Looks like your question has been answered, but it's worth noting that this is also (sort of) what happens when an order is invoiced. Many sellers have instant checkout, but if the order happens to be invoiced, they'll send you an automated email that contains the same instructions (manually sending money through Paypal). All part of the process, and definitely normal. Hope that helps!


Looks normal to me. Even if you pay directly with goods and services you have the same protections. I've paid that way before.


Okay thanks!


Is this in the USA? If so they might be trying to collect sales tax and then not pay it to make extra money


It is USA


That is a really good point. Assuming you're in a state where sales tax is payable Bricklink is legally required to collect and remit that, which requires onsite payment. Ignore the message asking you to send it directly. If you go to your orders placed page you should have a pay link next to the order, which will process your payment correctly. If there's no link you should probably reply, explaining that you'll have to delay payment until the link is working.


I will only OK this because the guy/girl has 1000+ reviews but the "lol site's not working right now" seems off. I would not be OK with this if it wasn't a well-established store.


I don’t know if it had anything to do with this or not, but about a week ago I had to send a refund directly on PayPal because the BL feature wouldn’t work.


IMHO, if BL is causing that many problems, the seller should go to PP and issue an invoice from there. That way everything is kept on the up and up.


Totally fine