage of people who vote on issues, a big percentage just vote for a reasonably performing leader. That is why it is tough to beat Modi, Naveen Patnaik, even Mamata.


In Bengal, I would say BJP had a shit campaign... it was just branding Mamta as someone who appeases to Muslims BJP also had a shit candidate someone people didn't know. Anyways, they did manage to beat Mamta in one of their strongholds Anyways, I'm happy CPIM got destroyed and no longer have the vote bank. They are the reason why Bengal is still a shit hole They did wonders in UP. But, as you said, TN is more closer to WB in terms of ideologies. So, BJP have to work ten times harder to win any votes of the people. That along with anti-Modi rhetoric that is in our state.


As far as ideology is concerned ADMK was just milder version of DMK. Just that it had 2 great political leaders. ADMK will fade away into nothingness soon since it's not even in government.


BJP is the natural opposition and replacing AIADMK. So, people just leaving both Dravida parties are joining BJP. Also, TN BJP leadera are becoming Governors, Central Ministers in short time frame than 40 years workers in Dravida parties


BJP cannot replace ADMK. It's a myth propagated by many. ADMK is not driven by leaders. It's a cadre driven party. The cadre is still Dravidian at heart. Periyar, Anna, MGR, Jayalalitha are still their leaders. Expecting Green to become Saffron does not work.


Copium. ADMK was a party with star power and alternative to corrupt DMK. There are no stars and BJP has a clean image.


"corrupt DMK" - Kindly, prove this. "BJP has a clean image." - I, sincerely, beg you to prove this. That proof should be enough to make Annamalai the next CM of Tamil Nadu.


- Pongal gift scam - Diwali sweets from private then changed to aavin - TNEB contract to BGR energy - Rise of G-Square projects after May 2021 Annamalai promptly fired ragavan for misconduct. Whereas DMK minister has many harassment cases over them and yet they roam around. BJP has not been power in TN so clean.


None of the common public knows the above 4 issues but most know about KT Raghavan. Coz Spicer things become popular. Annamalai didn't do shit about KT Raghavan. He resigned himself.


Why should I believe what you are saying is true? What evidence or reports do you have to prove any of these? Raghavan's conduct is shamelessly recorded evidence. Annamalai has to respond the way he did. If what you're saying about DMK is true, why not prove it with evidence and push everyone to jail? Why is that a difficult thing to do?


AIADMK will be either merged with DMK & BJP without tall leaders (I don't see anyone in the vicinity) or become listless like MDMK or DMDK. Aspirational leaders and workers expect quick rewards and rapid progress, which has been demonstrated in BJP. With them ruling the Central Government for foreseeable future, no one will waste time in AIADMK. It's caste based outlook require tall leadership to feed the aspirations of local leadership.


Workers don't shift often like the top leaders. They are the strongest foundations on which the entire political party is built on. The workers are hardcore MGR fans or Jayalalitha fans. Moving them out is practically impossible. In the worst case, they will find closeness with DMK rather than BJP. When they are not moving to DMK as it clashes with the core ideology, there is no reason why they will shift to BJP either. BJP image is nowhere near the Dravidian parties.


AIADMK never won elections without tall leaders. Even DMK for that matter. TN people perceive strong personality as a desirable quality of a tall leadership. Now, new voter base look beyond cast arithmetic and look for quick progress and have become aspirational. They are no longer illiterate rural voters looking at just symbol for votes. Times are changing. BJP is the new force in TN wether you like it or not.


BJP is the new force. Agreed. But not strong enough to engulf ADMK. If ADMK continues to become weaker, it is DMK that will engulf it, if at all. What BJP might get are the top leaders who always spoke ill about DMK. But there are no charismatic leaders left in ADMK anymore. Literacy has no effect as far as DMK vs ADMK debate continues. If at all you are hinting at thinking and reasoning individuals who consume lots of content, then I'm afraid BJP has even more difficult place. But, if that's the case, it cannot be the new force, right? So there is some kind of "illiteracy" still prevalent. Those people will refrain from leaving a party like ADMK in favour of BJP.


Tamilians (not the Gundu Chatti Kudirai ottum Dravidians) look beyond borders now a days. For them BJP providing perfect gateway opportunities for growing their stature. Tamizhisai becoming Governor possibly becoming President is only possible under BJP. By clinging to D parties they have to serve one family forever as disposable political liabilities. For AIADMK to remain in politics they need tall leader. I just don't want to keep repeating the obvious.


Kaasu panam dhudu money money…..


You guys think bjp won't be able to make a mark in tamilnadu in the near future....but look at telangana, bjp is poised to be the main opposition party. it almost came close to winning Hyderabad civic elections.. Their machinery is relentless, proactive. whatever their politics be, if your presence is constantly seen around an environment, you are bound to make an impact sooner or later


Yep. This whole thread just reads like copium. But BJP was able to go from nothing to 70 seats WITHOUT any leader or face in West Bengal. If they have a clean & young guy like Annamalai in TN, they can make strides.


Answer is simple. Family politics even to counsellor level, corrupted to the core, fake rationalism, fake secularism, soft separatism, monopoly on business and industries from colleges to movie production. Constant derogatory remarks of Hindu practices, banning cultural practices. Constant Simping for udey na even though he has not done anything, false election promises and list goes on.


Alcohol + Biriyani + cash. Every party does it. In case of BJP, all 3 are available. Other parties might offer 1 or 2 of these options. 95% of electoral bonds go to BJP electoral funds remember?


Oh come on. The highest cash bank is for sure dunk and Ttv. We all know how much cash they flow during elections. Edit-I meant on buying the votes. And also bjp is a national party. So concentration of spending isn't high in TN. Moreover, electoral bonds are only front end collections, back end involves a lot including blackmailers, corruption and ect.


Bruh for the recent councillors election bjp did put in a looooot of cash. I know of so many families in my neighbourhood getting 500 per person and a towel with a lotus flower. In contrast the other two kazhagams spent 200 a person. My amazing maid took 2k from bjp and 800 from each of the other 2 parties


Really? https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/bjp-got-over-75-of-electoral-bonds-sold-congress-9-in-201920-101628569879182.html


I meant on buying the votes. And also bjp is a national party. So concentration of spending isn't high in TN. Moreover, electoral bonds are only front end collections, back end involves a lot including blackmailers, corruption and ect.


I'm from Bangalore and annamalai was a hero cop, the sort of guy every IPS aspirant looked at with gleaming eyes, so if he has an ability to do something like that, I wouldn't be surprised but of course, freebies play a role


Biriyani and quarter for all attendees. Extra side dish for those who whistle and clap the loudest. BJP has learned quickly from the masters of the game DMK and ADMK.


Its look like photoshopped pic 🤣


The number of heads at the edges , near the mess and right under trees makes no sense..


This pic was tweeted by Swarajyamag. We know they are very godfearing truthful organization that dont lie like an 8 yr old.


Yes, Andhra CM used to have these kinds of pictures printed in his own newspaper before coming to power. I always wondered how many heads were visible, then realised it.


I hated annamalai seeing all the memes and stuff at first but then i casually started watching his press conferences. Ngl Whatever he speaks makes sense. Yes he doesn't talk about failures of bjp (which party does?). I was impressed when he showed Pics of Stalin's family auditor and his son-in-law with business men of dubai a month (or 2) prior to Stalin's dubai trip. None of the mainstream news channel telecasted that. Most of the things he says in his press conference doesn't make to mainstream. They only cut out the part where he says something controversial (they don't even care abt context). If you wanna judge him please listen to his interviews in yt. You can't criticize someone after seeing propaganda channels (or any media) this goes for everyone. P.S: I'm no sanghi and I won't give af if you would call me so


Except that thing about lulu mall. It made no sense


It is normal to see PPL gravitate towards leadership... ADMK is head less, DMK is having head in ass; seriously no other person is able to release big bugdet movie, land mafia is back, realtors are struggling and I ask you "how Dravidian parties are still able to win"


Kasu panam dhuttu money money.


Prmotion post alert


When there is mass christian conversion happening right in your backyard, people tend to realize that they need to rethink their political views.


[PMK Rally](https://images.newindianexpress.com/uploads/user/imagelibrary/2021/1/26/w900X450/PMK-EPS.jpg?w=400&dpr=2.6) [VCK Rally](https://tamil.oneindia.com/img/2020/02/caa45-1582384556.jpg) [TTV Rally](https://akm-img-a-in.tosshub.com/indiatoday/images/story/201807/Dhinakaran_Coimbatore_rally.jpeg?fYaRZy_NDTQrujweXeNhhGtCOhVAKcwB) by chaddis logic, cannot wait for TTV to become CM! Rally's mean jack shit in India. But of course you know that, but chodis like you still try to do your pathetic propaganda. BJP will never ever form government in TN. By FY24 economy will be fucked and we don't need worry about these dipshits, since TN will always vote on economic matters rather than religious bigotry.


There is diff between rally and a planned meeting. U can only compare vck one to this. Pmk and ttv ones are well planned state wide event


Open your eyes, there is a big difference. Don't forget PMK, VCK and TTV all have their caste votes. BJP means consolidation. Similar to how DMK consolidated non-Hindu votes.


>Just gonna leave this there(tamil was spoken by dinosaurs too I agree wholeheartedly😩🛐) hindus vote for dmk


'never ever form government in TN' Shows how much knowledge you have about politics and political history of this country. 😂😂


Dunno why you think you know jackshit about TN politics when you’re not even from here. Do rupaye kamaya na tune ? Chalk phir daffa ho jao yahan se


Can you substantiate your statement about economy getting fuc&$ by 2024? Contary to all leading reports national and international, including those who have been very hostile and hawish about modi


Remember 1995? When everyone and their dog wanted to vote JJ out at any cost. Then she came back. Remember 2010 when everyone and their cat wanted to vote MK family out? Then the dynasty came back. 2021 is not forever. It was just lack of options, that's all. Two forces is always better than one, they keep each other in check. What do you want to do, hand over TN to one family that is known for corruption? TN will be better with DMK+BJP competing than either of them having a monopoly. I don't know if Annamalai or BJP will gain enough traction, but TN needs some opposition especially against DMK. Corruption is so deeply embedded in that party they have it down to a fine art. In fact corruption is the reason even MGR left it, remember?


BJP would be happy that u r considering it as a major opposition against DMK. Infact, that is what their present goal is. To become a stronger opposition over ADMK.


I was hoping the counterweight would be Kamal. Disappointed.


MNM needs a 'politician' who knows how to do ground level work. If NTK joins UNDER Kamal and Seeman compromise his radical approach and becomes more practical, then I can support them. I will definitely not vote for either NTK or MNM if they are alone. NTK does brainless talk and MNM can only talk and do nothing in the low level.


Alliance is a possibility to counter DMK (which will again instigate power fight within them), But merger of parties is out of the question. NTK gained a decent share of votes in 2021 legislative assembly elections without aligning with anyone (Though they couldn't win any seats) still better than MNM kootani - IJK etc. NTK might sound brainless but they are making progress. MNM and NTK alliance can definitely split the vote bank (winning 1 or 2 seats will be good progress).


Accepted, i guess they had 3% vote share. Slow progress, but progress is progress.


NTK got 6% if I'm not wrong. MNM was at 2.6%


I seriously doubt the administrative capacity of the people in NTK. Most of them are really emotional and haven't said many things that are actually possible, sometimes they go racist too. That being said, our land has seen Kamarajar who proved qualification certificate isn't everything.


Lol. He's an empty vessel who confused acting with politics.


Me too bruh. But sad that MNM ain't that strong to hold its leaders to build a strong foundation.


Annamalai doin the same to tamilnadu what modi did to India before he came to power. Both won't talk about the hate mongering in their party and about the facism that all the other members and leaders of party will follow to to keep their orginal followers intact while Modi and annamalai act like a liberal leader who is against corruption and voice out for the other things and act like a screen which hides the real ideology of their party. After they come to power slowly thier dependent organisations and other leaders among the party will insist hate and some do extreme stupidity sometimes to keep the public out of the real problems and both will ignore that completely and lie their ass that country and state is just doin fine.


Go onto some local street vendor shop and ask who you would vote for and also ask if they'd consider Annamalai from BJP. There you'll get your answer. I'm not saying they would say no. I'm saying BJP would only make progress when they say yes. If and only if they consider BJP would it even grow in TN. TN isn't like KA to win with propagandas or like UP to win with religion. Edit - And once again please keep Politics off this sub. As much as I'd love to discuss it, I hate seeing this sub going the way of r/India r/TamilNadu this used to be a wholesome sub.


Lmao everyone knows these rallies only have paid losers showing up there. Nobody actually productive goes to these.


Even bjp persons cannot believe this photo. All are editing..


When DMK has become a family business, what else do you expect ? Irrespective of the authenticity of this picture, DMK is paving way for the rise of BJP in Tamilnadu.


Well it's good only...dravidian politics is too boring these days🤧


BJP is the biggest political party in the world. Can't they even get this crowd arranged? It is just an atom of their total party.


It will rise even more in the coming days.


Lol...Please this is not annamalai effect, this is quatar and chicken biriyani effect.... happens in every rally....lol


Lol who leaves their important work and comes for rallys. All these are paid daily wages for coming.


I hope they win


because they have a point. threat of islam and Christianity is real. Even a free country like US is forced to have abortion law due to Christianity.


He must be like malai da .... ANNAMALAI XD


I'm sorry I laughed


Quarter, chicken biryani + 250₹


I really love when these kinds of posts come. There was another guy called Seeman who did similar antics. The crowd he gathered across made me really believe that he is the one who is going to fill the "vettridam". But I got the shock of my life, when he didn't win. Surprisingly, I doubt if at least that crowd voted for him. Now I see similar antics from BJP. And here is a redditor who is trying to drive this. Shall we call you "BJP Sombu", dear OP? Nothing against anyone. Crowd-pulling should be organic. If people believe in you, they will come by themselves. If Annamalai is indeed the leader Tamil Nadu needs, he will win. This picture says nothing.


Despite Dravidianism voting still happens along caste lines. Dunno what has really changed.


Rajapaksas in Lanka have recently brought more truck loads, how?


Annamalai has the best chances to become 1st PM from Tamil Nadu.


Before we question the rise of BJP, let us also look how Xanity is spreading in TN. Poor people are being coerced into accepting a savior for even getting an education or health services.


Lol pussies in comments crying how BJP can't gain ground in TN. Wait a few years.


If DMK continue to rely on public relation, anti-modi semtiment, 'hindi theriyaathu poda' slogan, pseudo -anti-caste .....they can't sustain in political game


BJP needs to win in TN,not because it's a good party but because of the rising cases of Christian conversion and hate towards brahmins


Yea. Don’t care about rise in inflation, don’t care about rise in gas, fuel and food prices, don’t care about joblessness… Lol. Why don’t you go to UP where there is less conversion?


These are a global trend. It isn't a situation unique to India. Anyone who ignores this is being disingenuous. [https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-05-04/india-wants-russia-to-discount-its-oil-to-less-than-70-a-barrel](https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-05-04/india-wants-russia-to-discount-its-oil-to-less-than-70-a-barrel) this is one of the things that can be done to solve the crisis.




> India is only for hindus So I checked your profile and you are 14 years old? Why is a 14 year old having such deeply bigoted and extremist views? Though I suppose I should be asking that question to your parents. I hope you grow out of this indoctrination and realize how messed up what you said is.


Talking about your survival becomes bigoted now? No surprise BJP will win


It's kind of bigoted to kick out christians and Muslims when they have also been citizens of India from their birth.


Who tf is removing them? Give me one person's proof that someone was removed. All that shit about CAA and it was not even about removing anyone's citizenship. Just because you watch delusional propoganda news doesn't mean we all are blind like you.


Somehow trusting a government who speaks religion all the time is more trustworthy to you than a government who shuts up and does work. Not sure who is blind here.


No replies to the laughable claim that they will be removing Christians and Muslims from India? Everyone is a part of India. Your hate mongering doesn't work outside your circle. BJP doesn't just talk about religion. Just because you think so doesn't make it true, go on the internet to remove your bias. Ever wondered why they speak about religion though? Because you have made a joke put of a Hindus in their own homeland. All temples will be government's property but mosque and church ar private? So many other facts which you like to be blind about.


> No replies to the laughable claim that they will be removing Christians and Muslims from India? First of all, It's asinine to show proof that a government deported it's own citizen somewhere. That's not how Christians and Muslims will be removed. They will be oppressed with selectively applied laws and be pushed to margins of society. The OP mentioned this line: >India is only for hindus and how can they convert Hindus to Christian or Muslim It's none of their business if Hindus want to convert. What have you done on your end to prevent people from converting? Have you given them a good reason to stay in the religion? Or have you caused them so much harm to question their own life and livelihood? > Your hate mongering doesn't work outside your circle. BJP and it's supporters are the ones who are hate mongering including you. Don't twist it around and gaslight people. That shit only works on brainless BJP supporters! > BJP doesn't just talk about religion. Just because you think so doesn't make it true So "Goli Maaro", "Hindu Katre Mein", "Jai Shree Ram" is just hallucinations? I have never heard any BJP fellow talk about anything other than Pakistan, Religion, How Hindus are oppressed. No word about rising fuel prices, infation, and actual problems. > Ever wondered why they speak about religion though? Because you have made a joke put of a Hindus in their own homeland So what bro? Are Hindus such spineless snowflakes they can't take jokes? I hear a lot of muslim jokes and hate online but you suddenly have selective memory loss of all the stuff that gets spewn from Hindus. > All temples will be government's property but mosque and church are private? Make temples private property? Why does BJP not do that? Why do you never question your current government? > So many other facts which you like to be blind about. It's a stretch to call them "facts". You are only speaking from emotion. And, don't expect me to believe what the BJP say as fact.


hate politics


हर हर महादेव


Give them a plate biriyani and a quarter bottle, they come flocking


Don't worry, it's still BJP mukt TN and Kerala


Why does TN and Kerala hate BJP?


In TN there was never Hindu Muslims conflict ( expect one in coimbatore). Mostly TN is caste based politics rather than religion based politics. So BJP's religion n hindi imposition politics will never work out in TN.


But BJP unifies castes more often than not.


Religion should be something people can rely upon a hope when the times are tough but using that gains votes and saying that Hinduism should be the prominent religion in TN or INDIA as a whole it's just not acceptable and it's not like Muslims or Christians are not Indians they r Indians and they have as much right as others


And sometimes the representative are just crazy remember annamalai read 3000 books lol they can't even do math


Bro inga 3 book padikave naaku thalludhu.


Comedians bro


I dont know about Tamil Nadu but in kerala bjp is always live jihad blah blah blah, muslims bad blah blah coupled with complete idiots at their leadership. Why would any decent person vote for such buffoons (the only exception being E sreedharan who too used love Johad in his campaign) ? O Rajagopal who was like a malayalee version of vajpayee got elected last time and this year he was completely sidelined


They can even capture TN because of 6% muslim but never in Kerala unless they convert everyone. If they win in TN, I'm moving there immediately. Will you have space for me bro? xD


I mean if someone like Vajpayee and his cabinet esque leaders arise BJP might win kerala too due to a rising greavence against cpi(m) and lack of new leaders in INC. But looks like that wont happen for 2-3 decade, BJP kerala managed to make someone like E sreedharan act like an idiot, so welcome to kerala in advance habibi


Communal, Brahminical, Hindi supremacist, right wing, RSS people. Very different from our politics.


What tf does words like Brahmanical mean here buddy? What has BJP done which is "Brahmanical"? Just using these buzzwords doesn't make you right poor fellow


Upholding caste hegemony, especially Brahmin supremacy. The BJP is known for trying to counter Bahujan movements, ever since 1992. For example, the hype around Love Jihad is meant to impose Brahminical norms of endogamy. The beef politics also reflects Brahminical eating practices and stigma against subaltern food. Even if our parties have issues with caste too, there are strong Bahujan politics and the Periyarist strain of thought still holds sway to an extent. The caste structure of the states also helps. This makes Deep South have more progressive politics than North.


If you know, savarkar was a atheist and did'nt believed in castes, rss too didn't believes in caste and call for hindu unity. Gandhiji too praised that in rss ,they didn't discriminated between castes. That is the reason they are winning in north. and you say love jihad and beef politics are brahminical things, countering 'bahujan' movements, seems kinda conspiracy theories put down by ambedakarites and periyarites. Endogamy you can't say because they protest against hindu muslim,not against caste. and i don't see not eating beef is a 'brahminical' thing as no one used to eat beef and what's the stigma aginst subaltern food. If i think your thoughts( i mean your party's thoughts) are right,then it will also seem right that india will soon become muslim,jihad will happen women would be raped. Your thought is just the opposite side of right wingers,so i am afraid you are saying balantly wrong and just copy pasting the things your leaders had said. Deep south has progressive politics as the issues are development rather than religious issues, and unlike north,south dosen't votes in the name of caste.


Because they polarise Hindus to gain votes and sell all public assets to Ambani’s & Adani’s.


Yeah mallus with Muslim league and Kerala congress (christian party) really have a moral high ground there.... /s


BJP has very big propaganda money. They win elections of sheer brute injection of money into constituencies. That's how they won tripura. Media and narrative is also being controlled by them.


And Biplab Dev just resigned😆


Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order. I have checked 790,322,978 comments, and only 157,407 of them were in alphabetical order.


That's just dumb


I hope this cancer of a party never takes power in our State


If this is true, TN is fucked. The BJP only survives in badly managed states or where they can create a complete mess. Expect casteism, riots, less freedom, hindi imposition and food policing.


Give briyani and ₹100 for each of them and you'll get the same crowd behind you


Quarter + Koli biriyani


No bro, it's only true if DMK, ADMK does it.


Polarization is the word


They are literally sellouts who'd come for a couple hundred bucks


Annamalai who?


My man living in a cave


Your Dadaaa


Annamalai for PM 2039. Respectfully Replacing Yogi Ji !


I see bjp flags on streets whereas our national flag is very rarely visible.


Bought and paid for


Maybe they were promised fish momos to whoever came and all of these people came here just to protest against that crime against food.


Too many jobless people IMO. Can be bought for 100 rupees and Biriyani if I'm not wrong.


Photoshop 😅


Doesn't look like it. But, pulling crowd isn't hard in TN when you pay them


Quarter + Briyani + Thalaa 500 kudakapadum Every single party in TN use this scheme to pull crowds


They might have arranged nice biriyani and liquor


It's photoshop.


Bjp brings rioters from other states. Before wb elections. People.from other states like jharkhand and bihar. Came to those rallies.


Lovely camera work, anyone have any other angle or lens? I want to see the actual crowd pa, not Trump level distortion of crowd size.


Humans bought in truck from up and Bihar, they did this in delhi.


Search for a company called "Nation with namo". You'll have an probable strong reason because Indian doesn't have cyber laws or data protection systems in place. There are other such AI, data driven companies that are specifically used to brainwash common man.


please don't let this guy take away my beef biriyani rights! this RSS mf


Dw TN government is way ahead of them bro https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chennai/beef-biryani-goes-off-menu-at-ambur-fest-sc/st-panel-asks-why/articleshow/91529793.cms In a Briyani festival conducted by the DMK government, they banned beef briyani and took it off the menu 😂😂😂


veg biriyani samosa samosa laddoo


A fool is born every second.


When we, collapse like Sri Lanka Then only people will understand And some idiots will be like, see bjp did something, congress wouldn’t have tried also!


If a small attupulukkai can draw this much(assuming no Photoshop was done to this pic for Rs.2) imagine the pull of guys like Thiruma, OPS/EPS, Anbumani...


Unemployment is directly proportional to free time...


The sweet poison they serve, who doesn't love to have it.