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You could make a drinking game out of it. Take a shot every single time a mama's boy pretends he's cut the umbilical cord, only to bungee back once he thinks his girlfriend is hooked.


I drink a lot and still this drinking game would kill me *fast*.


*bro… that flair…*


He's not wrong though. *Forever scuttling through our hearts.* *^(And also our trash)*


Omg I almost missed it 😆😆😆😫


Oh fffff, it took me a minute to not just register, but *comprehend*. The moment it hit, I literally wheezed a "NooooOOOooo."


I am having a really shitty...well, life right now, really. Not a day or week or month or year, but whole life and that make me laugh until I was out of breath. Which I really, really needed.


I'm... afraid to ask? Edit: nevermind, I scrolled down


You go for that one, I'll slam a shot every time "in our culture" ends with a breakup or throwdown on these subs. Not sure which of us would keel over quicker.


I lived in a religious culture (Catholic) that was extremely toxic like this. I put up with YEARS of abuse because of this crap. I’m just happy she got out after 2 months with the first and only a month after TM enters with the second.


Unrelated but what does your flair mean?


[You have no idea how much I enjoy that question.](https://reddit.com/r/BestofRedditorUpdates/comments/w9sqxj/oops_undying_love_for_a_franz_kafka_character_is/)


...this is what I get for skipping posts flaired as Inconclusive


Wait, isn't Ogtha...? Yes. Yes it is. You terrible person, suckering in unsuspecting rubes. *Applause*


Ogtha is gonna be up there with poop knife and swamps of dagobah, isn't it?


It fucking should be!


And “it’s not about the Algerian yogurt”


Iranian yogurt


Lol THANK YOU I couldn’t remember 😂😂😂


I wanna reread that one lol


What's swamps of dagobah?


Oh, you lucky thing, you. https://reddit.com/r/copypasta/comments/e51wyh/the_infamous_swamps_of_dagobah_story/


I should have stopped reading when it got to 'she had been injecting IV drugs through her perenium.' I had gone out for a nice meal tonight, but I kept on reading when I saw rectal abcess. No one to blame but myself.


What a terrible day to have eyes.




Oh no no no....


Oh no Oh no Oh no no no no no


Omg , how do I wipe this from my mind?


How you gonna do *”a pot-a-toe?”* like that?


OGTHA flair represennnnnnnnnt!!


Ugh I actively had to repress this the first time lol


Why man, why


Because it’s *hilarious!*


What the actual eff did I just read????


The greatest saga on Reddit?


Why did I just read that?


I knew it had to be roach wife yet I still clicked damn my curiosity.


Same 😈


So much regret! I would like to permanently erase this from my memory.




I think you broke my mind...so much what the ever loving fuck did I just read?


Me [right now](https://c.tenor.com/kfTM8OUjPs8AAAAC/kaetha-fly.gif).


I have been telling literally EVERYONE I KNOW about Ogtha lmao. Thank u for spreading the terrible gospel 🤣🤣🤣


Hail Ogtha


Depends. I assume we're just talking the JNMIL subreddit for this? Sorted by new? I think we'd be fine, there are enough other types in there :)


Upvoted for the flair


I'm feeling tipsy just reading these two comments 😅


You're amazing for using this flair


Occasionally, they see the crazy and you modify the game. We make a drinking game out of it when my estranged mil contacts us. We take a drink every time she lies, manipulates or sends something racist (we dont write back becuase we are no contact). It definitely takes the edge off it. When she sends us paper mail, we run it over with the car. It is very therapeutic. It took my SO a bit to recognize it, but some mama's boys do cut their evil parents off.


You run her letters over with you car? That is amazing! I love it so much!


I have an ex with abusive parents and when we broke up, she blamed me for alienating her from her parents because I supported her in standing up for herself, expressing her feelings, and setting boundaries with their abusive behaviour. Old habits die hard. This is why she's an ex.


Unfortunately, it’s not easy to see someone you love wanting to continue a relationship with people that hurt them. It’s emotionally defeating but a child raised by abusive parents doesn’t see their abusive parents as abusive. Glad you set boundaries and maintained them. Here’s hoping she will go on to a path of healing and self-love.


Please, my tolerance for alcohol can only go so far.


Spoiler: we became alcoholics Also, why do they do that?? Because they can't fuck their mom and settle with "a submissive girl"??


My theory is that some men like that cannot generally even conceive of going against their mothers. She raised him, she installed the buttons she is pushing now that he's an adult. And, it's all he knows. Why would anyone raised a certain way even wonder if their normal is not actually normal?


Yeeess, they groom their sons to be like that 🥴


Abusers gonna abuse.


They don’t see the abnormal can confirm was married to someone who definitely had a very unhealthy relationship with his mother and didn’t see the issue.


It is alarmingly too common. I'm sure it's been a regular occurrence throughout history, but I'm so glad women are finally able to stand up and walk away from a mama's boy. Ain't nobody got time for that in this day and age!


> he's cut the umbilical cord, only to bungee back Lol!! This is a hilarious and appropriate description.


“He wants to stay with the same mother who beat him black and blue & humiliated both of us.” Men abused by their mothers are referred to as mama’s boys? Please don’t do that. Abusers don’t let their victims cut the cord and if the victims do, their abusers will find anyway to exact retribution for doing so. Granted he’s not in right headspace seeking to bring another person into his family’s dynamic but he’s just as much a victim as OOP is. Maybe that’s why they were so good together. They understood the trauma that comes along with abusive relationships.


>the same mother who beat him black and blue Holy shit what the fuck?? Did I miss that earlier in the post, or did OOP really just put that in the last paragraph as a throwaway?!


OOP seems to be indian, where hitting your kids is unfortunately quite normal and even considered a "good form of discipline" by some old fashioned, regressive sects of society. It's definitely far more uncommon now than it was, say even two generations ago, (I don't personally know anyone who would dream of raising their hands on their children now even if they went through it as kids) but clearly TM seems to live in a different time period entirely. That said, beating your kids black and blue is DEFINITELY not common or accepted by any means, even by people who think the occasional slap might be warranted.


I did NOT expect a casual throwaway remark about childhood physical abuse even though it was abundantly clear his mom is emotionally abusive.


Right? She dropped it so casually I thought I missed something in her initial post but nope that was thrown there in the end like it was just some random unimportant detail, that’s a pretty important detail about the whole thing and at least partially why the son is the way he is.


Sadly it’s a very common occurrence in a lot of Asian cultures


It might have been something that was revealed at the end? Still odd that OOP put that at the end and didn’t elaborate.


Yeah wtf where did that come from




At that price point, she’s allowed to hit


Yeah, OOP definitely sounds Indian. This isn't common with Indian families but some (read: mine) can be really physically and emotionally abusive to their children. In a way, the abuse can kind of lead to the mama's boy stuff since we, like, yearn for love from our parents but are met with this kind of stuff.


What is it with these people thinking that these issues will just magically solve themselves?! He was perfectly fine to just say whatever he needs to say to trap OOP and then just go back to what he wanted and it would be ok. Good for her for pushing for answers and seeing the red flags before she was isolated with the monster in law


Judging by the comment about her beating her son black and blue, he is used to putting up with a lot from her and so assumed the OOP would be willing to do so as well. Unfortunately a lot of abused kids have a tough time breaking away from the parent who abused them.


You’re right, I completely missed that part and it makes sense… In addition to the abuse there’s the cultural expectation too I guess. I’m just glad OOP was able to remove herself from that situation, I couldn’t imagine bringing kids into this


The bf knew it would be a problem with his mom, he just figured he could push through the marriage, knock her up really fast and then MIL will move in to take over for the baby. OOP thinks that he wasn't trying to trick her, but everything he said at the end made it clear that he knew what he was doing and was lying about his mom's attitude to string OOP along.


I don't think the divorce was the problem I think anyone marrying her son was the problem.


If you read the post again, you will see all of the mom's actions about the divorce.


I'm implying the divorce was the excuse to push them apart. If it wasn't that it would have been something else.


The thing is that people who use irrational arguments are usually never without one. Sure the divorce is what they're picking on here. But if it wasn't that, they'd probably find something else to pick on. It's why negotiation and discussion doesn't work with abusive people. The problem isn't what you're fighting about. The problem is the person that uses abuse as a tool.




Umklopp made this exact comment 11 hours ago. BOT alert!


Am I the only one that thinks he still going to try, to begging oop to take him back.


I dont get why if he was that committed just keep lying to oop and get her to marry him and then be like oh yeah jk, theyre moving in!!!


I can see this happening eventually, after Mommy promises to find him a better, virgin bride, and this ends up being an impossible task.


Hopefully she is as strong as OP and can leave 2 months in like OP.


Possibly. He wouldn't be the first person who views their romantic partner as a stand-in to absorb the abuse that would be directed at him.


I don't. Mom has her hand so far up his ass he can taste her sweaty palms.


A reminder that you can love someone and they can be good to you, but that doesn't mean that you're compatible or that they are good *for* you.


100%. I came to this same realization for myself last year. I broke up with my partner of 7+ years. She was and still is a wonderful person. She is kind and she loved me very dearly. But that didn't mean we were good for each other. We had a lot of conflicting life goals, incompatible sex drives, and so on. More than 8 months later, we are both in a much happier and better place in our lives (and we're still friends!) People can be kind and loving, but also not right for you. Or as you perfectly put it: they can be good *to* you, but not good *for* you.


There's "meant to be" and there's "meant to be *forever*"...


Mr Right and Mr Right Now


>He also said his mom will eventually realize what am "Amazing" person I am (through magic apparently) and that till then I should just put up with it. Translation: TM would had pretended to like OOP or at least being civil so she would become her caretaker and housemaid during her later years.... SO happy for OOP and her decisions.


I honestly would’ve been done the second I heard that the future in-laws were going to my ex’s family for dirt on me. Yikes.


Yeah this is. Fucked. And the MOTHER saying THEY'RE not sure if the relationship will continue??? Like, what????? Crazy people looooooooove to pretend they can "investigate" things. I mean, unless TM is a super amauter detective or something I seriously doubt she'd come up with any sort of meaningful evidence of anything. "They said that-" means nothing.


going to her ABUSIVE ex's family, specifically. that's a recipe for putting OOP in danger


Oof. I realize they’re Muslim (I think mention of Ramadan maybe?) but any guesses what country this was, just for fun?


Not sure about the country but divorce is actually quite common among Muslims (mostly because an Islamic divorce is easy). It might just be this particular family that looks down on divorcees.


Probably Pakistan. My mother watches these Pakistani dramas and they love to play up the whole husband saying they were divorced and that was it. I believe it’s legally recognized. I don’t know if India recognizes the same things (they may, not sure).


Nope India does not recognise it anymore because it can lead to a completely financially dependent woman in a very vulnerable state, Pakistani dramas can be cute lol, also this could be any Islamic country.


It could be any south asia country. India/Bangladesh even Sri Lanka has pretty negative view on divorce.


Nope in India verbal divorce is not allowed, it's not considered valid


"Legally" its not valid. But it happens, and the papers are pretty janky when you get divorced in a rural type of town. By your username I am guessing you are indian? So you know that since its a huge country some states has some parts that does not exactly follow the rules. And divorce is pretty frowned upon in this area. Thankfully we are moving forward, slowly but steadily.


Seconding Pakistan. Source: am pakistani. Although all of this feels pretty desi in general.


i KNOW right. it’s sad. just sad. that all this sounds so familiar.


The whole bait-and-switch situation is so fucking common. Its despicable. And then they have the audacity to call the women inflexible and insecure. It really is so very sad.


I'm sure they're Muslim because the men can divorce the women verbally, by saying you're divorced 3 times and that's it, it's a legal divorce haha . I don't think it's a very strict Islamic country because I lived in one of those and dating is strictly forbidden and could result in honour killing the girl. So I don't think it's a gulf Arab country, maybe Lebanon. Edit: got curious and stalked her account, she's from Pakistan or at least lives there.


it’s not legal in all Muslim countries.


I know but it's legal where I was born, Saudi Arabia, and it was horrible for the women.


I don't see any mention of Ramadan though? And divorce is pretty common in Islam. South Asia however is another story. It does not matter if you are hindu, muslim, or christian.


i’m pretty sure it’s pakistan.


My guess is an Arab country. Probably Jordan, Lebanon, or Syria. Maybe even Palestine.


If they're Muslims but apparently have a big problem with divorce, then that strikes me as quite bizarre. After all, the Prophet Muhammad actually *married* a divorced woman himself, Zaynab bint Jahsh. Moreover, she'd actually previously been married to his adopted son, Zayd ibn Harithah.


“My ex is one of the smartest people i know and wasnt trying to trick me.” Oh, Honey.


I agree. He was trying to trick himself.




Oh yeah. OOP dodged a bullet, but I hope someone in the original posts have said that to her.


Did you miss the part where the mom beat him black and blue. He wasn’t trying to trick her. Their relationship developed because he could understand her previous abusive relationship. They’re both victims of abuse.


But still wants his abusers to be in his life


Which is understandable because abusive relationships are complex if he’s a victim of abuse he may not see his mother’s treatment as abnormal. He’s not in the right headspace to break away from the abuse but that doesn’t make him a bad person


Yes it does because he’s aiding and abetting the abuse of others. If he wasn’t trying to play OOP by pretending to cut the abusive MIL off, I’d agree with you. But he engaged in deception. And has already ruled out a scenario where OOP *is categorically not abused by someone who has already crossed the line*. That makes him a bad person. When you rope someone into an abusive situation despite knowing about it *and being confronted on it*, you are a “bad person”. Sure you’re not *actually committing the abuse*, you’re only *facilitating* it. As if the difference matters. It doesn’t.


That’s why we call enablers co-abusers.


He is not a bad person. He is severely misguided but he is not someone abetting an abuser. It’s not different when a woman is trying to keep her kids from being taken by CPS because she’s being abused by her partner. Would you say a DV victim is a bad person because they had kids with their abusive spouse?


I would if after the DV moved away and said they'd cut contact they then planned on (and had planned the whole time) to move their abuser into their new house and told the kids "they'll see how great you are and stop abusing you soon, so till then just put up with it". I'd think that person was a monster and shouldn't have custody of their kids.


Abusers condition their children or SO’s. A victim of childhood abuse goes through the same tactics as someone experiencing domestic violence. It’s harder for a childhood victim because a child will stop loving themselves before they stop loving their parents.


Not will, can. I had an abusive childhood and I'm no contact with my mother.


Not everyone has that same ability. It’s a mind game for abusers. Glad your situation is different but for others their options are limited due to family. They will purposely hold their children back, steal their money, and public discredit their children to make them mentally reliant on them. He wasn’t a good fit for her but he wasn’t malicious.


this part makes it clear he was trying to trick her >However, I asked him maybe 50-100 times if me being a divorcee would be a problem with his family, every single time he said no. And that someone close to him went through this too so if anything, his family will be sympathetic. oh and that someone close to him? >One of his uncle's moved abroad since his family didn't approve of his wife.


There are two things going on here: 1) seems like this is a desi culture thing and although extreme nowadays, it might be common with previous generations. This basically makes the son a victim of abuse who can't break away from the cycle. Also cultural expectations of keeping your parents closer doesn't help either. Like he's finally getting that seal of approval and some authority in the house. Overall, toxic generational situation that unfortunately the son couldn't break away from. 2) second thing is that although all of this is true and my heart breaks for the guy, ultimately he's going to become that patriarchal head of house and be safe from the abuses. The same culture that abused him is gonna reward in a way. You can feel sympathetic for him but remember that the culture still puts it all on woman to carry out the rules formed by the man. He has decided to live with his parents due to an abusive cycle, but ultimately it will be OP who will have to live with them, care for them and absorb their abuses most of the time. And he knows this or is kinda self absorbed with his stuff to empathize with her. So, both are the victims, but essentially he is tricking her to handle his share of abuses too. I'm glad OP made the right call.


>It's easier to dump a mama's boy than to divorce a mama's boy, and both of those are easier than trying to change a mama's boy. \~/u/pastelegg ​ This on JustnoMIL's sidebar sums up OOP situation & resolution with Mama's boy and his Monster mother.


Reddit has saved so many women from being in terrible relationships.


My ex-husbands parents were not fans of me (I changed religions and they no longer approved). We both tried to be civil and my ex and i visited them for a bit. Awful experience. I couldn't be around my ex-in-laws without thinking of their judgement and how they encouraged my ex to divorce me. My ex of course, didn't want to limit contact. He wanted both his spouse and his parents to get along and somehow thought the conflict would magically disappear in time. He still wanted me to join in visits to them. We of course, divorced, (for many more reasons than this!) But I am so grateful I never have to speak to his parents again. OOP's ex is insane if he thinks both his parents and OOP will be able to move on from this. You can't have it both ways!!!!


The only difference between this couple is that she respects herself enough to not tolerate abuse. And he thinks any abuse is okay if it comes from his mother As soon as dear old mom moved in, probably as soon as the first baby, OP would be targeted for abuse by MIL. Then be made to watch while it happened to her kids. So glad she escaped this fate I feel sorry for any woman who is suckered into marrying this guy. They're in for a very rough time


Another son unable to break free from the claws of a JustnoMIL only to lose the life he should have had had he been raised right. That’s a bit depressing. We blame them a lot but who knows just how psychologically damaged you are by the time you are ready to meet a spouse after living in those conditions your whole life.


Agreed. My husband tried to be independent, but got sucked into the idea that grandkids would turn his mother into a sweet, loving person. Our interactions had to increase, of course. He insisted we visit her when she was with her mother who lived near us and that she visit us for a week every three months. He could not understand why I could not tune her out or why I was willing to end our marriage over her. She caused us problems for years. She passed last year, I had not seen her in about five years because I was DONE. A few months ago, he was listening to some Reddit-stealing YouTubers and quietly stated, "My mom was a JustNo..."


Have a family friend whos abusive mother loves giving him crumbs. Any day now, he will magically do the thing that makes her love him. He's been at it for 45 years and the new thing is erasing his wife of 13 years, the mother of his only 2 daughters, who died of breast cancer from his and his children's lives. I'm sure once there is no trace of her existence, his mommy will surely love him then. Sad shit.


I am so sorry. Those poor girls. Luckily, my husband was not desperate for crumbs of his mother's affection, he was just extremely naïve and thought our marriage and having children would cause his parents (especially his mother) to mellow. He was so, so wrong.


That is so heartbreaking.


Wow. Are you still in touch? Are you friends? Now that she is gone…. That must have been such an intense period of time.


Hubby and I are still happily married - much happier now. We are working on putting it all behind us. My therapist is a godsend.


Oh yea!! I’m super happy to hear this! I hope things just get so much better quickly for you both!


Thank you! We have been married for over twenty-five years, together for over thirty and let's just say the last six years have been among the best. My therapist reminds me that my IL's are no longer alive and can no longer hurt me. I think that needs to be my mantra.


Its very hard when your nervous system takes a lot longer to catch up with your brain and your still jumpy years later even though you’ve processed it and you know you’re safe. Each system in its own time i guess. You endured them for a long time! Well I’m happy you are both free-ish. :)


LOL! Actually, it's my brain that's the problem due to my really good memory. I remember what MIL said or did and how DH reacted (usually in her favor) and it begins a spiral. I need to quit remembering her antics. Unfortunately, remembering our daughter's birth reminds me that MIL came for ten days of hell and sours the memory. Remembering our son's birth reminds me how she planned on coming early and insisting on picking his name - only MIL insisted he would be a girl. Too many Xmases were spent with her. Too many lost weekends going to make her happy. I need to tease out the good memories and flush the ones with her. Sorry this is long, I had my therapy appointment yesterday and it is all fresh in my brain.


Please don’t apologize. Sounds a bit like what happens to me with C-PTSD. But here’s the question I wonder but rarely have a chance to ask… after DH has had his eureka moment I’d imagine the gates are open to a lot of truths that have long been waiting outside that he wouldn’t let in, has it all become clear by now or do you feel like a bigger event of realization is in your husbands future where he fully understands the nature of his mom and how he unintentionally abandoned you for her side and all that you went through? Poor guy. That is a LOT! Maybe I’m too sentimental but I hate the idea of what its like when children of JNMILs finally realize the truth. I think of my parents having been sucked in by our toxic person and how they turned on me completely against their characters and did a LOT of damage in my life and I still don’t want them to get clarity about what they did because I know they would die of shame and regret. Its a weird situation in both our scenarios. You describe him watching that video and saying quietly “my mom was a just no…”, and it made me immediately think of when my mother would be unkind during this weird time and I would ask her why she was doing it and she would sort of shake her head in a bit of a daze and quietly say “I don’t know …” almost the same way you described DH.


He always knew on some level that she was toxic, but FaMiLy was drilled into his head and he believed he had to do everything within reason to try to have a good relationship with her. But, he would forget to call her weekly and I would have to remind him. Not calling her would lead to uncomfortable consequences. Once I put my foot down about her behavior and we moved farther away, he would only visit when his conscience bothered him. I would often refuse to go and he would beg me to go with so that at least he could be happy during the drive to and from (almost three hours each way). Sometimes I could be bribed, others not. She developed dementia and ended up going to live with his brother, a good three hours by plane and another hour by car away. Husband would call her, but only visited once. He said his weekends were for relaxing and since I refused to go with him, he would not go. He has been bringing up more and more stuff from his past that he had bottled up or pushed aside. He has his moments of anger and hurt. If his job were not so stressful, I think he would be more upset, but with a boss in Europe and underlings in India, he does not have much time to process his realization. A few things he tries to blame his oldest brother for (guy is a snake), but I remind him that his parents were adults and should have not listened to him or acquiesced to his demands, which often harmed the rest of the siblings. One thing I did notice, though, is that none of the siblings posted anything on MIL's birthday or the anniversary of her death. I pointed that out to Hubby the other day and it was like a lightbulb went off. Part of it could be do the absolute financial mess that was left behind, but taking into account that three of the four surviving siblings got the hell outta Dodge after high school graduation, I am betting there are more reasons.


Everyone who gets engaged should have to "sort by top" and read at least 10 full stories before they set a date.


YES!!!!! I was lucky that I had over five years of warning signs that my in-laws would be horrible and unfortunately, they proved me right. In fact, they were twenty minutes late to the wedding and as I was walking down the aisle, I seriously thought about bolting, but Hubby had the car keys. I did want to marry him, still love him, but his parents were the worst part of our marriage. My therapist keeps reminding me that they are dead and can no longer harm me.


I am so glad OOP got out of this relationship!! Yes, the guy was great, except his mom would be the one abusing her in the future!!


Unfortunately, the MIL got exactly what she wanted. But I get why it had to happen. It would have been a lot more satisfying to go no-contact, get married to the love of her life and then force her ILs to apologize profusely before allowing them in your home.


Good on her for seeing through his BS and not wanting toxic inlaws in her life!


"I don't want to live like my uncle" welcome to the other side of that coin.


Bet that uncle is more happy than he will ever be!!!!!!!!!


Every time I read a post with a conclusion like this it adds 5 years to my lifespan.


This is a really good example of why people who have gotten out of abusive relationships should be considered at least mild experts on recognizing abusive shit relatively early on. She saw the red flags when someone who doesn't have that experience probably would have ignored them. (I say this in reference to the greater social 'wisdom' that people who have gotten out of abusive relationships should be the *last* people to ask if something seems like a red flag or not)


>Apparently I'd been dating a complete Mama's boy who happened to be a decent person. Hint. Not a decent person if he was willing to lie and manipulate you to get you to marry him, only to turn around and take it all back as soon as the I Do's are I Done, so he can get what he wants regardless of your want.


I hope you were able to articulate the above to him so that can properly reflect on his decisions here, because this is solely a him problem.


>I don't hate him, I had amazing 2 years with him. So comments which are disrespectful towards him are not appreciated & are hurtful. She wrote paragraph after paragraph about how that liar wasted two years of her life and tried to trap her into being his abusive mommy's eventual house elf. Heaven forbid though that we internet strangers say anything *bad* about him.


Did you miss the part about her fiancé’s mother beating him until he was black and blue? I think he was also a victim and he wasn’t trying to trick and entrap OP as much as he was delusional and believed things would get better. OP was right to leave but her ex fiancé is not an automatic villain


She was so used to crap that something even 1% better was enough for her.


> Just a reminder, despite everything my ex is one of the smartest people I know, > >and he wasn't trying to trick me. > >Atleast not intentionally. Get a clue. He lied to you. He tricked you.


"Traditional" country my ass. The correct term is *back-asswards* country.


Well, yeah. Tradition is by nature backwards. I don't remember who said it, but it's an often repeated quote: "Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people".


>"Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people". Now this hit home 👀


It sure would be something to be a mamas boy. I don't get it at all. I haven't spoken to my parents in years and I'm not even saying they're as bad as this dude's mom. How are the moms of these guys so apeshit insane? I might understand it better if they were caring, sweet people but they're always toxic crazies.


"He's such an amazing man except when..." when will these women take off thr blinders? This dude wasn't amazing; he was deceptive, conniving and uncaring. But he is soooo smart and empowered her? FOH with that garbage


Everytime I see people on Reddit who believe the USA is the most bigoted place on earth and then see shit like this makes me smh


Don’t you worry, we have plenty of JUSTNOMILs in the states to ruin plenty of happy couples lives.


Thank goodness. Dodged a missile there.


Damn Well, as they say in r/justnomil, it's easier to break up with a mama's boy than to divorce one and that's still easier than trying to change one.


Fuck I hate this. I think the OP made the right decision for her. But I also feel desperately sorry for the EX, he clearly can’t see the abuse here. I feel very bad for him.


This why I’m a lesbian


Either the dudes in BORU stories need to see a doctor or the women need to be in jail cuz somehow these guys are getting engaged and married before their balls drop


Is her ex shakeb from I love a momma's boy???