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>overseas critics....Umair Sandhu 😂 😂 😂 😂 mai likhe ke deta hun ye aadmi deshdrohi 2 ko bhi 3-4 star dene wala hai


There’s no such thing as overseas censor board


Acha ye wo bhaisahab hain


There is no such thing as a censor board. It is a film certification board.


His bio says so 🤣so wrote


This guy is no reviewer. He is fake. Gave good reviews for dhakkad also.


Dhakkad wasn't bad movie, but not worth watching in theatre as well.


Bruhhh that twitter user mostly gives fake review. We need to wait for some time.


Check Bebo’s insta stories , insiders are loving it


They will always n anyways love it. Sab pr hai. Wait for the movie to release. And then either judge it by seeing it urself or check the audience reviews rather than these critic k reveiws.


I mean first reviews are non reliable tbf. They loved ww84 , thor lat , black widow


This Umair guy isn't reliable at all. There is nothing like overseas censor whatever


anyone who says naga chaitanya is an actor to look out for is suspicious 😂


But that's a thing especially with Telugu nepos. They are pushed down the audiences throat so much over the years, that eventually audiences start liking them. Just look at Jr. NTR in his initial movies, now he's one of the most sought after actor in Telugu cinema.


the audience is not stupid to start liking them bc of over exposure 💀 naga chaitanya is trolled every day of his life for being a shit actor who’s less successful than his (ex) wife and for taking the “yuva samrat” title. chaitanya, kalyan ram, akhil, varun tej, allu sirish, manchu vishnu, etc. would all be superstars if overexposure bought stardom.


Dont say it...dont say it... It's bimbin' time...


But they have some stardom due to some "overexposure".


It's literally the opposite bro, Telugu Nepos are not really pushed down the audience's throat, there are literally lot of unsuccessful Nepos than successful Nepos but you won't hear about them because nobody watches their movies unless they are very good. NTR didn't even get his family support when he was younger because he is not the legitimate heir like his brother, he was 2nd wife's son. His earlier movies like Student No 1 and Simhadri are classics, he was very good in those.


his first film as lead was produced by ramoji film city owner


This his father always supported him. He was not welcomed by other family members. But always had his fathers backing.


on a professional front father's support is most important


Nah he wouldn't have gotten a film offer if his family name didn't help a little lol. He looks like Mamooty a yesteryear actor.


Ofcourse it helped, but not as much as his brother who failed as a actor even after getting much more support from his family because he is not as talented as NTR. I was replying to the guy who said Telugu Nepos like NTR are pushed down our throats, NTR got support but very little yet he got successful because he was talented, he was never pushed to be the best and all, the support was very less and his family came back to him only after he was successful.


You took the wrong actor to prove your point bro. I've been watching Jr NTR movies lately and he was very talented right from the beginning. His dialogue delivery in telugu is god levels


Lmao facts. He literally got worse over time.


While he’s no great actor, I think he does well with some roles. He’s a limited actor imo not a bad one.


yeah gonna have to disagree my friend at some point you gotta call a spade a spade 🤷🏾‍♀️


you know it's fake when you see the sentence "naga is an actor to watch out for", if they linked up everyone in hyderabad and threw a stone randomly to select an actor, they would have found someone better


Fake review writer tweet for reach.. He claimed to watch #Acharya beforehand and it turned to be a biggest disaster in Telugu cinema this year after Radheshyam


This guy is a fraud 😂


Hmm Kareena give me 2 samosas please I have literature class everyday so I can make it believable 😍




Hes fake. Fekta rehta hai


I hope all this is true but this guy throws a lot. I do expect Kareena to be the best part based on promos.




Best actress spot is reserved for Alia though.


Oh I forgot she’s the biggest star in country and and Meryl Streep of India .. the narrative has entered my brain too now


She won for a small role in Gully Boy. She is central here, she is definitely taking the best actress for Gangubai.


Sad ! She got costumes + sets + mass dialogues and here Bebo is wearing salwar kameez and in fields still winning hearts with acting 😕


Well, let us wait. Hopefully the movie works and is a blockbuster. Want it to work for Aamir especially.




Wont believe these critics time n again they have proved to be paid. I only believe in audience reviews once it releases. All these seem fake to me


Nobody will even pay them, they lick ass so biggies will notice them and share favorable post which gives them social media followers, which in turn is used to earn money. Its a cycle.


Wohi this is also true lol


Umair Sandhu chutiya hai, koi censor board mein nahin hai woh. He is a HACK. Fake reviews aur news phelata hai.


dude is a fraud, he normally gives first on internet reviews on twitter even before producer sees the movie final cut ​ very khayali pulav kind of a guy


why is a woman 17 years younger than him playing his mom? 🤣


Because if you see the original, most of the scene of Gump’s mom are when he’s a child. There are very few scenes when he’s as adult so what’s the point of casting an old actor to mostly play the part of a 10 year olds mom?




Lol but they all have predicted the fate of the movie🤣🤣


no i haven't seen the original. what about it? it'll still be weird for me to see an older looking mona singh share screen with aamir, playing his mother while he's supposed to be much younger


BEBO is an amazing actress that’s for sure


I really want this film to do very well .


Will bust so many myths - 40 plus lead actress - Bollywood boycott campaigns - content movie post pandemic


I would never underestimate Aamir Khan, never.


Specially in his genre of films , if it was massy film like Dhoom 3 , Thugs we would have thought


Even with Dhoom it was the highest gross movie of the year, even with Thugs it was a flop but it was a flop that made 300 crore. Even his flops are the some A listers highest gross movies.


Yes !!! With adaption thing , post pandemic situation and boycott gang + clash it will be test for him but


🤡 to 🤡 conversation


🤣🤣🤣wtf man


Even someone on Diet Sabya posted very positive review about Laal Singh Chadha. I hope this movie does an amazing business


Been seeing lots of positive buzz for the movie... getting ready to LOL in the faces of all those who have been writing treatises after having seen just a fkn trailer


Who is Umair Sandhu? A phd in film from the university of cinema?


Umair bhai k hisaab se har movie hi badiya hoti hai. So lets wait for other reviews


Hummmm huunnmm


What does overseas censor board member mean?


Jofra liked it? Fir to hit hogi