The hustle culture. Not everything you do needs to make money. You should be able to have hobbies that stay just that: hobbies.


It bothers my dad SO MUCH that I don’t make a business out of my hobbies. But I want to enjoy them! I’m not “hiding my talents” I’m maintaining a healthy boundary between buisness and pleasure.


[overjustification effect](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overjustification_effect). Happens to children from parents all the time, especially musicians and athletes. Just kills their intrinsic motivation when outside factors try to drive their passion


Lack of access/time in nature.


Moved out of a city into a smaller town 2 blocks from the ocean with many bike trails and hikes within cycling distance/a short drive. I couldn't be happier with the change. On the other hand, I'm now house poor, with >50% of net income going to housing... Daily time in nature makes the change worth it.


Social media. I'm being super hypocritical, but we're gonna look back on social media today the same way our parents looked back on the time they smoked and said "yeah, everybody smoked back then, it really wasn't a big deal. Yeah, we knew it wasn't good for you, but we still did it anyway. No, we didn't think of it as some sort of addiction; we just did it because that's what people did back then."


The best thing about social media is to treat it as a tool. It has a time and a place. Boredom isn't one. But I know I use it that way.


This hit hard.


I already believe that the majority of fitness influencers would benefit from counselling rather than advising followers on Instagram, so that's undoubtedly the case.


Also "influencers" in general. Most are completely unqualified to be dispensing the level of advice they give on most topics.


the majority of fitness influencers have eating disordered habits and are sharing them with their "fans" by acting like what they do is "healthy." my AN recovered ass cries when i see fitness accounts glorifying actually unhealthy habits that they claim are healthy. people do NOT realize the damage of fitness/health social media. those people aren't professionals. and bodies aren't one size fits all.


Constant notifications and other distractions. Edit: and yes I appreciate the irony of people responding to this has resulted in a deluge of notifications for me...








I've spent decades learning to un-hear that, just to see this and have it all come back in 2.6 seconds. Years of Academy training...*WASTED*.












“Did you get all that?” No *Yes* FUCK!!




god yes. the first thing i do when i get any new app or device is to turn off or strictly limit notifications. apps send SO MANY junk notifications by default, like does anyone even actually *look* at any of those "x posted for the first time in a while!" type ones? worse are the ones that limit a user's ability to customize notifications, so you can basically either have them all off or all on. you'd think basically forcing people to permanently silence an app would be bad for engagement...?


I use an app that sends me a reminder that I'm going to die. It does it randomly a few times a day. It includes a short quote about death. It's probably the only healthy notification I get all day.


What's the app?




Fucking hell man, I laughed loudly in my office and people are looking at me asking why.


You got that right. I work at a hospital that used to self insure. Everything was fine until we got a new CEO. His wife was out of the area so he changed us to blue cross, which was awful. Then he changed it to UHC. Now I am due for my 10 year followup colonoscopy and had to send an email to HR find out if it is covered. They have not told me yet. I guess dying of ass cancer is cheaper for the hospital than being pro-active.


Not sure if its the exact same app, but I have one called’WeCroak’ that does the same thing.


That sounds like the worst thing I've ever heard of.


Yes, but you *have* heard of it.


From a doctor’s perspective, half of the US health food industry is absolute garbage. 1. Supplements. What’s in them? They aren’t regulated, so anything could be! Many studies have found a lack of actual advertised product at best, harmless filler such as saw dust commonly, and heavy metal and other toxin contamination such as lead and arsenic at worst. All for the cheap price of $$$$$ and your health. Is it possible that some could be helpful for specific things? Yup! But are most things on the shelf going to fit in that category? Absolutely not, no. 2. Most “diet” plans/snacks/products. Low in fat but high in sugar? Serving size of 1/4 of what is sold? Contains some mysterious fruit “scientifically shown” to combat the laws of physics? A laxative in disguise? Most of these plans are just like get rich quick schemes. They are sold to provide a quick path to a healthier and better life. But diet isn’t a quick fix. It’s a slow combination of everyday habits. Diet culture is a toxic scam and their advertisements are sickening both for the lies commonly told and the mental health toll on the targeted audience. Hell, most of the “good choice” food items at the grocery could be considered unhealthy processed garbage. 3. Fruit juice. Despite what Steve Jobs believed, fruit juices are pure sugar in a glass. Calories with limited nutrient content and a high glycemic load. 4. The way we teach physical activity. We use sports as a competition and filter kids out, only supporting the best of the best financially and through school programs. But the reality is that team and club sports can keep people active and engaged in their communities for life. This is healthy. If we can foster low-level skill sports for everyone we will have healthier and happier communities. Except for maybe American football. That shit will give you brain injuries. Edit: that preworkout your friend swears by? It’s probably caffeine and some protein powder. Some of them may contain amphetamine analogues and other stimulants. The special formulations and vitamins they say they have (if actually present) are usually ineffective amounts or mischaracterizations of studies anyway. Drink an Americano and eat a diet full of vegetables, nuts, and beans, and you’ll be good to go.


Excellent perspective on how we treat sports as a competition and basically exile the kids who aren’t physically fit. Never thought about it that way!


Old person here. When I was in junior high and high school, you didn't have to be THAT good to play on sports teams (both school and rec. league). There were plenty of kids who would be a football cheerleader in the fall, then play basketball in the winter and softball in the spring. It's not that they were spectacular all-around athletes, it's just that the bar was set low enough that a reasonably active kid who wanted to could be on the team as long as they came to the practices. Today I see 12-year-olds with their own personal pitching coaches, and high school athletes who are already highly specialized and extraordinarily talented. I don't know. I'm not trying to shake my fist at the clouds. I do think childhood was a lot more fun when you could try a lot of sports and actually play them a while before deciding if you wanted to stick with them.


I would agree with this for honestly any sort of child activity. My parents weren't into sports, music was more of my thing as a child, but I remember being pushed to take private lessons for singing when I just wanted to sing in the choir. Let kids do things because they enjoy them, not to be perfect at them or beat everyone else.


And then, at least in my personal experience, it’s hard to pick those things up as an adult when you have no experience playing them. For example, I really want to try out gymnastics now that I’ve treated my health issues as an adult, and it is sooo hard to find adult gymnastics classes.


I tried adult gymnastics classes for a while. Maybe it depends on the facility, but I felt like there was a lot of pressure to achieve results that were not reasonable for my level of commitment. I'm almost certainly not going to be able to do something resembling what someone with ten or twenty years of training is capable of and I don't want to constantly feel like my limited capacity is of no "value". That's why I like group aerobics classes. Go in, do your thing, get your heart pumping, and forget about what you look like. It's liberating.


Wish I could up vote this more than once! So true. I feel your struggle trying to learn anything like that as an adult is hard to find opportunities. Dance, swim, gymnastics, sports etc.


If anyone is like me and doesn’t care about traditional sports competition (football/basketball/baseball etc), and wants to get physically active, try indoor rock climbing. If you don’t like heights, most indoor climbing gyms have bouldering walls. Bouldering is climbing except you only go up about 10 feet. You don’t need a rope. If you fall, there is a nice thick crash mat to cushion your fall. The climbing community is a very enthusiastic bunch of people. I run into complete strangers all the time who will be cheering for me and others and giving words of encouragement while working on a climb that I haven’t figured out yet. I’ve never found another activity that is as wholesome as climbing. It feels good to cheer for other people too. There are climbing competitions, yes, but the vast majority of people going to climbing gyms are just there to beat their personal goals, have fun and improve as individuals, together. I was 50 pounds overweight when I found climbing, and it was absolutely mind blowing to have physically fit men and women engaging with me, giving me tips, and literally cheering for me as I struggled up the wall. You will *rarely* find that in a weights gym or anywhere else. Even during competition, contestants cheer each other on. It’s so cool.


> Most “diet” plans/snacks/products. My wife bought some "healthy" vegetable chips. There's more calories and salt in them then normal potato chips!


Potatoes are a type of vegetable too!


I wish there were more low level sports for kids around me. After about 9-10 there's just nothing unless you want to be on a travel team or some other team that practices almost every day. I'm a swimmer and so many of the teams have a requirement that the kids swim 9-11 times a week, that's way too much and burns out a lot of kids.


We need recreational swim, hike club, cycling group, tennis club. Things where we can teach a love of body movement in things that are easily enjoyed for life. Things where you need one other person max. I'm so glad I swam growing up and I still swim and am in good shape in my late 30s. I was talented in swimming and put the work in but it shouldn't be limited to kids who are willing to swim 20+ hours a week.


Yeah, I've found this is super regional. Where I'm from they have tons of rec leagues and travel/pay to play teams are virtually unheard of. Was utterly shocked and angered when I moved to Texas.


From what I've heard "utterly shocked and angered when I moved to Texas" seems to be a common sentiment


> If we can foster low-level skill sports for everyone we will have healthier and happier communities. This is one thing (out of many) that I miss about Japan. I was part of a group of friends who played futsal on Friday nights. Basically mini soccer for those not familiar with it. $7 for hours of play with friends. No one was in it to seriously get better; it was just to play and have fun. Play is a huge thing missing from US culture. If you're not running to compete in a marathon, practicing a sport to play in a league, doing it to lose weight, or looking for a way to make money off it, people scoff and ask why you're even bothering. Everything has to have a goal (other than fun) attached to it.


As someone who always hated sports, I find your 4th point interesting. For me, the team aspect of sports was the thing I hated about it the most. The types of physical activity I'm drawn to tends to be things you don't need a team to do - yoga, surfing, bowling, weightlifting. I like sports where I get to try for my personal best without worrying about what other people are doing.


Yes, this is why swimming and jogging were always far more enjoyable. You can be active without focusing on rewarding the monkey brain.


In middle school, I wanted to play basketball but wasn't good enough and didn't make the team. Middle school.


Slimming drinks and supplements


Going to be sooner than we think. The weight loss injectables by Novo and Eli Lilly are here or almost here. Projected $50 billion obesity market by 2030




Through normal doctors yes. There are programs like Sequence and others through tele health that can prescribe it off label with a coupon reducing it to $25 depending on your insurance copay and circumstances. Different insurances handle things differently too, so keep that in mind


Not sure about the current market, but the 80's and 90's low fat food fad was based on science faked by the sugar industry. They dropped fat from foods and added sugar which made them far unhealthier.


The amount of our lives we share with strangers online thinking we’re anonymous


AI will soon trawl every image/ video of you, picking you out of cctv, the background of millions of other peoples photos. Your own browser history and social media etc. A complete picture of you including all your anonymous posts. All packaged and presented to display your true social, sexual, financial etc. personality. On demand for whoever wants it.


I often wonder how often I show up in the background of people's vacation pictures. I know I have a lot of photos with strangers in them.




I remember seeing some story once about a couple who got married, and realized one of them was in the background of the other's vacation photo from when they were kids or something. Super crazy, but also really cool.




"Unless"? I thought FB already did this with shadow profiles?


They absolutely do, all pictures get run through facial recognition and cataloged. And it really doesn't take much to link an "unmatched" face to their identity, FB has an astounding amount of data to work from.




I think that's only going to get worse tbh, I think it baffles past generations more than it will future generations... I mean kids are growing up with iPhone tiktok snapchat so on so on...


The notion that "natural" automatically means healthier.


Cyanide is natural. You can find it in apple seeds and peach pits.


Pit viper venom is also natural, as is dart frog poison. An all natural lotion, expensive, but worth it. Edit: pit* viper


I read dart frog as dog fart for a second. Dog farts are also natural.


By extension the idea that if you can't pronounce the ingredients it's automatically bad.


Cigarettes are definitely bad, but in elementary school PE they were doing their annual unit on why not to do drugs. The teacher had a list of all the thousands of chemicals in a cigarette and he said something like "You can't even read any of the ingredients" to the class. I didn't speak up, but I immediately saw the word "oil" and thought that I was clever.


Cow shit is natural and you don't see me scarfing that down lol


Your loss


All those weird trending diets.


they'll have new ones in the future, not yet debunked in the public eye.


Nah, they will have the same once we have today but with new names and in a new shiny package. The diets we have today are also just recycled diets from the 20th century and many of those are probably recycled too.


Fuckin juice cleanses


Back in college in our med-surg subject one day our professor felt lazy and just made the session a chill Q&A about anything about the subject or even anything medically-related. He was asked by one of my batchmates about these trendy juices. In an annoyed manner (not toward the student but about the subject) "if your body's liver is so fucked you have to rely on an external tool to filter your food you're probably dying. You want to "cleanse" your body? Eat a balanced diet, get off your ass and exercise and drink plenty of water instead of getting scammed by like an idiot by buying those juices" Those same idiots probably think the juices have the same mechanisms as how vaccines fight off diseases and are the ones that are against vaccines lol


I view juice cleanses as socially acceptable disordered eating


Any food fad that focuses on one 'superfood' will always be worse than a wide variety of different foods. We have known this and governments and even companies have promoted the idea of well rounded diets, but some people will always fall for the simple one trick pony diets.


Weird diets have been around for time immemoriam. The specific fad diets of today might seem weird, but there will still be plenty of fad diets in the future.


Storing food and drinks in plastic


“Can’t believe they used to store water in plastic bottles, hey Ax8$th pass me the plasma flask”


The musk family will live on I see


I think this will be the big one. More and more studies are coming out seeming to insinuate that no type of plastic is safe for contact with food. To future people, it will be like reading that we used to store food in lead.


Damn. Even like plastic bowls?


I have not read anything on the very hard plastics yet. But as of a couple years ago we thought disposable plastic water bottles were safe, so at this point I'm not trusting any plastic, wondering when the next study comes out. My wife and I have been on a mission clearing plastic out of our kitchen.


PET is safe enough. The concern is that antimony used in the production of PET, stays in the material and leaches out into the bottle content. However the findings suggest that it is unlikely to be an issue if storage and handling isn't neglected, but even worst case, it is still negligible. Some plastics are as safe as wood or ceramics, with nylon and PET considered extremely safe.


It's my understanding that bottled water is supposed to be stored around room temperature and can leach chemicals if left in a car. Given that, is any bottled water safe after being transported in a hot truck from the factory to warehouses that may not have A/C and then on routes to multiple grocery stores? Especially during summer, the back of those trucks can easily reach temps of over 100 degrees.


Why are we singling out bottled water? A multitude of beverages are stored in plastic bottles, including some with more corrosive ingredients (i.e Coke).


I took that comment to mean, "even bottled water", i.e. it may not have additives like citric acid or something that might exacerbate the problem.


Polypropylene (milk jug plastic) is also considered extremely safe.


Most milk jugs (at least in the US) are HDPE which is just high density polyethylene.


I am on that same mission but it’s so hard and it’s freaking expensive to replace all those plastic Tupperware with glass/Pyrex containers. 😑 ETA: also trying to do this and replace my pots and pans with all stainless and/or cast iron and also so freaking expensive.


If you have an IKEA nearby (or even if not - ours is like a 2hr drive) I highly recommend their glass containers. They come in a bunch of sizes, have the best snapping strength lids I’ve seen, the lids don’t warp in the dishwasher and they are super cheap too.


Yes! My boyfriend's mum gave us some leftovers in a glass container and I was so impressed. That's how I know I'm getting old lmao.




Heating food in plastic.


It's not that people find it healthy, but I think that screen time today is definitely much more dangerous during our lifetime than we already think it is.


“Yep, 100%.” I say as I continue to scroll reddit for 3 more hours.


Not proud and this is definitely not a brag but I had 11 hours average a few weeks ago. It’s seriously become a problem for me that I need to work on


on school weeks i think i have about 3-5hrs but then the holidays come and it goes to 10+, i just don’t have anything better to do


"low fat" products which predominantly were filled with high fructose corn syrup (high sugar diets) and other things that lead to metabolic syndrome (partially hydrogenated oils). Some have recognized the dangers in this already but in 40 years maybe we'll see people look back and go "they made all of this money at the expense of ordinary citizens health".




Cooking things in plastic, eating and drinking things out of plastic


I really question the bladders used in say CamelBak packs, they always taste like you’re drinking straight up plastic, and the answer is normally “just squeeze a lemon and swish it around to remove the plastic taste”. Have a feeling that will be in a study someday.


[There already is a study. ](https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2022/02/220211102618.htm) Results not good. Hundreds of chemicals were found to leach into the water after a 24 hour period. Bottles that were washed in a dish washer prior to the test were found to have even more chemicals in them. I personally still use plastic bottles for mounting biking. But I thoroughly rinse the bottle and fill with water right before I ride.


OK that's terrifying. Highlights from the journal article: • Migration of > 400 plastic related and > 3500 dishwasher related compounds. • The dishwashing process increased the migration of plastic related compounds. • Oligomers suspected from poly-caprolactone (PCL) were migrating. • Three of the identified photoinitiators have possible endocrine disrupting effects. • Diethyltoluamide (DEET) may have been formed from the plasticizer laurolactam.


Seriously they taste like chemicals forever!! It’s like drinking out of the garden hose.


Man I love garden hose water


My mom always tells a story where once she went to take a drink from the garden hose and a bee came out and stung her in the mouth 🐝 Edit: But that never stopped me. I was always like "I'll just run the hose for a few seconds to do a bug check then" Edit edit: She was like 7 when it happened


What kind of maniac doesn't run the water for a few seconds for a crud check? It's an outisde hose, I don't know what mightve crawled in there to die. Let it run a few seconds till the water is clear then have at it.


Also was their mom just wrapping her mouth around and turning the faucet on? That's psycho behavior. You turn it on, aim it up and drink off the apex.


Even my Nalgenes left a horrible plastic taste in my mouth. I switched to the metal ones a few years ago.


Metal and specifically insulated water bottles are far superior anyway. I like being able to put ice in my water and my water still being cold 8+hours later instead of melted and room temp after an hour.


Letting children have unlimited access to the internet and using the internet as a babysitter.


40 hour work week with generally unfulfilling jobs. Source: I'm a clinical psychologist. Edit: wasn't expecting this much attention. For the record, I don't think my own job is unfulfilling. However, my current salary is not competitive and I have to work two side jobs to support my family. Psychologists probably don't make as much as you think.


Just…. Doing the same thing every day. Wake up, go to work, come home, how was your day, eat dinner go to bed. Repeat ad nauseam


Bold of you to assume I have the energy to make dinner


Or someone at home to ask about my day.


Or a home


I honestly don't mind routine work. I just learn how it's done and zone out. Best job I ever had was me, in a basement archive, sorting paper in silence, for a month. I think I spoke to another person 3 times. When I'm supposed to do that in an open office and get the 'you're not doing anything, great. How are projects X and Y and Z going? Also here is project Ö'', if I dare leave my desk to piss, that's when I start drawing guillotines.


Routine work that stays at the office and doesn’t follow you home is the real winner. Fucking email notifications at 10 PM on a Sunday wear me down


I'm so happy for working in a physical workshop for that reason too. Can't take any work home. Can do extra hours if needed but the moment I close the door work is done.


For real, I love having my office job. It gets boring, but very little stress, and once I'm off the clock I can forget about it.


I’d rather my life be exciting than my job be exciting. My stress levels and body cannot do both.


For your own sanity, set boundaries, if you are valued they’ll respect them, if you are not, find somewhere that does. You teach people how to treat you…I only replied because I hate to hear of people being taken advantage of, no matter how much you make, your time is your time. Best of luck friend.


It sounds like you had defined goals (sort this stuff) and there was a point to your work (the stuff will be sorted for the archivists and users). It might be boring to many people, but I can see how it would be easy without being draining. Edit: I should mention that part of my conception of why this would be a good job comes from the book Bullshit Jobs by the late David Graeber, an anthropologist (and Anarchist, which definitely colors his popular writing). Part of the formula for a bullshit job is it seems pointless or arbitrary, and the worker doesn’t know if what they do benefits anyone. So, a worker who does something that obviously needs doing might have a shit job (bad customers, poor working conditions, low pay, etc) but not a BULLSHIT job, because they can see their work has value to someone. If you can do work of value without shitty conditions, that’s great.


I’d kill for 40 only hours. I want to be a lizard on a rock so bad.


My employee insurance lumps psychiatry, psychology and therapy in the same group as homeopathy, chiropractic and accupuncture - $400 per practitioner up to $2000. That's like 2 or 3 visits to a professional per year. Mental health is a sorely undervalued and underfunded aspect of healthcare. I suspect the secret reason is that almost all of us are completely justified in feeling miserable at work because we are exploited and generally underpaid so the last thing they want is large swaths of workers having their experiences validated.


And our solutions to communal & socioeconomic problems are always individualistic. Working among stressful conditions with rude peers while living in the suburbs with no friends or opportunities for socialization? You need to learn to meditate better /s Therapy and meditation help, but root causes likely need to be resolved to actually achieve results. In America, there's a critical lack of social infrastructure such as Third Places to make friends from strangers, or non-work tied welfare services minimizing the stressors of quitting or being unemployed.


I totally agree. I treat anxiety and have had plenty of clients whose jobs were their sole or primary source of anxiety. They weren’t experiencing the kinds of irrational or overblown fears that people with anxiety disorders experience, just rational fear of a tyrannical boss or stress due to a dysfunctional workplace or unreasonable workload. I *can* treat these clients, but treatment tends to consist of helping reduce their non-work anxieties, validating the fact that they’re not deficient for having a job that demands too much of them, decreasing their emotional investment in their job, and taking a closer look at unhelpful beliefs that have kept them in the job (e.g. “I would be wrong to abandon my coworkers”). But it’s always very clear when the problem is the job, and solution for the client’s “anxiety” is, if possible, to make every reasonable attempt to get out of that job. The macro solution, at least in the short term, is stronger unions and universal basic income.


Our lack of community is making our society really ill and divided, for sure.


I despise it so much. It takes so much away from us. Our sense of peace, our social lives, sleep, mental health, passions, creativity, self actualizing, dating, freedom, humanity. It's just so awful being a cog in someone else's machine.


Literally our whole cycle of 50 years of solid work, 40 hours a week, mostly in an office, missing our kids growing up, missing our parents growing old, just to enjoy 15-20 years of retirement if you're lucky, is a real killer. My one piece of advice to young me would be "find a career that lets you work less hours". And you still have to fit in cleaning, cooking, working out and having a hobby. And i'm in the UK with short commutes and 30 days PTO a year. Honestly i'm not sure how you Americans do it.


>cleaning, cooking, working out and having a hobby Don't forget socializing, grooming, managing appointments, grocery shopping, religious obligations, family obligations... Does anyone else find it strange that dropping any of these things is seen as a sign of mental illness and/or being a bad person?


30 days holy fuck. We have it so bad in Canada compared to europeans (and brits). I get half that


With mandatory office presence. In a cubicle. Even if it means you get less done than you would at home.


I despise the 40 hour work week. At no single job I've had has there actually been 40 hours of work. So much time wasted. I need to switch to a work from home job, then I'll actually be able to do useful things when there's no work to do.


That's the key. You are incentived to work slowly since finishing your work just means more work. Then you start feeling lazy for not doing more. I love work from home. Instead of fucking around on my phone and feeling lazy I can take my dog for a walk, do some chores, etc and not feel like a bum.


Exactly this. The greatest source of misery in our times. Would recommend reading "The myth of normal" by Gabor Maté.


People thinking they’re “getting” something out of social media and that it’s not affecting them. The addiction hopefully will sometime be recognized at the same level of cigarettes


The current work life balance some of us have. 5 days with only 2 days off is NOT a good balance!!


Any juice that “cleans your body”, no your body does it itself


Yeah turns out just drinking water and letting your body work naturally is a pretty good "cleanse"


Water. Just drink water.


I dunno I’ve had some bad juice that seriously cleaned me out.


The unhealthy obsession with work. “Grind,” “hustle,” “side hustle,” etc Sure, work hard when you work. But work someplace you can have a work-life balance that is healthy and doesn’t demand too much of you


Low fat diets


There's been a really weird trend of people drinking "alkaline water" that has a pH of 9.5 or some shit. Here's the truth about it: the second it comes in contact with your stomach acid, it's not gonna be alkaline anymore. The pH of your body is most likely fine, and if it actually isn't, you should be in an emergency room instead of listening to some snake oil salesman


Not “healthy” per-se but ubiquitous in society today: plastic containers for everything. Most people don’t realize the amount of microplastics in food and drinks will eventually cause serious health issues


If you are concerned about micro plastics.... Tooth brushes are Literarily plastics you rub on your teeth and you very likely ingest left microplastics even if you rinse your mouth with mouth wash.


This thread is so depressing. I feel helpless now.


That's because every tiny thing that adds up to kill you is exagerated to 10000% on the internet. Are microplastics a problem? Yes. Are we all going to die from it now? Probably not? It's more of a build of in the environment that's the largest problem. Just use more glass products and try to reuse as best as you can. Support politicians that are green minded and work to improve your neighborhood and family.


Yeah! Don't cook in plastic or brush with it. Cook in glass and use glass toothbrushes!


Can't we make toothbrush out of natural asbestos instead?


Very short video formats (TikTok, Instagram stories, YouTube shorts) and their impact on our attention span


Does anyone think that is healthy now?


Not healthy really, but this is such a new phenomenon that people don’t really question it. Even short post formats like in reddit can cause this, because you can scroll through a lot of posts in just a single minute.


It's an addiction to information, which wouldn't be such a problem if the information had any value.


Possibly not, but a significant number of people seem to tolerate it and it seems to be becoming the norm


TLDR please?


oh you


o u


microwavable plastics and all these plastics that store our food.


Giving babies, toddlers, and small children unlimited access to tablets, phones, and screens in general. Even those that have limits, kids and babies on tablets is unhealthy for brain development.


This is a huge issue. Kids needing a constant doom scroll through videos and entertainment or else they throw a tantrum.


Opinions and advice on Reddit


Vaping, plastic packaging, social media


Letting children play american football.




I had 2 before I was 13, and now have seizures and memory issues almost 20 years later. I have "forget where you left the clicker" style, but x1000. I'll talk to my partner about an appointment I have tomorrow at 1, then be sitting on the couch at 1:30 and they'll get home and be like "what are you doing home?". When I delivered pizza in my early 20s I'd take two orders to drop off, get back to the shop and look in my backseat and see I only did one of them. It sucks. It's not severe enough that anyone can understand either, it's just annoying and forgetful to the world


Midwest Emo is really only safe for consenting adults.


It was Never Meant for kids.


40 hour work week


I would imagine fish, there are probably so many micro plastics in those


It is believed there are no living creatures on earth that don’t have micro plastics in them


It's in the rain, air, blood, and in our brain. The plastic ship has sailed.


Don't forget in fetuses and breastmilk. Micro plastics are everywhere now, they're inescapable.


I always said Aqua's Barbie Girl was predicting the future, but nobody believed me.


It's Fantastic!


Micro plastics are in everything.


"grind culture". you're not getting ahead, you're setting yourself up for a stroke from stress. your health costs money too, especially mental well being.


Vaping instead of smoking. You're still filling your lungs with stuff that shouldn't be there in the end. Looks like more research is coming out about the risks too. It's not as bad as smoking, but it's got its own issues. It's fine if you're using vapes and e-cigs to quit smoking, but it's gone beyond that for quite some time now. Many people just exchanged one habit for the other.


>It's not as bad as smoking >Many people just exchanged one habit for the other. I call this progress


Spray tanning


At present,the use of polythene is causing serious damage to our environment. therefore,the use of polythene needs to be reduced immediately.


living in highly insulated homes without ventilation


This is something you can measure your way out of. You can buy meters for your home that measure formaldehyde, VOCs, CO2, and particles under 2.5 microns. You can get a blower door test to see how many air changes per hour (ACH) your home has under -50Pa pressure. Obviously have a radon test done and have a CO alarm. Also change your HVAC filters when they are dirty (both for your health and your HVAC system’s health). Also, I’m sorry to say, there is a convincing link between gas stoves and asthma (especially childhood asthma), so you should go electric (induction is great). I do or have done all of this and I’m confident in my indoor air quality. Living in an insulated house with 3.5 ACH saves a lot of money in heating/cooling which also lowers your carbon footprint. Edit: Most gas appliances are okay because they vent the combustion products outside (hot water heaters, clothes dryers, furnaces). Gas ranges are an exception because they have imperfect venting (vent several feet above the stove doesn't work that well) and most people don't use them very often. Edit 2: Keep your humidity below 65% to keep molds from forming. This includes running the exhaust fan in your bathroom while taking a shower.


Yes, radon is often neglected. Make sure to test for it *properly* especially if you live in a very mineral rich geological area.


Cooking with Teflon pans.


And yet I will die before I clean eggs off of stainless steel.


Essential Oils. Lots of silly pseudoscience. And it’s probably pretty unhealthy to breath in aerosolized droplets of oil.


The amount of sugar in food.


The war on drugs


That if someone doesn’t have a social media, it’s a red flag.


Breakfast Cereal.


How else am I supposed to control my obsessive masturbation?